1. lol…I fucking laugh at nucks' fans and their butt-hurt complaints….everyone else in Canada rejoiced when the Bruins kicked your asses in the finals….b/c you're all world-class faggots.

  2. He was so drunk when the cup arrived (10 am)  for his hometown parade that he didn't even know it was there. So he has to re-live that moment he missed with his stupidity. 

  3. Marchand is a little rat. Wish he would have got a skate to the head instead of a knee. (Before butthurt bruins fans reply, I am not a Canucks fan.)

  4. I know this was classless, but c'mon! That was pretty fucking funny, I laughed my ass off when I saw this on TV. Marchand should be fined, but this was still pretty funny and to his defense, the Canucks' fans were booing the shit out of him that night, I thought that was a pretty good way of getting revenge

  5. That was 2011… this is a new season!  If still living in the past, well, he's not as "intimidating" as he thinks he really is!!!   What a arrogant prick!!!

  6. I don't understand why people on YouTube brag about cups. You didn't do anything to help them win. All you do is watch people play hockey your not that fuckin great!

  7. I just hate how marchand doesnt learn his lesson. I mean he lost in the finals last year so he might know how it feels for the canucks. Marchand really deserved that knee to his face lmfao. I do respect the bruins and they are talented but only thing i hate is that bastard marchand

  8. LOL Bruins and their fans seem mad! Dont go crying and burning down boston now! hahahahaha stupid bruins fans lol. Canucks are just superior! Woooo!!!

  9. #chicagostronger     #CHICAGOSTRONGEST   #chicagostrongerthanboston  #BOSTONWEAK #thanksforthecup  #BOLLANDSWINNINGGOAL

  10. The team is classless just like fans and the city, tools! if he did that in the street and I seen that my kid would kick his ass

  11. I'm a Canucks fan, but who gives a shit about this? Kassian mocked Gagner for wearing a face shield after he was the one who shattered his jaw. Chirping is a part of the game, and I love it. This was a great taunt. I despise Boston for taking our Cup from us in 2011, but keep it up Marchand, this was gold. 

  12. I'm a bruins fan and I would hate marchy if he was anywhere else but it looks like there's 2 kinds of fans on this page the ones who would take marchand and the liars

  13. not a fan of either of these teams but marchand is a little loser. Only losers do that when they're losing, reminiscing about how you WON IT back 2 years ago. He's a little prick that deserves to get run the fuck over by douglas murray

  14. It's too bad he's such an ass!  What a great player, just hasn't grown up and doesn't understand what class can mean to a player and a team…he should watch Iginla and take notes!!

  15. His coach was pissed right off and told the reporters that it would be dealt with by the team and that the actions were unacceptable as a pro.

  16. Hey Boston yeah your right you won the cup do we need to keep rolling that one out as a fuxking defense to every low down thing you do.. Punch a guy while hes down? "Hey at  least we won the cup!" Take a run at a goalies head? "Hey at least we won the cup!" Run a poor bastard along the boards into the side of a stanchion and say it was a hockey play? "Hey at least we won the cup!"  Yes Boston you won the cup now try not to bring dishonor to the rest of the MANY OTHER teams who have also won the cup by being total douchebags about it.

  17. That's the kinda of guy he is he will get under your skin on purpose and that's why Boston loves him 🙂 Wouldn't be the same without the little ball of hate!

  18. Hey bruins fans can you say hi to the blackhawks for me,the stanely cup champions. stop bragging about what your team used to be. the canucks have won the last 2 games they played you.

  19. #chicagoisbetter suck a dick bruins the only player respect worthy on the bruins is chara. But in all honesty i mean come on, pittsburgh,chicago, and winnipeg are where it's at

  20. Im from vancity and a Canucks fan, but  agree that most nuck fans are fairweather, unknowledgabe hockey fans. Just as Marchand shows over and over again his lack of class,  we have a couple players that dont have the best ettiquette themselves…its all part of the game…

  21. I hope marchand's throat gets slit on the ice and they film him dying slowly. I will laugh and spit on his grave at the funeral then take his mother home and fuck her in the asshole

  22. Some players can never let go of the past and will always let it define their career whereas the best players always look forward to new challenges and let new milestones define their career. Marchand will forever be that dude; the all american high school Quarterback superstar that always reminisces his glory days cause he could never make it pro. 

  23. Cue music
    Yeah we couldn't bring home the holy grail. Yeah we were butthurt in 2011. Yeah a lot of retards trashed our city. It's painful I'll admit, and the scar is still kinda itching around. But the team and the city are moving on. Because that's what normal people do. We've nabbed a spiffy and hardcore coach. We're looking to what the future holds. We're holding our heads up high for bigger and better things. What does Marchand hold up? An imaginary cup, full of empty class, and a championship title that he repulsively flaunts rather than honours. When you win big you look down on others. When you lose you look back and brandish your past victories. Are you moving on? Are you looking for bigger and better things? I think a few comments down someone said we are "world-class faggots". Maybe its because of scum like Marchand that make people so full of themselves and accuse without thought.

  24. HAHA Marchand i get it…  Its funny because it happened. GO BRUINS!!! all you canucks fans need to take the time to count your stanley cups before you comment… done already??

  25. These chirps will never end it seems. Boston won, Canucks lost and we rioted can we just get over it. but if you actually look into who rioted it was mostly people from Seattle and not true Canuck fans.

  26. I think that Marchand has a point. The Vancouver fans were mad at the B's for beating them 2 years ago. (What are they supposed to do? Let them win?) so Marchand did the same thing by taunting the Vancouver bench.

  27. If rules existed you could strip a player of a cup then I would take it away from Marchand. Kane too. Both are total pieces of shit

  28. If you are genuinely offended by Marchand hoisting an imaginary cup, you need to reevaluate your life. Really. Get over it and stop complaining about how much class you think Marchand has. He is a classy guy, and he does just as much, if not more, charity work without flaunting it than I've ever seen. So worry about your own team rather than Boston's, ok?

  29. I love the bruins but I wish the hell they would get rid of that childish ugly fuck marchand . his parents need to be slapped for ever giving birth to something so ugly

  30. This is part of the game, everybody has someone who Chirps on the team. Marchand's reputation precedes him, hence why every FAN thinks he's a douche. There are agitators on other teams that i cannot stand, which is why you are probably commenting right now. Clearly this taunt is working, it's got all of you Canuck/Penguin fans (i'm presuming) butthurt and whining on the boards. I AM a BRUINS Fan, and i appreciated this taunt despite the fact that they were losing in the game. The whole purpose of an agitator is to get under the skin of players, even fans: and i will say it again–clearly it worked. You should look at what the Bruins organization does off of the ice as well, almost every player has their own charity they dedicate time and money to.

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