Anthony, Criminal Justice & Public Policy

my name is Anthony Lenarduzzi, my
hometown is Windsor Ontario and I am in the Criminal Justice and Public Policy
program which is a Bachelor of Arts specifically like the program and the
campus I think was like two of like the major things, I knew somebody who was in CJPP about like four years ahead of me I volunteered at swimming lessons and she told me about the program back in grade 10 and I was like oh that’s cool and I
kind of kept a tab on my web browser for about three years until
I realized oh yeah it’s time to apply to university I came here for a campus
tour during Fall Preview Day and I was like absolutely loved it, it’s
amazing and I chose right away definitely I had like I’ve participated
a lot in like the snapchat chats because that was like an easy way for me to kind
of talk to people who actually knew what they were talking about without coming all the way here just to do that and then i did as i mentioned i came for Fall
Preview Day which really solidified like my choice to come here like the campus
itself is just so like beautiful that when I came here I knew like right away specifically what interests me about CJPP was that I didn’t have to double
major in criminology and political science cause those were kind of like
my two areas of things that I really really like, i’m interested in, I really
like criminal law and like the law and how we can change that and change that
through public policy and politics so those two things together in one program
would make it that I wasn’t so like overloaded with courses and I didn’t
have to make sure that I was taking courses in the summer and that kind of
stuff to get through my program first few weeks there was a lot of ramen
noodles being had but after the first few weeks I kind of settled in I live in
East so I have a kitchen so thankfully my mother taught me how to cook before I
came here so that really really did help in my transition I would say making time
for like myself has been the most challenging part of the first semester
because I really do like to get involved and do things but I need to sometimes
realize that you can’t do everything in university you have a lot of schoolwork
you have midterms to study for there’s not just one round of midterms even
though it sounds like Oh midterms should be in the middle of the semester you
have two rounds of it terms so you got to make sure that you’re spacing out time
for those you’re studying you’re getting your papers, in so that kind of time
planning has been definitely one of the challenges but it’s one of the things
that makes you better suited to be here I would say like the most important
thing that I’ve learned is to to take time for yourself and whether that be
going out to Creelman’s to get food or taking time to go to the library just
sit down and read a book or do something that just make sure that you have time
for yourself because if you don’t you’re gonna get overwhelmed and when you have no energy you’re overwhelmed you’re gonna get burnt out and then
you’re not gonna be able to do as good a job as you want to do definitely bring food during O-Week because if you have food you are the most loved person on
your floor, in your suite, wherever you are in, your alcove, if you have food
people will come to you and it makes it a lot easier to make friends

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