Bench Fold Card

Hello crafty friends, its Tanya here from
Ink Responsibly and I’d like to share with you a new tutorial. This is a
bench fold card and this time I’ve done one as a kitchen. I’ll bring it up closer
for you. So we’ve got some beautiful little tools here, little cupcakes
cooking in the oven, some mittens, and a little window and hot
plates. I’ve embossed the base of this card using the Ruffled dynamic
embossing folder. Let’s get started. For today’s project you’re going to need
a sheet of whisper white cardstock. Now this one measures 11 3/4″
by 4 1/4″. You’re also going to need a strip of SaharaSand
cardstock, that is 8″ by 2″. Then you will need another piece
of Sahara Sand and this measures 3 7/8″ by 3 7/8″. You will also need some scrap Sahara Sand as well as some scrap Soft
Suede. We’ll also be using little bits of the foil sheets so I’ve got copper here
and this is the silver foil. So let’s get started. For today’s card I’m going to
emboss my base card using the brick wall embossing folder. and once you have embossed it we’re
going to score it at 2 inches then flip your card and measure it at 3 7/8″, then turn to your other end, score it at 2 inches, flip it,
and score it at 3 7/8″. Then you’re going to fold it so that the
sides come in like so. So there is our base card and there is the front of our
base card. So sit that over to the side. Now with our piece of Sahara Sand that
measures 3 7/8″ by 3 7/8″ we’re just going to pop it into the trimmer, or
using your scoring board, and just score it at 2 inches like so. So we only
have the one score line, and we’re going to burnish that fold, so make it
nice and crisp. Now with our scrap of Sahara Sand we need a piece because
this middle section measures 3 7/8″ we’re going to add half an
inch either side so we’re going to cut it at 4 7/8″ by 3/4″ and then I’m going to pop a little
scoreline in at half an inch each end. Now this is going to be our support
structure for our bridge fold card. To put together we’re going to take the 2″ by 8″ piece and I’m going to run adhesive all the way along top and
bottom. so tuck the rest of your card out of the
way and pop it down on one end. Then we’re going to take our piece that we
folded in half in at 2″, we’re going to continue our 2″
piece along here. Then we’re going to stick it down to this piece here. Now if you have any excess at all you
can either trim it with a pair of scissors or use your trimmer. Now
we have the piece that comes along here and our bench but we need to pop
something in so that this doesn’t fall through, so that’s where this piece here
comes in handy. I’m going to use tombow for this because I like to have a
little bit of wriggle time, and I’m just going to fold this back here and glue in
one side. And this is just like on a box card
you’re gonna place a support like this but it makes it easy with the brickwork
because you can see where it needs to line up. And the next one, and then you’re
just going to fold that over and make sure that your card folds flat and you
can fold it back the other way. So now when we push that down it stops. Now
to get started we’re going to do the oven first, and to create my oven I’ve
used this die here from the Hearth and Home thinlits and I’ve also used that
to create this window here in the kitchen. For the kitchen window I’m
going to cut that out of Soft Suede cardstock like so, and for the oven I’m
going to cut it out with the silver foil. To put our oven together just pop
your die out and what you’ve got is a silver window. To pop our oven
together I’m just going to pop some strong double-sided tape on the back like so and we’re going to snip off this
part and here, and take out this middle section like so. Now my window sheet or the acetate
measures 1 3/8″ by 2 1/2″ and I’m just
going to pop that on to the double-sided tape. now we’re going to create the
inside of our oven. The inside of the oven I’ve got a scrap of some gray
cardstock; now I’m just going to stick down my little cupcakes I’ve heat
embossed with white on my cupcakes and one there and there’s that, and we’ll pop some more
tape on and close up our oven. Now we can pop our
oven onto the front of our card. I’m just gonna pop a little bit of
Tombow in here to seal the base of the oven closed. Now to make the front of our
oven stick out I’m just trimming off the other half of the die cut that we made
and I’m going to pop a bit of dimensional adhesive in here and just
pop that in place over the base one. Lovely. So now we can pop our stove top
in here. To create our stove top I have a piece of black cardstock that
measures 3 5/8″ by 1 5/8″, and I have punched using the
basic gray card stock – I have two circles that measure 1 3/8″. Using the silver foil I have cut two circles that measure 1 1/4″ and finally two more that measure 1 inch. I am going to pop these
together using glue. then to build our stove just pop a
