Build & Battle: Turbo or Nitrous? RX-7 Gets Ladder Bars, S10 Gets NOS EP.5

– Hi, my name’s Kurt. (banging) (upbeat music) – There’s a right tool for
the job and this is not it. – Hey! (engines buzzing) (classical piano music) – Good morning, Build and Battle Vietnam! And I did not fight in Vietnam,
all you damn, YouTubers, that shit’s older than me, okay? But today, we are finishing up the intake, we are finishing up this front end, we are going to finish
up all the little things back here, you can see these
beautiful shock mounts. We’ve got here, box in
this, area right here, we’ve got to finish that trans fan mount, and then this afternoon I
believe we have plumbing, so plumbing and wiring
is gonna be going in. It would be nice to
hear it fire today, huh? – Yeah. – So we’re going for a fire today, and they’re going to, wow. – New morning, so we have the
ladder bar stuff that we’ve got to put on today. – We have the ladder bar stuff, but none of this shit matters
’cause all this cannot go on without our boy, Serg, he’s back, riding back. – Now that we have all this stuff on, we can figure out how
we’re gonna finish the rest of the cage for the rear. The suspension has to be
tied to the cage itself for reinforcement. The front supports of the
ladder bar and this bar, have to be reinforced to the cage also. So we were waiting on
this to get to be done. We’re gonna throw the diff
in with some jack stands, center it, measure everything and then we’re gonna figure
out which way we’re gonna put this and where we’re gonna mount it so this bar has to be mounted here. And through here and over
there, so we’re gonna have to do some cutting to clear the
driveshaft and figure that out. So that’s gonna be today’s project. All right, Brad, what’s in the boxes? – Padding, hopefully, for my ass. Here are the cushions. – [Cameraman] These are
gray, they ain’t even black. – No, they’re black, that’s inside out. – [Cameraman] I ordered one extra. – I wanna see you fit in that. – [Cameraman] Which one is that one? That’s the 16? – That’s a 15. – [Cameraman] Which one is this one? – 15, this is perfect for me. – [Man] Yeah, that’s perfect. Yeah that’s perfect. – Come here, sit on my
lap, maybe you’ll fit, I’m like an adapter. – [Cameraman] This is your? – Hey, this is like you do hurt, don’t forgive it. – [Cameraman] This is, oh okay. All right, we’re about to see. – [Man] Is it wider? – [Cameraman] Yeah.
– 55, 16. – [Man] It’s tight there. – No, that’s perfect. – [Man] Look at your butt
cheeks sticking out right here. – That’s my ass. – There’s like butt cheeks
sticking right there. – All right, so now we
got to mount the seats, stick it in, finish the cage. Brad, don’t you have stuff to do? (upbeat music) – Welcome back to Build
and Battle, hi, Brad. – Hi.
– How are you doing? – Pretty good. – If you don’t remember,
last time, Brad, pretty much got his car on the floor,
motor in, rear end done, but he’s kind of out of money and John’s car is still not on the ground, just got his ladder
bar kit, but has money, so it’s kind of neck and neck right now. Mochi, how you feel about that? Sergio is back in the house
because the Vargas brothers were nothing without him. – We need this to work,
we don’t want to launch and have the disc fly out, like every drag we’re using. – [Hert] Let’s check on team Brad. Oh he stole Mochi, he’s got the power now. He’s got all the power now. – Here, might me up, test the out choke. – You want to go fast, start by going slow. Mochi joined team Pistons. – [Hert] This car going, okay, okay. Brad, you feeling it? You gonna start this thing today or what? – That’s the goal. That’s the goal. We got to go do some electrical stuff, I’m gonna get this electrical
disc stuff finished, he’s gonna work on fuel lines, oil lines, harness bar and I’m gonna
mount the shifter right now, so yeah, we’re good to
go, we should be driving by tomorrow. – [Hert] Amen, you should
be embarrassed that you’re getting rid of this third pedal. – Hi, my name’s Hert. – I did not come here to be abused, okay. I did not come here, I’m
more than a host, all right? If you want to be proud for
taking out the third pedal to be a little automatic
boy, you know what, I wasn’t buzzed. – They’re older, older men. – They’re gonna row gears
past you, all right? All right? Brad, if you make fun of me
