Caught Having Lunch With Another Guy (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is the case
of Allen versus Phillips. You all have been together
13 years? Yes. You have
three children together? Yes. Yes. And you all are engaged,
is that correct? Yes. Yes. JUDGE DANA:
All right, so, Mr. Allen, my understanding from your
court papers is that there is no trust
right now in your relationship. ALLEN:
None whatsoever, Your Honor. Tell the court about that. To me, she got
a conniving attitude. She just looks and… just like a whole
different person compared to web
and compared to our real life. PHILLIPS:
He tries to catch me in lies. And he sets me up. But I’m not gonna confess
to something I didn’t do just to keep him quiet.
I’m not gonna do that. Well, what is it
that he is finding that makes him accuse you
of doing something? He’s not finding nothing.
It’s all in his head. Everything…
This trust issue that’s going on right now
is overFacebook.Excuse me, but it is and it’s
because of hidden apps
on social media. Hidden conversations,
hidden this and hidden that. She must be a ghost. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
what kind of hidden apps
are we talking about? Okay, basically, on the app
she got one that show
a call log that… ‘Cause she’ll leave her phone
with me, like, “Oh, I ain’t
tripping about it.” But it’s some kind of code
like if you touch the screen
a couple of times it’ll turn around and bring up
a whole other screen of like, another call log
or messages, you know
or something like that. Wow. Do you have apps
in your phone
that are hidden? No. Are you hiding information
on your apps? MISS PHILLIPS: No. So you’re not doing anything? You’re saying
this is all in his head? Exactly. JUDGE DANA:
Why would your fiance become
paranoid all of a sudden? Because of how he was
in the past and his insecurity. He was cheating in the past so now he’s tryin’
to turn it on… on me. Okay, are you deflecting, sir? MR: ALLEN: Never. You know what I’m sayin’. And past is the past. Just like, we became serious… Real serious after the kids
and stuff like that. So prior to that,
it don’t matter. You know what I mean?
So I have nothing to hide. Only thing I have to do
is reveal. That’s what I want.
I want the truth
to be revealed. You know what I’m sayin’?
I can’t believe when
she say she love me. I can’t believe when
she say she going to sleep. I don’t even know
if she uses soap
when she took a shower. ‘Cause she’d lie about that. I just don’t know. He just being so dramatic. ‘Cause if he has all
these doubts,
what is he doing? Especially if I know that
I’m not doing anything? I can answer that.
I’ve been cooking. I’ve been cleaning. I’ve been watching kids. Okay, you’re supposed
to watch kids. They’re yours. Exactly, and that’s why
I’m doing it. To keep everything
in organize… Okay, when you’re doing that
where am I at? I’m at work. Okay. And if you don’t think so
then you can come up there. It’s five minutes
from the house. All right, you know, nobody
stays together for 13 years
without some trust somewhere. JUDGE DANA: Why did you
fall in love with her? Okay, we met actually
at a bus stop. She didn’t even like me
because I was light skinned. She say she
light skinned dude… Yeah, Your Honor, you know
what I’m talking about. JUDGE DANA: Okay, well– You know what
I’m talking about? JUDGE KEITH: Okay, so,
light skinned. Can’t
get any love. What’s the deal? MISS PHILLIPS:
No, it’s not that. My past experience from
being with light skinned guys, they were in competition
with me, they were pretty boys. I didn’t have time for that. Am I a pretty boy? Yeah, you are a pretty boy. But he’s not in competition
with you, Your Honor. That’s right. All right. All right. Am I in competition
with you? No, you’re not, but I said
my past experience. I wish it was at some time.
I wanna find the truth in this. JUDGE DANA: Okay,
so you, me in the bus stop. And how did you… how
did you roll up on her
on the bus stop? I just started talking
to her basically. Like, how you doing?
Uh-huh, like, that. Really not tryin’ to feel me. But at the same time
I just kept on and kept on
and kept on. Yeah, he was real persistent. And when we got to know
each other we had
a lot in common and then I had seen that she
was loyal, I mean, dedicated. And just a solid person
at the beginning. All right, so tell us about
the night he proposed to you? He proposed to me
on my birthday. He made me a cake ’cause
my grandmother used to make
my cakes for me every year and she passed away. So he made me a birthday cake
the same kind.
She makes strawberry. Instead of writing
“Happy Birthday” on it, he wrote “Will you marry me?” Oh. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) That’s a good move. Were you surprised? Yeah, I actually was kind of
a jerk about it ’cause
I thought he was playing. I didn’t think it was serious.
I was. Yeah, I was, I’ll
be honest about it.
I was a jerk about it. I don’t know about that. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Thank you. We don’t have to go
down that road. But I understand you’re like,
“Aww, you were serious.
