Benson’s Complicated Situation – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

– Hey, Stone got the motion
put on tomorrow’s calendar. – Good for you. – Well, don’t be so excited
about it. – What I meant was, Liv,
is it’s good for you. I’m not so sure how good
it is for Mackenzie. – There’s a chance that we’re
looking at statutory rape. – There’s a chance we’re not. I mean, Dreyfus
offered up his DNA. Well, what can I say? It makes my skin crawl
a little bit thinking about a court violating
a minor’s privacy. You know, because let’s say
for the sake of argument that the father is Zack or Jake or
some other middle schooler. Why ruin his life too? – I didn’t know a baby
ruined anyone’s life. – You know what I mean. You know, maybe she–she’s– she’s keeping the burden off
another 13-year-old. Maybe she’s being righteous
by–by keeping him in the dark. – And if it’s a 40-year-old
drama teacher? – [sighs]
I mean, did you? – Did I what? – Yeah, when you were pregnant, did you let the father
know before you… – Before I what? – [sighs]
You’re making me say it? We were standing right here and you told me you
had an abortion. – I-I never said that. – So I dreamt it? – No, Amanda,
what I said was… is that regret can be
an awful thing to live with and so you assumed… – Yeah, and you let me. – I did,
and I’m sorry, Amanda. It’s just–it’s a
very complicated story and I didn’t want
to get into it. – So it’s a privacy thing, which–which was
my argument to begin with in this conversation. All right?
– Okay.

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