Do People Judge You Based On Your Makeup?

– Maybe you didn’t have
enough time to fix yourself up so you just threw everything on your face. – This took me a long time
to do, I’ll have you know. (upbeat techno music) This week, I’m gonna find
out if people judge you based on your makeup. My coworker Selorm made this
awesome video that asked if people judge you
based on your lip color, and that got me thinking. Do people judge you based
on your makeup as a whole, like how much you wear
or how little you wear. So, I wanna try three
different looks and ask people what they honestly think of each one. I’m gonna do one day of zero makeup, which I’m super nervous about, ’cause I never go out like that, a day of regular makeup, and
a day of total full-face. I’m gonna wear my hair the same every day and wear the same plain
colored clothes every day just so the only thing
that changes is my face. I’m gonna ask my coworkers and my friends what their first
impressions are of each look and then to get a more unbiased opinion, I’m gonna hit the
streets and ask strangers what key words they
would use to describe me. To add another angle, I’m gonna post each look on social media and ask everyone to comment honestly. So the first look I’m
gonna try is the full-face. (upbeat techno music) – My initial thing would be like, oh I wonder if she’s insecure? That’s so messed up! I’m working on it. – I would say you’re very bold. It’s very extra. – Someone who’s maybe very concerned with how they’re projecting
to the outside world. – But for some reason when I see someone, I’m like wow, they’re doing the most. – You know when you see someone
with a full-face of makeup, I usually think they’re like
a boss ass bitch. You know? – I would just look at you and think like, she must be dope, you know
like the super stark contrast and the lip makeup. It just pops. – You can tell you spent a
lot of time with everything. – So this is Selorm who
did the first video, that this is based off. – You’re someone who definitely
like, likes to look good. Someone who likes to just
present themselves well. – I would say like, are you
getting ready for an event? – Where are you going? Can I come? – Did you judge me when you saw me? – No, yeah, you looked a little pale. – I have not done this contouring well. So with my coworkers,
there was a mix of positive and negative responses, but they did sway more
towards the negative. One thing I noticed a lot of people saying was that they assumed
someone wearing this look would be going to some
kind of special event. Which makes me think maybe
there’d be judgment there if it turns out the person
was just doing this every day as their normal look. Let’s hit the streets and talk
to some absolute strangers. If you saw me walking down the street, what kind of words would
you use to describe what kind of person you think I am? – Somewhat lazy I guess, I suppose. – I would think you’re probably
with like a higher class. – Independent and gorgeous. I think a lot of people are gonna judge you regardless, so you just have to find what you like and just do whatever you wanna do. – I’ve never worn anything
that heavy in the daytime so I don’t know if it sweats off a lot, but yeah I don’t have
anything wrong with it. – Maybe you dress, or put on makeup to, I dunno, look like a diva? – Less makeup is better. – Do you ever notice when
women wear a lot of makeup? – I hope that I can notice that. – But you don’t judge them? – If you can look better and
make yourself feel better so why not? – So surprisingly to me I actually got mostly positive responses from strangers. Even the women who didn’t
wear a lot of makeup were totally non-judgmental about my look. There were a couple of men though that were not feeling my look
and thought it was too heavy. It was time for social media to chime in. I got a large range of
pinions for this look, ranging from bold and fierce to not trustworthy and high maintenance. But the key words that
repeated themselves the most were confident, intimidating,
and going somewhere, with the big winner being party girl. Again, it seems like
this look says nighttime, and me wandering around in the day like this causes judgment. So the second look is my
regular amount of makeup. Let’s do it. (upbeat techno music) – If I didn’t know you, I would think that you were
probably on your way to work, or, maybe out on a date. It seems like a normal level. – You have on your full-face,
but it’s noting like, whoa! – You look like you put
in effort in the morning, and you look like, you know,
professional but not too much. – The only way that I judge
people based on their makeup is like how talented
they might be at makeup. It’s never, ugh you wear that much makeup. It’s damn, that’s a precise eyeliner. – You make certain assumptions. If they’re wearing colorful makeup, maybe they are a little
more creative and weird. If they’re wearing, you know,
a lot of contouring and stuff, they’re probably a fancy person. – I don’t know, makeup is just so fluid. There’s no wrong way to do it. It’s not a judge in a negative form. – Would you notice my makeup or not? – No. – Cool. (laughing) – I do notice peoples’ makeup. I think I notice a lot
when they do the full-face, but when it’s more natural
it’s kind of just like, not really noticeable to me. – As I suspected, this look didn’t really
raise many eyebrows, and no one really had
strong opinions about it. Everyone I spoke to just
said this seemed like a regular day to day look. Most people said they’d
only notice my makeup if I was wearing more of it. But now let’s get some strangers’
