Breaking News: TPS back on, judge is blocking the plan to end it

This is Kaushik Ranchod here with Brian From the Ranchod Law Group, and we wanted to share Some breaking news about TPS A judge has blocked the decision to end TPS so TPS is back on! and this is great news for everyone that is on TPS This is a great example of how our democracy works and how and how our judicial system works this puts the executive branch in check by the judicial branch, and it’s just a beautiful thing to see this happen This is breaking news TPS is back on! now this was for specific countries so if you have questions give us a call 916-220-3137 to find out if your country qualifies welcoming people joining us you can ask your question or give us a call at 916-220-3137 and the reasoning the judge used is quite interesting of why he blocked the decision of Trump In the judge’s decisions, what I was talking about is the reason the judge decided to block the decision was because Edward Chen the judge basically stated that president trump harvers an animose in other words a hatred against non white non european aliens which influenced his decision to end the TPS designation and I’m just basically quoting what the judge said the judge is providing a precedent here showing that racism cannot be used to take a decision on immigration policy well continue to tune into our immigration weekly show we’re going to be live on wednesday we’re going to continue to keep you informed so check in 12 o’clock on wednesday thanks and have an awesome day!

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