Caught in Court, A Good Heart and Fool Me Twice

(upbeat music) Morning, your honor. That morning, I was driving my wife’s car. I was dropping her off. She has the handicapped permit. I had the handicapped permit in the window. As I was dropping her off, I parked on Summit Street where the sign is, the handicapped sign, and she said I parked in the crosswalk. Do you have your wife’s handicapped certificate? No, sir, I don’t have it with me. So you just– you come here and tell me that but you have no proof that she has the certificate. She has the certificate. She’s in the hospital right now. I don’t have her– the only thing I have is just the permit sticker that hangs in the rear view mirror. The one that you place on the mirror. Yes, that’s the only one I have. Where is it?
It’s in the car, outside. Oh, the car’s outside?
Yes. All right. Now, you go get it and bring it back– Oh, you’re in a handicapped spot. Yes. Oh, so if you do that, then you’ll get a ticket for being in the handicapped spot. (laughter) Well, my car’s not working right now so I’m driving her car. That’s a handicap– and you’ve got the handicap certificate displayed in the car now? Yes. Yeah, but you’re not handicapped and you’re parked in the handicapped spot outside, now, right?
Yes. That’s a $500 summons charge if you want me to go write it. That’s misuse of a handicap sign. Yeah, 500 bucks. You’re not supposed to be–
But I– You’re not supposed to be using that. Yes, I know, I figured I wouldn’t be here that long so– I had to go to work, so I thought I would be here– Well there are other people that may be handicapped that need that spot and you’ve taken it now. You’ve used your wife’s handicap certificate. It’s a $500 fine to do that. Do you know that? Sorry. See, that’s why he’s the chief investigator. That’s why I’m the chief interrogator, here. (laughter)
Yeah. I can ask four questions and I get people to admit that they– I don’t know, anything. That went from 30 to 500 in about 10 seconds. Inspector Quinn, what do you– what’s your recommendation on this? My recommendation, your honor, that he gets the $30 here and hurries up and gets to his car before he gets the $500. All right. You better get to the car, quick. It’s $30. I was inclined to dismiss this, but you parked– you’re illegally using the handicapped sign. That’s a $500 fine so you better move it as quick as possible. (upbeat music) Juana Cabrera. Juana, you have one ticket on Homer Street. I never saw that ticket until I received this– saw the paper. You live on Homer Street. Yeah, I do. Do you have a parking spot to park your car at night? Yes, I do, but I don’t know. I can’t remember that day, what happened. Were you tired, you went to– fell asleep? I work in the night, but if I came– since yesterday, and I came to solve this problem. You work nights?
Yep. What do you do? I work at a hospital. Oh, God love you. Means you’ve got a good heart. You think?
I do. Okay. I think anyone who works in hospitals, facilities such as hospitals, they have a good heart. ‘Cause all they’re doing is they’re helping other people that are in need. Yeah, I think. Well, this car was parked at three o’clock in the morning, outside your house. Yeah, I probably fell asleep or something. ‘Cause I never leave my car, but I guess that day I did. Yeah. I’m gonna give you a break on it. Thank you so much. You keep helping people, okay? I will.
All right, good luck. Thank you, have a nice day. (upbeat music) David Norton. Mr. Norton, your motor vehicle has been towed. Yes, it has. You were before the court on a previous occasion and you had 29 parking tickets. Your previous judgment was $1090. You paid $300 and the boot was released. And you promised to pay $100 a month on the balance. So you came in, you had all those tickets. I’m not sure who you appeared before. I’m not sure if it was me ’cause I don’t remember. But you paid 300 on $1000– $1100 balance and you never paid, not one penny. Not one penny of the remaining balance. You never paid. Then, you changed your registration. You got a different registration. Figured, how could they even know it’s me? So you got a different registration and now you have eight parking tickets and you haven’t paid one of them. Not even one. What do you wanna tell me about this? Well, I’ve been out of work the last six months. Well, we haven’t changed our phone number. We’ve got the same phone number and these other tickets were not within the last six months. I agree. These other tickets go back five, six, seven, eight years ago, so we’re going back then. Now, you’re out of work, I understand that. Why didn’t you pay these? You changed your registration. You didn’t pay anything. Now you’ve got eight new tickets under new registration. I’m not down here that much and I let it go. Well there’s not much wiggle room for you, here, because you’ve showed complete and total disregard for this court. You came in, you paid the 300, you said, “Forget those guys, I live up in Massachusetts”, right? “I don’t get there that often. “I’ll change the registration and I’m skating free.” Well, you’re not skating free. How do you feel about this, Inspector Quinn? Same way, your honor. I mean, he’s already had two bites of the apple and now he has a– It’s very uncomfortable for me to make this kind of a speech, ’cause I’m usually very understanding. I understand. Hardship, I understand. Hardship, I really understand, but you have to call us or let us know. But when you change your registration, you don’t pay a thing, you walk, and then you get booted again, well, it’s a little different. Your problem is that your car is now towed, which means you’re paying storage fees every day, where the car is. I don’t know, what are those, 30 bucks a day? Around that, Judge.
Somewhere around there. So now you’re paying storage fees, now you’ve got the boot fee. What about the interest? Can you do anything with that? (laughter) Just a lot of interest on them. Wow. The answer to your question is I can do anything. Okay.
That’s not the question. The question is whether I will. You haven’t shown– you haven’t shown much of an effort here. There’s a $100 boot fee. On the new tickets, it’s $160, so that’s $260. You have a balance of $790 on the previous tickets, so it’s back to 1050. How much of that can you pay today? 500. I’m going to accept the 500 to release the car from the tow company. How much can you pay? What kind of a payment plan can you afford? 75 a month. Okay, I’m gonna make it 50 a month so that you pay it. Now, I’m gonna tell you something, Mr. Norton. If you don’t pay it and you never come back again, I’ll waive nothing. All the penalties that I waived, I’ll put back on. Okay?
Okay. You know, I really don’t wanna persecute you. Thank you. But I don’t want you to insult the court either, okay? Make sure.
Thank you, judge. I know you got knocked down, all right? It’s no sin to get knocked down. It’s a sin to not get back up, so get back up. Good luck.
Thank you, Judge. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. My job is to try to balance the interests of the city with the rights of the individual. My natural inclination is to side with the individual. However, when that person defaults on our agreement, the benefit of the doubt is gone and the balance shifts. Trust me, it gives me no pleasure to play the role of the enforcer, but when you try to fool me twice, you leave me no option. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.


