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I’m gonna sing Zed clarity. Okay, let’s hear that High dive in the frozen waves as the past comes back to life The clock ticks in a break your glass and I drown in you again But you are the piece of me, I wish I didn’t need chasing Relentlessly still fight and I don’t know what if Insanity why are you my clarity? Okay Can I be honest with you cush can Simon okay, you didn’t sing the song well really it’s an audition I’ve heard 10,000 times in my life talking. I’ve heard anyone sound like me before Simon You know this room it really shows you up. I don’t think that’s fair Simon. I’ve never heard anything like that before Okay, we’re gonna have to vote babe Louie rain. I’m going to say, yes. Thank you so much Louie. Thank you No, I just don’t think it’s right for XIV working 14 hours a day in studios every day of my life. I haven’t stopped making my own music, don’t you? Yeah, don’t judge me on this idea. Thank you so much. You need one more I’m gonna say no. Okay Simon. I’m sorry Are you sorry? I’m sorry. I didn’t impress him I really wanted to impress know him and he was the most important person for me to impress, you know Sure, well, that’s not fair Please change, you know, it’s a lot of it to do with what you see in the room No, that’s not fair. Come on. No, no, really, honestly Okay, all right She’s a hustler gun season she’s a hustler. She’s not likable at all She would be at nightmare literally a nightmare Please where’s the music person? Can I sing another song food still better make a difference baby I know I can do this I know I put it in me. I will not let you down. I want this so much Simon Where’s the music person don’t let me go Watching myself Drift in no way a vision so dark, I cannot say Where do we go when we walk on the light? Who do we call at the edge of night? carry me close like the teardrops in your Okay Please don’t let me go Simon Virtual I’m gonna be honest with you. You don’t know how much I want this I’ve I think I do that was a lot better than the first seller. I actually felt We were hearing and seeing the real you that time. Yeah, I wrote that song to myself that song. Thank you But you actually performed it. I know it was really strange. Look I’m gonna be honest with you rain, you know you were boring Which is why I said no. Okay, whether it’s a small room or what is the arenas you cause I mean looking like a star Okay Okay, I’m gonna say yes, thank you The stage presence I’ve got the voice I’ve got the looks and everything and I know I have I want to be able to stand on their big stage with millions and millions of people screaming it without that I can hear myself sing I Just I dream about it. I really do My dreams could definitely become a reality because I’ve got it I put it on and I know I have Hello Stand on the X, please Your name is Debbie. Stephens and Debbie. Why are you here today? Because I’ve got the X Factor I know I can win and I’ve just got it. Really. Yeah, how good are you I’m amazing So Debra, what are you gonna sing? I’m gonna say when you believe by Whitney’s to Mariah Carey Okay, great song there can be miracles when you believe though Hope is frail. It’s hard to kill who knows what miracles We can achieve When you believe somehow You will you will when you believe Thank You Debra What she’d that good? Um Your voice is okay. You’ve got no star quality about you. There’s no charisma No charisma. Yeah, I agree with Sharon a bit pub singer ish I thought really yeah, I felt your confidence was slightly Deluded Debra the reality is You’re not very good Now, you know what you were the Wilker one person I didn’t want to see you today because I really want to slap you now, but you are not a good suit I’m not a good singer That’s why I’ve been a singer since of a six year old and everyone I’ve ever met people who don’t even like me or come Up to me and tell me I’ve got an amazing voice. You can’t bloody sing me. I don’t want to be a saint I don’t really care what you think. You can’t sing. You have no talent. Get out. All right, Louis yes or no absolutely 100% rubbish She’s got a really bad attitude I think it will never be a star in the music Verity. No, I like that I’ll never be a star. I’m already a bass will ever ever Sharon decides to remove her from the room, but Deb is not finished yet Debbie stones back in new he sees what’s coming I Saw it coming Yes before she did it to me you’re supposed to do that And what would it mean to you to win x-factor Danny we can put into words the world – add a bit to my swag Oh pay no attention to the middle because no Whitmore how we doing nothing wrong So don’t tell me nothing. I’ll go try have Look either party jumpin, so one Okay, I’m curious to see where to loser thing Okay girls. I’m just gonna put it as burnt as possible to you I think all the energy and all the dance moves is to cover up the fact that none of you can really sing It’s a bit rich coming from you what Now you say one thing coming from a female group that always talks about how women should come together and they shouldn’t be bitchy towards one another I Understand that you have an opinion but at the same time you came here for us to judge you and there was no Reason for you to come back it like that and I can understand I can tell these two Don’t appreciate the fact that you did that because what if you just messed up their chances for an opportunity? Guys I think this is just so and gonna start with Gary there’s no Tulisa’s it really announced Her being bitchy and you know, I’m gonna be the same back that’s just one of them things Sariah just a learning curve was still young and Maybe next time we just should bite our tongues You


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  2. Felt bad for the last group. That one chick basically ruined it trying to be a smart ass to someone who was gonna determine whether or not they'll make it

  3. The first girl wasn't that bad and she just really wanted them to say yes. She was determined and only needed some more practice, her voice was good tho

  4. Okay, the first girl was good singer, (trying a little too hard tho 👀), by she really need to work on her attitude. (No hate)

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