opinions on the streets. – For me, that is more than enough. Less is more nice, but I like. You look fresh and clean. – I just think you were gonna work. – Maybe someone that deals with people. – Or maybe an accounter. – I don’t really like
when girls wear makeup ’cause I think girls
have a natural beauty. – You’ve got a perfect amount of makeup. – I just don’t wear that much makeup. But like, it doesn’t look bad. Like a bunch of my friends wear makeup. I just am too lazy to
put it on every morning. – So this time the people I interviewed weren’t really into makeup and had kind of a less is more opinion. However, even the people
that weren’t into makeup said my look wasn’t too much and that it was like a going
to work look or something. Then it was social media time. This look had the most unified
responses of all of them. Professional was by far
the most popular key word. Followed by natural, sweet,
and then words that suggested I cared just the right
amount about my appearance. And now it’s time for my
most nerve-racking look, zero makeup. (upbeat techno music) – I would assume that you
just prioritize other things. – You look approachable, fun. – You’re a very confident,
flawless person, so like, if you’re going out
in public, you’re either A, just like not a
makeup-wearing kind of person, or you’re having like errands day. – Or you’re someone who
maybe doesn’t need makeup so you’re very laid back
and don’t really care what other people think. You’re not looking to impress
if you’re not wearing makeup. – Yeah. – Which is a shitty thing to say. – When you asked me, I thought
you might be wearing makeup because your eyebrows
already look so nice, and you already have– – They’re microbladed. (chiming) – I also didn’t realize that
you weren’t wearing makeup. – I honestly don’t think I would notice. – Now that you say it, I’m like,
oh yeah she’s not doing it. I might notice if someone’s very done up, ’cause then I’m like
, oh, what’s going on, are they going out clubbing,
are they a movie star? – I know that when I don’t wear makeup, I always feel like I’m gonna be judged. I always think that
people might think that I’m not a full professional
and I have it all together. I was pretty surprised that
most people didn’t even notice I wasn’t wearing makeup. But Kelsey made a good point. She feels super insecure
when she doesn’t wear makeup. But when other people don’t wear it, she doesn’t even notice. I think I was more
judgmental about my look than anyone else was. Let’s go out and find
some random strangers and see what they think. What key words would you use to describe what kind of person you think I am. – I would say, I would guess that you were
comfortable in your own skin. I would probably guess that
you’re probably laid back. – Very chill. Going through life every
day just being yourself. – Casual, not really caring how you look. – You know, you do you. So, I don’t have a preference. If you wear makeup you, you wear makeup. If you don’t, you don’t. – Would you judge someone that
doesn’t wear makeup at all? – No, I mean, I have
enough feminist friends and been a part of feminist
communities to know that. It’s a lot of pressure put
on women to wear makeup to attain a certain standard of beauty that’s acceptable in society. – I don’t wear makeup myself,
so I wouldn’t make a judgment. – And being someone that
wears a lot of makeup, I don’t have a problem with
people that don’t wear makeup. I almost admire it, I just feel
I need to wear makeup, but, (laughing) I just, I like it also. – Do you notice when people don’t wear it? – I don’t notice people
who don’t wear makeup. – There are sometimes
situations where I’m like a little something might’ve helped. – Nearly everyone I spoke
to was super positive about a no makeup look. I was expecting to get a lot
of you look lazy or tired, but instead I got a lot
of just, you look chill. They mostly had a you do
you attitude about it. So weirdly, social media
commenters were way more judgmental about this look than both my coworkers and the people on the street. Although still more
positive than negative, they have much stronger opinions. The most popular negative judgment I got was doesn’t care slash lazy. The most popular positive comments were that I didn’t have time
or that I look natural. The overwhelmingly highest
comment though was confident. So, although confidence
is a positive word, why do we have to be confident
to go around without makeup? Like it’s something it
takes a lot balls to do. So, from all of this, I have definitely learned
some interesting things. In general, people are way more accepting of peoples’ makeup decisions
than I originally assumed, but there are definitely
some common thoughts that go with each look. Wearing a lot of makeup
makes people assume that you must be going somewhere special, ’cause they can’t wrap
their head around the fact that you may just be
chilling wearing that much. Wearing what I would consider
my normal level of makeup made people think that I was
presentable and professional. And zero makeup people
either don’t notice, or, they think you must
be pretty confident to go out without anything on your face. (upbeat techno music) All in all, yes. People do judge you based on your makeup, whether it’s positive or negative, but you know what? Who cares? What really matters is what
makes you feel your best. Actually, my friend Zach put it perfectly. So he can be the one to end the video. – Keep wearing makeup if you want to. Don’t wear it if you don’t want to. Keep doing your thing. (upbeat techno music)