My bad.” Yeah, exactly, exactly. So, my question is, if you
never had any trust and that’s in your testimony,
Mr. Allen. Why would you propose to her? In the beginning of
our relationship
we didn’t have facebook. I don’t even think we barely
had MySpace and none of
that type of social media. Like, you don’t say
somebody get bored
with their relationship. But what they do is
find something that
gives them a new avenue. JUDGE DANA: You’re right. It’s like she said,
I’ve got the passwords
to her Facebook now. I went in to her Facebook
and she had post a picture
of me and her that shows how she loves me
and blah, blah, blah. But then, when you look
in to the account settings it says that I’m blocked
from the other dudes. Like I’m the side dude
and we live together. Do you believe
she’s sleeping with those men? I beli… Yeah, sleepin’,
talkin’, walkin’. Your Honor, I did not do that. I didn’t block nothing.
I don’t even know how to do half the stuff
he’s saying on Facebook. My Facebook… I don’t talk
to dudes, like, he was on there
pretending to be me. Talking to other men. How did you find out
she blocked them? ‘Cause I went in to her
account. But she’s saying
I did it. But you said, you went in
to her account and found that. Yeah. She’s saying, I don’t have
the ability to do that. I don’t know how to do that. You think that she does. Yeah, ’cause if you really
think about what she just said,
that’s a point of manipulation. “Oh, I’mma give you
the password and let you
all access to my account.” But when you find something,
I’m gonna sit there like,
“Huh?” JUDGE DANA: So you think
this is all a act? Yeah. It is, and it’s because of
hidden apps on social media. What other reason do you have
to believe that your fiance
is cheating on you? This is two weeks ago. She told me she was doing
a double at work, right? Okay, so, she was gone from… I think it’s 2:30 in the day all the way to 6:30
in the morning. So I looked on the pay stub
and it shows that she only
worked eight hours. So where was you
at the rest of the eight hours? JUDGE KEITH: Miss Phillips. Yes. Did you work a double shift? Yes, I… Where were you working
this double shift? It wasn’t on Facebook. But I was working
a double shift I’m a CNA,
I worked a 16 hour shift. They did not put that money
on my paycheck. They’re gonna put it
on this paycheck. I don’t have to lie. This is a month later. No, it’s not. Don’t lie. That’s a lie. She got paid already. She got paid already.
Didn’t you get paid? Miss Allan, all of this
is circumstantial evidence. Have you ever actually
caught her
with another man? Yes, and I presented a exhibit
to the court that
I can show you. You have? Oh, I’ gonna show you too
if you like– Well, let’s see. Would you step over
to the monitor, please? Uh-huh, sure. Mm, yeah. Okay, first of all,
this is a tracking app. It’s a find my friends app. Which you can put on
your phone and it’ll show
the precise location of whoever that you
wanna see. Okay, that’s Latrece,
that’s you right? JUDGE KEITH:
All right, so this
is your phone? And you have a tracking app
on your phone
where you can track her? Exactly. I clicked on her,
right? It says
Latrece Phillips. ‘Cause you wanted to track
where she was. Yeah, ’cause the thing is
that I asked her… I kept texting her
and asking…
or trying to call her to see if I can
bring her lunch so
we can have lunch that day. I’m trying to be a gentleman. You tracked her
to this restaurant? And I track her
to a restaurant. So when I pull up
to the restaurant,
I walked through the door. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And there’s her
and this dude sitting there having a drink. And lunch I guess
you would call it.
You know what I mean? A co-worker. Smiling, “He-he-he”. JUDGE KEITH: Smiling? All that. Yeah. I can’t understand this. So what did you do
at that point? What did I do? I go over there
and I approached ’em I just sit there. I…
I’m grabbing a seat
to sit down with ’em. “What’s going ‘on?” So now, he’s like, “Huh?” Is there a deer
in the headlights look? Yeah, her.
The dude is like… I’m like, “What’s going on?” Noth… “What you mean?” Who were you with? A co-worker. The restaurant’s right
next door to my job. PHILLIPS:
You’re not supposed to take
lunch with somebody else. I’ll take lunch with
whoever I want to.
I’m grown. If I’m not doing
anything wrong then it shouldn’t matter. And if I’m at work
and I went next door to get something to eat
with a co-worker,
it shouldn’t matter. From when… I work
at the same place.
That’s not a co-worker. He didn’t even look
like he had a job. Did you tell him that you were having lunch
with this male co-worker? No, I didn’t. JUDGE KEITH:
Did you feel you should have? No. ‘Cause either way it goes
he’s gonna act how he’s acting
so it doesn’t matter. Come on, man, I don’t think
I should have to or
she should have to say, “Honey, I’m going
to lunch with Bob.” Well, if he contacted her
and say, “Hey, have you had lunch yet?”
And you say, “No.” MISS PHILLIPS:
And that was earlier. And then
he rolls up on her and she’s in a restaurant
having lunch
with another man. She should have told him
before, “No, I haven’t
had lunch yet but I’m going to lunch
with so and so.” But she may not have
established that at that time. She may not have known– It wasn’t planned. So you’re saying I’ll need
to know my plan at 9:00 a.m.? Who said it was 9:00 a.m.? Or 10:00 a.m.? Or 11:00 a.m.? You texted her. She said can’t have
lunch, and then you
immediately went off… I wanted to have lunch with her
so she put me to the side. I didn’t know that. You can’t have
lunch with him and dinner with me.
It don’t work like that. I didn’t know that.
