[CC/FULL] Roots of the Throne EP26 | 육룡이나르샤

I am Kim Nae Pyung. There is a large disturbance
at the palace. Here. How about that eunuch,
Kim Nae Pyung? According to the eunuchs, there is no such person
in the entire palace. This symbol on the letter! A man with this symbol
took my mother away. Is it the court lady
who used to serve Queen Noguk? Yeon Yang? Yeon Yang is dead. Your mother… is a criminal of Goryeo. What? Because of your mother’s mistake, Queen Noguk passed away. I found the location… of Kim Nae Pyung. You must… figure out who he is. You left me to Jang Sam Bong. You are Yeon Yang’s son? Yeon Yang’s son is… the top swordsman of the Samhan. He thinks Lee Seong Gye is… different from who we think he is. The choice… has been made. He said he will abandon both… and see where his luck takes him. See where his luck takes him? So that’s why Pyeong Yi was sent. Why was he sent to Dohwajeon? Tonight at Dohwajeon,
Jo Min Soo will try to… kill all the men of Lee Seong Gye. What? They must have begun by now. Perhaps it’s already over. Then what does he mean by
abandoning both? There are many great warriors
among Lee Seong Gye’s entourage… that went to Dohwajeon. Lee Bang Ji, the top swordsman of
the Samhan is among them of course. So even, if Jo Min Soo plotted this, we can’t be sure if his plan
would succeed or fail. So? Who is Pyeong Yi going after? He abandoned both, but… he said he will see
how it turns out. So he’s most likely
to kill the winner. If it succeeds, this massacre at Dohwajeon
will be recorded… as the incident where… the two strongest political figures
of Goryeo killed each other. And after that, there will be an unbelievable… absence of power. How dare you! I failed. Who was that man? Why would he kill himself… when we know who is behind him? My father worried that
there will be a war. So he tried to cover
your crimes and… reconcile with you. How dare you do this to him? Why did you do that? (Jo Min Soo) You were going to
kill me the next time… if it wasn’t this time. Do you deny it? (Lee Bang Gwa) I don’t sit and wait for it. Then… are you admitting to everything? Of course. I plotted all of this. I am Jo Min Soo. Nobody is behind me. Also, I have no regrets either. Although, I am curious. What is it? Why did we fail? Why did something have to
happen outside at that moment? And what on Earth happened outside? How did that happen? I heard you began attacking them… even before they started. Well, that’s… Moo Hyul. If you didn’t overturn the table
and started the fight early, everything would have been
like what Jo Min Soo had planned… by the time Gabyeolcho arrived. Why did you do what you did? (Moo Hyul) Well… About 10 years ago, the top three authorities
robbed us of our land… in my hometown, Yiseo-Gun. One of Hong In Bang’s
servants killed… and bullied my neighbours. (Lee Bang Ji) It turned out that man
became Jo Min Soo’s servant. Somehow, Moo Hyul… recognised him and attacked him. Yes. That’s right. He’s precisely right. We were very lucky. Those small coincidences
saved all of us. So that’s what happened. That personal ill-fated relationship
changed… the course of history. Good work. (Hong Dae Hong) Ouch! – What on Earth is that?
– What’s wrong? I was adding energy to the remedy. I can’t believe it! Do it properly! Gosh. So many people got hurt, and I feel so bad.
Why would you play with it? But thankfully, my Moo Hyul didn’t get hurt so much. He’s born with such good luck. It’s not really luck. That’s the power of
the East Dragon technique. It taught him good dodging tactics. East Dragon! You’re ridiculous. Stop fooling around and
make the remedy. – Okay.
