Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Superman Recruits Goku To The Justice League! Goku Ready To Fight Darkseid


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  2. I'm pretty sure super saiyan God goku would just one shot darkside and even if that's not enough he just need to go super saiyan blue and darkside would be fucked

  3. I like the idea of this manga/comic but bane is the weakest villain in the group, Batman by himself can take him on and sinestro can be taken down by Superman, they don’t even need GoKu for that, Maybe if darksied and the anti monitor teamed up maybe they can call GoKu because that’s a real threat

  4. Come on this should not even be any competition whatsoever for Goku. I'm assuming this is going to be a watered-down version of Goku because he can destroy planets with serious ease the DC Universe can't do that not even the top villains without some major effort. Hell even Piccolo can destroy all of them they all have speed like the Flash and they all have strength like Superman at their lowest level in my opinion and Batman should not even be in the equation I don't care how smart or what type of Technology he has against the Dragon Ball universe it's like an ant verse a man

  5. Man if this was in anime form this will definitely destroy dragon ball hero’s with better art work and animation ooooweeeee I’ll tune into this every episode

  6. I mean darkseid isn't the strongest but he's up there, also of course many dbz fanboys jerking again in the comments.. I swear if this is another wank manga sigh..that's what it looks like is going on so far.. They don't really need Goku for this but goku he could probably fight an avatar of darkseid but idk if he would win, darkseid is a new god with immense power

  7. I think once after a while goku will start to lose to Darkseid, and then the rest if the Z fighters or even Jiren and the Pride troopers will come help. Since Superman said they're in alliance with em.

  8. How did these three kill the justice league…maybe I'm wrong but cant Superman dolo the both of them. Like why these three?? Darkseid yes of course; but tf is bane going to do here, even sinestro. Like they both waaaaaau out classed.

  9. Batman said “ he killed our friends” is that Bruce? Sorry I can’t really listen to ent because I’m in the bus

    Edit : I say this because he doesn’t call people his “friends”

  10. Power scaling seems a little off in this thing to begin with… Bane and sinestro under most circumstances are pretty much just fodder for Superman solo…as for dark side no Avatar of darkseid is on Goku's level. I know he has his true extradimensional form hacks but he can only operate in that reality with his avatars.

  11. If they dont have it where Gokus ass doesn't works with the Justice League im a be choaked. You can't have Goku just show up and solo everything in the DC universe. I am team Goku thi

  12. Who will win dark side or goku?
    -obviously our man goku because the real dc movie vs dark side the justice league were able to defeat dark side and now with goku with master ultra instinct or even super saiyan blue, dark side will have no match hahhaa, in my opinion😂🤣😂

  13. For me bat man is always a joke. No speciality , no special powers, just an ordinary human with some halloween costume…. Lol… How come someone create such a weak weak superhero… Lol

  14. Well only the op Superman’s are on gokus level or above so this Superman needs gokus help 100%, also goku ssg 100% slaps darkseid.

  15. This is indeed a very interesting cross over but, I find it weird that Superman knows of Jiren, that they’re one of the same universe, declined the offer of the TOP by letting the pride troopers go in there place, and Superman knowing decent info of who and what Goku is as a n overall character. My thing is why isn’t Jiren himself there helping along with at least Toppo and Dyspo? I also hope darkseid himself has went recruiting villains from the DB universe to help with his efforts as well like going to hell and getting cell, kid Buu, cooler, etc with them have training in hell having gain greater power, stronger forms, and new abilities to combat against DBS Goku.
    Maybe as this opens up more they’ll make an appearance. I’ll stay tuned

  16. Hows the Rycon fan Manga going so far?

    Edit: I'm just curious because it's been like a few months now since you last reviewed it

  17. Man if Goku put batman in hyperbolic chamber if batman had that kind of training can you imagine what he would do omg😏

  18. Ok so I believe this Wut will happen when Darkseid fight Goku and superman. Superman get hist ass whooped Whit Goku. Then Goku will be pushed so far were he unlock ultra instinct

  19. Look Goku level four dimensional power level. Superman is five.
    But Goku kicks and punches aren’t pulled back. He goes all out unlike Superman. Who pulls back his fist.
    Remember Goku power level shook the world of void. A universe created for fights and shook. If they include MUI Goku will put up a great fight and remember Goku can bring people back to life. He brought back master roshi. And gave master roshi his super sayian blue Kai. To bring back his master. Don’t believe me go back and watch it. Goku will state his heart stop which means he had died even master roshi told Goku why he brought him back so soon. And if we put that in Superman level. Super man one million is able to do this. But that’s Superman one million. Which we don’t know if this version of him can do that. But as for Goku who done it many times. It put you into the field that Goku going all out in every fight will be the downfall of these guys plus you put Superman as his backup. Then Hollyshit. But remember who knows which type of Superman this is. If it was one million then no need for help. As he can do it by himself.

  20. Read the Beyond DBZ Manga covered by Unrealentgaming on YouTube Goku faces Superman etc. There's even a game called MUGEN where you can face Goku off against Supes. There's fight animation vids Goku v Superman by Hyourinjutsu / Mastar Media / Cartoon Hooligans too

  21. Not a bad idea for a fan fiction but there were some misunderstandings of characters here. Goku wouldn't just enter a fight if he knows it's going to be 1v1 with batman. He would most likely just watch and wait for his turn or unless it looked like Batman was getting his ass kicked. What he did here was a cheap shot which we know is not Goku's character at all.

  22. I’m pretty sure darkseid can squeez the universe between his fingertips. I’ll admit I’m a bit worried for Goku lol

  23. It's cool to see all these crossovers with dragon Ball and DC and marvel even though I watched dc and marvel before dragon Ball and just became a fan of dbs and dbz it's cool to see these crossovers

  24. Why do people keep releasing the same content, i saw this like 2 weeks ago but here someone else acting like its new. no offense just confusing

  25. He's probably gonna have to tap into UI to have a chance at beating Darkseid. Of course, UI will have to give him a even bigger amp in this version vs what he needed against Jiren


  27. Im already guessing that goku will be nerfed af you shouldn't get dragon ball involved in this … Maybe naruto ow something else but come on db here ? Too easy lol

  28. Imagine they put Goku as new Hero in future Mcu movies that would be biggest movie ever made lol ….most seen for sure …🤗

  29. In the beginning I wasn’t sure about the Art in the Beginning But then it got better And as a fan of dc and DBZ this is a dream come true for me

  30. Yo Alex, love the vids bruh. Yo could you help me out with the name of the song you used when you started speaking? really would appreciate it man

  31. Goku: Wait! You know about the Pride Troopers? Does that mean you know Jiren too?
    Superman: yup!
    Why didn’t you just call him? Or better yet, Jiren, Goku, Vegeta and Freeza. That’ll be a treat

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