Criminal Justice program

I definitely recommend coming to KCTC, especially the CJ program It opens your doors up to anything It helps you all a lot Not just you know your knowledge on law enforcement but, you know, you yourself. It builds you up If you’re a person like me that loves to help people the criminal justice is definitely the program to join and definitely the job to join The students the KCTC learn a variety of different things when it comes down to criminal justice Some of the things that they’ll actually learn is they learn basic police tactics They’ll learn traffic stops building searches I really liked it because it gets us
in good shape and makes sure that everybody knows what they’re doing correctly They also understand the different court
systems and how the courts operate We do a lot of scenarios, like real-world
scenarios, especially with courts The courts is probably one of the most important parts It’s always the last key part to any case We collaborate with Homeland Security
Investigations during that point so they understand the federal status system as
well as the state side of the system Today we’re going to be investigating a
double homicide that occurred inside of a restaurant. Two victims appear to be
shot and the first thing we’re going to do when we process the crime scene
is take photographs There are a lot of different career options for students that join our program When they do second year, they’re actually certified in emergency 911 dispatch so they could actually take that certification and move right into dispatching Every Friday we have some sort of person come from industry to our program and we’ve had Homeland Security, of course, police officers from every department like Walker, Grand Rapids, Kentwood Being here at KCTC was one of the first leadership positions I had in high school It absolutely prepared me to be a police officer because it sets the foundation
for the skills that you learn in college and in the academy This program is more than
just policing It’s building life skills that you’ll be able to use for a lifetime This pool of students here at KCTC they are like-minded, they have a heart for law enforcement They all want to go into the
same field as we do This is a very rewarding program, very rewarding job Very honorable. They’re one of most honorable jobs that you could possibly do I loved it. I wouldn’t have traded this program for anything

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