Behind The Scenes | Fabio Wibmer’s Law

Hi guys. What’s up? Welcome to Wibmer’s Law. Let’s go. Hi guys, hi guys, hi guys. -Yes!
-Hoi, hoi, hoi. High five! Okay, guys, you won’t believe all the sick things that
have happened last year. It’s crazy, we finished
filming Wibmer’s Law. Really cool action. Hi Jonas. Legendary! The most
elaborate video I’ve ever made, After Fabulous Escape. And two: It was totally epic
to do another video that pushes me. We worked an it almost for a year. Very epic and legendary. Just quickly, this is the story
the background to the video. Everybody knows these
everyday situations. People are stressed,
people are super busy. Everything is super fast
and needs to be even faster. My goal for this video was,
to use these situations and make them my playground. And then to flee
from the stressful city to the countryside
and find peace and quiet. Let’s go, behind
the scenes, here we go! Hey, Johannes, what are you doing? Well, I don’t know myself really. Good question. Let’s ask Fabio what he’s doing. It looks like nobody knows what
they’re doing, except for me. In fact, we are at the first spot. You’ve probably seen
the video already, let’s hope it’s the ultimate banger. Hopefully we’ll get
the first chilled clip, which can be quite good, on tape. And then we’ll see where
the trip takes us. Let’s go! Businessman, check! Fabio, check! I would say, the starter pistol
has been fired for the first scenes. When he jumps up here, you can… Argh! Well, that was okay. This is a trick
that might work the second time, or the 150th time or the 5000th time. Wait! Action… This was really good,
exactly the same. Well, I tried really hard. Yes, woohoo! Yeah, that’s right! Well, Johannes… Johannes is sweating. -Is it still downloading?
-Still downloading. If the camera crashes now,
I’m not even kidding… Can not be played… Shit! No joke, of 200 takes or maybe more -one has worked after three hours
-it was super clean and it wasn’t recorded because
there was a glitch with the camera. Here we go, day two! Day two, we are at the same spot. Let’s see, hopefully
we can get it in five tries. Fabio Wibmer is ready. -A boost.
-Thanks. Well, the same procedure
as yesterday. Okay, we’re at try 24. -Really? Sick.
-Yes. There have been so many tries,
my skin is starting to dissolve. Yes… That’s right! We’ll take it, 100%. That’s right. Hell yeah, we’ll take this one. Yeah, we’ll take it. -Cool.
-Yup. Super! Next spot. Martin? Martin! This is NOT a public toilet! Let’s have a look. Well, we’re going shopping now. We have to buy some things, so our scenes will look
really cool in the end. Helmets, helmets. -We need overalls too.
-Okay. We also need gloves. All the things the V-class
can be used for. Even to transport pipes. Okay, to cut a long pipe short… Now it’s getting serious. We’re at the Opera in Vienna. We’ve had a failed test before. I wiped out at my first attempt. Well, Fabio, what’s going on? The ultimate skateboard
flip-trick with the bike. Okay, let’s try it. Almost, almost. -Woohoo!
-Yay! Dude! Mega! Dude, that was awesome! Dude! Vienna. Fabio, what’s the plan? The plan? Hi guys, just in case
you’ve seen the video already, I hope it turned out epic. I hope, the bridge
is in the video at all. Right? I hope it’s in the video. I believe it could be a real banger. Exactly, there’s a truck
going right through the shot. I drive over the bridge, on
the strut and then drop onto a truck. So, is this the good old truck? We are doing the following. I’m riding
over the bridge’s arch. If you look over there,
it’s the right arch. I will jump onto the intermediate
strut and then onto the truck. -And that’s about it.
-Exactly. Guys, this is really crazy
that I’m doing this. Yeah. Like that. Put it like that. It’s sketchy, no joke. Sketchy. I am going to do it
a little differently, in fact, I won’t really ride on the outside but I’ll drop in from the edge. What do you think, how high is it?
Around two and a half? It is… about
two and a half, three meters. It’s about three meters. Fist bump. Fabio, I don’t
want to rush you, but… We are going to start now. So, Fabio is going to go up and then we’ll start. I’ll give you a hand signal. You have to get up there now. Okay, fist bump. Let’s go. Fabio is in position.
