China Tribunal – Opening Speech by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC – April Hearings, 2019

at the end of the December 2018 hearings we issued an interim judgement unanimous that has attracted a certain amount of interest where it spoke of our being satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the tribunals members were satisfied that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims we observed that we would deal in our final judgement in detail with findings as to whether international crimes have been committed by the practice if so by whom and with detail as to time periods and numbers of victims we added however that we reached the decision we did without the assistance of those who might have advanced evidence to a contrary effect and that it must be clearly understood that any such evidence that is evidence to the contrary effect of our interim judgment coming later so whether it’s from doctors or from academics or from government officials or from whoever would be considered just as if it had been heard in the three days of evidence since then and reflecting the fact that tribunal is an inquiring tribunal as is attack the non-governmental organization that has commissioners both the tribunal and attack have been communicating with various organizations and governments who it is thought might be able to help with views opinions arguments contrary to the interim conclusion that we reached you may hear more about the response of those bodies later but that evidence and any other additional evidence of value is evidence the tribunal will receive and attend to write up and until the moment it may be June the 13th when we deliver our judgement so information of that category can be received of any category from anybody until that date it is for example worth observing that the United Kingdom’s government has on several occasions or least more than a couple and through different ministers expressed the view that the government does not find the evidence presented compelling of the conclusions that for example attack might like the government to reach the government has been written to and invited to present such forensic analysis of the evidence to date that it must have made to reach those conclusions and to provide the analysis to us and it has been invited to attend these proceedings even to speak if it wishes and that invitation will remain open right until the end of the period ending with our judgement and we understand that there will at least be representatives of the government here tomorrow so our determination as a tribunal is to remain completely open to evidence of whatever inclination persuasion whatever you like right until the last moment and we hope that anyone who has all complained to evidence that will help the tribunal will come forth and make that evidence available before I asked mr. sabe to ask publicly the question about attendance here today of anybody representing the People’s Republic of China the timetable we started at this hour of course in order to accommodate the time difference between the United States where professor Waldron is and where we are and we will say relatively late in into the evening on to the early evening there will be I think two breaks we only have essentially one room there is another room where the tribunal can go to but essentially we’re all in this single room we hope that all parts of the proceedings will be public but there’s a real possibility that some parts will to some degree have to be dealt with in a way that reflects the security concerns of either a witness or people who might be identified by a witness and when we come to that it’s possible we’ll ask you to withdraw it’s possible Weil withdrawn and deal with the issue but that’s it meanwhile we have a number of witnesses to get through today and also tomorrow can you hear me you had it on thank you you’ve got a number of witnesses to get through today and some other and perhaps very substantial witnesses to get through not to get through to hear tomorrow so enough from me mr. savage can you check please on the attendance here today of the Republic of China good morning is anybody representing the People’s Republic of China present in this room no sir will you please announce and call the way since [Music]

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