DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Sweet vs Sweet

Judge Lynn:
Today on “Divorce Court”… Loxie: He used to call me
beautiful every day. And he used to show love
and affection every day. But that stopped.
-Eddie: When we got married, my expectations were that
things were gonna be 50/50 as far as bills,
chores, everything. I spoke to her about that,
and she agreed. Loxie: The family issues
is affectin’ our relationship because his mom is tryin’
to bribe him to leave me. Eddie:
I feel like she’s checked out. She’s just lookin’ for someone
to take care of her. ♪♪ Catalano: “Divorce Court”
is now in session. Judge Lynn:
Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I’m here to — here with
Eddie Sweet and Loxie Sweet. The two of you have
been married for 3 1/2 years. You’ve been together
for 4 years. You don’t have
any children together. You’re here to get
some advice, uh, because you want
to save your marriage. Mr. Sweet,
I’m gonna start with you. Why don’t you tell me a little
bit about your relationship, how it started, and why we’re
in Divorce Court today? Eddie: When me and Loxie met,
um, we were both workin’. She was workin’.
She had normal activities. She went out with friends.
She had hobbies. I felt like we were a partner
in the relationship, as far as the financials
and everything, like chores and stuff like that. And it seems like
the more and more, like, the time
goes on in our marriage, the less and less she does.
-Judge Lynn: Okay. Start me out at
the beginning, though. I mean, because I think
you had an interesting, uh, you only — You got married after
knowin’ her for 60 days. -Eddie: Yeah.
[ Spectators murmur ] Judge Lynn: Talk to me what
happens in 60 days that says, “I do,” at the end of it.
-Eddie: All right. Well, when me and her met,
we were homeless. We were livin’
on the streets, okay? So in my head,
and I’m just bein’ honest. I don’t know if this is,
you know… -Judge Lynn: Mm-hmm.
-Eddie: …logical or whatever. I, in my head, I thought,
“I need to lock this girl in now who’s willing to marry
a homeless man right now.” And that was my logic.
I mean, it’s funny. Judge Lynn:
Did she have a home? Eddie: She moved, um —
when we first met, no. No. Judge Lynn:
So you were both homeless. Eddie:
Homeless, yes, ma’am. Judge Lynn:
So you wanted to lock down somebody else with no house? I don’t get it.
-Eddie: At that time in my life, I was on drugs.
I didn’t have any goals. So I really wasn’t
thinkin’ into the future. Judge Lynn:
Mm-hmm. Ms. Sweet, what did you see
within 60 days that said to you, “I should marry this guy”? Loxie:
I felt like he was my soul mate. Judge Lynn: What made you think
he was your soul mate? Loxie: By the way
he made me feel. And, like,
we was both strugglin’ and goin’ through a lot. And, um, we was gonna pull each
other out of it together. And I just felt like that —
that meant somethin’. Judge Lynn: Do you still think
he’s your soul mate? Loxie: I don’t know. Judge Lynn: Why don’t you
tell me. You — you said earlier that you believe that
as the relationship is continued,
she’s d — she’s doing less and less
and become more and more lazy. Explain
the course of events to me. -Eddie: What do you mean, the…
-Judge Lynn: Like — like… Eddie: …evolution
of Loxie not working? -Judge Lynn: Yes.
-Eddie: Um… -Judge Lynn: Yes.
-Eddie: All right. It started off, um, you know,
like I said, we were working. We both had jobs. We were both contributing
to the marriage, as far as paying bills and food
and all that good stuff. Um, what exactly occurred
to make her not do that? I can’t really say. There wasn’t, like,
a significant… I mean, I guess… Judge Lynn:
There wasn’t an event… Eddie:
Yeah. It wasn’t one event. Judge Lynn: …that —
that — that sat her down. Eddie: I think it’s just the
whole, the struggling just… The 3 1/2 years we’ve
been married has been rough. Judge Lynn: Mm-hmm. Eddie: So I think
it’s just built up on her. Maybe she’s gettin’ depressed.
But I’m depressed, too. I’m workin’ three jobs,
you know. When I get off work, I have to come home,
do the cleaning, do the laundry, do the cooking. But in the time
that we’ve been married, she’s cooked for me three times. She doesn’t agree to that.
