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[Case number 2007] [He took the victim
to the reservoir…] [“Save me.”] No. I said no! No! [After raping her once…] [After killing her,
he abandoned the body…] Did you find something? We haven’t found any clues yet. And we can’t find her other shoe. Okay. [Rape and murder case
of Kim Ga-young.] The case files are like life of someone,
so please be careful with them. Yes. You’re volunteering? From which high school? I’m from Seojin High School. – I can do the rest.
– I’ll do it. I’m volunteering,
so I should do it well. Good job, Choi Jung-joo. You can go. Okay. You can go. Hello. This is Prosecutor
Yoo Byung-in’s office. Yes. Yes. Are you trying to
get rid of the evidence? Judge vs. Judge [After 10 years…] Answer the phone. It’s so loud. I’m sorry. Yes. Yeah. I stayed up all night
because I was committing murder. I cut up the body. My whole body is aching from
cutting up the body all night. Murder is a piece of cake now. Now that I’ve gotten used to murders,
I can’t do assault anymore. I’m going to do murder again. A serial murder. I have to do rape next week too. I’m really not interested in rape.
I’d rather do rape. This is Lee Jung-joo. I think I’m going to
be about 10 minutes late. Please make an excuse
for me to the chief. Just tell him that I had to go to the bathroom because
of constipation or diarrhea. Hey!
No! No! Hey! Please stop that motorcycle. My case files are in there! Oh my goodness… What is it? My case files are more
important than my life! Case files? Is this the police? Someone stole my bag in front of the subway station
by the Courthouse. Yes. Seoul, Jongro… Yes. [Jang Soon-bok.
My mom is innocent.] [She’s not a murderer.] Who are you? I have to give this
shoe back to its owner, so I need that bag. What do you think you’re doing? If you return that
bag to its owner now, it will be considered
at extenuating circumstance. Please give it to me. Get lost.
You better get lost. If you use a weapon,
it will be robbery. Let’s stop at theft. Don’t come any closer.
I’m going to stab you. If I get injured by that knife,
it will be robbery and assault. If I die,
it will be robbery leading to death. It will just be murder, so you won’t even be
considered for probation. In addition, I’m a weakling, so if you just slap me,
my teeth will get knocked out. If you just graze me with that knife,
I might die. Do you want to rot in prison
after stealing a mere bag? Don’t come any closer. I’m sorry.
I had severe constipation. I was told that it was diarrhea. I had severe constipation, so I took too many
laxatives which led to diarrhea… Diarrhea… Even if that’s the case,
do you know what time it is? We have to start the trial right now.
When should we have the meeting? Let’s start now. Judging by the exhausted
look on the judge’s face, she must’ve been reviewing
Jang Soon-bok’s request for retrial… Detective, did you find my bag yet? I have to find that bag.
My case files are in it… Judge. Yes. The basis of Jang Soon-bok’s
request for retrial is that defendant Jang Soon-bok’s
claim of her innocence. She only gave false admission to
the murder because of the pressure and threatening by the police. I am not. Mom is here. I said I did it because
they said my son did it. I’ll make sure that you won’t have
to stand there anymore, my son. After finding out that
her son didn’t do it, she repeatedly claimed her
innocence and continued to do so. Hyun-soo. She wept and insisted
that she didn’t do it. But the police
pressure her to confess. All the evidence in favor of her was
ignored and covered up on purpose. The medical examiner’s opinion
at the time was that the body was chopped with skill that can’t
be done by an average person. It must’ve been done by
an experienced professional. The polygraph result also showed
that she didn’t commit murder. These are the key evidence that
the police omitted on purpose. Those documents were submitted, but it looks like it will be difficult to
prove that police omitted on purpose. Her attorney resigned
after filing for the retrial. What do you think as
the chief judge in this case? It’s difficult for me to dismiss
the case due to the fact the she’s been claiming her
innocence for the past 10 years. She refuses to work in prison
because she’s claiming her innocence. She refuses to eat so often that she’s
known as a stubborn person in prison. It’s not true. Her son has been protesting in
front of the courthouse by himself. It isn’t that easy to protest rain
or snow without missing a day. In the eyes of the law, the truth
is proven by evidence not claims. I understand the case enough. So let’s review Jang Soon-bok’s case files before we
come to the final decision. Excuse me? The case files? Yes. The thing is… I forgot them at home… You can’t forget something like that. What if something
happens to the case files? Are you going to take
responsibility for that? You should’ve
protected it with your life. My life depends on it. You’ll take responsibility
