1. omg! administrative law is by definition not constitutional law! there is an invisible branch of the government! this guy doesn't even mention it even though that's what he's talking about!

  2. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated the Ivy League universities with the appointment of liberal authoritarian professors.

  3. Wow! The interlocutors are such "LIBERAL" that made this liberal professor "conservative of a sort"! Frankly, I think professor Rakoff found that authoritarian interrogations "tough", out of FEAR about what could "correct" answers be to them! That's a SAD as well as PATHETIC position!

  4. He is a good professor. When I listen to his presentation I was so attracted to his good performance to express the meaning of justice.

  5. Holy fucking shit! Cant these students accept that this professor wants them to think for themselves. All that money and they can't ask a decent question. However, im glad he is trying to to pontificate morality.

  6. Why doesn't any of these students ask about who's interest the regulations are passed in favor of?
    In my estimation "interest" of the principle is the key stone of justice. Nobody asks about wether the society or group has the same rights as an individual. Wether the interest of the Individual outweighs the interest of the society or vice versa. Also, when do we make the determination to set aside the interest or rights of the individual to benefit the society at large?

  7. To the professor, (who btw has not responded to a single comment), this is great, but you know you cannot tell any judge anywhere any of this BS. I am a practicing lawyer.

  8. here's an even better question for the professor. how the heck can anyone afford an attorney at $400 per hour? isn't that the real question? that's a typical rate for an atty in chicago. (divorce or immigration). and if the common hoi poli person can't afford a lawyer at those rates, do we really have any true justice system in the US?

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  10. A violation of the 1st &14th Amendment is when the national debt of 22 Trillion & 16 Trillion & 60 Billion of that is owned by the people by their Social Security Retirement Fund and the corporations appear to have no ownership of the debt at all.

  11. This guy was definatley cucked during this discussion. He obviously holds conservative beliefs yet cloaked them under the label, "old school liberal" (modern conservative) in order to keep from offending those present in the discussion. It was unsettling to watch this guy while he attempted to step over landmines, one by one. Very unsettling.

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