Court docs reveal more details Lori Vallow’s bail reduction hearing


  1. Maybe if Chad was smart he should have been worried about saving his money instead of blowing it in Hawaii with his psychopath

  2. As much as I would hate on these people, in the context of the law, one is forbidden, right to a reasonable bail, and right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

  3. Can’t believe she has already he nerve to wanted a bail reduction hearing. She definitely is a flight risk. Keep it as is.

  4. She looks like she had a rough time in jail. I didn't see her husband at the hearing. Maybe he is leaving her. He seriously needs a good therapist to help him.

  5. The judge kept her bail at 5 million dollars. She also signed papers to waive extradition. She will be returning to Idaho to face charges in one week.👍

  6. If she doesn't get a proper bail her lawyer will use the cruel and unusual punishment under the constitution an get her off

  7. Im sure she is not fighting going back to Idaho…the cult is gathering her money for bail!!!hope Idaho changes it to no bail!!!

  8. Well well mz arrogant isn't getting away this time this monster waltzes around as if her husband and kids were not gone we know her brother killed her husband we know her new husband's wife is also in the graveyard how can she even e xcpect bail to suit her finances she's q flight risk

  9. Did you hear how her first husband died of a heart attack and now her sister is saying that may not be true after all? I bet she knocked him off too.

  10. Quit using that bad picture…the one that makes her look like that ho Chelsea Handler. I'd prefer those sexy swimsuit shots…she's hot!

  11. Omg this is so funny 😆 Chad hire another attorney to lower her bail, then he has her lawyer to lower it to 125 thousand what he has left. Man this guy thinks to much with his dick. Stupid man.

  12. So they just want money they don't care about the kids or they could have just denied bail. Total flake out on the cops not investigating for 6 months too. I hope the older sister has her brother somewhere.

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