Arnold Schwarzenegger on Son-in-law Chris Pratt, Pranking Sylvester Stallone & Terminator’s Return


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  2. it's really him who makes the lines iconic, yes they're great but his delivery .. he was OWNING those iconic lines! love him, so funny, so nice, so muscular.

  3. It's one thing for the Guvinator and action star to talk about your workout, but Arnold was Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia. He spent half a lifetime body-building before movies. Plus, Arnold is just such a genuinely nice guy.

  4. It's an amazing experience watching this movie! Coming from an ardent terminator fan since the first 1984's inception!
    The story and direction is very focused and not dragged. Felt really sad at some of the emotional moments in the film and it has an uncanny resemblance to T2. There are about 4 awesome moments of exceptional terminator fight!
    We, as true fans, must welcome this movie because they, (Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger) have done this movie for us, fans! It's not like they are in dire need of money. And that is something that needs to be appreciated for sure!
    Watch it for the nostalgic experience with all the sprinkles of the original T2 baseline story!

  5. Yea I can just picture them showing up to tell him he needs to evacuate. He's like "I'll be back" then next thing you know 2 minutes later he comes smashing out the front window with the miniature pony over his shoulder and the dogs under his other arm.

    In other news (the ridiculous and disturbing but also REAL news) according to Agent Orange himself, California is now on their own, he's cutting funding because there's too many fires and it's apparently because of bad management on the Governor's part…..yay America!

  6. Why give air time to Piece of Human Garbage Arnold Schwarzenegger?
    Maybe because I am atheist I have way better morals than so call religious people that go out to watch his movies.
    Shame on you Jimmy Kimmel, for not having a soul or moral.
    Maybe your kid will marry an assh**e just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I think it will very funny!

  7. This guy always puts a smile on my face. This guy is a living legend, truly lived many lifetimes in his span of 70 years.

  8. I love Arnold, most of us do but man I hate how all of his interviews are talking about his movies and full of humour when he has so much to tell about nutrition, health and training, environmental issues and goal focusing and achievement.

  9. Just imagine moving to another country barely speaking the language then becoming a huge celebrity, marrying into the royal family, then becoming governor of one of the largest states. A great man in the greatest nation on earth.

  10. So Jimmy you don't think forest management works??? Not talking about rapping the forest but thinning it out. Jimmy , you sir are an idiot? Stick to being an overpaid jester?

  11. Somehow, I was expecting him to pull out Gandalf's denial of passage to the Balrog. Made myself chuckle when, having imagine Arnie pulling off the line as Gandalf, the Balrog just stopped dead and said, "Huh?! What did you say?"

  12. Sorry on this one Trump was right again, it is liberal madness that is causing some of the fires from deadwood and undergrowth.
    Why the liberals always have to try to make it like they know what's going on.
    Definitely I like Arnold, the host is your typical late night mocker of all good things.
    Crowd is disconnected from reality like usual, Latter-Day dumb down, thriving on selected information, puppets of the left-wing propaganda machine.
    Stop the socialist take over that will steal and oppress all freedoms and liberties.
    If they win we are done as a people and never will they release power.
    Trump 2020 !!!

  13. This is probably the funniest interview I've seen in a while. Is always thrilling to hear Arnold speaking and how much joy he has explaining his work and life. Total class act the T-800. Haha the wizard of oz catchprhase stole the show.

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  15. He really is a likeable guy. Huge star, I mean…this dude is arguably the single most recognizable person on the planet. He's pretty affable. Great interview too. I was smiling all the way through it.

  16. Arnold is my Absolute Hero since the time of his movie Commando……….and no one can replace him……… one……….love you Arnold………

  17. It will be a very very sad day when this legend & Stallone pass on, they have thought and inspired so many generations. May both of you always stay in good health.

  18. This was a GREAT interview with Arnold!!! I was laughing my head off when he was reading the famous lines at the end in "Arnoldese". Thanks Jimmy for a fantastic good time here!
    Old Man Muscle

  19. 3:18 you need to enter the new liquid metal mimetic polyalloy and/Or at least the t800 tissue over hyperalloy endoskeleton one

  20. Very ignorant to ask a ridiculous question about his accent. I'm American born and raised here yet raisee by latin parents bilingual so I have an accent. It's called having a different tongue being multi lingual jackass

  21. Arnold's not only the greatest body builder/ action movie actor in the world, he is incredibly interesting and funny. Also he was a governor of California. This guy sees challenges and laughs at them.

  22. He's a billionnaire. Chris might make more right now, but he's got years to go to get his bank. Him & Sly both dated Bridgette Nielsen. Arnold lived w/her first then she dated & married Sly. This movie was good. Some of the others in between not so much.

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