Brett Kavanaugh Fails Own Test Of Judicial Temperament | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Heartless, racist, witch hunt orchestrated by. The democrats, to be affiliated with this party now, after the F.B.I. Has proven judge Kavenaugh innocence and after six previous background checks is embarrising to me. I will vote republican his November .

  2. Jeff Flake on Judge Kavanaugh's overtly and angry partisan outburst: -"We can't have this on the court – we simply can't". Yet who is prepared to bet against him deciding that he can have it, and give his vote for confirmation?

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  4. The fix is in. I hope major riots break out and fighting begins soon. Just get it over with. There is no other way out of the contorted corruption in the US. These rich elites will never ever represent the people. Why should they?

  5. At the beginning of the confirmation hearing, judge K entered with his family, seemingly expectant that the hearing would be a mere formality.

    Not even taking into account the evasions, partisanship, combativeness, mis-directs, non-truths, coupled with sexual assault allegations that were laid bare when judge K. stripped off his ‘cloak of a non-partisan jurist’.

    The GOP limited the parameters of the FBI investigation into the assault allegations and are merely a device to convince any GOP senators on the fence to vote to seat K.
    The manner in which the GOP will handle this report, who will be entitled to have a copy and who will merely will be able to read it, is total Bull$hit!
    Twitter/email witness tampering to shut down any critical examination of matters great & small that he was involved with is, or should be, enough to disqualify him.

    All to get this very flawed jurist a seat on the Court. Why?

    Kavanaugh is not entitled to be a Supreme, as he and others believe.

  6. GOP needs to dump the POS.
    Regardless of the weak FBI investigation results, he is not Supreme Court material.
    He lies, lies, lies and lies.
    Two faced at best.

  7. Watch "10/1 BOMBSHELL Kavanaugh/Ford Prosecutor Report Released!"

    Watch "Did Christine Blasey Ford Fake Baby Voice?"

  8. Kavanaugh is a bonafide drunk. His wife is looking at him, sad and embarrassed that everyone is seeing what she deals with everyday.

  9. Must be so terrible to show any ounce of emotion when your family and personal rep is being thrown away. What does this prove? I like to watch both sides of the media to form an opinion but it does seem like this video had zero contex to it. No evidence shown


    The Russian TROLLS/BOTS are out in full force attacking Democrats and promoting Kavanaugh. Putin must really want Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice.


  11. He will be confirmed. Don't be surprise. This is the Trumpworld. Sexual assault is the new normal and Trump approves it. All other GOP approve it because they need jobs.

  12. Brat does not have the temperament to be supreme court judge, but neither does Donald being the leader of the free world. Donald is 1000 times worse than Brat and he is the leader of the USA!!!

  13. i could not understand why none of you are covering the lawsuit against california by trumps doj for protecting the net from isp's that want to be able to control what we see what we share and what we know. ending net neutrality is pretty much ending free speech and our ability to share information and coordinate resistance to those that deal in lies. in order to control public opinion as well as what we are concerned with from day to day. i simply had to google who owns msnbc to find out why you are silent on this. for those of you that do not know msnbc is owned my comcast. and comcast has spent 100's of millions over the last few years in order to end net neutrality protections. this is a danger to our nation and free speech its self. and not just your pocket books. this is important and you would know that if the people you depend on for information were not the very ones trying to do this. proving with out a doubt that they can not be trusted and must not be trusted. in this. speak up about this ask questions do not let them think you will ignore this. or your children will grow up in a nation that controls information on the net the very same way that china does to its people. and if we close our eyes to this right now that is where we will find our selves. this is not hyperbolic rhetoric. this is the truth.

  14. "More than 1,700 law professors urge senators to reject Kavanaugh."

  15. Alcoholism holds no bias.  Even entitled, obnoxious, unbalanced, deviant frat boys, like "Brat" Kavanaugh, can't run away from what will haunt him in his sleep and gnaw away his liver.

  16. do not let Republicans elect Kavanaugh to Court…reason Trump proposed him was he has stated he does not think a sitting president can be prosecuted and Trump has committed so many crimes!