  1. When I don't wear makeup, people always ask me if I'm tired. You have a nice face, and strong facial features so I think you can get away with the no makeup look easily.

  2. Full face: there going some wear, there having a good day, they like makeup, they wear it for fun
    Natural makeup: they have something there insecure about on there face and they're trying to cover it, they care about there skin, there nice
    No makeup: your confident, your peaceful and natural person, you like interacting with people.

  3. It would've been nice if they asked professional straight gentlemen and well dressed professionals. The goth woman in the wild black makeup said there's no wrong way to do makeup but I'm sorry, yes… There is.

  4. no, they judge you on how genetically good you look. we pay more attention to pretty people. no amount of make-up or lack of it will make up for it.

  5. The subject looks like fellow Briton, Janet Montgomery, a star of American T.V.

    Anyway, I guess I would prefer a regular made-up girl but not always.

    I just do not want to see an unfresh and unclean face.

    If they can do that without make-up and just moisturizer and a clean face, that's great.

  6. Well, not all of us look as good as you do without makeup XD You should have used multiple girls with different skin types or something.

  7. Dramatic, or bold makeup is usually worn as a form of artistic self-expression. Quite contrary to being insecure.

  8. If you'd have cystic acne, scars, bad rosacea etc. people would react negatively. I know because I've been there.
    I mean, you have amazing skin without make up. You really don't need to cover anything.

  9. I like "it looks like you prioritize other things", "you are laidback", "not looking to impress" answers.

    I used makeup in wawes. There were several years in my life with all kind of makeup experiments and then I would just quit. When friends asked me why my answer was honest: to rejuvenate my face. When I had a corporate job, I wore makeup every day because I used to work in offices with a low amount of natural light and ceiling light was always on. I would look like the horror movie character if I didn't wear any.

    Now I don't wear any makeup almost all the time and I made people around me used to see me like that. It is very important to look after your skin and you can go with look of your choice.

  10. But look who she asked though… 😒🙄Most of them look #frumpy and like they eat cheap ramen for breakfast.

  11. Loved the blond guy at the end. From the three pictures, I like the middle picture best. 💗Thanks for the video, it's very interesting to see what people are thinking!

  12. Makeup has gotten so trendy in recent years I don't see how a full-face can be considered a big deal anymore. I love my full face of makeup including lashes. I have my full makeup days, my less makeup days, and even no makeup days. It's really not a big deal and everyone who knows me knows that I'm still the same person regardless of what is or isn't on my face.

