Criminal Justice

Well there are a lot of good criminal justice
programs out there, but I can with certainty that there’s not any criminal justice programs, at least in this area, that have the experience
that we have as instructors. Like for example myself Los Angeles police
department. Uh, we have
people that are like chief probation officers, uh, FBI agents, uh, detectives, so there’s
really not any other program that has the kind of hands
on experience that we have either actively in the
field in the past or currently active in it as detectives. So the students really get to look at
criminal justice at it’s- as it’s happening, which is very important and not just from
a book. I like the program because you get a variety
of classes. It starts with, like, you get English
Comp, you get Legal Research and Analysis, you get Crime Scene Investigation. Different kinds
of law, and then, every person who teaches that has either worked in those fields, or
have plenty of education that they can actually
teach you. We’re a different kind of college when it
comes to our professors, you know? They’re either
currently still in that field or they learned from it, you know? You don’t just read textbooks and
you don’t just take tests. I want to give every ounce of my experience
as a Los Angeles police officer to help other decide
is-is this what they want to do. This is a very serious career which involves
a lot of discipline and commitment and I just want to relay that my
experience and everything I’ve done to the others
so that they’re making a good decision to get into criminal justice. Professor Lombardo always brings up stories
about his LAPD years, you know? It’s just more. It’s the bigger picture in the criminal justice
field. Our teacher for Crime Scene Investigation
actually works in the forensics department as a
Crime Scene Investigator. So, what he does is just hacks into phones,
finds locations, um, does, uh, phone tracking and things like that. So he actually brought phones to class and
we learned a lot about how that works. every one of our students has a different
way that they learn, so what I do is I may have some
lecture, but then I’ll have some group project and then what we’ll do is some hands on type
things, too. So it gives diversity to all the students
and it allows them to excel on where their particular style that that they’re best at. They show that they have a commitment to better
their society, better their neighborhoods, and
their cities. Which it’s like a calling and I can see that
a lot of them are dedicated to that and want to continue service through some sort
of career in law enforcement, or corrections, or even
law school. As a student, I’ve experienced being away
from home but finding my mentors as my advisors for
guidance. I found that they believe in me but you have
to believe in yourself first. Indiana Tech has prepared me for life after
graduation, firstly, just by helping me plan my
courses and making sure I graduate on time, and always offering, um, externships, and,
um, also with the job fairs. Every November we have what’s called a criminal
justice and pre-law career fair. And at the
career fair we have around 25 agencies come and they set up, and they set up booths, and
they’re there for like two to three hours and they could be from the federal government,
FBI, DEA, marshals, or they could be state police. Indiana, Michigan, Ohio local. We have probation
offices come. We even have private security come. And they come from all over the Midwest in
order to meet our students and to advise them what sort of things they’re looking for in
the hopes of recruiting our students. Internships, although they’re not required
right now we really emphasize and really stress the
fact how important they are. So our internships could vary. They could vary from the crime lab at the
FBI or the state police, they could be with a city police department,
probation department, uh, there’s just a lot of
different opportunities. Every year we have an opportunity for our
criminal justice students to travel abroad. The whole
idea behind that is to give our students a look at international exposure, if you will,
to criminal justice and to have them experience it. So the important thing to remember is our
classes are not going to be there where you just sit
there for 50 minutes or 75 and have to listen to somebody talk. You’re going to go out and we’re
going to do things and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. After I graduate, I am going to law school. So, I am admitted for IU Law School this fall. And I
intend to complete the three years there, um, and just practice corporate law. When you’re involved with criminal justice,
whether it be a police officer, probation, federal, or
whatever, career in law enforcement is like a calling. You have be dedicated to serving others. That’s what it’s all about is serving the
community and helping other people I would tell who’s never experienced Indiana
Tech before that it’s definitely unexpected. This
has definitely been the best four years of my life. And I tell that to every person I meet.

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