– Give me my fan back. Okay, okay. Boon Yi, don’t worry too much. Bang Ji was wounded a lot… when he fought against
the Japanese pirates, and… I was really worried. In fairness, he does heal fast. Is that right? (Boon Yi) All right. Yes. I shouldn’t have said this. No. I’m thankful that you stood by
my brother’s side. It’s him who stayed beside me. Wait. Boon Yi, he prefers… raw chestnut to dried persimmon. How did you find out? About what? I don’t know anything. What? What is it? It’s nothing. It’s just… You know,
the day when you got drunk? Remember the day
when Yeon Hee collapsed? That night, I was on the way
to give you some water, I heard Yeon Hee talking to you… while you were asleep. I didn’t intend to eavesdrop. She collapsed that day because… she saw that man by coincidence. She lamented. She said she felt stupid to just
collapse at the sight of him. I feel sorry now. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop. – You…
– Yes? When I saw you yesterday, I realised that
you become much stronger… when you try to
protect someone else. Really? Right? I’m like that, aren’t I? I’m sorry. Are you all right? I’m sorry. Boon Yi. Get some rest. I knew it. I have a special talent
for protecting people. Gab Boon gave it to me. She said that you like chestnuts
much more than persimmons. I guess… Gab Boon knows more about you
than I do. That day… After I left home, I went to one of the men’s house. I wanted to kill him, but his young daughter… and his old mother… came out of the house crying. Do you know what that evil man
said at that moment? “Take the kid and go inside, Mum.” “Hurry up.” I couldn’t think. Even that evil man… was actually… someone who was trying his best to
live through a time of turbulence. So I couldn’t kill him. I see. After all, those jerks are also powerless. To live a more comfortable life, they do anything and everything
for people with power. Those people are the worst though. They are powerless either, but they ruin the lives of people
who are weaker than them. They make people hate each other… and hurt each other. You did the right thing, Ddang Sae. (Yeon Hee) Here. Brew this for Ddang Sae. This remedy will help
his wounds heal faster. What are you doing? Take it. Yeon Hee, you did the right thing. That evil man… killed Un Nyeon, Un Nyeon’s father,
and Pal Bong. He killed them all. And… He’s the one who took away
the land that I cultivated… with the villagers for two years. He was such a horrible person. I really wanted to make him pay
for what he had done, and you did it for me. Thanks. Yeon Hee, I have a favour to ask you. What is it? This remedy. I want you to give it to
Ddang Sae yourself. Just stay in bed. It will be easier for me
to talk to you that way. I had some herbal remedy
made for you. It will help you recover faster. Thank you. I… I don’t know how long it has been, I slept like a baby last night. I’m glad to hear that. So you should get some sleep too. I’ll just… stay here until you fall asleep. Ouch. Gosh, I’m in pain. I’m dying.
Every part of my body is aching. Just be quiet.
Stop going on about it. If you say anything about
dying again, I’ll kill you with my own two hands. Gosh. No, it’s okay.
You don’t need to get up. (Lee Seong Gye) I’m sorry that you two
have to go through this. How are you feeling? I’m sorry, General Lee. They attacked me suddenly, so I couldn’t even
really fight against them. No one was expecting
something like that to happen. They had set up many traps for us. When we heard about the assassin
attacking from the pile of corpses, we were all very shocked. We should talk about that assassin. Yes, I heard what happened
with that assassin. I was thinking about the fact
that he killed himself. What about it? Assassins kill themselves
for two reasons. It’s either to conceal
their identity… or to protect who they work for. However, when everyone knew
that he worked for Jo Min Soo, he still went ahead
and killed himself. So it wasn’t done to protect
whom he worked for. Instead, he was someone whose
identity could not be revealed. If this is true, it means that someone else… was trying to kill you. Is this what you were going
to tell me as well? Yes. Plus, he looked familiar to me. Shall I find out about him? Yes. General Lee and I need to
clean up this mess. You need to find out more about him. Yes, I will do so. I know that you are deeply worried. Yes. If word gets out
about what happened, the fact that
Jo Min Soo and I had battled… will be known to the entire kingdom. Yes. And if we want to accuse them
of plotting the assassination, we’ll need to investigate
all noble families… that are affiliated with him. If that happens,
things will be chaotic for a while. Then… do you have any ideas? The person who must be… most concerned about
this situation now… is Jung Mong Joo. So… how about you ask him for a favour? A favour? What do you mean by that? What did you say? One of my servants… was Lee Bang Ji’s
personal adversary? That is correct. Then… that little coincidence… is what ruined everything? How dare you call it
“that little coincidence”? You and others in power have put
people through so much pain. The fact that one of those people… happened to be there… must not have been a coincidence. This sheer nonsense… is what ruined my plan? What about the assassin? The one who attacked from
the pile of dead bodies. Who was he? I don’t know who he was either. The assassin was at Dohwajeon, so how can you not know who he was? Why would I lie at this point? What would I try to avoid? It seems like you
don’t know about him either. Right. I am not the only one… who wants Lee Seong Gye dead. I guess I won’t be too lonely. Why do you think Jo Min Soo
made such a radical choice? Also, why do you think
they were swayed by… the rumour about the new king? Your power is growing day by day, and you are pushing for
radically reform. So they felt threatened. If we execute Jo Min Soo
for planning this assassination, everyone will get nervous. If that happens, the nobility
including Master Lee Saek… will think about something else. You can’t make everyone
your enemy, General. You are right, my fellow. In order for the process
of our reform to be smooth, we need help from Master Lee Saek. Why don’t we give Master Lee Saek… the highest position in the agency? My fellow, you must know why we are… so desperate for reform. Also, you are right about
how we can’t make everyone… our enemy in order
to achieve the reform. – So?