again, we’re not friends. (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] You just cut a fan in half? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Hert] Are we gonna make
these parts run or what? – I don’t know, I’m talking
over here, let’s go. – All right, so John left. And look what we got here. He wants to keep all this stock, but we’re gonna have to cut all this off for the ladder bars to
fit within that frame now. He’s gonna have to deal with it. (dramatic music) – [Cameraman] Do you think
John’s gonna be stoked? – I mean he’s gonna be bummed,
but I don’t give a shit. This is how it’s gonna go,
given that how the ladder bar is set up, you got
to put this bar somewhere along the middle of the car, so we have to cut on the
outside of the frame rail right here, so the car’s a unibody, but the frame rail still
passes through here, so we’re gonna put the
ladder bars on the outside of the frame rails and then
we’re gonna get some sheet metal on it, and clean
this up, and that’s it. I mean it’s already cut, it’s done for. If he don’t like it, he’s
gonna have to deal with it, this is my car now. We’re doing it my way. – I’m back. – [Man] Where were you? Yo, where’s your car at? – This is what happens when you leave and leave Mike alone. Shit. – What I’m having Jose do
is run all of our nitrous, our wires, solenoid
wires in the Thermo-Tec protective sleeve so that
when it’s going over the motor here we’re not gonna worry
about melting these wires at all, as well as our
alternator wire to our bulk head and then one more time we’re
gonna use the bulk head to our starter, we’re
gonna use this Thermo-Tec, as well as we’re gonna
wrap the header right here so that we’re like double
protecting everything, we’re keeping the heat
away from the wires. – [Cameraman] All right, so
you ended up not having these in line or anything? – Yeah, so I ended up not
having to use anything to fish it through, it
actually slides in pretty good, it also has two layers of
insulation and if we wanted to, we could put it on our fuel
lines and we’d be good. It slides in pretty easy. This Thermo-Tec stuff
is good for 500 degrees on the outside, a 1,000
degrees on the inside. So it will keep everything protected. So then we wanna go,
that’s it, pretty easy. (car honking) – Pop the hood. – These guys have used my truck now twice, for their part runs, they
haven’t given me gas, they don’t feed me, ay, ay! Hey, man, no, no! Yo! They used my truck twice
now and they haven’t given me anything, so I’m making
them install this brand new K&N intake that’s been sitting at my desk for the last couple of months. I don’t know, can I see
what comes in this before you guys smash it up. – You can see after we’re done. – [Man] Elbow. – [Hert] That’s a nice elbow too. – [Man] This is glass-buffered. – [Hert] Is this like a– – [Man] The doctor that goes on here, and you can mount a big filter on it. – [Hert] Yo, I got a heat shield? – [Man] Yeah. – [Hert] Nice. – [Man] With a stripping
so you don’t cut your hood. – [Hert] Oh, wow. – All right guys, the
greatest thing about K&N is they’ve spent the
money for us California people to be carved, that is, as you can say, California
Emission Boards Legal. You don’t have to take this
off when you go get smog, go right up, all the smog guys know, that sticker, this
including, you’re good to go. Sorry, anyways, the simplicity
of this and why we did it so quickly is because you
really need two tools, it’s an eight millimeter, a 10 millimeter and then a flat base
screwdriver makes it a little easier too, that’s it, you’re done. With these simple tools,
your intake is installed and you’re ready to go
make Fast & Furious noises. – [Man] Mochi, why aren’t you helping? You were in the car too. – This is a Mochi filter, watch. – [Hert] Could you breathe well, Mochi? You guys are so forceful,
you just like jam things. – You never would possibly
know what it takes to do it. Right Brad? – [Hert] So the coppers can’t bother me? – Yeah, that says you’re legal. – Luckily for me, this
K&N intake is carb legal, it’s shiny, it’s big,
probably sounds cool. – We got to fire it up. – [Hert] But I can’t get
in trouble for using it. – Fire it up. (car engine thundering) – Oh, yeah, I’m about that. – [Man] Let’s eat. – All right, let’s go
eat some lunch, shout out to K&N for the intake. (upbeat music) – The way we’re gonna run