Start the truck now. Let’s fucking go! Okay, truck is driving. Ready, let’s go! Yo! Yeah! -Yes!
-Wohoo! That’s it! Super! Thanks so much! That was intense. How fast did this go by? Shit! Yeah! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! Dude! Epic! Epic, epic, epic! These are the construction workers. We are building the landing platform for the drop. Don’t look up, it’s steep. We have 15 skateboard
grip-tape-decks. If you look at it that way… What do you think makes more sense? So, down here, yeah? Are you crazy, are you insane? No left turn, guys. No left turn. I’m going climbing now
instead of biking. Wow, it’s about all or nothing. So… Waiting on the rope. You’ll tell me
when you need to stop, okay? Yes, can you let me down a little? Okay, guys, you can see,
we’ve wrapped everything ultra-hardcore with mats, so we can do a test run to find out
if it’s not too steep and I will slide only. The worst thing that can happen is A. I will slide off or handlebars
will hit the pillar here. And if one of the two happens,
I’m screwed. And that’s why we try
the whole thing with mats, in case I’m screwed,
I won’t be totally screwed. Hopefully. The cool thing is, guys, that for once I can wear
headphones and listen to music. That’s very cool for the tricks. I always, ALWAYS,
ride my bike with music. These are the Jabra ones, the Elite Sport, I believe. These are really cool. Normally I don’t like
the ones inside the ear so that you don’t hear
any outside noise. But these can be turned a bit, so you can still hear
the bike and the music really well. Ready? Fist bump. Let’s go! Focus, follow through. Ready, let’s go! Yo! Woohoo! Yes! -This was real sketchy.
-A crazy feeling. Most brutal. Totally crazy, dude! But it looked so easy. Almost! We got it now. Yes! Woohoo! Rock ‘n’ roll! Epic. Epic. Epic. This is really… Sick, sick. So, guys, I’m very
relieved this worked out. I’m not even joking. I believe it’s really difficult to show this one in a video
the way it looks in reality. When you stand up top and look down, if you take a left turn here you’ll have a real problem. Insane in the brain,
that was not normal. Thankfully, the building
of the platform paid off. It’s cool to have a team
to realize such projects. On my own, I believe… I would still be working
on this, two weeks later. At this time I would like to say
thanks to the entire team. No joke. So, take a right turn? No. Over here? So guys, we are here
at Pappas in Linz. We are here to pick up
a Mercedes convertible for our Mercedes scenes,
or still open car scenes. So, guys, this is the convertible
we’re using for the shoot. Jeez guys, it’s bloody cold, no joke. -You are only wearing a hoody.
-That’s correct. The plan is to film a scene
where I jump over the car. Enter the convertible. The plan is, jumping backwards
over the car, with a tire tap. Will it work? I’m optimistic. We are starting
with the first test run. -Ready?
-Yup. Ho, ho! Ha, ha! -That’s it! Epic!
-Yes! Yeah, yeah! When a car
passes by, I’ll get it. I’ll pop all the way to
the end and then I’ll jump over. -Yo, let’s go!
-Let’s go! Everybody ready? Let’s go! Here we go. Yes…argh! Shit! Let’s go, full throttle. Ready everybody? And go! Woohoo! Ah yes! Dude, this trick was massive. Really massive. To summarize: Bloody epic,
that it worked, no joke. I was dreading it heavily, no joke. It reminds me of Fabulous Escape 2, where I was shitting myself
before every trick. But it’s a cool feeling,
when you conquer it and see these faces… or those. Really bloody epic. The trip continues, let’s go! Hey guys! We’re off recording
sound for the video. With normal cameras, but mainly
with Jabra microphones. Really cool gadgets, filtering out
wind and other disturbing noises. They are capturing
the actual sound precisely. Let’s mount it and cruise around. We can compare between an integrated
camera mike and a Jabra microphone. The backstory we are trying
to capture with the microphone is the story, that
I am living in my own world, oblivious to outside noises. With this microphone
you can tell this story and convey it well, by filtering out the background noise and bringing the sound
of the bike into the foreground. These were a few tests for you
hear the difference in sound. We are going to record more
sound by cruising through the city. Exactly. Let’s
continue with the next clip. Let’s go. Hey guys, day two. After 100 tries
yesterday on the rail… we’re back, trying our luck. Maybe it works out today. Okay, let’s go! No. Dude, that was funny. Heel or your junk? No, there’s weird pressure on it. -Are you in pain?
