Anonymous supporters help Oklahoma mother pay off court fees after 12 year sentence for $31 of pot


  1. the written description appears to have valid components advertised until the last sentence. based on previous history we are again reminded of almost extortion type angles in effort to favor a cast of clinton scam contributors who refuse to report the nations news and defiantly attempt to impose intolerant tactics of excessive insecurity. that stated, perhaps if chief warren could take this matter and invoke an aura of authentic appreciation, its possible the veiled subscription threats can be overlooked.

  2. In Canada each household can grow 3 large marijuana plants legally. Now police officers are smoking weed too – choosing it instead of highly addictive alcohol.

  3. Donald J Trumps ex Bff, Jeffery Epstein was a prolific pedophile but was only given 13 months for RAPE of young girls AND was allowed to go home during the day?? Krystal Mason was sentenced to 5 YEARS for checking the wrong box on the back of her voting form!! Brock Turner was given 6 months for RAPE & Ethan Couch killed 4 people & was deemed "too rich to imprison"??? Something STINKS in America!! 🐟😱🤬

  4. Then there's people who rob the entire country and spend much less time in prison. Absolutely disgusting. I don't think it will ever change. I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Well, I heard that if you can't afford the time, don't do the Crime. Think about that.! On the other hand…, for the State to Rob the woman, for a 10 cent crime, is general Modus Operandus, the STATE wants the Cash… We elect people to run our State's & they do pitiful things like this. I went with my friend to a Judge Trial, the prosecutor had a low cut blouse & the Judge just runs his gums with her. Then he wouldn't let my friend talk & threw the book at him. This was an outrage, the judge should have been fired.

  6. But, Oklahoma is one of the reddest states in the union, full of evil, hateful, racist REPUBLICANS! GASP! They helped a brown woman… with a pot conviction?!? Imagine my shock.

  7. I just finish watching a teen walk away with murdering her new born child. Judge decides not guilty. This women getting 12 years for selling FUCKIN WEED FOR 31 DOLLARS!!!! There never was a justice system. It was only build for the right white ppl. Idc if anyone get offended. Nun but the truth! If anyone think differently about this ur no good like the rest of them.

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