-Loxie: He is such a liar. Eddie: Maybe it’s been
five times, okay. Judge Lynn: Mrs. — Mrs. Sweet,
is he holding down three jobs? And then he has to come home and do all of
the housework as well? Loxie:
No. He’s lyin’. He’s not holdin’ down
three jobs. Judge Lynn: Does he come to —
to — to a meal and a nice — and a nice, clean house? Loxie: No. I’ve been down
from my knee surgery. Eddie: You’ve been down
for 5 — for 3 years. It’s time to get up.
[ Laughter ] Loxie: Well… Judge Lynn: Tell it, Mr. Sweet. [ Laughter and applause ]
Mr. Sweet is frustrated. You know, before
the knee surgery, were you on top of all
of the domestic duties since he was on —
on top of all the economic ones? Loxie:
Yes. I was workin’. I was a waitress.
Judge Lynn: For how long? Loxie: Uh, 5 weeks. [ Laughter ] Judge Lynn: Did the two of you
discuss who was gonna do what when you got married? Eddie: 50/50.
It was gonna be split. Judge Lynn: 50/50
on the bills, everything. Eddie: It doesn’t matter
how she made the money. Like, I mean, I don’t —
I don’t want her on the streets, you know, givin’ it away
for money or whatever. But, I mean, have a hustle,
do somethin’. Like, I do photography, okay.
-Judge Lynn: Right. Eddie: I-I take pictures.
I hustle those, you know. Whatever it takes
to pay our rent. I might not be able to —
to keep a stable job. But as soon as I lose a job,
I go and find… Judge Lynn:
You find another one. Eddie: Another one. She can’t
even do that. And, um… Judge Lynn: You got no hustle,
Mrs. Sweet? You’re not tryin’ — out there trying to…
-Eddie: I think she’s usin’ me. Judge Lynn: Join hands
with your man and get out there and make somethin’
happen, economically? Loxie: No. [ Laughter ] Eddie: And it’s not funny,
though. Judge Lynn: You say that
his mother doesn’t like you. Is that true?
-Loxie: That’s true. Judge Lynn: You think she’s
a lot of the problem. A lot of the reason
why he’s mad at you is because he’s listenin’
to his mother. Is that true? Loxie: That’s true.
She bribes him to leave me. She tells him that
if he leaves me, she’ll put him up in a different
apartment and stuff. And I — and that
really makes me mad. Eddie: Because my —
my mom doesn’t… Judge Lynn: Now — now —
now, why do you think his mother
wants him to leave you? Loxie: Probably because
I haven’t worked that much since we been together. And I know that.
But I’ve had a lot of issues, a lot of health issues. I had my appendix tooken out,
my gallbladder tooken out. I’ve had two knee surgeries.
-Eddie: Elective. Elective. Judge Lynn: Yeah. But we’re
talkin’ 3 1/2 years, though. Eddie: Elective knee surgeries. Judge Lynn:
You know what I’m sayin’? Loxie: I’ve worked, too. Judge Lynn: When’s the last time
you had a job? Loxie: The last time I had a job was right
before I had the surgery. Eddie: Elective surgery.
She… We discussed this surgery, that maybe this wasn’t the best
time to have this surgery ’cause we just moved into
a new apartment, okay? She knew that we needed two
incomes to pay for that rent. And then her doctor,
who’s all… The doctor’s concern
is only gettin’ money, okay. The doctor is not gonna pay
her rent, buy her food. The doctor, right now,
is paid and do — and on vacation somewhere. And me and her are strugglin’,
about to be homeless. [ Laughter ]
All I… Judge Lynn: Mrs. —
Mrs. Sweet, did that… I mean, this man is soundin’
so logical over here. You were in a situation
in a new apartment. You needed both incomes. Did you decide to
have elective surgery and just leave him
out alone in the cold? Eddie: Yes. Loxie: I wouldn’t say
elective surgery. I don’t know why he calls
it elective surgery. The doctor… Eddie: That’s the definition
of it. Loxie: The doctor strictly said
if I don’t have the surgery, I’m — I’m gonna have to have
a knee replacement. Eddie: That doctor wanted money.
And he got money. And we’re strugglin’,
about to be homeless. Judge Lynn: I’m with you,
Mr. Sweet. But in — in one context, you do kinda have
to listen to the professionals when they’re saying, you know,
“Your — your knee is bad. And you might have
to have replacement surgery.” Eddie: I-I understand that.