-Yeah. Dude, it’s not cool. Let’s go,
motivation please, everybody! Everybody please, hip hip… -Hurrah.
-Hip hip… -Hurrah.
-Hip hip… -Do zig zag.
-Zig Zig… You are amateurs. Fabio, what’s the problem? The problem is
that I have to land it perfectly with the right balance. The front wheel needs to be aligned
in the middle of the bars. And then to the right
quickly do the footjam whip. And then combine everything fluidly. It poses a bit of a problem. If a trick doesn’t take 100,
200 tries it’s worth nothing. I believe we’ve got
more than 200, don’t we? Yes. Unbelievable, Dude! Whoa! -Yeah!
-Yes! Yes, crazy! -Yes!
-Yes! Yes, no joke! That it worked out today is great. I knew it could work, but… It took a few more tries
than we thought. It’s epic that it worked out
but I’m beat, no joke. All taped up, but I can take it. Wow! I’m stoked it worked out. Let’s move on to the next spot. What are you doing there? Hi guys. Next spot, next trick. The front flip
at the construction site. We’ll mount our barrier here. The grid on top. The plan is, I jump
on top of the grid without bouncing out,
resulting in a front flip. Let’s go. So, everything is built. The mats for practice are here,
they are extremely hard. I am going to do a normal test jump I’ll go warm up and then I’ll try
a front flip, we’ll see. You got pretty high just now. I’ll jump over it one more time
and then let’s try, after that. It looks good, Fabio. Right after you dive in,
right up front and then you have it. Woohoo! -Stuck the landing.
-Perfect! -Dude! Genius!
-Wow! Dude! I didn’t wanna land it,
I wanted to jump off. But the flip was so epic! Dude! How cool that it worked. Yo! Good, away with the mats.
Let’s do it. Yes, Dude! Epic.
-Yes. That’s a beauty. Listen, Hannes,
did he deliver or not? The coolest thing is,
that it worked, not joke. Hey guys, welcome to the
ultimate Piano scene or rather Grand Piano scene. We are filming, just the way
we know it from the movies, where a grand piano falls
to the ground during a move. I thought that would be
cool for the story. It would really
reflect the whole context. That’s why we’re here. Well, yeah… We laughed a lot. Guys, for this stunt we need a piano,
or to put it better, a grand piano. That’s why we were
on the road quite spontaneously. Yesterday we wanted
to look for a grand piano. We have one here, can we look at it? It even works. Wow! I feel sorry for the grand piano, but this one has gone through a lot,
it had a good time. I think it’s ready to be released. Well… let’s go. -Let’s get going.
-Yup. Oh, it’s going to hold. Cool, the grand piano is lifted up. It looks like it’s all
going to work great. We have to do final touches
and then we’re ready to go. It is flying now. And action! Here we go! Woohoo! Ha, ha, ha! Epic! Wow! I can’t believe that. Wow! That was epic. That was the end
of the piano, wasn’t it? Turn on the cleaning machine. Let’s go, woohoo! Dude, Tokyo Drift. Drift, cool! Hey guys. Welcome
to the ultimate gap. Namely… This is a very cool set-up. But it’s testing my limit a little,
the whole set-up. The plan is, to jump from here… on top of the rail here and then drop here in the back. It would be bad,
if I screwed this up. To fall down here
in front of everybody that would be very bad. But honestly, I’m optimistic. Let’s spread out the mats. And then there’s hopefully nothing
in the way of the first attempt. Guys, the mats are in place. Okay, fist bump.
Let’s go! It’s working. Focus. I saw this coming. -Do it one more time the same.
-Yup. Yo. I have a flat tire! Yes! Yo! Yes! So beautiful! Yeah, Hes! So beautiful. Epic. Sit down, Fabio. Maximum. Stop doing that. -Ah!
-Not like that. Dude, I totally wiped out. Your head missed
the wall by very little. We got back
on the horse immediately. It can’t fail that many times. It wouldn’t have lasted otherwise. We are on the way to the hospital. We’ll have the elbow looked at. Because, to be honest… ouch! Hopefully it’s not too bad, my elbow, so we can
finish the video. -Please.