  17. No you lied before the assaults to place. He has a bad demeanor , he is one sided, This is a huge mistake. He lied about the stolen doc. A judge needs to be a fair judge. Liar.  I hope he doesn't bully Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Blames everyone but himself

  18. So here we are- from violent sexual assault with zero evidence or corroborating facts, to "multiple women stepping forward" with accusations of gang rapes, trains and drugging, to the 7th FBI investigation that shows nothing (again) to "he threw ice on someone" – now we're at "He's unhinged and doesn't have the temperment"- Democrats, you have have embarassed yourselves to the point of no return and left a large feces stain on the body politic

  19. Look, Kavanaugh described the qualities needed in "a judge who wants to be an umpire.' Kavanaugh displayed none of those qualities before the Senate. This is because he does not want to be an umpire. He wants to be a crusader, overturning decades of "wrong" Supreme Court decisions. That is what the Republican Party wants. That is why they nominated him. They just wanted it to be a secret. But they are willing to ram him through even if it is not.

  20. A PERJURY PRACTICING IS IN KAVANAUGH A KNOWN ! HABIT! HE HAVE BEEN PRACTICING NOTICEABLE!--NOW GOP republicans are takin their candidate to S Court1 in their PROTECTION! they don"t let the GOOD layer MUCHAEL AVANTTTI! to get near the FBI INVESTIGATION! THEY HAVE PUT A WALL LIKE THAT TRUMP WANT TO CONSTRUCT in our borders around The CAVANAUGH investigate they don't want the FBI investigation to PROGRESS! they put around it , all the obstacles they can !—Brett Kavanaugh "Investigation" is a TOTAL SHAM—
    rleb blco l
    1 second ago
    12 horas ·
    A PERJURY PRACTICING IS IN KAVANAUGH A KNOWN ! HABIT! HE HAVE BEEN PRACTICING NOTICEABLE!--NOW GOP republicans are takin their candidate to S Court1 in their PROTECTION! they don"t let the GOOD layer MUCHAEL AVANTTTI! to get near the FBI INVESTIGATION! THEY HAVE PUT A WALL LIKE THAT TRUMP WANT TO CONSTRUCT in our borders around The CAVANAUGH investigate they don't want the FBI investigation to PROGRESS! they put around it , all the obstacles they can !—Brett Kavanaugh "Investigation" is a TOTAL SHAM—
    rleb blco l
    1 second ago

  21. Who ghost-wrote Christine Blasey Ford's letter of false accusations against Kavanaugh?
    Hint: Christine flew from her home in Calif. to Rehoboth, Delaware 7/26/18 just prior to sending her letter to Feinstein on 7/30/18.

  22. Here we go again. This man is being destroyed because of politics, not his past. His family, especially his daughter by the Hollywood scum, and the whinny pmsnbc. Keep on building up the lies Rach. Your part of the swamp

  23. Lisa Murkowski is a liberal RINO and so are Flake and Collins. We wonder why they identify with our party instead of Democrats. I feel Brett’s demeanor is normal considering the harsh attacks on his reputation and family. A judge isn’t normally attacked in a courtroom so I think he will do just fine. College professors are notoriously liberal so that doesn’t impress me either. I hope he gets confirmed so you can all scream at the sky again. That was funny!

  24. “To all the average Americans you know the main reason they want him (Kavanaugh) in on the Supreme Court Justice now is because there is a case on the docket next month, Gamble vs US. What is at stake in this case is "separate but sovereigns" exception to double jeopardy. That means if Kavanaugh and the 4 other conservative justices vote to overrule it, people given Presidential pardons for federal crimes cannot be tried for that crime at the state level. This is a way for Trump to pardon everyone that has been charged and is cooperating in the Mueller investigation and for them to legally get off Scott free.
    Please call all of your representation-call Mitch McConnell and tell them you know what they are doing and you will vote their corrupt butts out if they continue protecting elected felons at the behest of the American people.

  25. The only reason this partisan protector of elitist power will be confirmed as a justice is the terrible inept job the Democrats did in questioning him during the hearings. They had all the ammunition they needed, the finest guns available, and they came to the fight too stupid to even load their guns and fire. So sick of these old incumbents ineptitude. Will definitely be voting against Feinstein.

  26. for anyone to say that is temperament was or wasn't whatever you want to call it, put your self on is shoes, if he really is innocent, as he says he is, politics aside,,,,,

  27. If an accused had reacted the same way in his court room what would he have done, he brought the administration of justice into disrepute. You heard it hear first if he gets on the SC more scandal will come out so he has to step down, Trump is walking right into it, can`t wait.

