Britain’s Got Talent 2019 Leanne Mya Wows The Judges also So Unikid Full Audition S13E07

How you feeling I’m just What’s a sweetie nervous It’s just any people say no people stage is yours Kind of want to get everyone down just before you call the trees My name’s Leanne Maia, I’m 31 and I’m singing today I’ve never really gone on stage saying something about that kind of scares me I can’t bear the thought of standing in front of everyone and I was just on me not worried that I’ll get on the stage and I won’t be able to just get a note. Oh That was incredible In terms of your skill fantastic. You’re a force to be reckoned with well done Okay, it’s four yeses Or my son malachi to teach him to be brave and to conquer your fears I have to do this Welcome home How are you? I’m fine. Thank you. Good nice to meet you. What’s your name, please? LeeAnn Maya. LeeAnn Maya Do you mind me asking how old you are I’m 31. All right, you look nervous Trust me do not be nervous right now Tell me why he decided to come on Britain’s Got Talent the shit. Um The last 19 months have been really really difficult You also talked about that will not tire your choice. Um Very briefly. Um I’m mr. Pfeiffer from Brownsville Tower and I just made a decision. I’m gonna do something positive and try to make something positive out of something negative Are you family? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, good luck Yes, I – I believe that one day I will be where I was Right there right next to you And it’s hard the data seemed so dark the moon and stars I’m nothing without you Told me not to cry when you were gone But the feelings over it’s much too Oh And I don’t wanna be every fuck come be with you I’m reaching out to you Can you hear me car This hurt that I’ve been through I’m missing you missing you like crazy Yay Oh You I’ll take care of you And I don’t wanna be here if I can’t be with you Out of that bill amazing it so Let me get the David it’s very rare that you see a singer, so committed to meaning every single word they say and Obviously the story is one that touched everyone around the world You really did something extraordinary today. You should be very proud Really great song choice and I was holding on to every single word that you were singing and you’ve created this Beautiful atmosphere in the room not a lot of things have the ability to do that. It was lovely It was so terrifying so nervous, but you delivered that song with such a quiet confidence It was stunning But this is really important what you just did I’m actually Surprised every year how many amazing people we meet on this show who have the courage like you to share something and Love things that do make a difference and that was something really special And actually I think the song for me took on a whole different meaning So, I think I know where this is going but we better do it anybody David I’m saying yes So yes for me yes for me the end You got four yeses. Congratulations Speech for You Great Spotted bomb This doesn’t so bretch there, I don’t know what will sit down there we go There are only 40 spots lives and refinements at the Apollo and decision was Your life is very much over hey switch over now to ITV – for Britain’s Got more talent Is it okay that we in the shower you come


  1. It's very rare for me to watch someone twice….She's a soft lovely singer….with so much emotion….I couldn't do anything but listen…..

  2. Are y’all gonna ignore the fact that she has a very beautiful body?!

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥What a body!

  3. Good, not great. She was too nervous and was holding back on the big notes. Needed to give more. Simon would've said no had it not been for her backstory.

  4. I mean, great! Wonderful! But… for singers there are separate shows where the can show their talent. Give other talents a chance as well ….

  5. She was incredible. She's got a perfect cool calm sensual voice and she's physically beautiful beyond words.

  6. Why they didn't push that button? How she sung was really heart felt. Stunning. The jury even stand up. All of them. I saw her now for the first time. Chickenpocks. Amazing. But…..the best of her is yet to come. She has so much potention. If she gets enough chances, if the right people believe in her talent, if she does also…ofcouse….then she will become even better and better. I love her performance very much.

  7. When the others black female singers try to sing in a massive range, this beautiful lady singing very soft and calm! Lovely!

  8. enuf with all the free yeses for average singers , its clear way down key notes, and singing through her nose. So boring, absolutely an insult to a good song.

  9. Talent shows which allow, or maybe encourage the contestants to share their personal stories, may be doing a disservice. At some point talented individuals will face other talented individuals and will be measured solely on talent and not on story. It worries me sometimes that some contestants, perhaps not this one, but others have been encouraged, only to be shot down later on.
    If someone has already been traumatized this may add further to their vulnerable state.

  10. She has a great personality and a beautiful face, but I am sorry to say that vocally, she does not have what it takes to win this competition.

  11. Such serenity, such beauty, such extraordinary rendition of this song ❤️

    Thank you for this upload.

  12. really really great performance she is amazing.. can anybody tell me who's the dance group in background with Tokio's music plz!!

  13. Thank you for sharing, Anthony! All I can say is wow…she sang that soft and sweet and she made me feel every word. Outstanding

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