  1. Guys like the first one upset me. My wife is handicapped and she has a placard. I would never do what he did. Write him the ticket.

  2. The judge still gave the repeat defaulter a chance. Reduced penalties + didn't add the interest + gave him a lesser payment plan… & to top it all, tried to reason with him in the end. What more can anyone else do. Perfect judgement. God bless you judge

  3. That first guy, I don't think he quite understood how wrong it was to use his wife's placard. I really hope he learned a lesson from Judge Caprio. I used to work with someone who misused a handicap placard every day so he could park for free near the workplace and saw nothing wrong with it. I'd like to put him in front of Judge Caprio. That last guy, well, he didn't deserve any consideration. He never showed any shame for his irresponsible behavior and odds are he will do the same thing again. Go get him, Judge Caprio.

  4. Only a complete POS would park in a handicap stall that is able body. Says a lot about the person’s character. I would have fined him. 😡😡😡

  5. WOW!!!! Telling the judge and prosecutor that you are using your wife's handicapped permit to park in a handicapped parking spot outside of the court when you are not even handicapped is probably the most idiotic thing I've seen anyone do in court! Talk about self-incrimination! Shame on him! There could have been someone who legitimately needed to use that spot!

  6. Parks illegally in the Handicap spot and tells it to the judge. $500 fine is pretty cheap. In California it's anywhere from $750 to $1,000 depending on whether you are in Southern or Northern CA.

  7. Serious respect to the judge. Maybe a little too lenient but I expect there to be much positive impact and lower rates of repeat offences

  8. "I'm sorry."
    "Prove how sorry you are, pay $500. Also, hand over your placard. You're wife can thank you for her need to walk from now on."

    THIS JUDGE CAPRIO 👩🏻‍⚖️ ……

  10. A just judge in his judgment, very tolerant and respectful with all people. This judge reminds me of a person named Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, cousin of the Muslim Messenger, and a justice with people

  11. I don't understand how people tell that they are social security and/or broke but have enough money to maintain a car. If I was broke or on social security, I would sell my car and buy an electric cycle/scooter that costs much less in maintenance and need no license/insurance etc.

  12. Lol. He busted himself not thinking about the handicap spot. Judge caprio is so fair. That guy had 19 tickets and 2 boots on his car!!

  13. Works every time for me.. though I've have seen this many times, still wipes any tension off me (inspector Quinn's quote about the missing breakfast bar)

  14. wao this judge is great this the first time i wached his cort and i spent 18 hr. watching it made me laugh it made me cry but it made me feel good to se he has a great big hart thanks for all the emotions and keep me entertained

  15. I admire the way Judge Caprio handled Mr. Norton. Extremely fair and I think he had sympathy for the man, and really tried hard not to embarrass him.

  16. Well done not letting these guys off the hook. Parking in a handicapped spot when you're perfectly healthy is a huge no-no. Oh, and the guy who thought he was smarter than the rest of them? And he even complains about interest rates? Grow up!

  17. I am glad that he finally didn't give in to "getting fooled", which he knows he does. He usually dismisses it.especially if you have kids.

  18. Guess what,Allaah is the real judge of us all and Allaah forgives so easily and many many many times overlooks our mistakes and never punishes us,theres nothing like Allaahs mercy….become a muslim today….

  19. Bad form judge it's hard enough for people with disabilities this guy showed you he will use a disability permit when he is not disabled. Because of people like him and the one's who let him get away with it make it so this abuse happens everyday and will continue to.

  20. Dam 29 tickets plus 8 more tickets. Wtf. Ive only ever had one ticket in my whole life of driving and im 45 years old started driving at 16 . only one ticket what the hell

  21. Just because you have a handicap sticker doesn't mean you can use it,
    if you are not handicap. People take advantage of that sticker.

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