Bench – A Corporate short film by Aditya RaghuNandan

Finally, We are done with the training.
What kind of project are you all looking for? I don’t mind any kind of project but want
something that gives me a scope to grow in the future. I want a project with an onsite opportunity. I just want a project in Hyderabad. – Hello sir. Mr.Kalyan Krishna.
– What kind of project you want? Project!!? I want to be on bench. Checked the Project mail.
I got a development project. I got a testing project. U.S. Client. I didn’t get Hyderabad.
I am posted here. Shit. I got a project. My Hyderabad dreams crashed. I’ve to be in Mysore. But at least all you guys are here with me. Did you meet your Team Lead, today? Oh well, so you are bored with me just after 120 days of relationship? You are distracted and ignoring me? No Ramya. Even if it’s 1200 or 12000 days can I ignore you? Then look at me when I’m talking. – Fine. Tell me.
– Did you meet your team lead? Yeah I did. He said there’s a project at
Hyderabad and I can go there. So are you gonna leave me? Don’t worry. I am not going anywhere. how is it so??? -Excuse me sir!
-Yes -Sir, I’ve joined the project recently sir. -Fresh from training.
-Yes sir. Where are you from? Hyderabad,sir. Hyderabaaaad… Well, I think I have good news for you. There’s a project requirement at Hyderabad. Will you go and join them as soon as possible? Sir, Hyderabad sir? If you want to be in Mysore then you will have to be on benchhh!!! Bench…. No issue sir. I will wait here.
Will wait for the project, sir. What’s up man? Your girlfriend’s here? Something like that sir. Well! That’s your choice. -Go ahead. Take care.
-Thank you sir. Was this for me or for Bench? Its a 1 + 1 offer. Why should I lose out? Why are you so mad about Bench? Why are you aversed to work? It’s not work aversion.
It’s energy conservation. Oh! What are you planning to do with that energy? I can use it to enjoy my life baby. If someone is gonna pay me for nothing,
why should I say no? They haven’t recruited you so that you can warm the benches. They have recruited me. I have given my time.
It’s their onus to utilize it well. So it’s the company’s fault? No. It’s my fortune. We’re leaving. See you in office. Hey Bro. Is this the bench area? Yeah. All these systems belong to bench area. Thank you. Where’s KK? It’s about lunch time.
He should be in office soon. He is so troublesome these days. He came to my cubicle yesterday. I was working and he kind of scared me. He said he would sit there but pressed a joke in his mobile on to my face. That’s when my manager saw me. I got scared about my onsite opportunities
and asked him to leave. Next, it was my turn. He was there by the time I reached. Before I could leave, he noticed me. I lied about a meeting. He said he would wait.
I got tensed. So I covered it up that the
meeting was for the whole day. That’s how I escaped. You managed to escape. But I got trapped next. I told him that I had work as soon as he came. He enquired about my manager and made me tensed that he will be there the whole day. He even questioned me about movie… dinner… and answered himself. I got irritated and … All this because he has no work. Hope he gets some. Speak of the devil. He is here. What’s the discussion about? It’s about you bro. Me? What’s the matter? Nothing much. I bought a bike, right? I got a call from RTO office about some formalities. But I am very busy. Can you go on my behalf? As you are free! I have ordered an item online. Delivery’s at noon. You are free. Can you pick it up? Please… We might be late by the time we reach our room bro. Can you get something to eat? -Because..
-Because i am free?? I don’t do any office work. How did you think I would do yours? Anyhow you are free. Hence we have all these tasks for you. I ain’t all that free. I am starting my preperation for CAT tomorrow. Can you tell us, what’s the full form of CAT? Common.. Common.. Testtt.. I am starting from tomorrow, right? Will answer you then. Okay… Hey Ramya.. I got the CAT material. It is based on 8th, 9th & 10th standard maths? Must be very easy. Actually…. not as easy as I thought. Its been 7 years since school. So, have to brush up a bit. Hey will call you back. -Any issue?
