Don’t Judge Me Because I’m A Goth

I am a goth. And being a goth is pretty
hard. I get so many remarks every day like, “hey Wednesday Addams where’s your brother?” Or “hey Morticia where’s Gomez?” Or “hey Halloween ended.” I remember two incidences that really got underneath my skin. So the first instance was last winter and I was walking to Walgreens and I approached the
parking lot. And this little boy is just staring at me like pretty awkward and
pretty uncomfortable so I decided just to smile and wave you know…He like
whirled his head around and looked up to his mama and goes, “Mommy, Mommy. That girl looks dead should we help her? Should we help her?” And at first the mom was just
kind of confused and then she turned to me just let out this giant dramatic gasp
and then covered her child’s eyes and goes, “Honey don’t look, she’ll curse you!”
And then she just glared at me and started calling me a WITCH. And so I just
ignored her and I’m like okay crazy lady just gotta go get my cough drops and
I’ll be done with her. And then when I came back out she was still very she was
still chanting “WITCH” underneath her breath, and then I noticed that she had the
Charmed necklace around her neck and I just kind of chuckles she’s all, “What’s so
funny?” Now I’m like, “well you’re calling me a Witch when you have the Wiccan symbol around your neck and you know the word which
comes from Wicca which I am NOT! So yeah, don’t be so judgy and don’t shield your
son from this like it’s a horrible thing.” …you know, I just kind of left her there
with like her jaw hitting the floor. The second instance really bothered me. I was ringing up my stuff at the sub checkout, and this guy’s just staring at me. And I
could tell that he was very religious so I got my receipt, I got my change, my
items, and I left. He follows me, grabs me by my shoulders whirls me around goes,
“Child there’s more to this life than worshipping the devil. Please don’t shroud yourself darkness.” I mean the guy acted like I was gonna be
forever cursed than the pit of hell but I just kind of snapped. And I was like,
“you know what it’s bible thumpers like you that depict gods as satanic and evil
okay…I’m not sacrificing children. I’m not slitting people’s throats I’m
not drinking goat’s blood and running make
in the woods okay it’s a fashion choice not a religious thing can you please
pull your head out of your butt and realize that? And FYI sir, I grew up in a
Christian household and I live behind two churches all right so don’t tell me
I’m Satanic before you get to know me, So there!” And then I left and the look on the guy’s face, I will never forget it. It was a mixture of like “holy crud she’s
alright and oh my lord what did I just do.” You know, so what I’m Goth. it’s just
my decision but what I wear and how I look like. I’m me and I wouldn’t want to
be anyone else but me.

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