Attorney General William Barr Threatens To Skip House Hearing Thursday | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. He THINKS he can dance around… but take a second look– or even just the first look– at this hippo will prove that he can't really dance.

  2. Here's an idea how Republicans can really teach the Democrats a lesson they will never forget!

    Can you imagine the grandeur of President DJ tRump, his Cabinet, and every Republican Politician and their supporters gathering together in one place for a huge day of Protest against the Democrats!

    Then at the stroke of MIDDAY at the conclusion of one of tRumps "GREAT RALLYING SPEACHES" they all Join together in a mass ritual of SEPPUKU!

    Now that would go down in World History!!!

    As the Day that The USA became "REALLY SANE AGAIN"

  3. Remember when committes ran investgations that weren't partisan witch-hunts? This is the weakest, and most corrupt House of Representatives in American history. No one is going to give these coup plotters anything, but time.

  4. Put their butts in the klink if they do not show up AND answer all questions! Pretty sure they will change their minds in short time!

  5. This is beautiful. The DEMS commit the Crime and then go on a fishing expedition to see how many of them are going to jail….LMFAO

  6. To allow barr to say he's not going to show up and then do nothing because he's just going to spin things is ridiculous. His way of answering questions just shows his corruption. House Democrats need to step it up and get this taken care of! This needs to come to an end. And Congress needs to begin bringing this to an end. If this monster can be elected once, he can be elected twice. He has the russians, and perhaps other hostile regimes, to back him up. And he does nothing about this. Think about that. He needs to be removed from office.

  7. Barr is a Trump stooge everybody knows that it's one big gang of Republican thieves who lie, cheat elections, destroy democracy, avoid tax, work with anybody that allows them to make money or milk the taxpayer. Impeachment proceedings will start soon , its coming.

  8. Just have the lawyer text each next question to Nadler as he goes and Barr may figure out that he's been had but too late

  9. Go get them Barr. All of them. Nadler and Schiff running their holes about evidence when there is none and was started to save jobs and promotions based on HRC winning the presidency. She lost and everyone else lost that covered for her and the crap they used as tactics to unseat a duly elected President. This is the approach of elitists, entitlements and passivists.
    The swamp is getting scared and the draining has started. Those who have everything to hide scream the loudest. The FBI, Benghazi, 33,000 emails, leaking of classified materials to the Russians. This one forgot, that one forgot, this one took the 5th, that one took the 5th, this one can't remember or recall, that one don't recall, this one was not in charge, that one not in charge, he was in charge, she was in charge…on and on.
    The reckonings are coming, so, finish draining the swamp Mr. President. I've always said "you can't drain a swamp without flooding the dam."
    Finally, the only President in office since Andrew Jackson with the balls to make it happen and the spine to see it through. First, it has to be forced by starting with subpeana's so excuses can't be used to wiggle out. The Clinton's are gone but are about to come front and center.
    What is about to totally unravel will be fun to watch.

  10. You can just tell that AG Barr is going to be the next person who Trump starts distancing himself from. It’s a one-way street with loyalty in trumps circle.
    Soon will come the whole “I was never really fond of Barr anyway” or “Barr was never actually my choice for Attorney General”
    Right before he throws him under the bus and tries to blame Barr for anything and everything – so if Barr does get cross-examined with regards to his “summary” versus the actual Report and answers with anything not in Trumps best interests.
    He’s not the most important witness anyway so I personally can see Barr changing his “propaganda” narrative he regularly churns out.


  12. Dems are desperation mode and cannot handle the truth about the Mueller Report. Now they attack Barr who
    had ZERO to do with the reports findings of NO collusion, NO obstruction. Barr will crush them and when his
    investigation reveals who was responsible for the Russia collusion sham,indictments will soon follow.Game over.

  13. He has to act as if he's a bully–to satisfy the WH bully. He'll come in 'cuz he knows he must according to law.

  14. Mueller letter revealed that he was disgusted with how Barr portrayed the report to favor Trump. Bring up Barr on obstruction.

  15. And American is fine with Trump WH using tax payer money to destroy the justice that we have in America.The American people should be outraged

  16. Mr. Barr is America's greatest AG EVER! Mr. Barr is correct, he does not have to answer to political hacks other than the political hacks that were voted into congress.