for that, right? [Retrial request. Jang Soon-bok.] [Defendant Jang Soon-bok.] Lee Jung-joo. Yes. This is Judge Sa Ui-hyun
from Criminal Court 88. May I speak to Judge Lee Jung-joo? She’s in court. Seoul Central District Court,
Seventy third Criminal Penal Court. We will begin
the morning trial session. Case number 2017, 830. Is your name Kim
Joo-hyun, Defendant? That’s right. Is your birthday, August, 23, 1985? That’s right. The information is the same as
that of the petition, is that right? Yes. It’s the same. The defendant has the right to refuse to answer any questions
that you think is unfavorable to you. Prosecutor. Please give
the basis of the indictment. The defendant Kim Joo-hyung
has roamed Seoul and neighboring areas from 2016 to
the beginning of 2017. He lured 7 elementary students to secluded areas near schools
and brutally assaulted them sexually. Therefore, we are indicting him for violating
Protective Code of the minors. Defendant. You received the indictment notice,
did you not? Do you admit to
the indictment by the prosecution? Your Honor. I did not sexually assault them. I gave them sexual education. Silence.
Silence. I’m going to kill you! Please be quiet everyone. Is there any better education
than experiencing it personally? Defendant. Come to your senses. Do you think that
makes any sense right now? Your Honor.
You may not know things well. The kids these days are
more lustful these days. They were crying because
they were scared at first. But they started liking it later on. Please be quiet.
Please be quiet. They should be thankful that I gave them sexual education
that couldn’t learn at school. They don’t know their children at all. You worthless bastard! Shut your mouth. What?
Sexual education? Judge Lee.
Judge Lee. Your Honor.
You’re so sexy when you’re mad. I usually only go for 15 and under. But is it because you’re
a female judge wearing a robe? I’m kind of getting excited. I’m going to kill you. A trial is a waste for you. What’s wrong with you? Let go of me. Didn’t you hear the ridiculous
things that bastard is saying? What does he take this court for? Chief. Your Honor.
What a crock! What are you doing right now? Don’t you know that the situation will get serious
if you act like this right now? Why are you acting like
this when you know this? Let go of me! Judge Lee! You worthless bastard! You bastard. Let go of me! You thug! In a sacred courtroom,
a judge must maintain dignity. You caused a scene,
so we had to call a recess… People will laugh at this.
A trial isn’t a circus. What?
A worthless bastard! A bastard! Do you think you’re
a gangster thug? When I heard him
say sexual education, I just lost my mind… Why did you take off your robe? If you take off your
robe in a courtroom, you may never wear it again.
Don’t you know that? I worked so hard to make our
justice panel an exemplary courtroom. But what? Exemplary? We’re going to be known as
the troublemaking courtroom. I don’t think we’re as bad
a troublemaking courtroom. I think we might
be a cautionary one. I’m sorry. What is it? I think you should see this. What is this? Just what is this? It spread like wildfire in the internet. The view count is amazing. I’m really sorry. I should’ve kept my emotion in check. I was so shocked about
losing my case files… What did you just say? Did you say you lost your case files? How did you lose them? Someone stole it from me… Someone stole it from you? Why don’t you just hit me instead! Chief. Oh my god… If the case files from
criminal trial are lost, innocent verdict might not be innocent
or guilty verdict might not be guilty. Don’t you know that? I know that I should be
prepared to take off the robe. If you know that… So is that why you caused
a scene in the courtroom since you have to submit
your resignation anyway? No. That’s not why. I went through so
much to become a judge. I’m really sorry. Right now… This is not a problem we
can resolve by your apology. What’s the most
important issue right now? If the case files can’t be found no
matter how much we look for them. And they couldn’t
be found in the end… Then I’m going to have to
bite my tongue right here and die. Do whatever you want to do.
Do you understand or don’t you? Are you telling me to bark like
a dog since you don’t understand? No, Sir! What worthless bastard
stole such important files?


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  2. ليه مافيش ترجمه عربي؟ ؟
    كوري وE بس اللي موجودين
    طبعا مشكورين على الE

  3. Omo omo omo..i knew it i'm glad i choose to click this drama because of the title and i'm not wrong…from this first episode i had a laughed out loud😂😂😂😂😂this is the first court trial drama i saw since i began to watch Kdrama this is odd😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. هو احنا ضوجناكم بشيء 😂😂ليش ماكو ترجمة بالعربية

  5. Everybody is talking about the call scene but I tell you the scene of the judge throwing fit the court is more hilarious can't stop laughing anyway the defendant guy is a scumbag what sexual education my foot

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