Austin Community College – Criminal Justice – Peace Officer Sequence Program

>>[music]>>What are you about
to do here?>>I’m getting ready to
drive this driving course.>>And how are you
going to drive it?>>As fast as I can [laughter].>>Go.>>In law enforcement or
any emergency organization, they’re going to be able to
drive a high rate of speed and the object of this course
is to combine that speed with accuracy in driving. [tires squeal].>>The whole course is a
Peace Officer Sequence Program and what these folks
end up with is they have at least an associate’s
degree in criminal justice and they will be able to
take the state license exam to become a peace officer.>>Alright, two rounds
in each magazine. Two rounds in each
magazine coaches. We’re starting fire arms today. It is just about
orientation, familiarization. Getting them used to handling
the weapons, getting them used to the range commands. [gun clicks].>>Load and make ready.>>I’m already a police
officer for the VA but we don’t have a
state certification; we’re just federal. [Gunfire] I’m taking this to
get my state certification so I can use it in Texas.>>Lines ready. Threat. [Gunfire] We’ve
got all backgrounds too. We’ve got folks with military
background here, we’ve got folks with former law enforcement
backgrounds, we have Corrections
Officers and we have students that are just folks
wanting to get into it. [tires squeal].>>I want to be a
police officer. I want to make a difference. That’s what I want to do.>>As far as the academic
program that we do in Austin Community College, there are only four
academic alternative programs in the whole state and
we’re considered to be one of the premier programs. [music].

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