Another Court Tells Trump To Turn Over His Financial Documents

Yesterday, three judge panel voted two to
one on the second circuit court of appeals to force Donald Trump to comply with subpoenas
from the house of representatives and turn over all of his financial records that they’re
seeking, including those from Deutsche bank. Now this is just the latest in a long line
of legal defeats that Donald Trump has suffered with regards to his financial records. And
so far every court that’s looked at this says, yeah, they have the authority to do this and
no, Mr. Trump, you are not above the law. You have to comply with these subpoenas. Now
what’s interesting about this one, and of course, yes, it’s going to be appealed. The
Supreme court may or may not take it up. They’re still trying to decide right now if they’re
going to take up the one that was already appealed to them. But anyway, the ruling,
the way they ruled on this case is absolutely critical. And here it is. This is directly from the
ruling. It is the interest of two con, uh, of two congressional committees functioning
under the authority of a resolution of the house of representatives authorizing the subpoenas
at issue to obtain information on enforcement of anti money laundering slash counter financing
of terrorism laws, terrorist financing, the movement of illicit funds through the global
financial system, including the real estate market, the scope of the Russian government’s
operations to influence the U S political process and whether the lead plaintiff was
vulnerable to foreign exploitation. Now a lot of that, some people may say, okay, I
didn’t understand a word of that, so let me break it down a little bit more. The committees
that have subpoenaed these records have authority to investigate what they think may be crimes
or potential crimes. Donald Trump is not exempt from these investigations. So this committee
is given the authority and the scope that Trump’s lawyers tried to argue they don’t
have. Cause remember Trump’s lawyers have repeatedly
gone to court and said, no, they can’t have these records because it’s not related to
any kind of law that they’re trying to pass. They just want it to attack the president.
So this court says, guess what, they don’t only write laws, they also get to investigate
all of these other things and that’s going to absolutely destroy the future of this case
for the Trump administration. And I believe that’s probably why the judges wrote it in
the way they did. Because here’s another thing people have to realize, yeah you can appeal
a court ruling, right? But in the appeal you have to be able to explain why the initial
ruling was incorrect. Did something happen? Was someone tainted, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah. All of that. You can’t just say, I don’t like it. I’m appealing next court please. Cause the next court’s going to say you can’t
just appeal cause you don’t like it. You have to give me a reason why something wrong happened
in that lower court. And this lower court just took away the administration’s argument.
Now those still make the argument, no make it in their appeal. But this gives the higher
court clearance to say, listen, we looked at it. We have determined that there was no
wrongdoing, there was no flawed logic in the reasoning, and therefore we will not take
up the case. That’s what this lower court did, which by the way, had one liberal appointee
and two conservative appointees, and yet they still said, you got to turn over these records.
You got to look at what the ruling say, because that is where the case is made or broken,
not just now, but in the future, and these justices set it up so that in the future it’s
going to be very hard for the Supreme court to say that these judges were wrong.


  1. Just add the name of this court to the list of all the other courts tRump is going to ignore.
    The funny thing is, if I was to ignore a court order, I would be locked up until I complied.
    So the big question here is…How does tRump keep getting away with this?

  2. A snake oil salesman, he blatantly lies, bribes then excoriates others for not being loyal to him. He thinks this is his casino or show where he fires ppl at will. He’s never taken tried to learn the constitution instead had his yes men enabling his thuggish mentality to keep bullying his way through important issues Has fear tactics to intimidate and manipulate others. So much for white privileges and abusing his power in office violating every aspect of it he thinks he’s above the law or beyond reproach.

    Yet his GOP watchdogs sweep everything under the carpet and become tone deaf like things will magically disappear. Goodness no!

    His nonstop disgraceful behavior in and out of the country his staff prefer him gone.

    He keep enforcing laws to minorities he can’t uphold the laws but give tax breaks to the wealthy within the same country where they use them to build their banks and money wells.

    Not one ounce of compassion but his evil ways and divisive attacks causing more shootings and killings where innocent lives are lost is this how a family man operates? Using foreign countries fraudulently on your opponent just to win votes. We now know this office was for political gains help his wealthy friends and wreck the economy for the next guy to clean up his big mess. The length of vitriol and corruption he has infused into this country and government is mind boggling and disgraceful. He wants to win the election again through his crooked ways of bribery and killings. A monster with a mobster mentality hoping to bully his way into the system by employing the worst crooks and scoundrels all at taxpayers expense and don’t give a damn abt the long term effect.

    I see why most ppl especially men get their miserable payback karma at the end of their mortality after it could have been dealt with rather sooner but they allow him to keep digging himself in a rabbit hole so deep he won’t have the strength to climb out not even his enablers will be around to help anymore bc these old farts are so set in their ways and only function with a remote control that never rewinds their fresh ideas to move that needle is completely stuck. With Moscow Mitch the grim ripper snr enabler and gatekeeper it’s no wonder he thinks everything should work in his favor.

    As confidence as he thinks he says they love him translation am privilege and untouchable, check again you wouldn’t be in such a big nasty mess. The enablers are not helping but rather hurting him.


