BE IN PRIS0N AFTER THIS BOMBSHELL SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT whether you like the president or not what
separates him from every other president is that he’s not one to hold his
finger to the political winds before he makes a decision he tries to make
decisions that are right decision that there are best for you and me they’re not
always popular and of course the most difficult ones will always be
questioned yesterday’s decision was one of them the deal was to reopen the government
through February 15th creating a bipartisan bicameral committee tasked with negotiating an agreement
on border security the president made clear though
he’s sticking to building a barrier we really have no choice but to build a powerful wall
or steel barrier if we don’t get a fair deal from Congress the government
will either shut down on February 15th again or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the
Constitution of the United States to address this emergency the attacks were
immediate full-bore and relentless instead of giving the president credit for recognizing
the damage to this country he was attacked by virtually everyone
instead of people saying thank goodness someone in Washington recognizes the need to compromise someone
who actually understands the purpose of government is to serve the
people he sees people who live paycheck to paycheck having a difficult time buying groceries
and paying their bills airports closed preventing people from business
trips visiting family members as well as the attendant economic
hardships and unlike the obstructionist and the Trump haters who don’t give a damn about
ordinary Americans he simply couldn’t let it go on he did not care he made
a tactical decision a strategy decision to pick the ground to fight on he chose to stop the fight today to fight
another day and that day will be February 15th
but of course Chuck crowed hopefully now the president has learned his lesson no one should
ever underestimate the speaker as Donald Trump has learned Chuck
I hate it to break it to you this isn’t a game it’s not about under estimating people it’s
about people without a paycheck something that you’re not willing to go
without and Nancy got off her broom long enough to say now unity is our power and that is
what maybe the president underestimated and Ann Coulter blasted Trump
for not keeping his promise for the border wall saying he lied we thought that he wouldn’t care what the elites
thought and he’d actually keep his promises on this and he still
doesn’t care what the elites think he cared about the people who unlike you don’t have
enough money to take care of their families he couldn’t tolerate airports
shut down and you want to compare him to Reagan when Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers here’s
the difference an a president does not have the right to fire
non-essential employees during a government shutdown OPM regulations under 5 CFR part
75 – Reagan firing the air traffic controllers in 1981 because they
were in violation of the law that situation and is totally different and not analogous public safety workers have no
right to strike it was the same approach Calvin Coolidge took when the
Boston police went on strike these people they don’t understand Donald Trump they just
want to criticize him like they did with other non popular decisions
like meeting with Kim Jong on who hasn’t by the way launched a ballistic missile since the meeting like the
tariffs which were unpopular but seem now to be working folks the war
isn’t over yet remember Donald Trump is a man willing to take the shots to change the
norm in order to do what he thinks is best for the country very often
he’s dead on closing the government torrid him opening it whether it’s a popular move is irrelevant in his mind
and remember this war is not over it’s nothing but a hollow victory
for the Democrats On February 15th that the committee does not come back with a workable
solution which would be a shock to me because Congress is certainly not about
getting the job done they kicked the can down the road with the approval
of presidents like Obama and Clinton and Bush with no one looking to actually get something
done this president could do the same thing I believe he will not because
another continuing resolution is not his style I believe the president will call for emergency
funding for the wall he’s tried everything else the only thing I would ask is that he made sure it doesn’t
get to the ninth circuit aka the ninth circus the idea of Congress going
on yet another vacation the day after February 15th with all of this unsettled without any
kind of resolution is a just another reminder to the American people of
what Congress cares about themselves their vacations and the lobbyists who
fund those vacations but I’m here to tell you never underestimate this president this
president lives to fight another day and that’s why open it’s just common sense walls work
that’s why most of the Democrats in Congress have
voted in the past for bills that include walls and physical barriers and
very powerful fences the walls we are building are not medieval walls that’s president Trump’s
standing his ground on securing the southern border no
matter what the critics say former Trump campaign manager and co-author of
Trump’s enemies Fox News contributor David bossy joins me now with his take on all of
this okay so they’re saying a


  1. Nancy pelosi doesn't want a wall she is aligned with the president of Mexico who got a hundred million dollars from the drug cartel to run for his presidency….

  2. President Trump knows what he's doing he was concerned about people working without pay which is really slavery Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer doesn't care at all about the American people very cold hearted

  3. I'll believe it when I see it just goes on and on and on and on and on JJ people going to prison but nothing happens because they're Democrats

  4. I would if I was a president I would file an indictment on these judges that keep overturning the president's decisions these people are in the pocket of the Democrats and they should be singled out and prosecuted because they're going against the president and his voters American people have the right to what we want also not just these judges that's a side well I'm going to go against Trump because Democrats don't like him this is a total out rate and some people should have to pay the price already I'll believe it when I see it

  5. Nancy & Chuck are getting paid blood money from the the drug cartels and Mexico. That's the reason they fighting Presadent TRUMP so hard. Blood money

  6. Get rid of lobbiest ..they cause more problems then! Kennedy got rid of them for years was the best thing any PRESIDENT ever did.

  7. Of course Pelosi and Schumer do not want a wall. It would be bad for their covert businesses.
    They see President Trump as an anti business rouge, (Drug and Human Trafficking business, that is.)

  8. Hallelujah Hallelujah ship ANTI AMERICAN TREASONOUS CRIMINALS PELOSI and SCHUMER to GITMO to face military tribunals for TREASON and MURDER of AMERICANS killed by illegals that these criminals continue to defend protect recruit fund and deliver thousands upon thousands of immigrants 95% young male armies to invade our country!arrest these TREASONOUS CRIMINALS!

  9. Poloesi and Schumer believes they are under a different set of rules their actions prove that they legislate bill that only benefits them not the American people.

  10. What are you on man? Do you not have a clue of how he has done many of his b's are you a zombie like the rest of his diehards.

  11. There not gonna do shit I’ve listened to this crap for years we the people are in trouble here in the USA we need to gather as Christians and take our country back everybody can see nothing but lies we are being fed sick of the rich getting richer feeding us full of shit time we fought back our election are lies our whole government is lies time to come together and fight this shit ,all talk no action how long do y’all think we got when I was a kid we ran all over the hood now you have to watch your kids every minute every second it’s time we did something about it

  12. That's a lie no one can't put Mrs Pelosi in prison, because Mrs Pelosi is doing something legally for this Country. Mrs I love you because you are doing what's really right for this Country which is the country of U.S.A, again any judge I mean can't put Mrs Pelosi in prison, no one can't go to prison for something that's doing really right, and I really don't believe it, Trump supposes to go to prison for a longtime and a Lifetime because is not good at all, and Trump is a corruptor and I really don't like Trump at all because Trump is not doing anything right for this Country and Trump wants to wreck this country which is America, again I really love Mrs Pelosi because Mrs Pelosi is doing something right for America and Mrs Pelosi can't go to prison period.

  13. They are the swamp the enemies of this nation and the only way to fix it before it is to late is call for martial law to arrest these traders.

  14. Would you please hurry up and do it. I am getting older every day. I would like to know they got there's befor I get to old to enjoy it.

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