Bench Universe – Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza with America’s Next Top Model 2012


  1. She can work as a sex worker in Sunset Blvd. in LA. I don't like that Georgina, whoever she is. Always hear her bitching around other filipino personalities. Go back to your country of origin. Who cares if she is related to Gloria Diaz and that Manotoc guy. This two personalities are RUDE and mean too just like her. She is not filipino anyway. Sinisiksik niya lang sarili niya sa Pilipinas para mag-hanap buhay. Because nobody would even take a second look at her from her country of origin.

  2. That kind of face only works serving tables. I don't know why give attention to her. She has no talent, no charisma and RUDE to the filipinos. Probably she can't get a job where she came from that's why she is so trying hard in the Philippines.

  3. Trying hard she is to be a model. No way… the real models are the one you see in Victoria's Secret or in NY or Milan. She can be a helper with Victoria Secret models during their shows.

  4. gosh! patawarin ang catwalk ng magpinsan na georgina wilson at belle daza na yan. eh! di naman yan catwalk ng model, parang ordinary walk sa parade lang yan na may plastik na smile. Speaking of georgina wilson, i really wonder kung papaano siya naging host and head judge ng asias next top model eh! she`s not even a super model. she`s just a commercial model for crying out loud! she`s just good with prints and as a VJ sa channel V. never a super model.. ni wala ata yang modeling agency. bench should give chances to models like danica magpantay, charlene almarvez, charo ronquillo, francis ariosa and other pinoy models na rumampa sa fashion show like bench. kesa naman sa mga artista na walang alam at mga tv personality/commercial model gaya ni georgina wilson na walang kwenta lumakad and lack of conviction and authority.

  5. I always wonder why master model is attached to Georgina Wilson? Who ever dubbed her that should explain the reasons why because seriously I don't think she deserves the title 🙁

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