dimensional onto the back of your hot plates, and I’ve just centered on three
sides. Then for the second hot plate roughly a quarter of an inch gap. Now for
our controls I have punched out a quarter inch circle
and then a eighth inch circle using the handheld punch, and I’ve popped a little
mini dimensional onto the back. These just sit off to the right and I’ve got
two controls. There’s our hot plate unit. I’m going
to pop that on with glue and I’m just centering that with about an eighth of
an inch margin around that black rectangle. Now to create our cupboard
doors on here I’m going to take a piece of Sahara Sand cardstock just for scrap
and run it through using this pine wood plates embossing folder. Another thing
you could do would be to stamp it with a woodgrain stamp or just leave it plain.
Once you have embossed them just cut them down to size and that’s 1 3/4″ square. I’m going to ink around the edges using
Crumb Cake ink and using a couple of dimensionals on
the back stick them down on the left and right sides. There we are. So now I’m just going to pop a 1/4″ circle using a scrap for the
little door handles. Now I’ve stamped this image in Versamark
and heat embossed it with white embossing powder – it says “from my kitchen
to yours” and that is on some copper foil. I am sticking that on so that
it overhangs just a little. Now we’re going to make our window. For my window I
have already die-cut the window shape and I’m going to trim down at this line
all the way across and I’m also going to trim these side pieces off. I have
stamped using a diagonal stamp one way then turned it 90 degrees and stamped
the other way to get this gingham style pattern. I’m going to cut out a
rectangle now that measures one and five 1 5/8″ x 2 1/2″. I’ll take off the excess, so 2 1/2″. I’ll do this one at 1 5/8″ x 2 1/2″. There we go. So this is going to be
behind our window but I want to use this ribbon – it’s a Very Vanilla lace trim. I’m
popping some double-sided tape down on the backside here and just run
it from one side to the other. I’m gonna take a length of ribbon that is
approximately 5 inches long and I’m going to ruffle it – to ruffle the
ribbon just simply stick it down and then fold it back on itself. I’m just going to pop a little bit more
tape over the top just mainly to work as an anchor to lock down that tape. Now to
pop out a background on we’re going to have to lift this up
otherwise the foam strips won’t stick, and place a length of dimensional strips
on the top and the bottom. You’ll notice that it overhangs on the bottom –
that won’t matter because we’re going to cover that up when we’re finished with
our window. So stick down your patterned piece of your
window like so and using a little more dimensional put that on the bottom, and
we’re going to place our windowsill on there now with the double amount of
dimensional. What that’s going to do is lock down our bench. So
pop some tape or you could use glue onto the back. Now I’m going to just center that and
you’re going to have it roughly in line with the top, and push that down.
Once you’ve died cut your mittens just pop them together using a
dimensional and I’m going to put a little linen or
twine bow at the top and I’m going to pop these on top of the cupboard on the
left. Now with my tools I cut them out twice
so I’ve cut them out using the Crumb Cake cardstock and I’ve also cut them
out with the silver foil, and just by giving it a little cut put my little
tools together. Using my little leftover strips from the window I’m
going to create a little ledge for my kitchen tools to sit on. I’m just choosing an offcut of the suede
cardstock – just glue that down and because I have cut my tools out with the two
tones of the cardstock and also cut them with the double-sided tape in place I
just simply peel back the backing and I can pop them on. It means all those
delicate objects are really easy to glue it in place I think I might just pop
three tools on today’s one. There you are, so this today’s card
there’s a little bit of die-cutting but I absolutely love doing these cards. You
can create barbecues, you can create artists desks, there’s lots and lots that
you can make – dressing-table, vanity, it’s up to you and your imagination. I
hope you give it a try and until next time stay crafty. Bye!


  1. That is such a cute card! What is that tool you use when you tear the double stick tape? Where did you get it?

  2. WOW! Tanya, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video tutorial! I love the card, and your step-outs are great. But I always love seeing videos and especially love hearing your voice (reminds me of a dear friend from Australia), and it seems more personal. Thank you for the work that went into this tutorial! Hugs!

  3. What kind of a stinker leaves a thumbs down? If you people don't appreciate this Art, then just don't watch! Greetings from Germany

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