  4. It would be funny if the SCOTUS either decided not to get involved, or ruled AGAINST Trump. What's he gonna do, fire them? They'll be judges longer than Trump would be president.

  5. Those asshole judges will never be President Of the United States, so they can go fuck themselves!  TRUMP RULES!  When Trump brings in the Supreme Court, TRUMP WINS AGAIN!

  6. Is America still talking about Trumps Taxes ? OMG so many people must be asking, “ how much longer is Trump going to get away with breaking the law “ ?

  7. Yet another No huddled at trump and his, republicans behind him, the TOO and our very own attorney general Barr doing ever in their power to halt and obstruct just only because they are ALL now being caught in nefarious illegal actions. Of course they need to cover their asses. Worst thing is that they'd continue this if it weren't for this being exposed. Supporters in denial too. No way are the now enlightened and informed MAJORITY going to allow that to continue to happen!

  8. There seems to be no end to the attempts to obstruction of justice and there is no such thing as humble repent with this party and the GOP that is just as guilty as they are and more. True for some democrats as well so don't stay asleep any longer.

  9. Trump is afraid of what the American People will do to him when they discover what is in his tax returns. And, to stop this public disclosure, President Trump will take advantage of an opportunity, which will seem a godsend to President Trump, to impose Martial Law under a Declaration of a FEMA National Emergency, at the occurrence of a national catastrophe of biblical proportions. Then, only President Trump will remain in Washington, DC, to rule over a divided America, broken up into the Ten FEMA Governing Regions, each ruled over by a FEMA Governor. Thus, to save himself, President Trump will by his own hand cause the Fall of the Republic, with Martial Law suspending the Constitution and dissolving the Congress. But, to his horror, legislative-dictator President Trump will find that the 1984 FEMA Continuity of Government Act used by himself to Declare a FEMA National Emergency and impose Martial Law over the entire country confers all military authority over the domestic US forces to the Ten FEMA Governors, who, in finding Trump too belligerent to work with, will replace him with 'a better President' they can work with to save Americans from further ruinations.

  10. The ship is going down. Republicans who doesn't want to sink with this sinking ship save yourselves, abandon ship. He probably would resign if he didn't know that he is going to jail as soon as he is no longer president.

  11. So the SCOTUS is obstructing justice thanks to Neil Gorsuch and rapist Brett Kavanaugh the 2 Russians traitors who would destroy our Rupublic in a heart beat if they had the opportunity.

  12. Trump's tax records, when finally revealed, will show so much malfeasance and criminal behaviour it will probably surpass any previous instances displayed by anyone else.

  13. The funniest thing about all this is that if obama never turned in his tax returns racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters would be climbing the walls. With pitchforks trump are complete hypocritical moronic imbeciles

  14. Hey, this was some great info and even better explanation of what happened with this case. Great job, thank you.

  15. Pretty amazing how the "biased liberal media" or whatever Trump calls it has ignored the recent suicide of a Deutche Bank exec:

  16. Naked now drop it ALL!LOL
    Now you will experience the consequential of your bullshits,Donnie,GET YOUR ASS READY!!It will burn!!LOL

  17. See inside story on Nixon said "The people have to know whether or not their President is a crook." I assure you DJTrump is. Even without his taxes of public records there is a trail. Honey Siegal Trump Mar-a-lago same CSC acct no

  18. It doesn't matter. It will just go the usual route of Trump refusing to do/show what is required, and somehow getting away with it.

  19. On today's episode of "Above the law"…….
    The tax forms are filed with the Gov't. @ the IRS office, & the same (More or less) forms are filed with the state. If the gov't wanted to see my tax forms, they would call the office & have them sent over the same afternoon. If I defy a subpoena, they would throw my ass in jail.
    This looks a lot like a good ol' boys club, where they are ALL above the law.

  20. And guess what, they won't be released and no one will do anything about it. We're under a Dictatorship. Effu tRump!

  21. He doesn’t need to give them everything from deutsche Bank, they offered it for a year now, they just need the allowance. I think it has to come from the AG

  22. Like you liberals care about the Ukraine. None of you said anything while Barack Obama turn his back as the Russians invaded them. Hypocrites all of you! Trump 2020

  23. Like you liberals care about the Ukraine. None of you said anything while Barack Obama turn his back as the Russians invaded them. Hypocrites all of you! Trump 2020

  24. Yet he still has not done so. He really thinks he can outrun all of this, what is he so scared of? The fact that they will show that he IS still active in his businesses? The fact that they will find he’s tax dodges,? Or that his shady dealings will come to light? Every time he defies the courts it makes the case against him even stronger. He ran for presidency because he had all of this chaos and rabble rousing planned to be smoke screens for whatever the main con is. Is that con that he will refuse to leave office? Or that he is siphoning America into Putins pockets? What has Putin promised him if this is the case? I really don’t think that there is anything that he can do now that will surprise anybody, we know he lies, we know he is racist, that he has 2 sets of books for his businesses that he is earning money from his presidency along with the rest of his family, that he sold out the Kurds to Turkey, the list is endless and his potential to cause more harm to America whilst still in office is unlimited. He doesn’t care one iota for his country and her citizens

  25. A perfect explanation, also for the continuous and troubling attemps by the Trump admin to get completely unfit candidates for judicial offices appointed.

