1. Everyone saying they want him dead 💀but I forgive him honestly I don’t want him dead just not happy about his decisions. God Will decide his punishment

  2. He didn't actually forget his age, he's just trying to make himself seem mentally incompetent to stand trial (i.e the 'insanity' defense)…its not gonna work, hopefully

  3. People get the death penalty for killing just one person(not justifying only killing one person) and then you get this guy… 17 people killed and still lives a year later

  4. I don’t know why he hasn’t got the death penalty yet. He killed 17 innocent kids and wounded many more. He absolutely deserves the death penalty.

  5. Imagine being an attorney and defending someone so evil, twisted and cruel like this man. It makes me physically ill to think about the pain, agony, sorrow and much more this man has caused. How could someone be so empty, empty enough to have the intentions of taking multiple peoples lives. As much as i would like to go on about the sickness and horrid of this terrible situation, i can't. I'm deeply ashamed as to what our world has come to. So deeply sorry for anyones loss and i hope you have a fantastic day!

  6. I hate this man with all my heart and I hope he get’s what he deserves after the horrific thing he did but i just want to say that he’s physically hot

  7. I honestly feel bad for him bro he’s crazy and I’m pretty sure he went crazy because of the kids picking on him sometimes people snap and when that happens you can’t blame just them you need to look at what caused it

  8. I’m just telling you that it it was a black man or women they would of done something already. They should of already executed this guy.

  9. He’s 21 and supposed to be in college, the class he shot up wasn’t even in school when he went there,they were innocent 😖

  10. He’s 21 and supposed to be in college, the class he shot up wasn’t even in school when he went there,they were innocent 😖

  11. Hell nah, giving him the death penalty would he way to easygoing. This dude deserves to get whacked 17x with a bat every day.

  12. Certain atrocities should carry a cruel and unusual punishment like a brief 3 second full body immolation, followed by a quick extinguishing of flames with a 50/50 water and lemon juice mix, a 30 second pause then this cycle should be repeated until life ceases.

  13. I don’t get why they make executions cost so much, go to Home Depot buy a rope if you don’t already have one, find a tree, and end it. He’s already confessed what’s there to talk about?

  14. Please lock this man up forever look what he has done to innocent people. Parent friends family will never be see there children that they have lost in that awful day 17 people lives he took that day if you can’t come up with a decision somebody else might😞

  15. We got money to fund wars in the middle East,but we can't afford security to protect our own kids when they get an education 😢

  16. Random question for anyone who might know the answer.

    I know everyone has the right to an attorney, but how the hell can anyone AGREE to defend HIM? And does she do it because she truly feels he shouldn’t be convicted? Or like.. what’s the reasoning behind that? I would never want to talk to a killer and much less DEFEND HIM if I was an attorney.

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