– So please persuade him. If Master Lee Saek stays
behind and opposes to it, nothing will happen. If he won’t accept the offer
of the position, please arrange a meeting with us. He will listen to
what we are trying to do, and we will listen to… what it is that he wants. Please let us reach an agreement. The highest position in the agency? Everyone knows that… General Lee Seong Gye
holds all the power. He’s asking Master Lee Saek
to be his puppet? Why would you say that? Am I wrong? My fellow! Right now, the agency is
under Lee Seong Gye’s feet. So what would it mean… even if Master Lee Saek
holds that position? It’s just to look good. Don’t you know that? If he will just try to look good, then that’s what he will do. But if he tries to
be more than that, the result will be different. My fellow. Teacher, you taught us that… we as members of the nobility
will have to do anything… at times of crisis regardless
of what the situation it is. You said we have to
take responsibility and do our best. (Lee Saek) Do you think we will be able to
communicate with them? You need to first speak
in order to communicate. Teacher, Sambong’s and my thoughts… all began from you. It was you who provided us… a fertile environment to grow. Like you think, Sambong
and I might have different plans. However, that’s only
a small problem. What do you say? Teacher, why would we cooperate with
Lee Seong Gye? Arrange a meeting with him. Like what you said, I will do my best to negotiate. Yes. I will do that. You’ve made a wise decision. Is it really about the land reform? Or… Is anyone outside? Visit General Lee Seong Gye and
Master Lee Saek right away… and tell them that I will see them
tomorrow morning at the agency. If they give you their replies,
report back to me immediately. Yes, Master. I heard you are meeting with
General Lee tomorrow morning. It happened that way. Will you be accepting the offer? If they will meet my demands… and if I see that their request
that I hold the position is proper. What will you request? With what will you seize control… at the meeting tomorrow? I am curious too. It must be about
the land reform again. Perhaps… they will bring back
their plan to seize lands… larger than 100 million square feet. In my opinion, I think you should agree if it is
at around 200 million square feet. Goodness. It’s not just because… I own about 180 million square feet. Why don’t we make him agree
to confiscate… lands larger than 50 million
square feet and not back down… on anything else
at the meeting tomorrow? No. Jo Min Soo’s assassination attempt
gave us this opportunity. We must ask them to pass
our appeal as it is. You are right, but… I am a little worried. Jo Min Soo made that mess
because of 100 million square feet. Will it pass if we lower it to
50 million square feet? General Nam Eun,
we must push ahead our plan. What do you think
Master Lee Saek will request? The biggest issue… at the meeting tomorrow will
most likely be the land reform. There are several situations
that I anticipate. If their request
matches one of my guesses, we can get what we want… more easily. Or perhaps… it will turn out to be
like what you said. What happened? Like what you predicted, Jo Min Soo is not the one
behind that man. I knew it. Who can it be then? It can’t be Ha Ryun. Let me take care of this. I will do everything to find out. The fact that we have
a hidden enemy is… very dangerous for us. You must find out who it is. Yes, Master. By the way, Master Sambong, I heard Master Jung Mong Joo
will be… having a meeting with us. In the end,
we couldn’t avoid a negotiation? You don’t like it, do you? We’re making a detour. Jo Min Soo gave us
a good opportunity. We could do this by force. Of course we can. We could just have to
wipe them out with force. – So why don’t we?
– But… I think revolution is… not about killing men, but about saving men. I planned this based
on the Confucian virtue. Of course, I went
through many mistakes. And there were things
I couldn’t anticipate in advance. They say the less blood the better. Of course, at times,
we unexpectedly bled a little. However…
No, that is why… this negotiation is more important. For me, there’s another meaning to it. What meaning would it be? Jung Mong Joo. It’s not to lose Jung Mong Joo. On the road to revolution, Jung Mong Joo will… protect Confucian beliefs. He is someone who will continue
the legitimacy of our revolution. We are gathered here today… to get rid of misunderstandings
or any grudges. We are here to discuss together
and reach an agreement… so that we can make
a better country. So don’t hesitate to speak up. Since you say there’s
a misunderstanding between us, what I want to do to get rid of
that misunderstanding is… just one thing. Yes.
