Bench Press Tip – STICKING POINT Eliminator!!


  1. Jeff, the X-tinction 2.0 and the man of steel is epic! I did the chest/triceps today and it killed me! Awesome workout, can't wait for any new stuff coming from Athlean-x!

  2. When i'm at home i usally don't work out as long if i'm going till i can't do anymore does it matter how long i do it. Even if it's less than 30min

  3. This is the science bit, cool stuff I do try and mix up my speed a little and try a rep quicker on some sessions.

  4. Tossing up the bar on the smith machine is a very safe and effective exercise. The bar is on a track, therefore you'd have to be a very uncoordinated person to fuck up on this exercise.

  5. are you suppose to find your sticking point and work on acceleration from there? for example, say my sticking point was 3 inches from my chest. then i'd drop the weight, lower the bar 3 inches from my chest, accelerate up and repeat. is that correct?

  6. do you know how to deal with herniated pectoral muscle and what it is. I think it preventing me from building mucscle the right pectoral. id really apperiate it. thank you

  7. man, i had a time ago 12%, and i wasn't look like him, i mean, too much difference.. haha I think he has 5%

  8. Athletes would rather be good at their sport than look like Zyzz. Also, Jeff's channel is ATHLEan X, with the emphasis on athletic training. Lolz.

  9. Gonna jump in on this one – Powerlifters?! Who's talking about Powerlifting on this channel? This isn't a channel for Powerlifting OR Body-Building. It's a channel about "looking like an athlete". And "Athletes don't care how they look?" EVERYONE cares about how they look. AthleanX is about aesthetics period – however, Jeff HAS trained plenty of athletes and focused on doing the right exercises to improve their game.

  10. thats what i have been doing with mine but i also like to bring it down slow to get an even better workout, love the videos jeff thanks look forward to more

  11. Once again Excelent video!!! am a big fan of your tips and techniques. Thanks a lot for helping me to improve. keep up the good work

  12. I know that this isn't a powerlifting channel. I was responding to the idiot who asserted that it's not about how much you can lift, but how you look. Also, athletes get paid millions of dollars to perform at high levels. They train accordingly. They do not train to "look good". You don't see LeBron James doing bicep curls or meticulously tracking calories, do you? He cares about how he plays FIRST.

  13. Talking about powerlifting was just an example of a group of people who care about what they lift, and not their aesthetics (which don't actually get women, by the way; and is extremely shitty reason to lift weights).

  14. lol. well if hes going by f = ma, then if a is decreased, f would also decrease. unless you mean deceleration when coming down, then ya you would be right since the force of gravity is acting upon the weights.

  15. if he is training like an athlete, he should have it touch his chest. body building is bad for you and your joints. strength training and weight lifting is the best way to go, and that means being the strongest version of yourself. full ranges of motion because in the real world you wouldnt have the luxury of choosing whether you do a partial rep or nott… we should all be able to perform basic movements and this just ISNT the case for people who only want "gains". there is more to life bud

  16. So so many hater comments on this thread. Thanks for advice JD this helped me so much. I was able to blow thru my max weight and get past my plateau. Thanks again.

  17. Going light sometimes is a way of going heavier in the long run. I have been able to apply this to my workout outs and feel better already. Also the diff between a body builder and a weight lifter is that a weight lifter is only fouled on how much weight he or she can push but a body builder is focused on contracting and expanding the muscle at hand!

  18. You do it with a weight you can control… so for you dont do this with a 40kg weight okay?!?! small man….

  19. @KennethOchoa17 thanxx didn't know that I was always told full range of motion or they won't build properly and look weird or underdeveloped

  20. actualy I think you don't know what bodybuilding means. In bodybuilding is all about full reps and not partial.There is no such thing as strength training is more important or bodybuilding is more important. All those type of trainings are important for evolving, for creating a better version of your-self.

  21. Well lets jsut say… that when you are doing your max weight last set you arent going to toss it up are you… because when it comes down you arent going to be able to hold it, so do it with a lighter weight which you can catch and not fuck your shit up.

  22. It stabilizes it more for you so that you aren't putting in as much effort to keep the bar balanced. So technically no, though generally you will be able to press more on one.

  23. he was a physio therapist that why he dont use full range motion the further u bring the bar to your chest the more your putting pressure on your shoulders thus more injury, he is showing you safer way of doing things, you can use full range but your more likely to injure your self.

  24. actually, strength training is far worse for your joints than bodybuilding because of the huge weights. just saying.

  25. Touching the chest on a bench press doesn't help, if you want to injure your shoulders then go ahead. He doesn't touch the chest because you maintain it under tension, if you put it all the way to the chest, you are resting that muscle, and when you lift it back up, you have a risk of injuring your shoulders. So yeah ther is more to life bud, like doing the things correctly.

  26. going all the way down will injure your shoulders when lifting heavy weight. and its cheating when you bounce it off your chest. You only need to go to 90 degrees

  27. Yeah but the girls really didn't care how much I benched and squatted and how low the bar went on my chest when I was focusing on 5×5. As soon as I started hypertrophy training and I got them gainz, they came flocking. So yeah…

  28. Smith machine will help keep better form, but with barbell it will help build up your stabilizer muscles in your abs and shoulders

  29. does it really? have you trained with actual athletes who have ever hurt their shoulders benching? I highly doubt it. Strength trainers? you mean power lifters bud

  30. First of all, this is coming from someone who rotates between 5×5 and hypertrophy training every 3-4 months. Which in my opinion is the best way.

    Anyway, I hate that whole "real world" strength BS. In all seriousness… who needs the power to squat or bench 300lbs? Unless you're moving boulders for a living, nobody needs that kind of strength.

    Anyway, strength is great, but muscles are great as well. Once again, women don't care how much you can squat. My legs look better when I train high rep

  31. I think it is a bit conflicting: in all of your videos you talk a lot about injuries from wrong movements and corrects way how to lift weights…and this way of doing the bench press has a high level of chances of injurying yourself cause of the fast acceleration… For sure you train way more your chest but i think it is not worth it compared to the chances of injuruing youself,as the bench press is one of the excercises with the highest injury probabilities compared to other excercises…

  32. thanks a lot jeff for all of your information and tips. so helpful compared to other guys trying to explain how to workout. you are very informative and include the science behind everything. lovin it!!!

  33. Today I benched for the very first time I could only do 2 ten pound plates on a 45 pound bar mind you I'm 6 ft 1 and 131 pounds and have lots of lean muscle but I feel like I'm behind on my strength growth please give me some advice

  34. I keep learning new things from Jeff… I always tried to move slow (in both the eccentric and concentric phases) and touch the bar to my chest. The former to increase "time under tension" and the latter to get a great stretch on my pecs (and break down the pec muscle fibers) at the bottom of the rep. I wonder, as long as I'm not in pain, if it makes sense to continue the old approach with lighter weight but stick to this approach on heavy days…?

  35. It’s all about catching skill. The bar slipped a few times and hit my chest but I am not complaining because it got me ready for heavy weight. Thank you

  36. Hey Jeff. Can you make a video on Smith machines bench press or squats. Because some gyms only have smith's and no free weights.. Just wanted to know the difference or workouts. Pros cons and what not..

  37. After following Jeff for years I look at this video now and think WTF is doing with a Smith machine, they are garbage and will kill your joints. I don't see one in his new setup and I hope he never uses one behind the scenes.

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