-Hello. This is
principal consultant [inaudible]. -What do you think?
-It’s definitely in the toilet. It’s not that bad. We’ll see, hopefully. But as of now
I don’t think we can keep going. You look as if you had
the golden Grail on your head. -Not anymore.
-Well, I’m holy. Do I look banged up? No, but you don’t look okay either. That was great. -Was it good?
-Yes. Where? Give me some. -We can’t just roll in there.
-Yes we can. -Hello.
-Hello. We’ve just left the cast room. My arm is in a cast. It has to be kept immobile,
according to the doctor. We have two pieces of news:
First, my cast, -and second:
-I think it is pretty cool. -Are you happy with it?
-Yeah. They took an x-ray but they
couldn’t really see any broken bones, which was really good. They told me
I should be fit again in two weeks. But after the two weeks I couldn’t
really stretch and bend my arm. I went to another doctor
and we did a CT scan to see what was going on in my arm. And then they saw a little piece
broke off of my elbow. Which means, I need to take some
more time off to be fit again. I’m not really sure if I can
still finish the video this year. We are in Innsbruck,
shooting the scene in which I jump
from the bridge onto a truck. I’m on top of it and continue
to jump onto a postal bus. The idea was to take
the truck out into nature. But it’s all a bit trickier
than we thought. This is a very large vehicle. That’s why it’s
a pretty big challenge. We’ll see and hope for the best. Let’s go. We are riding on the bus? Since we have a bus here for once. Hey guys, we are
looking good at the start. A pretty sick set-up,
a truck at the start, postal bus at the start,
tractor at the start. Set-up – 100! Let’s go! Okay, bus and tractor
start at “3, 2, 1, go”. Ready? Okay, 3, 2, 1, GO! Woohoo! I’m done. Walkie-talkie [inaudible] We have one final scene for our bus-theme. We are planning for the bus
to drive up to the bus stop I’m driving up, doing a 360 nose-drop, to get down. Ready, are you okay? Can you manage, Fabio? And the door opens. Shit! Fabio, are you okay? Ouch, I really hurt myself. We have to do it one more time. Do you have him properly? Okay then! -Woohoo!
-Epic. I gotta say,
today was a successful day. We’ve accomplished a lot. Especially when you think how
many factors are at play here and have to be perfect
from the beginning. We’re filming a final scene
and then we’re done for today. Yo! Hey guys, today we’re filming
an interesting scene, the shopping scene. Standing on the handlebar,
handlebar ride and doing a front flip
over the shopping cart. We don’t have a mat today,
but there’s some grass, very hard grass,
I’m trying to land in that. Hopefully it’ll work on asphalt. Let’s go. Yeah! Great, man! Let’s try it. Argh! Epic, Dude! You’d have to walk
over there with the pole. Right? That would be sensational. Cool, that was it. Whoa, that was close. Whoa! Dude! DUDE! You just got lucky, are you okay? Am I crazy or what? Dude! That would have been it. Yes, that would
have been completely… That would have been it, or not? Whoa! DUDE! Argh! Go! Ouch. Are you okay? That one hurt a little. Good thing you were
wearing a helmet. Well kids, no matter
what you are doing, always wear protection. Had I not been wearing a helmet… your battery would have been
crashed in two. Dude, you look terrible. Hey guys, welcome back to
my ultimate handlebar ride scene. Take number two. In the meantime we set up the camera, now we try again. Today hopefully without
the crashes like the last time. I am optimistic it’ll work out,
I trained for this. And…yes. Now we’re here. Let’s try the whole thing again,
let’s go. Ouch! It pinched the skin
from my ass into here See how little space there is. That really hurts. Hey guys, I think we’ll take it. We’ve spent so much time,
nerves and energy on it. It isn’t quite what I had planned… Sometimes it just
doesn’t happen. We’ve been pressed for time since we’ve been working
on this project for over a year. Jumping onto the handlebars
would have been next level, but we’re satisfied regardless. Also, we ran out of light. And we’re tired because we only just
got back from Canada last night. We’re still a little jet legged. Yo! It doesn’t look half bad,
it could be a little higher. The question is, if this works out. I think, you can only find out… -by trying it.