slicks with a manual tranny and push the amount of
power we’re gonna push without breaking the transmission is, I bought this second
hand, this is a clutch slip solenoid, it’s missing some
fittings so I’m gonna have to figure that out, but what this does is when you disengage the
clutch out of the hole, it’s gonna let go of the pedal slowly for you, so right here,
you have an adjustment how much you want to slip
it, so the drive train doesn’t get shocked with the
clutch suddenly grabbing, this is just gonna let it slip slowly and we get a consistent
time, every time we take off is consistent, consistent, consistent. If we’re having a little bit of wheel slip out of the hole, we can turn this down. We can get it to slip more, come, let go of the clutch slowly and we’ll slip the clutch
more and get more traction out of the hole, so this lets us be consistent. With the computer, depending
on wheel speed, it’s gonna deactivate, so first gear,
when we let go of the clutch, it’s gonna slip it,
second, third and fourth, the computer is gonna know like, hey, you’re already out of first, so it’s gonna bypass this
and it’s not gonna take into account the slip, it’s actually gonna be like direct engagement. This is the way we’re
gonna save the transmission and be more consistent. A lot of people in drag
racing, they slip the clutch themselves, there’s some
people that can do it themselves, there’s
some people that can’t. Me, personally, I can’t,
I’m sure John can’t, like slip the clutch consistently, like a lot of professional drag racers, so we’re just gonna do it with this. – All right. So back to this cool
Platinum Exhaust Wrapping. What we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna wrap all of this because our spark plug wires
come right through here as well as this comes down
through by our O2 sensor and our transmission cooler lines, so we’re gonna wrap all this up, making sure that we don’t burn any of the transmission lines, any of the starter wires, any
of that, and keep all of that exhaust heat inside of the exhaust. Plus, I’ll cover up this ugliness. So what I like to do is I like
to overlap my starting point so I’ll put it like a
knot and I’ll go over it, then I’ll pull it tight
and I’ll use the pressure of it to keep going around, everybody does it a
little bit differently. What I’m doing is I’m going half, you can go full, see how
it’s like edge to edge, but I’m trying to get it super good, so I’m going half. So half the distance. So it’s overlapping
half every single time. I’m gonna try to see if I
can wrap this one as one and pull, or what I’ll
do is I’ll pull this in and hold it, pull this in and hold it, pull this in and hold it, and then wrap this and pull it in, clash it like that, I don’t know, I’ll have to figure out how that works out when I get to that point. I’m gonna come to here and stop and then do this separate. If you soaked this in water, it stretches really well and it works really well, or not, if you don’t have the time. (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Jose just
did the whole intro, but he wasn’t recording. – Great. – [Cameraman] All right, it is– – I’m not doing it again. – Jose is picking up a little
bit of that Brad attitude, you feel that there? He got a little puffy down this morning, he’s like, (beep) you, turn it on! Good boy, good boy! I’m proud of you. – We made it to Friday. Yeah, nobody’s there. We got a lot of stuff done yesterday. We’re waiting on fittings, we’re waiting on fuel lines. What are we doing today, Brad? – First thing we’re gonna do is keep this away from me. Steering wheel getting
put in, I’m gonna get the linkage on the shifter. Count that plate up, and just front to back on electrical and dialing in. – [Jose] Mike, you see, make some brackets for the seat, mount the radiator. – [Brad] I know you want to
cut the neck and turn the neck. – Yeah, I got to cut
that, I don’t know how I’m gonna cut it, but I’m gonna cut it. So that’s where we’re at right now, so we’re gonna keep it
pushing and hopefully we’ll get this thing turned on today. – Morning, so I think
today, our goal is gonna be to get the ladder bar mounted
and then the shock mount, we got to cut the back,
mount the shock power, like brace, and reinforce it from this part of the cage down. – I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be like, trying to finalize the
