Doom Patrol Episode 1 Opening Scene and Justice League Titans Easter Eggs Breakdown

Ready for a story about superheroes More TV superheroes just what the world needs be honest. Have you hung yourself yet? Or what if I told you this was actually a story about super zeroes losers achingly pathetic metahuman goose eggs How about it ready to feel better about your own miserable lives for the next hour or so? Follow me Our story begins as such stories do with a visit to a Nazi I’m sorry cobbler Mr. Morden, yes. Yes. You must be served on pure bun food or penis Courage and your party knows who the village cobbler Vaughn Fuchs was renowned for his theoretical experimentation offering certain enhancements for a price a Price. Mr. Morden was more than willing to pay. Oh I forgot. Mr. Morden, that’s me Well, it was me a third-rate bad guy a nameless entman a real Nobody I Forked over a king’s ransom to that demented genius and if I knew what he had planned for me I would have paid double. Can you hear me? Mr. Morden? Yes Are you ready? Mr. Morden? Repeat after me please. The mine is Again Again Oh Please touch me Do you remember what it felt like to Be normal I’m working with some fascinating people each. One of them is just bursting with potential I’m using Every person I save is me fulfilling the pledge to my mom that she’ll never get to hear Father and I already discussed it trying to make her proud knowing I’m the reason she’s not around to see this is Molten ever been mr. Morden sensor. Ah Nobody I’ve been my those freaks of yours for quite some time. Are we really the best people to hunt a supervillain? Hell no you’re all at my mercy No matter how hard I hit where I had what I had I can’t feel pain You’re as afraid as the rest of us You’re kidding me This is what the world looks like when we try to live in it we don’t have to get involved Especially if we make things worse. I want to go home We can do that. I don’t even know what to hope for I’m powerless. I have no clue how to fix this Edith this mission you’re on is your mission I’m a criminal we bust and the person we save Is us chief said his enemies were coming for him don’t Be got this What do you want from me Oh Don’t you get it? They are quite doomed Everybody is Charlie. So we got to talk about Doom Patrol episode 1 This is the opening scene and they’re just a little bit from the trailer giving you a sense for the rest of the series it Is by a design meant to be the weirdest of DC Comics series because it’s based on the Grant Morrison run if you’ve ever read A Grant Morrison comic book, you know exactly what that means So we’ll do a new round of that DC streaming service giveaway All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber And leave your favorite Doom Patrol moment on the video The opening scene totally sets the tone and works in a way that the Titans pilot episode just didn’t quite come together Because it’s very serious material like it’s a dark gritty series but none of the characters take themselves seriously in alan tudyk Mr Nobody character as the narrator sort of calls them on their bullshit in Deadpool style breaks the fourth wall calling bullshit on all the writers all the producers for making a terrible series and calling out critics for Prematurely hating the series before they seen it that was probably one of the funniest fourth wall breaks during the episode lovely Rita Queen of fifty cinema some critics called her the poor man’s Deborah Kerr some critics called her the rich man’s yevette Vickers Critics, what do they know? They’re gonna hate this show I’m so happy that they got alan tudyk to be the villain for this as this omniscient narrator I believe that he does this for all the episodes where he does the voiceovers But he also like in this really weird way within episodes also refers to himself as the narrator So just in general the series itself feels like it’s put together Much better than Titans was put together initially And if you’re wondering where Beast Boy is because this is a spin-off of the Titans series because you saw the same characters during Titans Episode for Doom Patrol, but you met them in a slightly different way and they don’t really address Beast Boy during the episode So my guess is is that when they’re doing all those montages and the time jumps as you’re learning about robot man’s backstory That’s when Beast Boy comes and goes but maybe later in the season We’ll see him guest star or pop up at some point because this is all happening during present day Like it says 2019 when they’re playing with the Train said so that’s after the events of the Titans episode, which was during 2018 So very clearly they’ll find some way to loop this in I don’t know how many Titans actors are actually gonna cross over to this But I think the idea is is because cyborg is a classic Teen Titans character eventually cyborg will crossover with that series But for now, it just seems like season 1 Doom Patrol. He’s gonna be with this team of characters The trailer footage has scenes from much later in the series So you learn a little bit about cyborgs backstory across the first couple of episodes And it’s a little bit different from Justice League cyborg or the comic book version of the character they haven’t referenced anything about a mother box or a father box like Young Justice season 3 just Did a version of cyborg we got the origin story? It was a father box instead of a mother box that gave him his powers but we haven’t quite got to the point on Doom Patrol where they’ve completely Explained that but really cool Easter Egg the person that’s playing Silas stone His father on Doom Patrol is actually Martian Manhunter from Smallville So if you’re a big Smallville fan, you’ll recognize him immediately Like hey, wait a minute But he’s not a huge character in the first couple of episodes Cyborg is a bit of a slow burn but the cool thing about him though is that he also brings in a lot of Justice? League Canon – he references a lot of Justice League things that are going on in present day during this Doom Patrol Titans universe So you always kind of wonder what’s going on with this version of Justice League because we know that Batman exists We know that Wonder Woman exists and we know the Superman exists now because we have Superboy Conner Kent on Titans But I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that cyborg does Reference a version of Barry Allen flash and it’s not Grant Gustin and it’s not as Remillard So if you ever wondered if there’s going to be a speedster on Titans eventually in a future season I think they have a good chance that they do that because if you have a version of Barry Allen the flash Within the universe then there’s gonna be versions of other speedsters, too like Bart Allen or even Wally West so this should explain why is Separate from the CW DC TV universe and why they’re probably not going to be involved with crisis on Infinite Earths this year I know that’s a big question because it’s such a big comic book event. You feel like everybody should be involved with it I think a lot of the things that Doom Patrol has going for it as a TV show though is that it’s really well written It’s like legends of tomorrow in the DC TV universe It’s a bunch of characters that you might not necessarily care about as much as say the other bigger a list characters But it just put together very well, and it doesn’t treat itself, too seriously Like they’re free to make fun of themselves the characters spend the entire Episode taking shots at each other and watch now here comes hammerhead. This one’s kind of an asshole. Except Jane’s not here You see little bitch She’s in a mood heard you the first time are you a raving douche? Hello hammerhead Good to see you fuck off and die Rita crazy. Jane is probably one of my favorite characters from the series I’m still kind of warming up to cyborg and some of the other characters like Rita Farr. Brendan Fraser is amazing This is probably one of the greatest comeback stories ever for him Especially the way they intro him in this series as the race car driver So if you’re not a big comic book reader for the most part all the stuff they’re doing is from the Grant Morrison Doom Patrol run so you can go read that if you want but they’re being pretty authentic to those origins with a couple twists Because obviously that was taking place a long time ago and this is taking place in 2019 But the other really cool behind the scenes Easter Egg Is that the person that created this show Jeremy Carver also created Supernatural which is now entering its billionth season But let me know in the comments what you guys think about all the characters or if you have any specific requests for bonus videos I have no idea what happens later in the series I’ve only seen the first couple of episodes and it does get a little bit better The pilot is always a little bit raw Compared to the rest of the season Titans is probably the best example of a show that gets better with each episode Like you start out and you’re like, oh, you know, I love Nightwing and I love some of these other Titans characters But I just don’t know how I feel about this series then going into season 2 It just sounds much more exciting because we have all this Connor can Superboy the team is coming together We have Donna Troy Wonder Girl on the team and we have Deathstroke coming in with Grant Wilson So it’s just gonna be really cool to see what they do with that show but while you wait for everything click here for my Titans season 2 teaser video and that Post-credit scene with Superboy and click here to watch Ben Affleck explain why he quit being Batman before his contract was up. Thank you Thank you so much for watching! Everybody stay awesome. I’ll see you guys tonight


