Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen | Justice League

Barry Allen Bruce Wayne You said that like it explains why there’s a total stranger in my place sitting in the dark in my second favorite chair? tell me about this this is a person who looks exactly like me but who is definitely not me very attractive jewish boy somebody who i don’t know stole your pocket watch or railroads i know you have abilities i just don’t know what they are my special skills include viola uh web design fluent in sign language gorilla sign language silica based quartz and fabric brazen resistant heat resistant yeah i do Competitive ice dancing what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on re-entry i do very competitive ice dancing whoever you’re looking for you’re the Batman So you’re fast that feels like an oversimplification i’m putting together a team people with special abilities You, see i believe enemies are coming stop right there i’m in
you are ? yeah i need friends people are Difficult they require a lot of focus they uh they have like a rhythm that i haven’t quite been able to like brunch like what is brunch you wait in line for an hour for essentially lunch i mean i don’t know people are a little slow i’ll try to keep up can i keep this it’s like this layer of dimensional reality and it seems to manipulate space-time i call it the speed force it caused me to burn a tremendous amount of calories so I’m just a black hole snacks i am a snack hole how many people are on this special fight team three including you three against what Tell you on the plane? plane what are your superpowers again i’m rich


  1. I wish it was Justin Grant as JL Flash. Too bad CW added bad characters who dont count like that dyke poser Batwoman. It's BATMAN!! WTF is so hard about adding him instead of her?!! Fuck her feelings! They probably turned her into a whore like they did to Sara Lance.

  2. When I first watched it at the movies. I was jamming out to black pink that's playing in the background behind Bruce. My uncle ask me why I started skirming around to that background mucus and I was like. 😮Unc that's black pink


  4. At 0:54 you see Rick and Summer already jacked and beating up the devil but at 1:09 you see them starting to work out so they can beat up the devil

  5. When your watching this video and start screaming when you realise it's Blackpink playing the in the background!!!!!

  6. Flash has great personality, and has a great sense of humour but he’s very weak in combat. Without his super speed he’s nothing

  7. To the notion that Batman could have committed murder if that had been a normal guy. He must have aimed slightly to the left or right so that he would miss if Barry had no super power.

  8. That Blackpink song is actually played on 1660 am if you're from Wyckoff in Bergen County where Jonas Brothers and Erza Miller are from. Not sure if Warner Brothers has an agreement with JYP entertainment South Korea to use that song in the movie

  9. He said he didn't know what his powers are but through a batarang. What if it wasn't a power that could protect him? Like stretching powers or something?

  10. Flash: "Can I keep this?"

    Batman: "Why? You can literally run faster than a missile…"

    Flash: "Well, there's this Freddy Freeman guy on eBay who said he'd like to purchase a Batarang for 250 bucks…"

  11. I hate it how they converted flash into some super excited boy
    They did the same to Spiderman
    I mean loved their individual characters which were mature and knew how to face their problems.

  12. It is a good thing Bruce was right about him having powers. Otherwise he would have to call Alfred to send a clean up crew.

  13. MORE IMPORTANTLY . Is that rick and Morty in the background at 1:49. The episode where summer got buff and beat up the devil

  14. I like flash’s character he’s all shakey and stuttering all the time and so awkward and it makes him so much more flash-like

  15. Why do DCU keep making characters into just weird antisocial oddballs that version of barry allen shows none of the characteristic confidence his character normally has so weird just like their weird lex Luthor that seemed to be part joker

  16. The awkward introverted dialogue gets old in these movies. They just aren't entertaining to me. I don't care what Barry thinks about brunch…

  17. He's more of a comic accurate Flash than the CW one, and more entertaining (as long he doesn't bitch about everything and actually uses his brain)

  18. This is actually a pretty cool scene. Too bad movies like this have only like one or two cool scenes in it and the rest of it is trash…

  19. 1:13
    It's literally switching between Whedon and Snyder on the same scene. Meaning we never even saw the full Whedon cut.

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