Did Britney Spears really kiss a judge from Britain’s Got Talent? Full Audition

Hi, welcome to Britain’s got talent. Can I ask your name please. my name is Luna Bliss You look you’ve got a hint of Brittany about you. It’s funny you should say that I’ve been impersonating for britney since 2000 when britney first came out Making myself into Britney has taken up like 10 years of my life with all treatments and facials. If she tightens up I tighten up if she puts on a bit of weight and i am like hey pizza hut, let’s go. Britney shave the hair off like I did it to the end today I’ve basically dedicated my whole being to be in Brittany to perform at the role variety would just be so awesome I would fly the flag for Brittany and make her proud Lorna I’m really a big fan of Brittany, and I’m looking forward to your act I think we all are the stage is yours very best of luck I can’t I need a hit baby. Give me I just Gonna get and i love what you do dont you know that your toxic. Yeah, we build trust with our comments now Yeah, when you think about if you like? Yeah? Would you say that well? I don’t think that all of you want That was great. I’d like another song because another song Sometimes during auditions people come off the stage and the bouncers jump up, and they did that again I’d like to sit yourself down. It’ll be fine And then you came all the way over here kissed Amanda and totally ignored me Well listen, I thought it was very exciting it was fun Amanda Holden Well, I love the taste of your cherry lip gloss I did Yes David hasslehophe . I just I like your wardrobe very much. Thank you Yeah, thank you is it yes or no, I thought you did a great job I thought it was very entertaining, but it’s too no I think I’m Gonna Say no Lorna I think you are very good and Brittney impersonator And you’ll have a career as that but I think with regards to progressing this competition. It’s a no for me as well three nos oh Wow, she didn’t kiss me. She did sort of blink . she did Hello. I’m Amanda Holden I’m a judge on Britain’s got talent Make sure that you subscribe to got talent global to receive all the best clips from around the world


  1. should have hit the buzzer straight away and get security to drag her out for expoxing her body too much!

  2. she's so lucky to even be pretty, why waste your life doing this? pretending to be somebody you're not
    and why are people encouraging it

  3. If a man had come, stripped off and then lain on the table before Amanda, they would hv booked him for obscenity. It is a shame that in this so-called feminist age, women get away with what men don't.

  4. Why is it strange for this lady to show up at the audition like this .. and it's okay for artists like nikki or jlo or britney to dance around in a thong before a live audience ?

  5. She looks like her and sounds like her. If she used some of that cosmetic money on singing lessons she’d have an actual chance instead of having to lap dance the judges 🙄

  6. Even animals have a sense of shame … but why does he as a human being have no shame at all … nauuzubillahimimzalik

  7. Thats my favourite song and Britney Spears is my favourite person ever… So now I've seen this I'm sad — mainly because of the outfit and that she doesn't sounds like Britney at all…

  8. I think she’s good and she’s confident everyone is just jealous of her there are others worse than her and they get second chance and they go through

  9. 这么精彩的表演得到的巨然是3个no ,想不通。我一直以为英国是一个很开放的国家,看来也很保守嘛。

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