Beautiful Justice: The PDEA team’s risky operation | Full Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

Sir! I don’t want to die yet, sir! Put down your guns! Sir!, I don’t want to die yet! Put them down! Put them down! Put down your guns! Down! That looks pretty. I’ll just buy it next time. Daddy, look! Boat! Can you buy it for me? Sure! But love, that’s not in our budget for the month. Let’s go. Our baby rarely asks for anything. Let’s go! Let’s buy your boat! Yehey! That was fun. It was. Speaking of fun, any plans for our anniversary? What do you want to do? We have no plans yet. No plans yet? What if you’re already planning something and you just don’t want me to know. You know I love surprising you, right? You have to tell me so that I know what to wear. What if I wear something inappropriate to the event? Oh! So your only concern is what you’re going to wear. Oh, you! Come on! You have to tell me! Come on! Okay, fine. I’ll give you a clue. It’s going to be the biggest surprise ever. Okay, fine! So tell me! I said it’s a surprise! I didn’t see you in the movie, father. I didn’t see you. You didn’t see me? When the main lead and the antagonist were fighting, they showed my arm. Your arm? Mother told our neighbors to watch that movie because you’re in it. But the movie only showed your arm? I’m the most famous stuntman in that movie! I even had a launching movie back in the day. Roman Bernardo! To the last bullet! I even remember your line in that movie. “I got you!” “As long as you got me too!” Corny! Corny? Let’s just eat! I’m so hungry! All right! I got you! Wow! I got my salary from my side job. Wow! My brother is going to treat us! Come on! We’ll wait for you. French fries! Hold on, Dennis! I don’t know what kind of side job that is. Come on, mother. Let’s eat. Hi, guys! I’m here with my boyfriend, Lance! And guys, our anniversary is coming up! One year anniv– Two years. Two years. Gosh! Just kidding! It’s been two years! I love you! I will love you more if you get a prize. All right. Here I go. Game! Game! Game! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Let’s go, babe! Where do you want to eat, father? I’m game anywhere because Dennis is going to treat us. Chicken? Chicken! Chicken! Guys, we won. First try, guys. First try. Amazing! Give me a kiss. Right? Love? Love, can you deliver Mrs. Dimalanta’s orders on your way? Because I still need to go to the precinct after I take Ronron to school. That’s right! You’re going to volunteer today. Okay. I’ll deliver the orders. Yehey! Thank you, my love. Thank you so much! So from here, go to Cubao on your way to Ortigas. Then on your way back, take EDSA on your way straight to work. Because if you take the C-5 road, you might get stuck in between the trucks that go there. Also, your parents will be here later. Your mom and dad will have dinner here so don’t be late later, okay? And then… And then… Oh, right! I need to drop the orders at the market after I take Ronron to school. Love, don’t be late for the dinner, okay? Yes, ma’am. Where is your son? Ronron? – Mom, I’m here.
– Come on now. Come down. You’ll be late to school. Why do you still have that? It’s broken. Daddy! Daddy! Can you fix the boat? Let me see. Come here. Gosh, baby boy. Is it okay if daddy fixes this later when I come back home? Because I have to go and you have to go to school. Okay, daddy. All right. Okay. Come on. Come on now. All of us might end up getting late. Say goodbye to your dad. Bye, daddy! Bye! Goodbye. Love, don’t forget the orders. Yes. Deliver those. Yes! All right. Take EDSA. Be careful. I always am. Love you. I love you. Be careful. Bye, baby boy. Bye, daddy! Bye! I just defended myself. I didn’t mean to kill him. Because if I didn’t do that, he might have killed me instead. Ma’am Nancy, does anyone else know about his threats against you? Our neighbors. But I have a feeling they were paid so that they won’t talk. Ma’am Nancy, based on your story… The process was wrong. Because if they did pay the witness, then that’s wrong. Because our law states that a witness cannot be prevented from releasing a testimony. Does that mean that you can help me? I will take this case to Attorney. Don’t worry. I believe that the truth will always prevail in the end. Thank you so much, ma’am. Thank you so much Thank you so much. You know what, Alice? It’s not too late for you to finish law school. I have students who continued their studies after stopping for a long period of time. You know what, Attorney? It’s not my priority. My husband and my son are my priorities right now. I’m okay with this set-up. At least I still get to help other people. Well, it’s a shame. You could have been a good lawyer. Let’s split up. The subject is approaching. Are you Dencio? Are you Lakan’s friend? You’re cute. I think I’ll make more transactions with you. I’m sorry. I