Judge Lynn: And — and all that kinda stuff.
But you coulda found a job sittin’ down…
Eddie: Sittin’ down. Judge Lynn: Somewhere and waited
for a while and helped this man
pay the rent. You know — you know, you —
you…Sometimes, you got — you gotta wait on some stuff
to handle other stuff. Loxie: He’s quit
at least 10 jobs. Eddie: But I always
find another job. Loxie: He’s had, like, 10 jobs
since we’ve been together. He can’t keep a job either.
So what’s the big… I mean…
Eddie: I’m not perfect. And like I said, I have trouble
maintaining a job. I can’t seem… Judge Lynn: But you always
get a new one. Eddie: I always find some way
to pay our electric, pay our phone…
-Loxie: For a day. Eddie: Whether it’s a day
or whatever, I’m still makin’ money that day. And the next day, I go find
another source of income. Judge Lynn: Okay. I got it. I’m-a talk to Mrs. Sweet
for a second. Loxie: He don’t show me any kinda intimacy
or anything like that. So… Judge Lynn: Well —
well, tell me about that. What’s lacking
in your love life? Loxie: Sex. [ Laughter ]
Judge Lynn: Well, there you go. ♪♪ ♪♪ Now, Mrs. Sweet, I — I — I understand that deep down
in your heart of hearts, you really don’t think
it’s your job to provide for the family
economically. You were raised to believe that
that’s a man’s job. That’s — that’s what you said.
Is — is that accurate? Loxie: That’s the way
I was raised, yeah. I was raised…
Until this day, my dad still tells me
that the man should take care of the woman.
Judge Lynn: Mm-hmm. And you think that’s how
this relationship should be? Loxie: No.
I don’t feel like that’s how this relationship should be. But he don’t show me any kinda intimacy
or anything like that. So…
Judge Lynn: Well — well, tell me about that. What’s lacking
in your love life? Loxie: Sex.
[ Laughter ] Judge Lynn: Well, there you go. I asked.
Catalano: Hit you right back. And she told me. Catalano: You got it.
No questions about it now. [ Laughter and applause ] Judge Lynn: That’s what I get. So, um, has it gone
away altogether? Or is it just infrequent? Loxie: Infrequent, like,
once in a blue moon. [ Laughter ] Judge Lynn: Now, Mr. Sweet,
I never, ever make a man defend
his position on that. But if you care to comment,
you may do so. Eddie: Um, yeah. By the time I get home, I don’t know how you feel
when you get off work from a hard day’s work,
but, um, if she’s more concerned with having sex all the time,
bein’ homeless, you can have sex 24/7, you know? When I’m done makin’ money, by the time I get home, maybe I’m not
in the mood for sex. And honestly, I feel
a bit resentful at Loxie for puttin’ us in a situation that we’re in to where
I don’t really feel that intimate with her. Why should I share
that expression of love with her in that way if she can’t even express,
like, clean my laundry for me? Like, I don’t…You know,
I mean, does that make sense? Judge Lynn: It makes
complete sense. Do you understand
what he just said to you? -Loxie: Yeah.
-Judge Lynn: He said, “Look, I’m out bustin’ my behind by myself
tryin’ to make some money. I come home,
house ain’t together, don’t have any food. Why would I wanna touch you?” Loxie: Talkin’ to
ex-girlfriends. Judge Lynn: Huh? Loxie: Talkin’ to
ex-girlfriends. Eddie: Yeah, ’cause
they’re workin’, yeah. Judge Lynn: Now, w — w —
we’re g… [ Laughter and applause ] Loxie: Then maybe
you should go be with one of your ex-girlfriends. Judge Lynn: Now, Mrs. Sweet…
Eddie: Don’t tempt me. Judge Lynn: Let me —
let me say this to you. I’m not mad. But can you imagine
being in his position that he’s struggling so hard to keep both
of your heads above water that he doesn’t
even feel supported that the home life
is taken care of. You’re just kinda
like kickin’ back. Eddie: She’s kicked back,
yeah, just kicked back. Judge Lynn: Do —
do you see that? And do you see
that that’s why he doesn’t feel
intimate towards you because he feels like
you’re not contributing to the two-ness of you? You just — you just
about your oneness. Loxie: I told him
I was depressed. And when I get depressed, I just don’t feel like
gettin’ out of the bed. Judge Lynn: Mm-hmm.
How long you been depressed? Loxie: I’ve been depressed