-by trying it. I am positively surprised
by the quality of the ramp. Now there’s only one
unknown factor, the weather. Think hard, what could be
the reason? The horses? It’s the fault
of the person to my left. There is no one. That’s right. I don’t know – cut! Fortunately we’ve received
permission from the municipality. We can take out everything that’s
in our way, blocking the approach. This one, in terms of
radius and everything… is probably the best
ramp we’ve ever built. Okay. On the bike, helmet on
and then, let’s go. You know what this reminds me of? The 300,000-subscriber special. That was really sick, compared to this one,
from a bridge that was much higher… Dude, that looks epic! I wonder what’s going to happen. Woohoo! Well, I think there’s a chance. Dude! Aquaman. It pisses me off a bit,
even though it’s water… there’s still a chance
for landing poorly. Dude, what are you doing? -Does it look good?
-Yes. Or not so good. Motivation. Let’s go! Yo! Woohoo! There, guys. Now, we’re doing one final
test jump of the double-flip and then it should work out. This was educational. I have to say, today was successful. To be honest, it was perfect. Everybody was pretty safe. We could have looked
for the wrong thing, -now we can, according to the…
-design a curve. Exactly, from the
recordings design a curve. And then we’ll see, what does it take to use the momentum, to calculate the angle,
the width etc. and now we can do this precisely
and that was very important. So, we are reconstructing
the trajectory and how the final set-up
is supposed to look, so I can land the jump. When you look at the clip in slo-mo, you see the trajectory
at first going up very steeply, then it flattens out going forward and then I am falling down abruptly. I believe the optimal angle
at the landing is 45 degrees. Rule-of-thumb. I don’t know if we’ve
talked about this before, the biggest challenge is really… to find the spot where this works. We can’t seem to find a spot. So, guys, amazing.
The day has come. I didn’t believe it was
still going to happen. We’re going to Vorarlberg, where we found a spot
for the double flip. And today is when it happens. It’s going to be epic and
I’m shitting myself already. But let’s go! After 400 meters
turn left towards Hof. Okay. Sick world, okay? We have a spot. Now I’m eager to see
if the spot really works. since I haven’t seen it
in real life. But we have our whole team here,
I hope it’ll work. Hey dude, DUDE! This is a lot steeper. Dude, this is a lot steeper
than it looked in photos and videos. That’s perfect. We are building it. The tension is mounting. In case I won’t make it back alive,
I wish you all the best. Dude, how steep is it here? I think I’m crazy. So, guys, we are standing here
in the out-run. Here’s the landing,
it’s extremely steep. I don’t know if the camera shows it. It’s 40, 45 degrees,
exactly what we were looking for. But, it’s really crazy,
if I can say so myself. And this is the out-run. The plan is to ride
down the hill once without backflip and ramp. Just to test if
the out-run works like this. Then jump with a single backflip,
that’s going to be really sketchy. And the third step is, just approach, pray, pull-up as much as possible, and wait for the landing. And hope, I’ll arrive
down here in one piece. Let’s go! Hey guys, the last preparations
are on the way. Everything is camouflaged. The set-up looks really good. I am shitting myself terribly, but I’m slapping my protectors on and then it’s a go. Yeah, exactly. Well, it’s time. Clothes are on, protection is on. How long have we
waited for this? A year? So, I’m going to ride down here. Honestly, I believe
this will be pretty cool. I wonder how much grip there is. I don’t think the grip is bad. I’m going down a bit. Okay. Woohoo. Okay, then! Let’s approach,
everybody in position. -And then we’ll get this done,
-Let’s go! Dude! Dude, do it! Yo, yes! Everything okay? Dude. Are you okay? Well, guys, that
wasn’t the out-run I wanted, but that’s part of it. Now full throttle. Tackle it. Come here. Exactly like that, it’ll work. First bump. Go full throttle,
be confident and get it done. Yeah! Woohoo! Dude, yes! That’s how you do it. At the bottom the ass came out. Cool, dude! Now we have the set-up. An asshole party, wow! You have to be willing
to bring sacrifice. I’ll gladly do that, wow. Dude, I thought you were
going to eat it again. I thought you were going
to wipe out and then just lie there. Yes! Yes! Boom!


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