cage and ladder bars today and get the car on the ground. (upbeat music) – Full chassis, full chassis. (upbeat music) – [Man] Big streak goes to that. Goes six, six out of there. – Fuel filter. Okay, now that six streak goes all the way back to the tank. (upbeat music) – John’s mad you cut his car up. You done pissed John off. – It’s my car now. – This is the big brother scenario. So in my family, it’s the
little brother that does, in his family, it looks
like it’s the big brother that does it, there’s always one brother that does it. – Yeah, he ain’t got to carry
those spare tires back here. – He doesn’t even carry
gas, what do you think he’s gonna carry spare tires for? (upbeat music) – Yeah, stake, automatic. – Big block, small block,
big tire, small tire. – Suspension. Us having the ladder bar throws us off, his spots. If you put something like that, that throws in the parts
that you’re not competitive, you’re just gonna be losing all day, and you’re just gonna be losing a lot. – I think the biggest Ferris wheel that everybody’s running
in now is what’s considered the small tire and big tire classes. I don’t care what you bring to the track, you have to run on these tires. Which takes all of the
power out the window. So if you got like a small tire and 1,500 horsepower, you’re
not competitive at all, versus the guy making 500 or less. – On a small tire, he’s gonna
make it every single time. I built street cars, I built
cars you should normally drive in the street
and you can appreciate, you take in and out, you can
still go to the drag strip, I don’t want a full drag car, it’s, I don’t have enough
money to have them. – Like that car will fall, if
it didn’t have the suspension it would feel in a street class, but give that it has the ladder bars, it throws it way, way down, that thing gets to– – Super street. – Like a hot rod ones. Yeah. We won’t even be competitive
in a class like that just given the suspension. Let’s say we did like true street, that class is only limited
to H-pattern manuals. So if we got us a sequential transmission, we’re not in that class anymore, Now we’re in a different class. Same with fuel pumps, if you’re running mechanical fuel pumps, now you’re in a different class
and you’re not competitive anymore, you got to run
electric fuel pumps. You just got to build a
car in mind with what class you plan on running. – We’re throwing shit at
the wall to see what sticks. – Yeah. (laughing) – We’re gonna hook up a few wires, and we’re gonna see if
we can get her to bark. That’s how we do it. – [Cameraman] How’s she gonna bark? – How’s she gonna bark? Like a dog. Got my nitrous hooked up,
that’s the most important thing. AC is the power, and ground,
and then I have to energize it with the wire and then
I need to grab my laptop and download a tune in it which is weird to me
because I don’t see a plug for my computer. I’m wondering if this a Bluetooth computer where us sign in Bluetooth, I don’t know, I don’t see a port. My computer has a bus, that you plug into. This one, there’s no bus. Inputs and outputs for
nitrous, that’d be this guy. Bam, oh. What’s weird to me right
now and I’ve got to find the instructions on this is where is the, here we go, where’s the download. Oh, you can do it all
through the three inch? Oh shit, it’s all done through there now. – [Cameraman] Oh, through that little guy? – Yeah, we don’t have to
do anything, laptop stuff. All the programs are inside here. Nice. – [Cameraman] So you don’t even have to hook your computer up? – I don’t even have to hook
my computer up anymore. Man, they made this thing really easy. Really dumb-dumb put it. – Get out of here. – [Hert] Where are you going? – Hey man, leave my little cooler alone. I finished all the wiring. – [Hert] It’s 12 o’clock. – Yeah, I have a fever, so I gotta go. – [Hert] No one cares about you, John. Bye, Mochi. – [John] Saw my wiring though? – [Hert] Bye, Mochi. – You see my wiring, though? I finished this, once I
make the coil brackets, they’re gonna mount here and here, and basically stack up with each other. Keep them away from the fire basically. You don’t want to have
spark next to the fire, so we’re gonna put them over here and urn the plug wires
under the fuel lines. – [Hert] So, Monday, this