don’t go out with men. Do you have money? Nice! Until next time. We’re from PDEA! Come with us! What the hell? Hey! Go that way! Vida! Vida! The subject got away. Hey! Come back here! Go after him! Go after him! So pretty! That’s good! Kitkat, you should really wait for the foundation to set. Yes, Mamu. And then apply foundation on the lips as well so that it will look better when you start contouring. Okay! Yes! You should make me look like Marian Rivera, all right? My gosh! Marian Rivera! After this, Dingdong won’t be able to tell you and Marian apart. And Kitkat? She’s really good at making people look like other celebrities. We’ll take care of you. Kitkat? Kitkat! Dennis was arrested! What? Sir, the family of Dennis is here. Bring them in. He might confess in front of his family. Mother. Dennis, my son. How are you? Did they hurt you? We didn’t hurt him. I already told you! You should have stopped dealing drugs a long time ago. Look at what happened. Sir. Can you just let my son go? He’s a nice boy. He’s just a bit troublesome. Just relax. Have a seat. That’s what we’re explaining to him, ma’am. We can let him go if he will cooperate with us. There you go! Just cooperate with them! What does he need to do? He just needs to tell us his source. Hold on. Isn’t that dangerous? He might be in danger if he does that. If he does that, he’ll become our asset. We won’t let anything bad happen to him. Have you no shame for our mother and father? They’re working honorably for you. We all work honorably for this family. Even if the pay isn’t much, we still do it for our family! And this is what you will do? When did you start doing this? When did it start? What else do you need? Our family is doing fine, right? We’re not that poor. We still eat three times a day. You even go to school. Our family is whole. And we love you! Did we raise you to be like this? I’m sorry! What? I’m sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I’m sorry, mother. I’m sorry, mother. Dennis, I beg you. Tell them who your source is. Give them what they want so that we can get out of here. So that you can start making it up to mother and father. Please! Sir. I really don’t know Ninang [Godmother]. But there’s a party. I’m supposed to meet my source at the party. You might find there what you’re looking for. Is everything all set? The flowers? The curtains? Yes, Lance. Everything’s set. We just need to put the curtains over… It should be over here. Here? And at the entrance? And the other two? I also put some lights. Nice! Perfect! I’ll just talk to Jerome. Okay? Thank you. Thank you. Girls! Hey! Are you sure that Brie will come? Of course! Sure? You can do it. Okay, fine. I trust you, guys. Good luck. Thank you. Thank you. Lance, the real question is: are you sure with what you want to do? Bro, I’ve never been more sure. Even if she doesn’t know you that well yet? Someone might hear you. I’m just joking. Bring out the curtains from the back. Ask Gigi for help. Guys, I’m sorry. It’s time for your last order now. Hey! Hey! Last? It’s still too early. Let’s wait a bit longer. So that we’ll earn more. She might arrive soon. Just a little bit? Renz! Okay! Okay! Okay! Jay, take their last orders now. Thank you! Thank you. He has dinner plans later. Dennis, our asset, told us that there will be a party at Manila Bay. That’s where he’s going to meet his source, Smokey. The details are still undisclosed but the partygoers are all on standby for the exact location of the party which will be revealed in 2200 hours. And there are unconfirmed reports that Lady M will also be there. Lady M, Godmother’s right hand? And according to our asset, he can take us inside the party. The others can pose as interested buyers while the other can pose as party goers. Once we find out the meeting place, we will plan our rendezvous point. I’ll go with the asset and once he receives the message regarding the exact location, we will inform you immediately. Gentlemen. So where’s this party? Why are you late? Where’s Decena, your partner? I texted him to meet me here but he said that today is his anniversary with his girlfriend so he’s off duty. What? I don’t care even if it’s his wedding day. Tell him that he should be at the party. Will make sure. Oh my God, Lance! You really closed the whole restaurant? Of course. I will do everything for you. Happy anniversary, babe. Happy anniversary. I just want you to know that this year has been the best year of my life. And it’s all because of you. Thank you because you chose me. We’ve been through so much. I don’t want to let you go anymore. So… Sabrina Cuevas. Will you marry me? Yes, Lance! Yes! So romantic! I thought you had plans today? Yes, this is the plan I told you about. Don’t worry. I’ll share the video to you so that you can post it online. Nanny! You too? You know everything, don’t you? Of course!
