Army Drill Sergeant YELLS At Judges on American Idol 2019 | Idols Global

How you doing good, how are y’all very good Good Tell us who you are. Tell us a little bit. I Gotta breathe. Sorry Living is breathing. Yeah, absolutely I need another one. I’m good. I’m good. I think I got ha ha ha. My name is Landon Knowlton. I’m from Tupelo, Mississippi Wow, yeah, yeah, I’m a sergeant in the army I know you want to be nice to us because you want to possibly go to Hollywood. Sure But can you talk to us as though we’re in you’re in the unit in there? Yeah, we’re gonna sleep. We’re just a bunch of punks. Yeah Salty’s. All right, sorry, here we go. So I got to pull out the knife and this is what every sergeant hands I’m not even listening to you sergeant. I’m straight so If you don’t give me what you hold me right now. You’re gonna be doing push-ups all night. Yes, sir What’s a push-up never done? You need to sit up and the front leaning rest and give me 20 right now? You got Tony I’m account amount you want I need to know What is a real push-up is it with the knees down? You need to get up from me the rest feedback push all the way down with that chest touching the ground That ain’t no pushup, actually those are pretty good those are good miss Perry you’re gonna have to try again those aren’t Alright soldiers Because I know the rules. All right Tex when I get down there you don’t come back teach me a proper a t-shirt, so See me your pants. You need to get your thumbs like this. That’s right. Put them on the seam of your pants That’s attention right here. How close do you get to our face when you scream at us? Give it to me get anybody in the position of attention Private Richie if I see you flinch look at me or laugh. You’re gonna die son. Yes, sir. Miss Perry This parent we thought nobody missed profit. Oh My gosh, alright, so what we’re gonna do now Addie’s alright soldiers here we go at ease This is what that eases are waiting shoulder-width apart. That’s right You need to put your hands interlocked and thumbs like this put them behind your back right there company Oh tears puff Miss Perry Private This miss things. Thank you, sir. Thanks. Very good. Oh, man, I’m exhausted. Oh, man Concentrating is exhausting. I need a snack. Yeah, it’s like drool rod. No, that was sweat sweat sweat. Okay. Okay drool It’s understand All right. What are you gonna sing for us today on this sing a song by need to breathe called washed by the water? Let’s do it one of the favorites Dad, it was a preacher She was is why Just trying to make the world a little better, you know, Jean a lot See them in the rainfall We though in the flood shots rise we bow in Hong Kong I am washed by the water We even win here from us on my feet Even where the ones I turn around crucify me Bopha won’t fire won’t stall as long as you’re around Yeah, good job though Ronald you know, I just don’t know what this niggas in the air. I don’t know what’s happening And I think by giving you an opportunity to scare the hell out of us it loosens you up just a little bit I know there’s more in there. I’m hopefully there’s more in there but I like what you’re doing Thank you towards the end of that song I feel like maybe you were trying to like blowhard or show off maybe surgeon I think actually you have such a beautiful subtle texture that you don’t always have to feel like you have to compete in that way Gosh you they’re totally on the money. You’ve got a real voice. Yeah, it’s not perfect from start to finish But I think you’ve got a soul in your voice That’s really natural and real and I think people are gonna buy into it You should know all about working hard being a surgeon you first got to be Talented and then you got to work really hard and then hopefully you’ll catch a lucky star and and that lucky star maybe on American Idol right on IBS I’m a yes. You’re going to Hollywood Rish it was great to meet you guys You


  1. Impressive that a DI has a good voice. They usually destroy them yelling at recruits.

  2. So. MONUMENTALLY. Fake.
    Not the Sergeant. We talk to punks, maggots, hipsters, and other lesser mortals like that all time. But the fake, connived, pre-constructed bullshit from the judge's panel is just ridiculous. And for the record, a properly trained and motivated Drill Sergeant /Instructor would have Lionel Richie and Katy Perry in tears within 3 minutes… without mentioning their families or personal mating habits.

  3. We had a drill instructor boss, when he would call everyone for a meeting….in a massive building….he was 100x louder than this guy. It was deafening if you were next to him and he was just messing around.

  4. Why didn’t he lose his shit for them calling a Non-commissioned officer “Sir”? If I called a Sergeant “Sir” I’d get more than an ass chewing and have to do push-ups.

  5. Anyone else think that this is the most cringiest thing to watch? Bet when he gets back to unit all the blokes gonna rip into him something proper

  6. A sergeant can double up as a drill sergeant but the real specialist drill sergeant will always be way more intimidating as it is their job to train and to rewire the mind and body for military function

  7. As entertaining as that might be, Drill Sergeant's are no longer allowed to use a "knife" hand towards a private in Basic, so as entertaining as it might be, get your facts straight about the military

  8. 😂if someone told their drill sergeant to stop 😯😬that person would be getting yelled at from all angles

  9. Sir? You only call officers sir, you call enlisted by their rank. So they would say yes Sgt. You get your a&& handed to you if you if you do otherwise and it's drilled in during boot camp.

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