thing’s gonna be on the ground, almost ready to start? – Yeah, yeah. – [Hert] You still shooting
for a Wednesday start? – Yeah. – [Hert] Okay, bye, John. How do you feel a bout
your brother leaving, Mike? – Huh? – [Hert] How do you feel about
your brother leaving you? – No problem because I’m
the one doing the suspension and that’s what the biggest thing is. We tacked up the ladder bars, so right now we’re working
on the shock mounts, so after we put the shock mounts on, the car can go on the ground. – [Hert] So you got your little hole? – Yeah, so I see it today,
having the car on the ground. – [Hert] All right. We’re looking forward to it. – I kind of figured out the best way to do this thing by hand,
I got it down to where it’s actually easier. So first things first, we got to cut our line, so this is the lines, this, I’m gonna use the
cut off wheel to cut that. So this thing has a Teflon layer inside, inside the braid so I
got this little sleeve that’s in the fitting. What I want to do is just
kind of use the fitting to separate the wire out. I use these just to bring
it down a little bit, to open it up a little bit. Just got to be careful with this, I mean, right now I
got gloves, so it’s not as bad, but if I was doing
it just with no gloves, these things kill your hands pretty bad. I’m using this, but you
can use, I would rather use some motor oil, so just a little bit of lube. So yeah, you can see the
sleeve has like two barbs in there, two little small lips in there, you want to get this, this Teflon to sit all the way down to the
bottom so it kind of has like a stop, I’ll just put
it right in the bottom, in the first lip, right
before the first lip in there and then I’ll put this. And I started doing
this and it seems like, you start doing that and
it kind of molds itself and bam, it goes in pretty easy, right? I’ll take it out one more time, then I’ll move it down a
little past the second lip, it’s right at that second lip right there, so this is little harder this
time, but it’s still the same method and it will go in pretty easy. So it’s kind of in there and I’ll just use a little bit of force, so that went in. So since it’s already
kind of got the shape of the fitting, now I can actually press
down a little bit more, this, pretty much up there already. It’s right there where we want it. Here’s what I actually
should have put first, which I didn’t, but anyways,
we’ll now it’s easy, you actually already got the Teflon shape through this, so you can
actually just pull it out and you can put this thing in. This would go up on the line
and just screw onto there. And you’ll end up with
something like that. So that’s the end result
of the complete line. – We got the shocks mounted. So now we got to do the top shock bar. We got to get a plate for here, another plate for here and
pretty much this is gonna be welded like this and
this is our top support for the shock down here. We can run our bar from
here to the top of the cage and from here to the top of the cage again and we can put the car on the ground again so we’re definitely, 100% putting this car on the ground today, so everything is coming together nicely. This cage is not that far
off from being turned, turning this car into a full chassis car, but we’re not gonna that far. So that is getting cut right now to box it in, to make it look real nice. But it’s coming together. (upbeat music) – Oh! – [Man] Didn’t see that? – Serg, I broke the tack. (upbeat music) – Today, on Build Bio, we are building a Holley
fuel pressure system. That is a Holley EFI system, they’re top of the line, Teflon lines. – These are not your regular rubber lines, these are what they call PTFE. So they’re Teflon line on the inside, so since we’re gonna run
E-85, this is what you want for this type of system. – We decided in our system
to use a Dash 8 input line, 100 micron before and 10
micron after our fuel pump with all Dash 6 return. It’s also, it’s one of
Holley’s nicest fuel pressure regulators, it’s a bypass
regulator with one-to-one boost regulation. If you have turbo, you
get one-to-one boost regulation and that’s
because the flow is always going through and you’re not overheating your pump and you’re
keeping a constant flow of pressure at your motor. So this system should be
good to five, 600 horsepower, no problem. (engine starting) – Wow, wow! Wow, wow, hope it gurges, bud. – I think I just heard