Do I have a choice? That’s why the restaurant didn’t earn much today. Hey, don’t say that. He closed it down. All right. Congratulations! I’m happy for you. Thank you. Thank you. I don’t know if we should tell our boss about our suspicion. It’s a difficult situation, Balagtas All we have are suspicions. We don’t have any evidence. We need to continue looking for evidence. But we have a lot already. Just keep those. When we get enough evidence, that’s when we start to find out who to turn to. What about the operation later? Let’s just do our jobs. What about the asset? He’s here. I never let him leave my sight. Make sure that he won’t change his mind. I knew it! How many times do I have to tell you that drugs will always get you in trouble? I’m telling you. Stop it! I’m sorry, father. I just wanted to help our family. And I don’t use drugs. I just sell them. It doesn’t matter! You don’t need to do that! Dennis, I know that we’re having a hard time with money right now. But that’s not the solution. Whichever angle you look at it, it’s still wrong! Dealing drugs is not a joke. You know what? Good thing that nothing worse happened to you. What if you went to jail? What if you got killed? That almost happened. And you have a younger sister. What kind of example are you setting for her? And you, Hershey. Don’t be like your brother. Just focus on your studies. Do you understand? Yes, father. Go now, Hershey. Go to your room. Do your homework. All right. Sir. Do we really need to do that? That’s the case. Dennis needs to tell us his accomplices so that we can arrest them. That’s their condition for letting Dennis free, father. Don’t worry. This is the last time. What time will Ronnie come? He’s on his way home. He just left the office late. If he finished law school, he could have had his own law firm. Then he would have been able to go home when he wants to. But Ronnie is happy with what he’s doing. Really? How could he be happy in PDEA [Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency]? He earns so little. And his life is always in danger. We’re surviving. Surviving? He could’ve had a wonderful life like his father and his grandpa. It’s too bad. He stopped law school. That’s where the generation of lawyers in my family ended. Grandpa, do you want to see my rescue boat? Sure, my grandson. Where is that boat? Come. Show me. Where, grandpa? Show me. I’ll follow you. Mom. Please don’t talk that way when Ronron’s here. The kid might know what’s happening. Why? What I said is true. If you didn’t get pregnant, I’m sure my son wouldn’t have married you. But maybe you intended to get pregnant just to make my son marry you. After all, what were you before my son married you? You were just a cashier’s daughter. Mom! Mom! Yes. My mom is just a cashier. But I have dreams, too. Especially when my father was still alive. I hope you thought about that first before you flirted with my son! Mom? What’s happening here? Talk to your wife. She’s been answering me back. She has no respect for me! Mom, believe me. I tried to keep quiet. But I can’t bear hearing you insult even my mother! You see? She’s even shouting at me. Mom, you know how much I love you. But if you still can’t accept my wife… and my family… maybe it’s better for you not to come here anymore so there’ll be no trouble. Ronnie, you arrived already. Dad. Rogelio, let’s go. But we haven’t eaten yet. I lost my appetite. Let’s go! Why did grandma and grandpa leave? Come on. Let’s eat. Love, sorry about what happened earlier. That’s okay. Do that later. You should take a rest. Love? Do you regret marrying me? Because if you didn’t have to support me and Ronon, you would’ve finished law school. Same with you. You would’ve been a lawyer by now. Do you have regrets? Objection, your Honor. Answering a question with another question. I asked you first. I think about it sometimes. What if I finished law school? What if I became a lawyer? Maybe I’ll be able to provide for you and Ronron more. So, yes. I regret that I wasn’t able to finish my studies. But I never had any regrets about us being together. The day when Ronron was born, that was the happiest day of my life. You two are the most important people in my life. It’s okay with me to lose everything except the both of you. What about you? Of course, not. I love you and Ronron very much. And I am willing to sacrifice anything for both of you. Okay? I love you. I love you so much. I love you. If I were you, finish that already so you can rest. Okay? Get some rest. How about you? You’re going to rest now? I still have an operation later. You’re the one who should rest. Okay? You’ve really outdone yourself. Wow. It was perfect. Of course. Nothing but the best for you. Wait. Do you think that you’re the only one who has