  17. There is little that Barr has to offer. Give him a stage and he will dance. We already know who is playing his tune. However, there is nothing protecting everyone else in the Trump Regime. Go ahead and subpoena cabinet members and everyone else. Put them in prison. We already know that Trump's been running for 2020 since the day after the inauguration. Now, he's just trying to run out the clock. There are more lawyers in Washington D.C. than fleas on a dog. There shouldn't be any problem running these Trump people all through the courts to reassert the right of Congress for Oversight. I particularly want to hear what Mueller has to say and Rosenstein, after his retirement is effective.

  18. The U.S. Marshall's Service contracts with 1,800 state and local governments to rent jail space. No reason why the House can't make similar arrangements in DC.

  19. Of course he won't testify now that Mueller has written a letter of complaint to Barr objecting to the characterization of his report. "it did not reflect the context, nature and substance" of his work!

  20. Great, we have a president Above the Law and now an attorney general who is above the law. o need to worry. What could possibly go wrong?

  21. Gosh, Attorney General Barr is so busy landing his plane, so busy getting his arms around something he just can't see his way clear to follow the law himself. With all these folks in the Trump Administration refusing to do what all the rest of us must do, I wonder why we should even be paying them their salaries and perks. How can Congress make good laws if Congress cannot understand the problems over which it has jurisdiction? The 5 minute limit on questions and answers in live hearings more often than not leaves citizens angry and frustrated at both the committee participants and witnesses.

    But, heck, what does a measly citizen matter to the big enchiladas who work for the Bigger Enchilada?

    What we want to know, what the citizens need to know seems never to matter to Trump and his bad hombres. All of them so busy landing planes, getting their arms around whatever….

  22. @LO'D
    Barr should be Impeached, Disbarred, Charged, Tried & jailed after being found guilty.

  23. Why is it so lost on Republicans that Barr's response to the Mueller Report has, in the light of the actual report, increased citizen suspicions of what the Trump campaign was up to before the election and what it is up to now. Barr has simply added to the picture of obstruction, and linked both himself and his agency to it. He must explain himself to the citizens. This is his duty and this is his job. We do not pay him to play political games on our dime.

    Congress must deliver us safe, secure and non-partison election process protections. We cannot accept the Trump campaign behavior anymore than we can accept what the Russians did and are still doing. The world is watching the oldest democracy in the world, wondering how we will deal with the reality before us. Whether we get this problem solved, whether we emerge stronger, safer, wiser and more perfected is a priority test of the strength of our democracy right now.

  24. O'Donnell and his merry nitwits. Let's see here, how many times have you been wrong and outright lied about anything Trump? Oh that's right, almost always. With such talent, no wonder MSNBC is a joke.

    The truly sad thing is to read these comments here and see just how many undereducated fools there are in this country. Your coup is falling apart and it is about to turn seriously ugly for a lot of folks. Barr is very much like Trump, he doesn't need the job and you can't scare him into doing anything.

    This will be very entertaining. 🙂

  25. This isn’t a matter of desire to impeach. I don’t want them to impeach due to the divisiveness it causes. HOWEVER, this isn’t about what we want to do… it’s about what we NEED to do. We need to impeach since this presidency has provided cause. We need to impeach due to the precedent, regarding acceptable behavior in the presidency. We need to impeach to determine what what other illegal activity the president has been part of, other than conspiracy. This isn’t about what we want to do… it’s about what’s expected of us. So let’s get this done and hold congress to the standard we should be able to expect.

  26. Liars , liars , liars , liars , they are all liars . Trump and his children are liars . Bob Barr is a liar . Sara Sanders is a liar . Kelly Ann is a liar . Rod Rosenstein is a liar . Cohn is going to jail for lying . All of them are liars . This country was built on lies . Lies can't stand . This country won't stand either . You can see this country collapsing . White people are truly shameless . Native people said hundreds of years ago , white man speaks with a fork tongue . They were lying then and they are still lying now !!!

  27. Democrats need to start actually holding up the law and start arresting people who violated subpoenas. Barr and others will fall in line quite quickly or they too will have fun in a jail cell.

