Coming Back with a Court Order – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

– Our job is to look out
for the best interests of our patients. I’m sorry you had to come
all the way down here. – You shouldn’t even be here. – Look, Sergeant Todd
isn’t just another one of your hospital patients. She’s part of
a special DARPA project. They’ve invested a lot of time
and taxpayer dollars into Gina and her arm. – Unfortunately, Captain,
this isn’t a military base. You don’t have
jurisdiction here. And if you want
to move this patient, you’ll need
a judge’s court order and the local police to do it. – We’ll have all our ducks
in a row by the time our chopper arrives. – Until then,
out of consideration of our other patients, do you mind stepping
into the waiting room? Thank you. – Ms. Goodwin,
we cannot let them take her. She’s septic. – Well, what can
be done right now? – If we can drain her abscess, we can remove
the source of her infection. But I will need
a surgeon to do it. – I can take her up to the
surgical floor in the meantime. – Well, move fast, because
if they get that court order, there’s nothing that
any of us can do to stop them.

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