  1. Here's my Doom Patrol Episode 1 video. This is connected to Titans. Post all your reactions in the comments! They have some of the best actors from the dc shows so far. More details on Deathstroke and Superboy during Titans Season 2 in the video too!

  2. My favorit Doom Patrol Moment was back in the 60s when I subscribed to the comic book.. Only to recieve a notice back from DC informing me that they had discontinued the comic….. Giant Bummer…

  3. Hey Charlie, I thought there was more of a gap between Titans and Doom Patrol since Cheif is much older, or is it just the casting?

  4. Jeremy Carver did not create Supernatural. The show was created by Eric Kripke. Carver joined as a writer and story editor 2 seasons later, becoming a co-producer in its 5th season. He left and then came back to be co-showrunner, only to leave after that year. Yes, he did some good work on Supernatural but do not miscredit the creation to him.

  5. I love this show. My favorite part was when Robotman found out the truth about his wife. That was a dark scene and I loved it. Also when cyborg hacks into Argus the logo is the same Argus logo from The Arrowverse. I thought that was a neat Easter egg.

  6. Doom Patrol is the Rated R mature version of X-Men but crazy and weirder. A must watch. Go watch it people! Its great. Much better with story and characters development than titan.

  7. Titans Show Is Not Like Superhero Show Its More Like Horror Show I Was To Scared When I Used To Watch It But It Was Good

  8. This show is amazing already. The music is stellar, the narration is awesome and all the little jokes and references thrown in for fanboys to appreciate are fantastic. Way better than titans

  9. There is a lot of talk about the DCU shows NOT crossing over with the Arrowverse shows, Yet here they go using the same logo for ARGUS from the Arrowverse in Doom Patrol e2. Not crossing them over in any way is wasted potential. Doom Patrol is pretty awesome.

  10. I’m kinda late on responding to this video but didn’t you see the last scene on episode 1 when jade paints cyborg in his full form & holding his dad being dead

  11. MORE DOOM PATROL VIDEOS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love grant gustin but I’m actually kinda wondering who and when the flash will appear in this universe and how he will be portrayed oh Next 2 new dctv shows should be the young justice and the justice league or just the justice league that he dope

  13. my friends fiancé was Marybeth in the first episode, somehow I missed her. Not sure what scene she was in.

  14. I thought this was a prequel series before the Titans "Doom Patrol" episode in which all of the Doom Patrol are more confident and Crazy Jane has left.So the Doom Patrol of the Titans series is a DC comic where as this Doom Patrol is a Vertigo book!

  15. This is the best show ever. As a marvel and DC fan. This show is like hellboy but with more layers to the characters. The story and pacing is really good. all characters are likable. Especially cyborg and robotman. The best characters imo

  16. You should be covering this series! Forget about Teen Titans-this show is the introduction to how comics can be done on television-quirky, interesting, and funny. Let's hope Swamp Thing is as good, and that Constantine can cross over. I'd like to see a "Showcase" style series-The Spectre, Deadman, Ragman and the original Green Lantern would be natural fits here.

  17. Can you do a review on season finale of Doom Patrol please? The show is so amazing and we need your opinion.

  18. as someone who finally got around to watching Doom patrol it is hands down one of best shows to come off of DC's tv series. its funny, interesting with a whole cast of supremely interesting characters and a great story. So good was the writing and characters that i started watching titans just to get a taste of the Doom patrol one last time. and my god was Titans awful, i don't think i've seen a show so badly written in my life. not only was the writing bad and the characters god awful. i honestly thing if they were renamed to a whole different group of characters it would still probably be one of the worst shows I've ever seen. i could honestly list the number of problems with Titans but really that would take all day.

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