I wish to hear your opinion. Please continue. I would like… the former king
to return to the palace. Yes. Let’s do that. We will do that. Let us tell you what we’d like. Yes. What we want is… to implement Jo Joon’s
land reform… in its entirety and immediately. It’s not about confiscating… lands more than
100 million square feet in size. If there is one square feet that was
taken away from our people, we will confiscate all of them. It’s implementing that plan. Will you agree with us? However, that’s… I request we take a short break. Of course. You can go discuss this
and come back. I can’t believe they’ve agreed to
have King Woo returned to Gaegyeong. We cannot allow the implementation
of the Nine-square Field System. Even using 100 million square feet
as the standard will enrage many. We cannot allow it. What will you do, Master? Let’s go with what they want. Let’s implement
Jo Joon’s plan entirely. I beg your pardon? We can bring back
the former king first… and try to change him. What do you mean King Woo
will return to the palace? It is one of the things that
Sambong had predicted. That is correct. Fortunately for us, they suggested one of
the best options. Why do you say that
we are fortunate? King Woo’s health is deteriorating. If he returns to
the palace in Gaegyeong, he will be reinstated as the king. Of course he must not
return to Gaegyeong. Then what are you suggesting? Wait and see. Master Lee Saek… will suggest what we want. Then let’s resume the discussion. Do you really… agree to the former king’s
return to the palace? Yes. I’ll agree to it if you approve
the total implementation of… the land reform plan
submitted by us. What will you do? I will approve it. Excellent. Then shall we set the
date for the former king’s return? But I’ll approve it on
one condition. Please tell us. The materials and information
Jo Joon has gathered… about field systems
are extensive and impressive. But how could we implement
such a drastic reform… without making an official survey
of the fields at the national level? Hence, let’s carry out an official
survey of the fields first… and implement the field reform plan
according to its results. Nothing can be more accurate
than my findings! Do you know how long a nation-wide
field survey will take? It will take at least five years! Jo Joon has no right to speak
at this meeting. If you can’t observe quietly,
we’ll need to ask you to leave. Please continue. What is your decision? Yes, of course. Please carry out the field survey. Then… we will bring the former king
from Ganghwado… to Yeoju, not to Gaegyeong. Look here, Sambong! The date for his return
to the palace in Gaegyeong… will be decided on the day
that the land reform plan… takes effect after
the field survey is completed. Very well. Let’s do that. Good. I’m confirming that the land
reform plan has been approved, and that a nation-wide field survey
will be carried out immediately. We have also decided that
the former king… who is in Ganghwado
will be brought to Yeoju. Also, I’d like Master Lee Saek to
take the highest position… and General Lee to take
the second highest position… to run the government together.
What are your thoughts on this? If both of you agree,
I will speak to His Majesty… and receive his confirmation. I agree. I accept the offer. Additionally,
about Master Jo Min Soo… If Master Lee Seong Gye agrees… Instead of an attempt
to overthrow the regime, I think we can impeach him for
illegal land acquisition. That sounds good. Let’s proceed that way. I think it worked out for the best. They must be thinking that the land
reform plan has been approved, but completing the field survey
will take at least five years. And the former king
will be brought to Yeoju, which means we can now
gather our forces. Yes. Master Lee Saek has also been
appointed to the highest position. And the field survey
will buy us time too. Now we just need to make sure
to seize control and power. That is correct. We need to prevent any possibility
of internal conflicts… and work together to
strengthen our bonds. (Lee Saek) I agree with everything. However… Sambong… What does that smile of yours mean? Is this what you wanted? I did what you told me to do, but do we really have to
delay things… by agreeing to the field survey? They’ll think that the field survey
has bought them… about five years of time. Therefore, they must think that… they can overthrow the plan
within those five years. However, if the field survey
is carried out… according to Jo Joon’s findings, it can be completed
within two years. When the right time comes,
we will push forward. Will we be all right if the
former king moves to Yeoju? As long as he is not returning to
the palace in Gaegyeong, nothing much will change whether
he is in Ganghwado or Yeoju. So now we will just need to… prepare our next move. Sambong. Mong Joo. Would you like to grab
a drink with me? – Thanks for the good food.