Well, it did. …next time. Okay, so Mr. Allan, if you
should find out that
your fiance is cheating what happens
to your relationship? ALLAN: It’s over,
it’s a wrap. At the end of the day we got
lots to lose just based
on the fact that we got kids. And… It’s just… I mean
we just had a daughter. She’s only 15 months. And we got a lot of things that
she needs to see in this
relationship as she gets older. Exactly, so she shouldn’t
have to see her mom going through stuff
she shouldn’t have
to go through. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. This court has done a full
investigation to determine whether Miss Phillips
is cheating. And we have those results. Ron, would you
please escort
Mr. Terry Fisher, Fisher Technical
and Investigative Services in to the court room? Yes, your Honor. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Mr. Fisher? (INDISTINCT) Mr. Fisher, what did you do
to investigate today’s case? I received the cell phone
and did a full forensic
examination of itto include recovering
deleted files.
So did you find
anything interesting
on Miss Phillips phone? I did find one thing that was
kind of interesting to me… on it. It was a text message there. JUDGE KEITH:
And this is from another man? And it says,
“What’s up, beautiful?”And then there’s a missed call.And then there’s a video chat
three minutes later.
And you found this on
Miss Phillips’ phone?
And this is from a man
other than her fiance? Yeah, I believe so. Way it sounds. Way the conv– I don’t even say beautiful. JUDGE DANA:
Did you find anything else? TERRY: Yes, I did. What did you find? I found a conversation
that appeared to be
from her fiance. So this conversation that we
saw, “What’s up, beautiful?” And there’s a missed call
and a missed video chat. And now you have
her fiance coming in to this. Mr. Allen jumps in and says“This her man so I guess if
she ain’t got back at you
“she must waiting for the right
and secret place to do so.”
Can I answer now? That’s me. ‘Cause you know what?
That whole thing is him. Talking to the dude.
That was never me. He was pretending to be me. Okay, but somebody wrote
to you and said,
“What’s up, beautiful?” Exactly, and that… That’s me. What I’m saying is he gets
in my Facebook acting like
he’s me. So people are responding
back to him thinking it’s me. So you’re saying
you don’t know who this is? MISS PHILLIPS: Nope. Didn’t that just sound
like a lie? “Nope”. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Fisher… was there ever a response
to that message? Before I actually started
examination of it another response came in
on that phone. JUDGE KEITH: From another man?I already blanked her.(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Miss Phillips,
who’s the other man that
already blanked you? For real, I don’t know
who that is. So what your testimony is
that you’ve never slept
with this man? I don’t even know the dude. MR. ALLEN:
Excuse me, Your Honor… I never even seen
the dude in person. You say you’ve never had
sex with him and the message says that
he has already blanked you. This court ordered
a polygraph examination. And we have those results. Ron, would you please escort
Mr. Kendall Schull into
the court room? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Sir, how are you? I’m great, Your Honor,
thank you. We need some answers. We do. And I’m looking at you,
Mr. Allen
and you look nervous. I’m anxious and I’m nervous
just based on the fact… what the outcome gonna be.
‘Cause I’m gone. And it reflects on our family
that we have for the longest. How does he know that when the lie detector says
I’m telling the truth
that I don’t wanna leave. JUDGE DANA:
You’re angry because… ‘Cause I have to go through
this all the time. This is what I go through
at home. This is my life. It’s not a game. I get accused of everything. I don’t even go out
or do anything. I don’t even go out
with my family. PHILLIPS: That’s a lie. Because when I do go
with my family, “Oh, they hooking you up
with somebody or you doing
this, you doing…” I can never enjoy myself. I feel guilty when I go out.
I feel guilty
when I have fun. So today
we’re gonna get the truth. Okay. JUDGE DANA: All right. You asked Miss Phillips from 2006, which was
the beginning of your
relationship until now have you had physical contact or sexual intercourse with any man
other than Mr. Allen? What was Miss Phillips’
response? She said, “No.” What did the lie detector
determine? The lie detector determined
that she being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE KEITH:
You’ve got answers.
How do you feel? MR. ALLEN:
I feel bad, I mean… She’s actually crying
and stuff like that, so… ‘Cause I go through this
all the time. And I’m not doing
anything wrong. I have no reason to lie
to this man. This is
like my best friend. I apologize. I never cheated on him the whole time
we’ve been together. Never. Mr. Allen… I just want to tell her
I’m sorry, I apologize. Only thing I can do is try
to move forward and just… Just be a better…
Just trust you more. Just know that I’m not doing
nothing wrong. I’m still that same
loyal person that
you got with in 2006. Just know that. I see that. You’ll have an opportunity now
’cause you’ll have
cleared the deck. And at the end of the day
you want somebody
to have your back. MR. ALLEN: Yeah. You want somebody
you can depend on. So, you have that. Move forward with it. You said you were attracted
to her more than once because of her loyalty. She has proven that. She has proven that today. Don’t destroy that loyalty by distrusting her. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I wish you all the very best. You’ll have a family
that’s dependent on you. And as we say
in this court room. Do not cheat yourself out
of the opportunity to have a happy,
healthy relationship. Court is adjourned.


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