  13. I get annoyed when girls DON'T wear make up and they look like they are wearing their pyjamas when they are out and about.Like you couldn't spend 10' minutes in the morning on your physical appearance , and look like you are actually out instead of being at home? does this signify that you are feminist or that you don't care in general about many things in your life? I was in London and I would admire all the different kind of beauty and styles I would see on the street.Then I went to another city in which people just looked miserable and fed up with life while putting very little effort in their appearance. I prefer London.Be extra!

  14. When I wear a full face of makeup, I do get different reactions, just like you, it's a mixbage. However most of the negative responses came from women. Thats actually the reason why I wear a full face most if the time now😂😂😂

  15. There is one thing that is really really annoying me though, and it's because I'm OCD. But that little loop of hair on her head like.. it's not been brushed the right way… and it annoys me because if it's on my head I brush it so everything looks natural, and that loop is just kind of like.. out there, waiting to be cut or done like a chore @[email protected]

  16. As someone who really enjoys creating a new makeup look everyday, I'm just as concerned that wearing it gives you stronger stereotypes, opposed to a bare face. I guess it makes sense in the way that everyone has their natural face, but applying makeup means making intentional decisions about the way you want to portray yourself. This, in the same way as fashion choices can give insight to that persons interests or influences. Which isn't souly a negative thing. Just don't take it to far because often its not that deep and people are just experimenting with looks they think look nice or even just came about with what they had. Most important thing to remember is that people judge you both negatively AND positively with different assumptions on who you are for each way you chose to present yourself so you might as well look how you want. And also know that everyone, I mean everyone, makes some sort of judgement of you on very first impression and thats not as evil as many people make it out to be, because most people understand that their initial thoughts are hardly reliable and opinions will change immediately as people get to you you and with every action you take.

  17. Someone who is naturally beautiful and don't wear make-up is so lucky. I think it's a bit too simple too say to someone that "everyone is naturally beautiful, so you don't need make-up". Bravo to those who don't care, but I fully understand that some don't feel good without it. Men can be quite weird that way; they'll say they prefer girls without make-up, but they don't know that the made-up girl they just drooled over would look very different without, and they wouldn't look at her twice.

  18. Personally, I give zero f's if someone doesn't like my makeup. I've been wearing it since I was 13. I think you look great with or without it.

  19. I wonder if the comments on the non-makeup portion would have been more harsh for a woman who's less attractive. Like, a pretty girl without makeup would likely be considered "confident" enough in herself to go without makeup. But a less attractive girl without makeup would likely be considered "lazy", "doesn't take care of herself", etc.

  20. I think everything changes when you're an older woman.  Most of us look like death-warmed-over when we go without makeup.

  21. This woman is beautiful without make up.

    The girl at 6:40 was concerning. She felt that she would be judged if she didn't wear it. She shouldn't worry about the others opinions.

  22. i noticed a trend…all the negative comments are from girls who quite frankly aren't that cute (sorry). Maybe its your own insecurity that makes you think a hot girl that is put together would somehow be insecure, I believe its called projection. I think the reaction is more telling of the people and not the girl in question.

  23. I'm a professional and in my line of business I noticed the change my clients approach me when I was make up free and when I started wearing makeup. Like it or not, people will treat you the way you project yourself to them

  24. Those males are bitches… one of those males act like just his opinion only matters by saying less makeup is better… yeah, that’s just what you think, but not everyone

  25. I don't wear makeup. I don't think it makes that much of a difference whether or not I wear makeup, and I don't want to put toxins on my skin. I usually wash my face with just water.