– I hope to see you again. You did an excellent job
as the mediator. Thanks to you, everything
turned out for the best. I just did what I had to do. From now on, you will need to… balance things between
the two groups in power. They think that the field survey
will take five years, but we have Jo Joon’s findings. If we apply them
to the field survey, the entire project can be
completed within two years. – Then the field reform plan will…
– Why are you rushing like this? In the last 500 years, no one has
been able to undertake such a thing. Getting it done quickly isn’t
important. It must be done properly, and without any sacrifices. We should listen to the public
and make sure it gets done well. The sacrifice will be limited to
the powerful families. Is your goal to reform
the field systems? Or is it to attack
the powerful families? – Mong Joo…
– And what will be next? After eliminating
the powerful families, that is. Horrible rumours… about General Lee Seong Gye
are spreading in the country. Is there another agenda… by any chance? What other agenda would
General Lee Seong Gye have? No, I’m not talking about
General Lee Seong Gye. I’m talking about you. Do you have another agenda? What are you asking exactly? Never mind. You wouldn’t have another agenda. Boon Yi and Moo Hyul. I think I’ve seen him
from somewhere. – Who are you talking about?
– That man. The one who tried to kill my father. From where? It was that day when we went to
pick up Jo Joon’s findings. The man who got there
before us to steal them. Do you remember him? But I can’t really
recall everything. – You two saw him too.
– Yes, we did. I think I can remember. Let’s go and check. What did you say?
Are you sure about this? We need to see his face. We still have his body, right? All unclaimed bodies
were to be sent to… Bohyeon Temple to be cremated. Have the bodies been taken yet? They should have been taken
by now, but I’m not too sure. Take them with you so that
they can check his face. This is his body. I think it’s the same person. What do you think? What is the matter? Yes. It’s him. I’m sure of it. Then this means… The person who was trying to steal
the findings that night… was Ha Ryun. If that’s the case, was Ha Ryun trying to
kill my father? Why would he do that? I’m suspecting someone. – Let’s go find out.
– Those men… didn’t look like monks. What did you say? They were wearing leather shoes. Isn’t that prohibited by law? Many monks wear leather shoes… or silk clothes these days. But they’re supposed to be from
Bohyeon Temple. – What?
– It’s not just any temple. Moreover, judging from their looks,
they must be the youngest monks. At their age, no matter
which temple they are from, they wouldn’t be allowed to
wear leather shoes. He… wanted to see where
his luck takes him. And Lee Seong Gye was the one
who turned out to be lucky. And so? He must not approve of them anyway. So is he going to choose
Lee Seong Gye? How dare you try to… read his mind? You were right. This path doesn’t lead
to Bohyeon Temple. How did you know about the shoes? You know I have a thing for shoes. Master. Master. I’m here. Why? Do you know him? It’s him. The one we saw. So… it was Ha Ryun
that attempted to kill my father. Uncover him. It can’t be! What’s the matter? Are you sure it was him? Yes, is anything wrong? Why is he surprised? If he’s the one who had
planned all this, he shouldn’t be surprised. Let’s go. Ha Ryun! Who is it? You! Lee Bang Won! How dare you… attempt to murder
General Lee Seong Gye? What are you talking about? It wasn’t me! Moo Hyul. Yes, Master. Deliver these… to each of them at once. I’m not the one who ordered that.
A murder attempt? Please trust me. They why did you want this corpse? I had to check something. That’s a lie. – What?
– No, it isn’t. When he saw the face, he did seem to be surprised. She’s right. I was surprised to see his face. A composite sketch? Why do you have it? I’ve been chasing him… for the past 14 years. For 14 years? Master Lee In Gyum
had been chasing him. Master Lee In Gyum was raised
to the highest position… by an organisation. – An organisation?
