Do This Chest Exercise IMMEDIATELY After Bench Press!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I’ve got a good one for you today, guys. I’m going to show you which chest exercise
you’re going to want to start doing. Particularly if you’re doing a lot of pressing
right now. So, if you’re pressing – it should be
pressing a lot. Bench-press, incline bench-press, or even
a weighted dip. Good staple, compound exercises to build up
your chest. However, as I’ve pointed out in our perfect
chest workout – if you haven’t already seen it, you’re going to want to watch it
here – the perfect chest workout is one that also adds in some form of resisted adduction. We know when we have our hands fixed on a
barbell, or even dumbbells, we don’t get the full adduction resistance that we could
get to optimize chest development. We can do that, but this exercise is one that
I featured on my Instagram channel – which, if you’re not already following it, it’s
@ATHLEANX – I posted this video. This is one I normally reserve for our MMA
athletes. The reason why I use this with them is more
as a power exercise. We put them in a position – we call it a
‘ground and pound press’ – and we do it with a little bit lighter weight, but with
more acceleration, as a power exercise. However, it does have great application as
a perfect complement, or even a superset following any of your major compound pressing exercises. This is what it looks like. I get myself into position with a cable machine. Guys, if you don’t have a cable machine
you can do this with bands. You can hook up heavy resistance bands to
a pullup bar and you can do the same thing. Now that I’ve pressed down to the ground,
you should notice one thing here. The resistance on the cables is pulling my
body and arms back up. If I was doing this as a standard dumbbell
bench-press or barbell bench-press, guys, you should know that the easiest part of that
exercise is the top. We could hold the weights up there for quite
some time because gravity is acting straight down through our humerus, putting the least
amount of tension on our chest. Not so in this inverted version of this. As I get down here, all the weight wants to
pull my arms back up behind my body. I have to try to press my hand into the ground. I’m not just pressing down. I have this resisted press. I’m pressing down, and across to get that
adduction. The line of the cables is influencing this
as well. As I set them out wide you can see that I’m
getting this adduction resistance at the bottom, too. I’m pressing hard and pulling across my
body at the same time. I do this in alternating fashion. The side benefits here are, number one: by
far, more core activation than there is just lying on your back on a bench. We’re always striving for that here, and
we’ll take every opportunity we can to get that. Second, we have the opportunity for a mechanical
drop set, as I’m showing you here, to illicit even more stress on the chest. You have to change the position of our body
and space. It’s a great movement, guys. Especially, as I’ve said, it fits perfectly. No matter if you’re doing an incline bench-press,
or dipping, or doing a regular, flat bench-press. Guys, if you’re looking for a complete program
that puts the science back in strength head to right now. Try our ATHLENAX programs out. If you’re looking to find more videos that
cover science and puts it into everything we do, they’re all here on this channel. You’ve got to make sure to subscribe and
turn on your notifications to make sure you never miss one when I publish it. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon in just a couple
a days, with more videos. See you.


  1. Hey Jeff, everyone knows that stretching is important but at the end of day it is something that I usually Leave behind. What stretches are essential? And how do you encorporate stretching into your day?

  2. Jeff, you are an inspiration to many, especially to me. I follow your channel from Spain and I am very happy with the results that little by little I am getting, since I follow your advice I have greatly improved muscle development and strength gain, you are an example to follow, as there is no more to see, follow so and not decayed, cane to the body! 247365.

  3. Hey guys is this split good? I'm new so I need help. My goal is to at least do upper body three times a week. Let me know which split is good, or tell me your recommendation! I need to know asap
    Option 1
    M upper
    T lower
    W upper
    T lower
    F upper
    S lower
    S rest

    Option 2(not really interested in)
    M upper
    T lower
    W rest
    T upper
    F lower
    S rest
    S rest

    Option 3
    M upper
    T lower
    W rest
    T upper
    F lower
    S upper
    S rest

  4. Hi Jeff, Great contents as always!!! Can you make a video about my near-pelvis pain? As a student majored in digital signal processing along with other engineering folks doing loads of soldering, my work is usually done merely sitting on my back, sometimes my chair leans back a little. That's where the problem comes up: When I lean back, I start to feel that something is compressing my pelvis producing a increasing feeling of soreness. I tried to stretch my quadratus lumborum but it didn't work. So I tried to couch down with torso leaning forward and I can feel the instant relief. However, for all your videos I have seen, it seems your video hasn't cover that kind of pain. So what kind of soreness is that? Is it serious? Should I set my chair to lean back anymore?

  5. Love and enjoy your videos very much. But a topic I always find difficult is how mobility/flexibility training goes with strenght training. I am a dance sport athlete and I want to know the best way to integrate both sides of training to progress on both fronts. Would love to hear your advice and opinion!

  6. I tried this IMMEDIATELY AFTER BENCH last night and holy shit!!! So much shoulder, triceps, biceps, chest, forearm, & core activation… I almost puked. My arms felt so rock solid like they had been chiseled out of granite. I couldn't find anywhere to put my arms where they weren't in pain for about 2 minutes after the 3rd set. Best chest pump I've ever had. I'm already sad for the day when I get used to this exercise and it isn't as invigorating as it was last night.