  28. Barr needed to look no further than the title of many op-eds and a book to understand that if his immense ego took him to Mount Doom, it would result in him not handing over the ring. 'Everything Trump Touches, Dies'. Say good-bye to your legacy, your honor, your stature as an honorable and fair justice. You signed on for Trump, and now you are rotten fruit. Rotten and spoiled and feted.

  29. BREAKING NEWS: A.G. Barr to resign before Congress hearing on May 02. Commits perjury to congress Apr.10. More to come….

  30. Youtube video "Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash an Entire Nation". Now Demon Rats will know why they believe communist ideology and hate President Trump a true Patriot and our GREATEST President. MSNBC you are traitors to our nation shame on you!

  31. Trumpitis is a disease that needs to be eradicated starting with quarantining Barr, Rosenstein and Graham in the State penitentiary

  32. An Administrator in Pompeii was crucified for corruption by his second in command…Just saying, Billy….

  33. They should get everything the repigs would have demanded, including the underlying evidence and the scuff marks on the friggin' floor!

  34. Trump, when the live hearings start, it's going to be for you like a pig being eviscerated alive!!!!

  35. These three gentlemen are so clear in their thoughts and words and such a contrast to Trump and his GOP.

  36. Would AG Barr like an escort to the House Judiciary Committee meeting? I am sure that the Sargeant at Arms and some Federal Marshals would be happy to protect him while he meets with the committee.

  37. never seen three people that look like each other yet oddly very different yet oddly so similar. pretty weird.

  38. Well it's time to convict the spies and Barr will be the one who will be pointing fingers at the clueless victims who helped spy on the president.

  39. I remember Fred Johnson doing those cheesy reverse mortgage commercials and a couple of television shows.

  40. If Barr is subpoenaed and doesn't show up he should go to jail. If I'm subpoenaed and don't show up, guess what happens to me. No man is above the law!!!

  41. That was the GOP I had respect for. Both Dems and Republicans getting to the truth on behalf of the American People, Imagine that!

  42. I’m sure everyone that knows of or is involved in criminal activity could just ignore subpoenas with no repercussions.

  43. Nadler subpoenas Barr. Barr refuses to come. Look people, when the DOJ acts like a crime syndicate, it's all over but the firing squads and the kangaroo courts. There ain't gonna be any 2020 at the rate we are going.

  44. It's OK. if he refuses to testify, Trump will pardon him. And that alone is worth any career damaging consequences or legal implications he may have to face in the future, right Billy boy?

  45. I dont believe a word from lawrence, msn is so bias against potus trump, some times msn is worst than the demoncrats in the hill and laurence is like a desperate demoncrat and isnt like a journalist.

  46. The government hasn't been under such an internal siege since the Civil War. Those who took an oath to protect the country/uphold the Constitution are in violation of duty. History will recount, the Dark Days of US Democracy, how Republican officials subverted American Constitutional Democracy.

  47. They got one thing right. This is going to be a long game. They know that the USA is not behind Impeachment. Not with paychecks and Bank Accounts going up. Once you leave CA and move into America the Majority of Americans heard AG Barr and agree this whole thing is over. Now the Dems can play this game but once the Facts that the IG is gathering and the investigations into the Spying come out the game ends. SO it is going to be a interesting 16 Months and then in JAN 2021 when President Trump is Sworn in for his Second term Washington will once again go back to work for America and the American Citizens, HAVE A MAGA DAY BABY

  48. Subpoena AG Barr and he will ignore it WHICH HE CAN DO.
    FFS you democrats particularly those in MSNBC know full well that the only ones to commit crimes are the Dems. The Dems have committed treason, sedition and will hang. If I was Brennan, Clinton or Obama I would very scared.

  49. Talk about, "skirting the truth". WOW
    MSNBC . . . Surprise!
    This is no longer, pro-liberalism. It is nothing more than lies and manipulation.
    I go from anti-Trump to pro-Trump.
    Well played?
    This "anti-truth-morality card", is a bridge too far.

