Courts Matters Bill and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 9

I came into the bill to the house Thank You Raymond Hall thank you madam Speaker the court matters bill and the Tribunal’s powers of procedures both are deemed it to be coconut bill due to their closely related nature and as as such treated as a single bill throughout the parliamentary process the bills were referred to their justice and electoral select committee in the last 51st Parliament and walrein stated in this 52nd Parliament and were referred to the justice committee in November 2017 the justice committee received and considered a 16 submissions from interested groups and individuals on the courts matters bill and received and considered 34 submissions on the tribunal powers and procedures well the purpose of this bill is are to seek to contributed to modern efficient and effective court and tribunal systems matters concern the general public I believe are largely in relation to the time frames for hearing and resolving matters so this bill seeks to improve efficiency effectiveness and timeliness by simplifying and standardizing as statutory powers and procedures I thank the officials and advisers for their hard work they work tirelessly to get all the matters addressed those bills are largely technical driven and if I may say so sometimes can be dry and tedious but this matters although my know are very important for instance and at for six the bill would extend the definition of court to include any part of the building being used for services related to the courts including the footpath between the building and the road and therefore enable a court security officers to deal with disruptive instance that continue on outside the court other changes would include the fines in and a enforcement and criminal court procedures this is particularly important as we are reversing the order of the to judicial inquiries the fitness hearing and the Evolvin hearing under the Criminal Procedure mentally impaired persons Act 2003 so their victims and witnesses would not have to give evidence twice the most interesting part of the Tribunal’s powers powers and procedures though is probably in relation to the human rights Review Tribunal thus officials from that she mr. Rottier hast you see are very convincing I thank mr. Hayes for his contributions due to what mr. Hayes described as artificial restrictions in the Human Rights Act 1993 a significant case backlog has been has developed over the past years to illustrate the backlog and the frustration it has generated we can simply have a look at the staff reports that people fight him for their human rights face beyond an acceptable wait for more than two or three years for justice after politicians and officials ignored repeated appeals repeated pleas for a law change to help clear backlog as mist Rocha hast set in his a submission for the pasts are three or four years a workload of now five full-time decision-makers has been carried by one person namely the chairperson himself inevitably a backlog of serious proportion is increasing year by year for most parties the tribunal has assisted function so that sort of a backlog and other issues have been ignored over the last three or four years and another spell we will introduce necessary amendments to clear the backlog thank you madam Speaker Speaker I call Nicola Willis I rise to

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