– At each crucial moment, they gave him crucial information. It was under his order… that I was to go after this man. How can I believe that? Because it’s true. The organisation has its own symbol. I was just checking… if he had that symbol on his body. It would mean he belonged
to that organisation. I’m sure he has one on his body. You should search him. See? He has one. He has one, right? This man… was trying to deliver this letter
to a spy in Gabyeolcho. This is from… Lee In Gyum, right? This symbol… was on the spy that
trespassed in Hamju. So that man was not
sent by Lee In Gyum? That’s an absurd idea! Master Lee In Gyum… suffered all his life
because of that organisation. Is this why… you sent a spy to Hamju? I… never sent a spy to Hamju. Look at this symbol on the letter. A man with this symbol
took my mother away. This symbol is from that time. What? You once told me
when we were little, about the organisation
that kidnapped your mother. You don’t remember? Yes, that one. It’s the same symbol. Anyway, we have to get them. We’ll have to tell Master Sambong
and General Lee Seong Gye. We have to get that organisation
or whatever. Where is Master Sambong? He wasn’t at his house. Master Sambong? Have you seen him? He was bringing
some porridge to Bang Ji. How kind of him. Let’s hurry. Wait. I’m a bit tired. Please excuse me. I’m just tired, Master. Very well. Get some rest. Master, we found out something. What is this? This was tattooed on the body… of the man who attempted to
murder my father. Mum. Lee In Gyum? Yes. Lee In Gyum also… chased after him for 14 years. But he never succeeded. But Ha Ryun finally found him. Ddang Sae, what’s the matter? What’s happening? Why do you have that symbol
on your sword? When I was little, my mother was kidnapped
by an organisation. Until this moment, I don’t know
what happened to my mother… or what kind of organisation it was. This symbol belongs to
that organisation. I inscribed it on my sword
so that I wouldn’t forget it. Then what about Gil Sun Mi? Right. Gil Sun Mi was with that man. I’m still not sure… whether Gil Sun Mi
was on his side or not. I once met Gil Sun Mi
when I was little. He told me… that my mother killed Queen Noguk. And that my mother is a criminal. So I shouldn’t expect
to see her again. What’s going on? They manipulated Lee In Gyum,
who was the most powerful man… And found out Jo Min Soo’s plot
before us… and sent an assassin? What kind of an organisation
is capable of all that? Moo Myung? Moo Myung? Do you know about the organisation? I didn’t believe it for a long time. In 1365, when Queen Noguk passed away
after a difficult delivery, King Gongmin… insisted that it wasn’t an accident. He said was an organisation… called Moo Myung
was behind her death. And? But King Gongmin
was not in his right mind by then. Everyone considered it
a delusion of his. In his search for Moo Myung, he grilled each and every servant. That’s when… Yeon Yang killed herself. If Yeon Yang is indeed your mother, she must not have
killed herself then. She must have escaped
the palace instead. Moo Myung, why are you after us? We have to find out… who they are, what they want, and why they wanted
Jo Joon’s findings. Then I’ll have a talk
with Cho Young. I will ask her if she knows
anything about the symbol. Make sure you do that. Yes. What brings you here
this late at night? I have something to
report to you urgently. Go ahead. Do you… know anything about this symbol
by any chance? Well, (Cho Young) I’ve never seen this symbol before. What could this be? Something happened at
Gabyeolcho today. – Boon Yi, you’re here.
– Yes. Pal Bong’s father
left this letter… saying it was urgent. When did you get this? Just now. Why are you this late? What’s the matter?
Did something happen? Master Jo Joon sent a letter. Here. It seemed urgent. (Where our documents is stored
is in danger. Please come.) Moo Hyul, we have to hurry. Okay. Who brought this letter? I suppose it was
Master Jo Joon’s servant. I had never seen him before. My father hasn’t come back yet. Shouldn’t we hurry there? This doesn’t seem right. What do you mean? This is definitely
Jo Joon’s handwriting. But we have a code for
where we store our documents. – But how…
– Then… it could be a trap. What’s happening? Did you send this? (Jo Joon) What on Earth is this? So this is not from you? It was a trap after all. This is my handwriting. This looks exactly like mine. If I went there
after reading this letter, they could have followed me
and locate the documents. That must be their plan. Who could have planned this? They might have sent this
to others too. Of course. Someone might have went there
after receiving this letter. And those who planned this
must be following. Something might have
already happened. – I should hurry there.
– Okay. Did anything happened?
Is everything okay? Did you get the letter too? Did you get it too? Yes. But the documents are all here. And Master Jo Joon is not here. Was it a trap? This doesn’t feel right. Master. This letter was not sent by Jo Joon. They imitated his handwriting. Then did they lure us here… to locate the documents? – But the documents are here…
– What if… someone is on the way now… to take the documents from us? – Moo Hyul.
– Yes, Master. We’ve located the documents. Are you going to take
the documents from them? It’s not only about
the documents now. The government agency decided
on measuring the land. – Then…
– There will be a counter-attack. The most fatal counter-attack. Who did you send there? Naturally, the most fatal person will be there. Everything is as he wanted. What will happen… tonight? Look here. What are you doing here? What brings you here? A strange letter… led me here. My fellow. “New Joseon”? (New Joseon) What is this about?

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