some cranking noises over here at team Brad’s house. – She is cranking. She is cranky. – [Hert] She is cranky and cranking? – Cranky and cranking. The motor is turning over,
we’re finishing up the last of the fuel lines and we’re gonna run the
nitrous supply lines to the tank and the radiator. But I see that it is Friday, we’re all completely exhausted, I don’t think that there’s anybody here that has any energy, as you can tell, Vargas, Chunky went home
and he left the Supreme Vargas here, so… – Number one. – Yeah. So I think we’re all gonna
take chase to Vargas, and call it a day. – [Hert] Call it a day? Can you give us a couple
of cranks out at least? You can give us a couple of
cranks, give us something. This is the first official
cranks of Build and Battle. (engine cranking) – I don’t want you guys
to hear my big can. – [Hert] That sounds like a built motor. That sounds like a built
motor if I’ve ever heard one. – Yeah, you know. She popped right there. – [Hert] Oh, Brad, that’s
cool, man, feel good? – I feel good, I feel good. – [Hert] It’s that time? You think John’s gonna be sad
he’s not here to see this? – Yeah, probably. – [Hert] These look tough. So, tell us about your day, Mike. – Our work speaks for itself. The shock mounts are welded on. The ladder bar is welded onto the diff, the diff angle’s set. All our force when the car squats down is gonna be put up on this bar, so we reinforced it onto the main cage. This is a full-blown drag car, now. No more street car for John. – [Hert] His big brother
came and threw his dreams in the trash.
– We’re like, we’re gonna give you a drag car. Like, we’re gonna show Cali what’s up. I filled the tires, they’re low on air, and probably like cut
a coil off the spring on the front to drop it down a little bit. We wanted to have that rake. And nobody likes when you can fist your fenders in. Like, that, we can’t have that shit. But yeah, coming out,
John finished the harness. He left early, but Monday, we’re gonna finish up the fuel lines and stuff like that. – [Hert] I’m glad you guys
went all black on everything, that looks dope. – I’m excited. It’s looking good. – [Hert] Yeah, Brad’s looking
a little jealous over here. So, I’m gonna come and
spend some time with him. Hi, Brad. – Typical Vargas. Typical Vargas, taking
air out of the tire. – [Hert] No gas, no air. – What’s up? – [Hert] How you doing?
– Good. – [Hert] You did a lot of work today, huh? – We’re almost done. – [Hert] Almost done? – Almost done. – [Hert] Almost ready to win? – We ready to win, there’s
no almost in there, we’re ready to win. – [Hert] There’s no ifs,
ands and buts, you got this? – This is daddy’s turf. – [Hert] Now that you’re
here, are you feeling extra confident? – Oh yeah. Wiring up here is done, we
need to neaten up the cab, we need to put all the
stuff in the cab and make it look pretty and nice. – [Hert] This is looking good, Brad. – [Brad] Thank you. – I’m happy for you. You too, Jose, you guys are killing it. 10 days in and these guys have pretty much have built full race cars. Brad’s car is, well, was on the ground, but his motor is in,
his fuel lines are done, his wiring is pretty much done, his cage is done, his fuel system, everything is done, it’s
pretty much on the floor, he’s just got to tighten
up a few odds and ends and I think his car is gonna start. But it looks like the Vargas
brothers just got their car on the floor, motor
is pretty much 90%. The cage is a 100% done,
the suspension, ladder bars, rear end, a 100% done. If they come up with some
motivation on the next episode, they could also start their car too. Maybe even first. So, episode six, the race
to see who starts it first. I’m gonna go with Brad because
it’s a really simple V8, but don’t tell John I said that. (upbeat music) – It’s still Brad build. – I have receipts for
both of your key masses. – [Man] You’re gonna pay me 400 for that. I’ll show you when you’re
both done, all right? Now, play nice and keep
building your cars, all right, kids? – Nobody’s cheating. (upbeat music) – [Man] Thank you, brother. Without you, dude, this
wouldn’t be a possible project. – Can we go over that high five again. Can you do that one more time please? I gotta see that high five one more time. – [Man] Oh! Look at it, ready, there we go! Third time’s a charm,
third time’s a charm!


