Can’t Wear a Seatbelt, The Judge is Never Wrong, Liberian Pride

(funky upbeat music) Stacey Dandy. Good morning, Stacey.
Good morning. How are you this morning? Fine, thank you, how are you? Oh, thank you for asking. How do I look, okay?
Good, you look great. People ask me how you’re doing, you know, I think maybe something’s wrong, alright. You’re not trying to butter me up now, are you? No. Sometimes it helps. It’s not helping you though, because you already made a deal with the city solicitor, okay. You were charged with not having your seat belt on, now why didn’t you have the seat belt on, tell me? It’s very difficult for me to get in and out of the seat belt, ’cause I have really bad degenerative arthritis in my neck and my arm and also my hands are really bad. So you have a medical reason not wearing a seat belt? Yes, sir. Are you telling me the truth? Yes, sir. You can see ’em. Patrolman Hastings, do you believe her? Your Honor, I do believe her. You believe her?
I do. Hm, Inspector Quinn, you believe her? I have no reason to doubt it, your Honor. I’m sure it was it was clicking and ticking enforcement. We’re gonna revisit this now, okay. Okay. So you met with the city solicitor and the Patrolman, who is supporting you actually, even though he just made a recommendation, that you pay a $40 fine, right, so you agreed to pay a $40 fine, right? Yes. Did you agree to that?
Yes. Patrolman agreed to that, okay. However, I’m not gonna do that. According to your testimony, you have a medical reason and the medical reason I think is sufficient and Patrolman agrees with you, that you may have this medical condition. Inspector Quinn says he has no reason not to believe you and I believe you, because you seem to be pretty forthcoming, it has nothing to do with you trying to butter me up incidentally, you understand that? Yes. You think it helped that you gave me a compliment? No, because I know you would see right through that, if I was lying. Alright. Actually it’s obvious, you do have somewhat of a medical condition, if that’s the reason, both the police officer and the prosecutor said they believe you, so if they believe you, I believe you as well, you present well and so even though you made a recommendation, there was a recommendation from the solicitor to charge you $40, I’m gonna override that and I’m gonna dismiss it. Do you agree with that? Sure, thank you.
Okay. Excuse me, your Honor, the court would just like to tell the motorist, that if for some reason, you can get a note from your doctor explaining the circumstances, it would avoid the officer and you from having to come to court in future. Thank you. Now I don’t wanna see you here every week on this, right, you hear what Inspector Quinn said? Okay, good luck.
Thank you. Judith Ingham. Good morning.
Good morning, Judith, what terrible thing did you do, you wanna confess? I would love to confess. Alright, well, this is not a confessional, but nevertheless we do have some unsolved crimes upstairs and if you wanna confess to those. Well, hopefully we can figure this one out together. Okay, let’s figure it out. The major offense that you are charged with is parking overnight.
Yes. Okay, what do you wanna tell me? In front of my house.
Oh, it’s even worse. I know, I have an overnight pass, Oh.
that actually expires today, which is actually very ironic. That has nothing to do with the violation. So I was parked outside of my house, I have the sticker displayed on the rear driver’s side of my car in the window and I got a ticket. So Inspector Quinn, you wanna be heard on this? Your Honor, I would have to check, excuse me, I’d have to check the computer to see if that is correct.
And I have a receipt. I have no reason to doubt the motorist, but we have to double check. You know what happened? I don’t know who designed the stickers, right, they have a dark blue sticker, that parking enforcement officers there at night, they don’t see it.
It’s dark. I explained that to ’em in the beginning, I would have made ’em all neon orange or whatever, so it would show up at night, but. How do you feel about this, is Judith telling the truth? Yeah, I have no reason not to believe her, but I could verify it through the computer. Inspector Quinn, you know that I never make a mistake? That’s correct.
Alright. That is correct. Judith, I’m telling ya, I’m testing him now, right and if I’m ever wrong, you’re gonna get this as your punishment, right? Ooh!
I’m telling you right now. I’m dismissing this,
Thank you. outright.
Thank you. Good luck to you. (funky upbeat music) Anthony Karfair, you are charged with blocking an intersection on Westminster and Snow Streets. Is there anything you wanna tell me about this? Yes, it was during the night and I was driving, I was doing a Uber, so when I got there, the people, my client, I stopped for five seconds, ’cause I gotta stop recording, so when I stop and I try to call them, that I’m here, so they can come down and they told me that they was coming, I see them coming and the other guy that was behind me was so rude about this. At the time I start, he started beeping the horn and other guy, the puffer, then all of them start beeping their horn. Did you get a tip from your client? Did he feel bad for you? A tip?
Yeah, after you’ve drove them, they give you extra money. No, they didn’t give me no tip. Oh, no tip? Well, you know what a tip is, you know. Yeah, I know a tip, but they didn’t give me no tip. Oh, no tip.
It’s optional, you don’t ask it. You got a ticket and no tip? Yeah, I got ticket, yeah. I see that you’re a world traveler here, you got the shirt on that says New York, Los Angeles. That’s my tailor.
Paris, right, have you been to those places? Yeah.
Yeah, you’ve been to Paris? No, not Paris, but New York. You can’t, that’s false advertising, you’re saying you went to all these places. Okay, now I see that medallion around your neck, right. That’s my country’s seal, Liberia. You familiar with that, Inspector Quinn? No, your Honor, I’m looking at the medallion now, I thought it was a badge or something, but apparently he’s stating it’s, I guess a coat of arms or something from Liberia. Well, if you’re proud of your native country, then we wanna congratulate you, because you should be. You know, we all have pride in where we come from, we all have, you know, love for, me, I was born here, I love this country and we all, you know, we love the flag and what it stands for, democracy and so forth, so you should be proud of your country too. I’m glad to see that you–
Yeah, I am proud of my country, yeah. That you proudly wear that. So I’m not gonna fine him, I’m not gonna do that, I’m gonna give you a break on it, I think you’re entitled to a break, you’re a hardworking guy, you’re proud of your country, you come here, you make a nice impression. Thank you very much, sir. Good luck to you. Thank you. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.

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