  26. The thing is, the beauty and entertainment industry mask the truth by using makeup and special effects. It's rare and more UNlikely to find a celebrity who DOESN'T use makeup for their "natural" snapchats, instagrams, YouTube videos, etc. Example: All if not most YouTubers apply a base to conceal imperfections and/or enhance their eyes, eyelashes, lips, nose, scars, etc. BEFORE hitting record. When they say "It's not a pimple it's a reaction" 🙄 or "my face is swollen from xyz but I haven't had any work done or filler" 😂 and the camera is not close enough to pick up on imperfections like large pores, blackheads, dark circles and under eye bags. They look the same as all of us if not worse. Editing is real folks. Ask your favorite YTr to start zooming in for ALL of their videos (even tho those are also easily edited). We really don't expect beauty to be authentic anymore and it's time to make it so. Makeup or no makeup, large or small, scars or no scars, beauty is what we have been made to believe it is. 😘

  27. Hey if wearing makeup makes you happy just do it don't care about what people say I get judged regardless if I wear it or not it's my face and most of the time people say I look better without it but because I like to do makeup and maybe in the future open up a Beauty Poler I practice on myself . But I don't wear it to impress people. I wearing to have more self love and mostly impressed myself and just practice because thats something that I want to get into Open up my own profession . To me wearing makeup it's like a hobby that I in joy 😊

  28. imo when you have the guts to go out with no make up you are stronger and i relate to them more. i see make up as a mask and i don´t like it everytime!

  29. Tbh I normally just put on pastel blue eyeliner… most people don't notice it because I wear glasses xD Also I only wear concealer/foundation/whatever only on bad skin days when I have important social events due to skin condition…

  30. I always use full makeup when go to college and when hang out 😑 so yeah in there a lot of people will turn their head or glance on me. I think they're kind of rude. I mean why must look at me with strange expression. nahh but I don't really care 'cause its up to me

  31. My brother used to always make comments to me like 'guys don't like dark lipsticks!' or 'guys don't like when girls wear too many rings!'. To that I say… I don't dress for guys. I dress in a way that makes ME feel good, and I will continue to do so! mic drop


    Actor Lisa Ray, a cancer survivor has opened up about her experience while fighting with the vicious disease which changed her life, at the launching ceremony of her book regarding the same.

    Lisa said she felt comfortable in her own skin than ever before as she talks about the true definition of beauty after experiencing life from a much wider spectrum.

    At the launch of her book entitled, ‘Close To The Bone’, which dealt with the her life experience with cancer, she said ironically that she think she was the most attractive at her 47 rather than her 16.


  33. “Confident not wearing makeup”…. I’ve never worn makeup because I’m not confident enough to ware makeup. I’m scared of judgment from others that “your changing” or “it looks bad”.

  34. There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup, it’s fun, it’s art, I love it. Nothing to do with confidence.

  35. I think the reason on her no makeup look online was more judgmental is because online people say so much stuff because they aren’t talking face to face with someone. But when talking to someone in person people are more likely to hold back what all they have to say.

  36. For your regular look I would do the eyeliner different because your eyes look more hooded. Unless that’s what you’re going for

  37. I hate it when men assume that girls only wear makeup to be appealing to men. I mean really, did you ever consider that maybe we do it for ourselves?

    Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone though, just me ranting lol.

  38. Lmfaooo omg I do extra everyday ( I'm a stripper so I kinda need too peacock.) And before work I get that ohh is there a party ? Were you going !? lmfaoo

  39. 1 guys view: she has a striking advantage. With those sparkling light eyes paired with dark hair. A stunning & rare combination. No makeup nessecary. All good either way.

  40. Unfortunately, yes because I'm in Washington and I'm a nurse. I cant go out without any make up on…its bad. 😎🤣

  41. With absolutely no makeup and messy hair i look depressed, but if my hair is perfect and i have no makeup it looks like i am confident.

  42. man: I prefer women with no makeup

    me: but all your celebrity crushes and the women you were gawking on the streets were wearing makeup?!

    man: no they don't!

    me: 😑🔫

  43. When I don’t wear makeup I look 12 when I’m really 24. So I have to be wearing makeup for anyone to take me serious as an adult

  44. A male friend felt the need to share with me his opinion on women who wear makeup/dye their hair. Me. A woman wearing makeup, who frequently dyes my hair. Guys, we don't do it for you. Furthermore, I'm not hiding anything, nor am I shallow. And, crazy as it sounds, I have feelings! They get hurt occasionally. Be kind.

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