my whole life. [ Scattered laughter ] Eddie: Well, maybe gettin’ out
in the sunshine outside of the house would help,
you know, depression, get some serotonin
goin’ in your brain, somethin’. Bein’ — livin’ like a troll,
I’d be depressed, too, you know? Judge Lynn: Mr. Sweet,
you have this all worked out. I know. I mean — I mean,
I’m enjoying your conversation. Eddie: I’ve had 3 years
to think about it. -Judge Lynn: I am.
-Eddie: I’ve had 3 1/2 years. Judge Lynn: I’m enjoying
your conversation. You feel like
she’s sabotaging you. What is —
what do you mean by that? Eddie: Even when I went
on the news for my pictures, Loxie said that
I couldn’t go on there unless she could be
on the news, too. You know, this was
a big deal for me to be able to show
my photography off, especially even though it was
just a local news station. Loxie: They asked for me
to be on the news with you. Judge Lynn: Hang on, Mrs. Sweet.
Mrs. Sweet, hang on a second. Mr. Sweet, go ahead.
Finish up. Eddie: I’m just bein’ honest.
That’s what she said. She said that, “If they don’t allow me
to go on to the show with you, I don’t want you doing that.”
She doesn’t support me. Judge Lynn: Did you go anyway? Eddie: She went on with me.
Judge Lynn: Oh. Why’d you want to go
on the show with him? Loxie: They a — they said,
“Loxie and Eddie Sweet.” -Eddie: That isn’t…
-Judge Lynn: Did they? -Eddie: No, they didn’t.
-Loxie: Yes. Judge Lynn: It’s about
his photography. Are you part of
his photography business? Loxie: Well, they had
a lot of questions that they was
askin’ me and stuff. Judge Lynn: Uh-huh.
[ Laughter ] Oh, that’s nice.
You got a good eye there. Eddie: Thank you. -Judge Lynn: Ooh.
-Eddie: That’s in Cincinnati. I-I know you’re from Cleveland.
So you might know that. Judge Lynn: Oh, yeah. Yeah. [ Applause ] Now, Mrs. Sweet, I’m gonna give us
a little second. I’m gonna give you
some time to dig yourself out of this hole
you’re in and — and — and tell me
what you provide for Mr. Sweet
so I can give you some kind of encouragement
to keep him. Eddie: Last month, when we
were threatened with eviction, she was gonna go
to her dad’s house and leave me on the street. Now, my mom wouldn’t let me
come back to live with her because I’m still…
-Judge Lynn: With her. Eddie: With Loxie,
stickin’ up for her. ♪♪ Judge Lynn: Are Loxie’s
medical problems preventing her
from getting a job? Tell us what you think
at facebook.com/divorcecourt. Today’s question
sponsored by… “Divorce Court”
will be right back. Judge Lynn:
Tell me somethin’ good, Mrs. Sweet, something helpful, that you helpin’
with his camera, somethin’, somethin’. Loxie: I do.
I’m there for his photography. Um… Eddie: She was there
when the cameras came out. She was right there by me,
“I’m his wife.” But when I’m out
there hustlin’ and gettin’ the pictures,
she ain’t nowhere to be found. [ Laughter ]
Loxie: What doesheprovide? Eddie: A roof, I just paid
our electric bill. I have a — we have a vehicle. Don’t even get me
started what… I’m not perfect, by any means. I’ve introduced her to drugs in the very beginning
of our marriage. But I’m trying to get
my life back together, back on a right track. And if she doesn’t want
to be a part of that, she needs to figure out
if she is. Judge Lynn:
What she’s gonna do. Eddie: What she’s gonna do
or get help for the problems she thinks she has. She’s not…
If she’s depressed, go seek some kind
of help for that. She’s not wanting to do that. She’s not wanting
to do anything. I’ll support her if she is,
you know, depressed or whatever. But she’s not lookin’
for any help. So how can I help someone who
doesn’t want to help themselves? If she doesn’t change after this
show, I have to leave for — to save myself. I have to. Loxie: I’m lookin’ for work now,
whenever we get back. -Eddie: She is, yeah.
-Loxie: I have… Judge Lynn:
You’re lookin’ for work. Now, I gotta tell you,
Mrs. Sweet, you got — you got a narrow window,
about this wide, to do the right thing. And you gotta come up
with a whole lot of right in a very short period of time. You — you —
you’re in an urgent situation. You’re — you’re about to fall
over the marital cliff. And you fall over
the marital cliff, you fall over the economic cliff
