Chris Hemsworth Sinks an Epic Full-Court Basketball Shot


  1. I have a question, does anyone else find an actor or actress less attractive when you find out they r married and even further unattractive when you know they also have children?

  2. Chris Hemsworth is so cool, handsome, charismatic, talented, funny, masculine & a nice down to earth guy, in other words he's the whole package!

  3. does anybody get some awkward vibes from this
    im not a hater, i think hes super hot
    but like with him
    and previously ryan gosling i remeber not too long ago
    it was just.. awkward, like they dont flow as natural as othe guests
    maybe its the good looks
    or maybe theyre closet introverts..
    who knows lol

  4. It's great to see an actor from the Marvel movies saying they love a DC character. To the people that fight about DC IS BETTER THAN MARVEL or vice versa, SHADDAP! Both are or can be great!

  5. Why is Jimmy acting like he's never met Chris before? "Australia, right?" Well no, that's a German accent you're hearing. 🙄

  6. Not a full size basketball court; half court is only about 5 feet from three-point line here. My rec center back home was the same way. Not a chance in hell that was 94 feet. Allll of that said, still not any easy shot. Just don't bullshit about it being full court.

  7. I'm not a basketball player (my sport is table tennis) but I would love to see a 1v1 Chris Hemsworth vs Stephen Curry exhibition match. Damn, Hemsworth's full court shot puts all of Curry's 3 pointers to shame. HAHA LOL

  8. You get people like jimmy in life who give you a compliment every 5 seconds and it gets boring after the first two like tf…?

  9. Jimmy, I take multiple shots from really long range. 2nd one goes in. 3 total go in.

  10. Thor is so funny has Chris Evans he really taking this seriously like show the men a little ✊go Chris evens go Great Britain’s like ind revl and Germany and Russia and as on

  11. I adore him so much. He’s such a nice, adorable & funny guy. He’s loves and respects his family so much, it makes him even more perfect. Not to mention he really looks like an Angel (or should I say pirate angel XD).

  12. This dude is so fricken cool one would think that as good looking as he is he would be stuck on him self but he’s so humble and a very likable guy you just gotta love him

  13. Jimmy: What's your favorite candy?
    Chris: Those Twizzler things…
    Me sitting there eating Twizzlers:

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