  7. I don't understand the point about the cables resisting at the top. Yes the top of the lift is easiest for dumbells but the cables doesn't change much other than its cable resistance pulling up instead of gravity pulling down. So unless youre talking about the small angle the cables are sitting at?

  8. Just do exercises with rings. More range of motion for a full chest contraction, forced stabilisation of the whole body and adduction is included.

  9. what a beautiful boy. I want to have this opportunity to be with you. I wanted so much to look just like you. Too bad I have no chance.

  10. Ma vaffanculo stronzo con questi titoli clickbait hai rotto il cazzo, sei solo un finto natural come tutti i coglioni della YouTube fitness community. Non dai mai informazioni utili

  11. This channel is so biased to abs and upper body im losing faith… in the the last 60 videos, there are only 5 videos related to lower body movement. god knows how many tricep and bicep videos

  12. OMG Jeff!!… this was amazing…did Dumbell flat bench press, incline DB bench….then DB from floor to over head press then THESE…FRIGGIN AMAZIN!!… really like that i can apply to my training…as i throw heavy things! Thank You For Sharing!!

  13. Jeff, I hope you read this or someone reads it and tells you. With the information you’ve taught me I’m on my way to make a living teaching the proper techniques you’ve discovered and innovative exercises you’ve invented. I have been a student of yours for 3 years now. You taught me the more well known fundamentals as well as your contributions to the field. I can only dream to contribute to the level you have. I one day hope to accomplish this goal. You’re arguably the most important person in the history of exercise. I feel that your breakthroughs in exercise methods have leaped the arts many steps forward and landed it closer to perfection.

  14. Terrific exercise, but then again, I have come to expect it from Jeff. Keep it up!
    Now that Nordic skiing is in full season, this should help with core and overall power

  15. Never seen a more funny and yet clean comment sections. Happens only on Athleanx. Love this community, Jeff and Jessie 😁

  16. Sir, you have done a fabulous job.
    I wanted to ask is this possible for a 5' 8" man 22 years old to lift a 80kg wooden log cuboidal in shape on his back using rope to a height of 500m and a distance of 1.4 km almost 1.5km on foot. If yes how strong is that man and how could he do that

  17. LOVE Love LOVE these, use them when I can't get to the gym.>>> They are perfect for my workouts. They do only go to 52.5 lbs so if you need more than that you might wanna check out the other set they sell.

  18. That's a cool idea. I'll have to try it.
    1 question Jeff, have you heard of the chest exercise called " around the world's " . Is this a good chest development exercise?

  19. Is it smart to do chest and biceps, legs, back and triceps, legs, shoulders? That way I’m hitting each muscle group roughly every 48 hours. I have been doing this for a few weeks but I’m not sure if it is more beneficial than doing a chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs, shoulders, so you can do similar movements each day.

  20. Jeff, I tried this cable push down as part of my chest workout. I could not believe how this worked my chest. I wish I had been doing this  for years.  I do like the majority of your workouts as I am now working on building more muscle. Thanks!!!

  21. If you listen closely at 1:42, Jeff said "the force is acting straight down on our femur" and then someone on the Athlean team dubbed it over with a clip of Jeff saying "humerus" when they edited it in post production. I think that's the only time I've ever caught that in an Athlean video, which speaks to the amazing consistency and quality of the Athlean X team over the years.

    Best fitness channel on YouTube, bar none!

  22. Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  23. Why doesn't he also suggest how many sets/reps of this movement for maximum effect? Frustrating to watch what seems like an endless video with no reference to something as important as this

  24. Jeff, what do you think about doing pushups in a similar setup to this? If the cables were out a bit wider, the pecs would have to resist abduction of the glen humeral joint while doing the pushup.

  25. Jeff,

    What do you think about knuckle push ups?

    I like that they don't irritate my wrists but they make my fingers feel numb after. I prefer them over open pal, push ups though.

    What are your thoughts?


  26. I bet Jeff switches fork and knife in his hands and swipes food in his mouth left and right all the time with each bite to sustain muscular balance in his arms and jaw.

  27. I have been "working out" consistently for 33 plus years. Remember bodyworks in Fairfield? I have been using Athlean's exercises to tweak my workouts and I can't believe the difference in only 2 weeks. I feel a deep fatigue in my muscles constantly. They seem to be humming all day. I feel tight, full and strong. What an eye opener, refresher, resetter, whatever you want to call it! Fantastic.

  28. After Robert Downey Jr. is done with playing Iron Man, I am gonna be losing a lot of my interest in Marvel movies…..not if they cast Jeff as Iron Man. Both of them are about science.

  29. Absolutely blown away how versatile you're fitness knowledge is no matter what video I watch I come back having learnt something knew!

  30. So does he mean do this in superset fashion immediately after each pressing set ? or do all your presses then 3 or 4 sets of this after/?

  31. I just tried this after declines barbell benches and inclines dumbell presses, what a great finisher for chest.
    Has a side effect of feeling like you are pounding crap out of some badguy too 😉

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