’cause you don’t have any money. So you got to be —
be a little bit scared. And you have to walk out
of here a little bit scared. I’m always scared. I’m always lookin’
for another job. You know why? Because, you know,
you know, run a little bit… Don’t get comfortable. I think you’re comfortable.
-Eddie: Yeah. Judge Lynn: I —
I — I think you’re waitin’ for the disability to kick in
so you can kick back. You know what I’m sayin’?
-Loxie: Right. Judge Lynn: And you’re
gonna lose your dude. You’re gonna lose your husband if you don’t pay
attention to it. You’re gonna go somewhere
and do somethin’ about the depression you say
you’re suffering from? Loxie: I see a counselor
every month, once a month. Judge Lynn: Once a month? You might want
a little more help. Is it — is it — is it — is it difficult to get because
you don’t have any money? Loxie: The counselor’s
free with Medicaid. Judge Lynn: With Medicaid. I understand you’re facin’
eviction right at the moment. Is that correct? Eddie: Um, it’s —
it’s close, yeah. Um, yeah. On the 1st, yeah. Um, and last month, this is really one of the things that, you know,
pushed this to a head. Last month, when we were
threatened with eviction, um, she was gonna go
to her dad’s house and leave me on the street. Now, my mom wouldn’t let me
come back to live with her because I’m…
-Judge Lynn: With her. Eddie: Still with Loxie,
stickin’ up for her, okay? And, um, she was gonna
just leave me, leave me on the streets,
and then she wants to, um, when I’m sayin’ that
after this show, I might leave, she’s sayin’, “Well, we proposed.
And we took vows. And that’s supposed
to be for life.” But as soon as
the money ran out… Judge Lynn: She ran out. Eddie: She wasn’t worried
about no vows. Judge Lynn: Did — did you —
did you go to your father’s and leave him high and dry? Eddie: No, ’cause
the rent got paid. Judge Lynn: But if
the rent wasn’t paid, you were gonna go back
to your father’s? Loxie: It was an option. Um, my dad didn’t want
to see me on the streets. And his mom would take him in,
in a heartbeat… Eddie: My relationship… Loxie: Or put him up
in another apartment. Eddie: My relationship
with my mom is ruined. I don’t even…
-Loxie: It’s not ruined. She’s still bribin’ him. She’s still tellin’ him
that he should leaves me. -Eddie: She calls it bribin’.
-Judge Lynn: I-I-I-I understand what’s happenin’ here. I got somethin’ I wanna say
to — to you about it. ♪♪ Today’s question sponsored by… What should Eddie and Loxie do
to save their 3-year marriage? Share your opinion
on Twitter and Instagram at “Divorce Court.” “Divorce Court” will be
right back. ♪♪ If I was Mr. Sweet’s mother, I’d be tellin’ him
the same thing that his mother is tellin’ him. You need to get up
and get it together because you’re not
doin’ your part. And you wanna talk about,
you know, you may be depressed. That’s very true. I’ve been depressed in the past.
Things happens. But I didn’t never miss work
because you have to — you have to feed yourself. And I think you’re lookin’
for a free ride. You’re gonna kick back
on that disability. You — I want you to leave
here scared and worried about not havin’ anybody, not havin’ a husband
and not havin’ a home because if you’re not scared,
you’re gonna sit down, and you’re not
gonna get back up. And this man is
going to break camp. He may have his problems.
He may have his issues. But he’s done.
He’s cooked. He’s toast. He’s finished all the way
through, not medium rare. I mean, he is well done. [ Applause ] He’s a heartbeat away
from his mama’s house. And you have to make — give him
a very good reason not to go. Do you hear me?
Get it together. Get scared. Get out there.
Get it done. Get a job. This matter’s adjourned. [ Applause ] Eddie: I’m givin’ Loxie
2 months. And if she doesn’t
at least get a job in that time, then I’m leavin’. And I think that’s
more than fair. Loxie: Eddie gave me a deadline
for 2 months to get a job. And I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna try hard. I’m gonna listen to
what Judge Toler told me. And I’m gonna do
what I’m supposed to do and stop bein’ lazy
and makin’ up excuses. —Captions by VITAC —