  50. I only made it 12 comments before I started feeling dumber for reading .
    MAGA 2020

  51. All I want to say is I thank God for the men that came together to give us the Constitution..the by laws that help keep America safe and against the evil that we might do to ourselves they were wise very truthful so we can remain free and able live out our dreams and preventing anyone to lead us from freedom and Justice for all..Today it stands against lies and to any who would try to lead is away from being controlled by lies and greed.. America you are being exam exposed your corruption will be brought down.. Barr! Trump and all who follows..It was God who bless through all the tools and snare we already have come looking for a better life ..The Russian has tried to destroy our democracy. Never! For in God we trust..What we looking at is the battle between Truth and Lies.. Since the beginning of time .A Lie has brought death to this world..I pray as I know others are praying that those who are against truth to let go of there lying ways. America will not be governed by Lies!..God bless 👃 America!🇱🇷👃

  52. The dems have to get Barr out.  He’s going to investigate how this
    $25 M farce started and if the truth comes out it don’t good for
    them.  They will do what they do best, waste time and money.

  53. Truly amazing how stupid you sheeple are!! You just don't get it…you will wish you had paid attention a bit sooner!!

  54. He did speak the truth. Just because it's not what you all wanted to hear. It's a true shame that this is happening. Can't you all see what is really going on!!?? It's a bigger picture!! WAKE UP!

  55. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler ignored House rules, dismissed Republican motions and refused 40 attempts to permit committee debate, regular order and amendments so he could get the Democratic majority on the committee to impose the unreasonable requirement that Attorney General Barr be questioned by a Democratic and a Republican attorney. Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec called Nadler's demands "inappropriate" and said Barr would answer questions from elected House members on the panel. “Chairman Nadler placed conditions on the House Judiciary Committee hearing that are unprecedented and unnecessary," Kupec said.

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  57. Mosco_Mitch-EPUBLICAN ARE SO AFRAID! THEY CAN NOT OPEN THEIR MOUTH NOW WIT TRUMP RACISM!!_On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper took the time to point out all of the Republicans who refused to come on the air to discuss the atrocities of the weekend. The list is longer than you’d expect, and it shows just how incompetent and inept the Republican Party really is. They know what the issue is, but they can’t speak out about it because they are terrified of the NRA. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.DOMESYIC TERROTISM!! PROMOTED BY THE USA PRESTDENT TRUMP!! B AD THE GOP! ???? THEY NOW CAN"T SPEAK! DON"T OPEN THEIR MOUTH!! MOW THEY GET MUTE!!-REPUBLICAN ARE SO AFRAID! THEY CAN NOT OPEN THEIR MOUTH NOW WIT TRUMP RACISM!!__On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper took the time to point out all of the Republicans who refused to come on the air to discuss the atrocities of the weekend. The list is longer than you’d expect, and it shows just how incompetent and inept the Republican Party really is. They know what the issue is, but they can’t speak out about it because they are terrified of the NRA. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.DOMESYIC TERROTISM! PROMOTED BY THE USA PRESTDENT TRUMP!! BUT THE GOP! ???? THEY NOW CAN"T SPEAK! DON"T OPEN THEIR MOUTH!! N OW THEY GET MUTE!!——The list is longer than you’d expect, and it shows just how incompetent and inept the Republican Party really is. They know what the issue is, but they can’t speak out about it because they are terrified of the NRA. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousinsdiscussethis.DOMESYIC TERROTISM!! PROMOTED BY THE USA PRESTDENT TRUMP!! B AD THE GOP! ???? THEY NOW CAN"T SPEAK! DON"T OPEN THEIR MOUTH!! MOW THEY GET MUTE!!-REPUBLICAN ARE SO AFRAID! THEY CAN NOT OPEN THEIR MOUTH NOW WIT TRUMP RACISM!!—-RACIST HAVE THE RESULT THEY EXPECTED! TRUMP AND GOP SENATORS ARE NOW HAPPY!!! WHAT TRUMP DECLARE PUBLICLY AN OFFICIAL MASQUERADE ON HIPPOCRATES ON THE MOST INSULTING ALL PEOPLE INTELLIGENCE! ALL THE WAY!

  58. People need to start getting locked up if you put handcuffs behind someone that's obstructing justice I can promise you people are going to start cooperating more

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