a gift? Woah. This is new. Happy anniversary. Really? Wait. It’s cute, right? You know I love watches, right? Try it on. Hurry. Something’s written on it… I’m yours for all time. Corny. Babe. No, no, no. But I like it. I like it. Thank you so much. I love you. I love you. Father. I know you’re still mad at me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m mad at what you did. I’m not mad at you. Don’t worry, we’ll fix this. Okay? I love you very much. I love you very much, too. Love, where are you going? We have an operation, right? Did you forget? You even listed it here. I have to go. The team is waiting for me. I love you. I love you. Ronnie Vida! Ronnie! Where are you going? We have an operation, right? Did you forget? You even listed it here. I have to go. The team is waiting for me. Why? I had a dream that you were shot. It’s just a dream. Go back to sleep. I’ll be back. I’ll be here when you wake up. Okay? Maybe you shouldn’t go. I have a bad feeling. I’ll be back. I’ll see you in the morning. Be careful, okay? I’m always careful. It’s just a simple operation. I love you. I love you. Where are you going, daddy? I have to go to work. You should take care of your mommy while I’m gone. Okay, daddy. Okay. Go to sleep now. I have to go. I love you. I love you, daddy. Sir. They already sent a text message. My son. Do you really need to do this? Yes, mother. This will be the last time. I promise. After this, I will find a decent job. Dennis, why don’t you apply and come work for us? We are always in need of agents. Really, sir? I can be an agent? Of course, Dennis. I believe that you are a good kid. You just lost your way. But it’s not too late for you to change. And you have an advantage. If you become our agent, you already know how the syndicates work. Sir, thank you, anyway. But Dennis, if you’re going to look for work, please stay away from drugs. But if I become an agent, at least, I’ll be able to do something good. Somehow, I’ll be able to able to make up for all the bad things I did before. You don’t need to decide now. Go ahead, my son. Go now so that you can come back right away. My son, be careful, okay? Yes, mother. Sir, please look after our son, okay? Yes, ma’am. Don’t worry. I’ll bring him back in one piece. Dennis, this will be the last time, okay? Yes. I’m going to live a new life after this. Be careful there. Even if we suffered a business loss today… It’s worth it and I’m happy for you. Cheers! Cheers! Decena! Hey, Celis! Agent Ocampo sent me here to fetch you. He’s been calling you but you’re not picking up. My phone has low battery. Okay, I’ll just charge in the car. Give me the details later. Bro, sorry. I’ll take care of this. Take care. Take care. Lance! Lance! Where are you? I’ve been calling you. Sorry. Sorry. My phone died. I didn’t know that there’s a sudden operation now. It’s sudden. Let Agent Celis brief you. Anyway, I’ll see you there at the Rendezvous Point. I’m on the way. Bad trip! Why? It’s heavy traffic here in Agoncillo. It’s not moving. Lance, I won’t be able to make it. Okay. Okay. He won’t be able to make it. Where’s the team? In the van. Let’s go. Here. It’s a surveillance camera. Let’s survey the plan. This is the entrance to the dock. We’ll enter here with Dennis. I’m sure they’re going to inspect us. So we must not bring anything inside. Balagtas, you need to go to the back. Once you’re in position, signal our diver so that you can get our guns. Then let’s meet at the hallway. So that you can give us the weapons. That’s where you come in, Dennis. You’ll introduce us to your source. So that he can bring us to Lady M. Alright, gentlemen. This is the way to the VIP room. Come in. My boy, Dennis, brought with him Hunter and Chuck. They had a problem with their previous supplier. That’s why they’re here. You guys want to have a drink with me first? Sure. Great. Let’s go. Your name is Hunter, right? I like your name. Just like me, I’m always out for new adventures. You want to dance again? Sure. Everyone! I think it’s time to bring this party up on deck! Let’s go! Not for you, guys. We’ll stay here. We have some business to do, right? Stay here. I’m going to bring my guests upstairs. Okay? Let’s go! Another round? No. I’m good. Yeah? Actually, I’m going to get some fresh air. Let’s go. You sure? Another round? Dennis? Don’t use your communication devices. Let’s pull out. Our hunch is right, Balagtas. Alright, boys. Let’s get down to business. Smokey? Take care of them. PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency)! We’re from PDEA! Put down your guns! Sir, we’re going to get killed here, sir. Put that down! Sir, I don’t want to die yet, sir! Put your guns down! Put your guns down! Put them down!

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