  26. Trumps lawyers goal is to get to the Stacked Supreme Court who will just stay the order and sit on it until after the election in 2020.

  27. Leftists judges have served their elite masters well. The time of the leftist judge has passed. Now a new day has risen to our justice system has come. Leftist judges stupid rulings will be overturned and in the end as these power hungry leftist lash out the supreme court will purge these fools from their place of power. Our constitution is not a joke to be twisted to support leftist political narratives. Soon Ginsburg will Croak and a stronger than ever Trump will replace that stupid libtard activist with a real judge that actually honors the original constitution. Democrats will soon be a split party of extremists. No longer will these idiots hide .

  28. Tjis lawless piece of crap needs to redign and never be seen again in public. His immorslity is unreal. His past. Of criminal activities is well know byu all. His supporters don t care about tge law only thrir earped sense of morality and legality.

  29. The democrats have been going after Trump since he became president with no real proof , like Schiff supposedly had . Classic case of , if we lie long enough dummies will believe it . And sadly they do . How much money laundering is going on in Ukraine ? TRUMP 2020 . DEMOCRATS SUCK .

  30. The Supreme Court will sit around deciding until he is removed or re-elected or dead, then they will make their minds

  31. If we regain the Senate we need to pass a bill that will remove judges that don't follow the constitution. Supreme court justices should have term limits, and not be a pain in the ass for the constitution. If they show partisanship of any kind they can be REMOVED from the bench. That way a POS like trump in the future cannot stack the courts with terrible judges.

  32. I personally believe trump doesn't want bank fraud , money laundering , insurance fraud , a lot of criminal fraud , etc , etc , etc , but the thing is even though he calls himself a billionare , the records will show that he doesn't even have billions , with all his bankruptsies , business failures , and scams , he lives on credit. some banks were foolish , or clever to lend him money ,and not because of not being a risk , the out of america banks had other reasons. no banks in america in their right minds would lend him any , because of his many business failures. TRUMP IS WORRIED BECAUSE IT WILL SHOW TO HIS CULT LIKE FOLLOWERS THAT HE HAS ONLY BULLSHIT AND BLUSTER , HE KNOWS HE CAN'T HANDLE THE EMBARASSMENT.

  33. Trump's reason for appeal:
    The trial was rigged by the "Deep State", "The New World Order", "Illuminati", "Lizard People" and the "Never-Trumpers".
    I think it's better to get a psychiatrist than a lawyer.

  34. I mean they can say that he has to comply, but they have no teeth. He is disregarding every ruling against him and he is not being held accountable. We can say that he has to do whatever we want, but if we're not actually enforcing these rulings then that is a lie.

  35. I so enjoy seeing so many people in this country who have TRUMP on the brain. Seeing their frustration with him makes me smile 🙂

  36. At this point it is certain there are illigal things going on since this senile cheeto fascist pedophile tries very hard to hide it

  37. 💯 percent certain that the mogul's finances are already an impeachable offense.
    1. Otherwise he wouldn't have been hiding them for years
    2. He wouldn't require two different account ledgers
    3. His ppl wouldn't have had problems obtaining security clearance (although they did get dozens issued eventually)
    4. Trump wouldn't have had to sue Deutsche Bank instead of repaying his multi-million $ loan

  38. The "right" accuses all the other news outlets for "fake" news. Here's a clip from Brian Tyler Cohen's channel. It about Nancy, but what I find particularly chilling starts at 2:03 of that clip.

    As usual, the "right" projects their own actions upon everyone else, and the deplorables just suck it all up as the god honest truth.

  39. Not only hiding financial documents. How about all the people he's forbidden to answer to subpeonas to appear. Why is he so pissed that he thinks Pelosi and Shift should have to testify when they aren't t the ones involved. They have nothing to offer.
    Evidence wise.

  40. What about the 94 billion that is missing of the 113 billion after he used HAARP to get access National Relief Fund to the Philippines which has different banking laws and he can hide his money there

  41. SCOTUS would still side with us because ttump said he would, voluntarily,, during the campaign, say he’d release them. So he can’t hide behind them either.

  42. How much party politics is there in the lower courts?

    I always understood that SCROTUS is very political, but how about other levels of the system?

  43. And today, the Supreme Court, have a hold on the release of these documents until December 13th, but who knows what will happen after the 13th.

  44. He Will never comply. So ridiculous to Even think Trump would ever show us his crooked taxes. Showing us he's Billions in debt. And being held by the balls by a hostile nation.

  45. Deutsche Bank leads that could possibly tie Trump financially to Putin's olygarchs would be too much even for the most die hard Trump supporters to stomach.

  46. "I never lose,that's why I only like winners",says Trump..I can't wait to hear his BS when hopefully scotus hands him the final loss in this case.

  47. Trump's appealing 2 lower court rulings, but on what basis? The "I am President and nobody says no to me" arguement isn't working. Last stop, the Supreme Court.

  48. It’s a pity the results of his tax returns aren’t available before the impeachment hearings.
    You never know… It might convince some of the cult that they’ve been duped.

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