  28. 3:42 THIS is not someone presenting for an interview or for examination. THIS is someone who believes they already have the job and is warning the interviewer not to annoy them any further. “What goes around comes around,” he said.

  29. Kavanaugh is about as a Moderate Republican the Dems could of hoped for. I would of preferred Amy Barrett myself. I don't understand the Logic why Dems are putting so much Political Capital on the Kavanaugh Nomination.

  30. I agree with all of this, and I like Rachel Maddow. However, why does Susan Collins' hometown press have any holding in this case??? Thats a stretch, I really think they just wanted to say her name. Which is fine. But using her hometown's paper to make a point is a farce. Just say that you expect her to be a swing vote!!! This is media bias, just a lil. Check yourselves, msnbc

  31. If he gets voted in to the supreme court, the Senate needs to be disbanded completely, as a matter of fact America would need to overthrow the entire government and rewrite a new democratic government that meets the needs of these new times. No popularity contest (presidency) is needed anymore, parties disbanded, I don't have all the answers but we are still going by a system written by a feather and a fireplace used for light. Let's wake up some and get some scholars to do some rewriting of a very outdated system that is failing.

  32. DACA Democrats Against Citizens of America. I #walkaway from the Democrats. God hates it when you bare false witness, you will pay for your judgements. Shame on you all Confirm him now…. Military tribunals. Oh but Ruth Bata Ginsburg had a lot to say about Trump but also said its ok to be a Pedophile.

  33. His wife looks– weatherbeaten and sadly skeptical.
    She also has that hang-dog look. She certainly has been at the receiving end of his sef-righteous indignation, his blaming of her, of shaming her.

  34. All the Insanity surrounding Judge Kananaugh Is because of the strange Leadership we get from Donald Trump, a Normal President would have withdrawn a Candidate to Supreme Court who had allegations of Sexual Misconduct, and also a Normal President would have had a full FBI investigation before Senate Judiciary Hearings, and a Normal President would not be trying to use a Confirmation Hearing to stir up the Republican Voters o there is a better turn out for midterm Elections. This is the game Insanity Donald Trump portrayed in hi Busine dealings saying he was one of America's Finest Businesmen after filing Bankruptcy 6 times and being involved in 3,000 lawsuits mostly for not paying his bills

  35. The fix is in Christopher Wray and Rob Rosenstein, and McGhan all rooting for and covering for Kavanaugh, Trump will have his get out of jail free card sitting on the Supreme Court….VOTE BLUE COME NOVEMBER VOTE AS MANY REPUBLICANS AS POSSIBLE OUT OF OFFICE SAVE OUR COUNTRY

  36. “judicial temperament”???
    The Dems’ litmus test is now to put the nominee through a litany of ENDLESS allegations no matter how ridiculous — to see if he has the “judicial temperament”

  37. Its very very clear that this candidate should not serve on the supreme court. Trump really wants him because he thinks he will need him later on, to defend trump, of course. I would hope if they push this guy through, they will pay a heavy price at the polls.

  38. Black man (Wesley Snipes) commits tax fraud, he goes to prison, A white man commits tax fraud, they made him the President.
    A Black man (Bill Cosby) sexually abuses a woman, he goes to jail for good, A white man (BRETT kavanuagh) sexually abuses a woman, they'll make him the Supreme Court Judge.
    If a black man with cancer and financial problems cooks Meth, he gets a electric chair, if a white man with cancer cooks Meth, he get a Television show as the lead called Walter White… And people sympathize with him.

  39. He showed what a great family man he is, secured his job in a big way.this whole thing had secured the next election, now80 percent of America is literally scared to death to let those blood sucking liberals any where near any position meaningful to the good of our families. What a sickening disgrace

  40. "To be calm "and leave all political party out but what about you bringing in The Clintons, well Mr you did not show this in 2018 of this past month. Besides was this a threat, "What goes around comes around".