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    Want a trick? Unplug the engine heater from the engine when you don’t use it! Had my car 5 years never used the block heater! That is one exemple among many!
    If wir Touch it run bad
    Want another trick?
    Don’t use robber coated cable holder!
    Use wood, use silicon.
    Why? The metal will conduct a false signal in the wire!
    Most wire are not electromagnetic protected now a days and they don’t need to be if the assembly line get the proper material and do their job proper! No touching apply to everything !
    Be it a a10 warthog or the Syrian of your androgyne friend

  9. In the first 10 seconds when Brad showed us Herts real life drift driving and I watched it at least 15 times I know my side is hurting because of how hard I was laughing! I know it’s so close to his driving I just kept watching it and laughing more and more each time.

  10. Someone tell Mike Vargas to drop that solenoid controlled clutch release valve stuff and get himself a CLUTCHTAMER – easier install, much more flexible, adjustable point of engagement and adjustable rate of compression, on-the-fly adjustment(you could even adjust the engagement points mid-run by hand if you wanted to, not that there would be any point) even while buckled on, they're THE SHIT for 3rd pedal drag racing. They're winning a lot in the H-pattern Cobra Jets actually.

    Must-have for 3rd pedal straight line racers, really brings clutches back to the bleeding edge of minute tuning adjustment instead of a consistency weak link if you will. Clutches have always had the capability to leave harder than torque converters, but it's been the lack of necessary fine tuning resolution which has led to inconsistency. But, being able to adjust the rate of clutch release and the point at which this engages changes that, offers the necessary level of adjustment to allow clutch cars to adapt to changing conditions with minimal effort just like converter cars.

  11. I’m all for more episodes, but don’t make it twice the time we wait for the end. Do 2 a week if you need to, stretching it for 3 months sucksssssssassssssssssssssss

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  13. With the birth of his first child finally came Hert's first grey hair in his beard. I literally got 2 within the first month of my Twins being born. #science

  14. If you're going to knowingly let one of the teams cheat with their budget you might as well not have one. Just give them a time frame to build it with an unlimited budget. Still makes them prioritize some things over others, but that way people can't get thousands of dollars in parts for pennies on the dollar.

    Everyone keeps making the excuse that the cheating is justified because "it's racing". Sure, it is racing. But this series is meant to show what can be done to certain cars within a certain budget and see which is fastest. There's literally no point in having a budget or any rules for that matter if people are going to openly break them and nothing is said. If it's not a "budget build" series then you might as well open the budget. It would be way more entertaining.

  15. I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

  16. So is it Jose’s truck, because I ain’t seen Brad do much lol. I hear Brad saying “Jose has to do this, this and this,” but no Brad has to do this, this and this.

  17. I feel like Jose is underappreciated. "Brad's car, Brad's strategy, what Brad did".. Jose has put in serious work on that truck and since it's not John Vargas' team but the Vargas brothers I think it shouldn't be Brad's team. Maybe team Bro-se or something lol. Also I hope the thing with his neck has been checked out and is nothing serious. Still love the show!

  18. damn michael vargas is a g. yall seen how low dem coiloverwere mounted to what solid rear setup thru tha chassisid tha slotted body for those arms. thas so sick dog.

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  20. My and my twin bros bday was yesterday manwe love the truck i just sold my 99 s10 xtreame wanted to v8 swap it but had too sell her man smh please read this guys iam learning alot about LS motors im a 350 carb guy

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