Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory


  1. Jonni should be thankful that this isn't marvel they're trying to draw or thanos would've snapped him away from existance.

  2. As soon as I realized this was a Buzzfeed video I understood why that creature Jonni was included and got so much screen time, even though it obviously has no talent!

  3. i actually like how jonni’s drawing screams crackhead culture, like it is actually a thing. there actually exsists animations with style the same as jonni’s. those are usually for comedy purposes though.

  4. The flash suit has always stayed close to the the picture they showed them, if anything there are some with no yellow boots, but idk about the "different variations"

  5. Can we just get rid of the jonni person…don’t want to be mean or rude but I feel like neither the videos with the comments or the people watching the videos Profit of it….

  6. 6:45
    Jackie-“Hey you remember that trick to make your pencil wobbly”
    Jackie-“…. hehehehe!”
    I’m laughing so hard 😂

  7. I even felt like giving dislike to this entire video just because of this Jonni guy but thinking about others made me change my mind. Please replace Jonni

  8. Jonni's characteristic

    1.) Bad attitude
    2.) Bad cartoonist
    3.) Bad drawer
    4.) Good name but not appropriate
    5.) Bad hair
    6.) Bad breath by just looking at it

    Not to be harsh but reality hurts, I just realize that I'm a good drawer than him lol😂

  9. This just made my day, especially the flash drawings. My favorite character, since I started watching the series of it. Hope he survives the crisis.

  10. Jonnis art contributes to the least of my annoyance, and honestly I'd have liked him if he had fun doing it but it's his attitude that made it annoying. He is just like bitching and ranting all the time. And it's not like his personality is like that, it just feels like he is trying too hard to be that personality which kinda made it more annoying.

  11. I am fine with bad drawing and good personality or good drawing and bad personality but one thing I'm not fine with is bad drawing and bad personality.

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