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    I also commend them for not bringing a child into the mess they're working through. I hope it works out for them.

  15. He is changing his life for the better.. They did not even married out of love…She is not good for him she needs to go home to her daddy.,, so he can provide for her lazy ass.. she is selfish and lazy ..

  16. Why does absolutely everything about this girl – voice, accent, mannerisms and attitude – remind me of this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CAbFDt3Evs

  17. As much as I want to say he deserves so much better, no one’s perfect. Not me, not the judge, not Loxie, no one. But Eddie is freaking awesome. He has a sense of humor but the ability to be serious, he takes freaking amazing photos, cmon, guys! That’s amazing! (Obviously he isn’t perfect either but still awesome)

  18. Man, leave her. She aint worth it. Go find a woman that has some pants on, that pulls her side of the burden and is confident enough to keep up a healthy relationship. This may sound hard, but I had to deal with depression for quite some time as well, and its not excuse to pull someone down into the pit with you. Now shes your wife, shes your responsability, but if she aint responsible for herself, you dont have to put up with it.

  19. Réaction of the public @5:16 😂 Mr Sweet's comebacks are priceless! Lady, 2 knee surgery and you're wearing those heels? Come on

  20. Cooked toast well done 🙂 in his place I would be too … so many bums on such shows who don't work, aren't there for their kids, use and abuse women … and a guy like this who is trying to get it together gets a raw deal too bad … luckily no kids he should leave entitled ppl like her don't change

  21. This is one of the funniest episodes. This guy could get a comic gig because he is hilarious. I laughed hard at some of his comebacks. 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Oof. I've suffered from depression since a kid, turns out to be from C-PTSD; I've had pockets of it while being with my husband and those were the hardest moments in our marriage because I couldn't drag myself out of bed and he couldn't comprehend how my depression was affecting me, and our relationship almost ended over two or three of those depression pockets. However, I can say with confidence, that there was not one moment I didn't hate myself and try to do better and do my part despite wanting to just lay in bed so that I could cease to exist because of how it was affecting my family.

    This woman doesn't even want to try, he needs to run. She's just making excuses and wants to be carried through life. That being said, if she's having addiction issue, it's his fault this has become a situation because he introduced her to drugs and got her on that drug-addict behavior.

  23. He should run as fast as he can – she's beyond repair!! I'm saying this as a woman. Add to this her "medical" problems especially her knees … but she has no problem to wear extremely high heels … go figure how this goes together!!!

  24. I respect this man so much. He had some hard times, but he’s daily pushing to make his situation better and you can tell he is very intelligent. He needs a woman with the same drive.

  25. Louie is one lazy woman, my dad had a saying that the only thing without cure is laziness. So run son as fast and far as you can!

  26. She has no drive. It could be due to her depressed state or the fact that she has this idea of what life should be. She fails to recognize that even in a life where she doesn’t have to work she needs to do her part. Support, cook, and clean. Consistency is the key. Don’t do it on the notion of losing him do it because you want to

  27. I love you judge Lynn you are rock on this show what ever you doing is incredible love you dear the way you deal with the people is nice

  28. What does she remind me of the kind of woman who going to cheat and then complain that the guy wasn't there for her.

  29. We should stop blaming depression for everything its a real disease people killed themself due to it so do not use it as an excuse for silly behavior.

  30. The Sweet case: she’s lazy as hell, a 3-job working man, come home & no meal or clean house, no excuse honey, and a bit trifling. He won’t lay down with you since there’s no laundered sheets ummmm maybe. Get it together lady or this sweet thang is sour, is she Rx addicted?

  31. And if she thinks she can live on her own on SDDI without working, she will have to be collecting welfare checks and foods, for she ain't worked anywhere long enough.

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