  41. Rachel let me tell you something I was a pastor for 24 years and dealt with alot of people and if there is anything I learned and saw was you don't truly know someone's charcter until its tried in the fire , this was his fire and he showed what he is really about and what is really in him, we can put on airs anytime especially when things are going our way but it's those moments that they are not that we see what a person is made of , now wait I get he is human and he was under stress but that does not take away that he is not equip to be on the supreme court . maybe next time maybe when he gets real lets God deal with his character and grows as a human being then maybe he will be handle the task before him but he is not ready . and this is not a matter of democrats or Republicans this is life !!!!!!!

  42. “judicial temperament”??? The sword cuts both ways…

    Out of desperation, Dems’ new litmus test is to put the nominee through a litany of ENDLESS, DEEPLY PERSONAL allegations no matter how ridiculous — treating him GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT…
    combined with constant barrage of Democrat bullying
    — to see if he has the “judicial temperament.”

    The sword cuts both ways: the Republicans too ought to be allowed to constantly bully a Democrat nominee and put him through a litany of ENDLESS, DEEPLY PERSONAL allegations no matter how ridiculous treating him GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT. . . to see if the nominee has this so-called “judicial temperament”. . . Right?

    We have never done this to any of the previous nominees. For that reason, we would NOW always wonder if any of the previously confirmed nominees has ever passed this dark age leftist litmus test for “judicial temperament.”

  43. Woman feels like she once was molested > Man and his family actively being publicly humiliated and slandered

  44. AnimalGal09
    8 hours ago
    VERYONE NEEDS TO DO some homework tonight….You ask why Dr.
    Christine Blasey-Ford would do this? I’ll give you 4 reasons: 1) she owns a
    major portion of the company that makes the morning after abortion pill and she
    is afraid Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v Wade, therefore making her million
    dollar empire go caput. 2) She’s a professor at the same college (Palo Alto U)
    where Diane Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is on the board of directors, she
    has worked <SPAN class="text_exposed_hide"></SPAN><SPAN class="text_exposed_show">with
    Blum on the “resist Trump� movement for two years. 3) Dr. Blasey-Ford’s brother,
    Tom Blasey, is business partners with Peter Strzok’s cousin Jill Strzok for a
    company called Exelis Inc. enough said there. 4) Feinstine and Chuck Schumer
    appointed lawyers set up three GoFundMe pages for her the week BEFORE she
    testified, which are currently up to over a million dollars for her to keep as
    payment for her testimony. I can go on if you would like… Don’t believe for
    one minute this “professor� came out of nowhere� SHE LIED IN HER FIRST MIN.
    STATEMENT!!!! In time she will be Prosecuted! PC on her is over American women
    smell her lies…</SPAN>

  45. A basic study of human behavior reveals that people get defensive when falsely accused of wrongdoing.

    "The aggressively, out of its lane, Republican-controlled White House." LOL this news channel is a joke. They're just flipflopping facts. Watch the full video. The aggressors are the liberals, not the conservatives.

    Future generations: this is a fine example of real-time revisionist history.

  46. I've already refered to his behaviour as that of a putrid dog. Thankfully there is plenty of reasonable doubt as to whether he was already noxious or was poisoned by the Trump administration. ☣😵☣ We live in interesting times. 😆

  47. I got Q's for U! 😀
    Talking to guy come to pick up your niece for a date. Seems pretty popular right? So you ask "Do you do a lot of drinking?" He says "With friends on weekends, yeah." So you ask "How often do you drink too much?" He hems he haws. You ask "So how much is too much?" He answers "I do not know."
    That is quite a hole in citizen responsibilities, drinking with _ yep.
    My question: Is this a person who should be allowed to participate in the some of the highest most sensitive judgements in our country?

  48. Hahaha wrong again! Yoi guys should tell me who is going to win the next big sporting event so i can bet on the other team, you guys have been wrong 3 yeaes runming.

  49. And if you actually watched all 3 hoursnof her testimony instead of the bites this loser channel shows, you too will come to the conclusion FORD is not telling the truth. I have watched her testimony 7 times…. 7 times… She isn't telling the truth.

  50. Has anything this so called journalist spoken ever come to pass? Think about that for a second and you have to ask yourself how stupid liberals are for continuing to watch this network! Those that vote Blue this November remember you are voting for Guilty until proven Innocent and only Traitors to our Constitution and those that spew their Propaganda would ever do that!

  51. Chief Justice Roberts has the 10th Circuit Court investigating Judge Kavanaugh. That it is after his confirmation is worrisome. Who can fire him now?

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