-Fresh onto Bench? Yes and you? -Two years senior to you.. On Bench.. Oh.. That’s great.. How did you manage all this time? At first they didn’t offer me work. Later they offered but I refused. Did you prepare for any such exams? This is for CAT for GATE for GRE. Got everything. Neither read them nor cleared any of the exam. So, do you say all this is waste of time? If we don’t work or don’t prepare.. What should we be doing? We should be waiting.. till we are assigned work.. Won’t we become useless if we stay put? Bro.. A donkey works for 20 hours a day.. But a lion hunts for just half an hour.. Which one is respectful? When the time is right.. things happen automatically bro.. So what now? Let’s have lunch. Lunch? And then? Hey Bro.. bro.. Hello.. Ya tell me.. No.. No.. No.. Coming right away.. Why are you so late? I have called you 10 times. Were you asleep? No No. Mobile was in silent mode. So couldn’t check. PG all of a sudden? why? I have to submit a document and I forgot that. Trying to call you from an hour so that you would drop me there. Sorry, sorry. From tomorrow I shall get up to check your calls. Get up? I mean – get up from my chair. I am preparing, right? Will check it tomorrow. ok Tell me the truth. Are you preparing or not? I am preparing Ramya. – Verryyy gooood… Bye
– Bye Hey.. I keep mentioning about… Hey.. It has been a week since we met.. What happened to you? I am busy in my work and you in your preperation. May be that’s why. Yeah. True that. So how about now? Let’s catch up on some Tea? I have a lot of pending work now. How about shopping in the evening? It would be 8 by the time I am out of office. No shopping? Let’s just meet. I am tired. Have to go to bed early. Please. I shall wait outside your PG. Just spend 5 minutes with me. Ok… Wait then… Bye now… You asked me to wait? But did I say that I would come? You could have said that clearly. I dint feel like – Sorry Ramya.
– Why? I wasn’t preparing. Your life. Your choice. Why are you even bothered? Don’t say that. I am sorry for lying to you. Tell me what should I do now? Not necessary. Just leave me alone. Ramya, please. I shall do whatever you say. I told you. Just leave me alone. Do you understand? I have to get back to work now. Work! Work? Is work more important than me. Yes work is more important than you. Why are you saying this, Ramya? You can’t comprehend it. Because you don’t like the concept of work itself, right? First I thought you were joking. Then I thought, fine you would be happy doing something else. But you would only be happy to do nothing. Do you ever think about future? I do. And I am scared when I imagine it with you. So one last time. Leave me alone. Stop it bro. Uh, This seat is allocated to me now. Aren’t these common systems? From today it has been assigned to a new project.
So this is my system now. Are you on bench? – Hello
– Hey. It’s Girish here. We have a project requirement. Would you like to take the interview now? Interview.. Yeah sure sir. One second, sir. Yeah. Ok. What’s the difference between ASP and ASP.Net? ASP is an interpreter………… Ok.. Under what all the events, the controllers are fully loaded? Could you please tell me something about ADO.NET? I don’t know sir. May be you should attend some more trainings and get back. Good Luck Kalyan. Yeah. Ok. Ok sir. Get up bro. Where is KK? Please, check your mail. Good job.. Yeah.. Hi Ramya. Hmm… Did you see the mails I sent? Yeah. Congrats. Thanks. Today is 200th day of our relation. Remember? Shouldn’t we be celebrating? Not today. It’s tomorrow, you idiot. Ah! So you are still counting the days. So..where are you now? Hi bro.. What happened to you? HR has terminated me just now. Oh. What are you gonna do? Don’t worry. You know my lion concept right? Hunt at the right time and do the right work. Bro. You should let go off all these concepts. One cannot escape work forever. I have a thing to say. A man needs work. And he should be as good at it as possible. As you keep saying, at least the lion knows how to hunt. That’s how it survives. If we do nothing, we will end up to be nothing. So you got appreciation mails as well. Nice. I learnt how much work satisfaction means to a person. Now have you learnt work life balance then? At first it was all life and no work. Then all life was about work. Now that you are back, I think I have found the balance.


  1. Chala baga tisaru bhayya….e madhya kalam lo nenu chusina manchi short films lo idokati….idi chusaka chala motivate iyyanu bhayya nenu…ilanti shortfilm tisi ma andaritho share cheskunnanduku thanks bhayya….inka e short film concept ni artham cheskoni involve iyi chesina cast andarki kuda best wishes cheppandi bhayya na tarapunundi. Especially hero ga chesina atanu chala natural ga chesadu. Overall a very good experience watching this shortfilm. Keep directing director garu. Mana industry ki me lanti directors avasaram chala undi.
    P.S Nenippativaraku intha pedda review a video ki gani, a product ki gani ivvaledu.

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