America’s Got Talent 2019 | Part 7 | Judge Cuts | Top Talent


  1. Before, this was about Americans showing their talent. Sorry, but I don't get exited when professionals from around the world come on and do their routine. This should be for those living in America. Each county got their own talent shows. I feel they taking the spotlight away from someone else.

  2. David is like: ok young Alanis, bad act. Take the 🤠 cow-boy riding on your golden shelter🚽, out off my Dolby Saloon!!!

    … And he did.

    David just rubbing hands 💲💲💲: hehehe they left the Dog…

  3. I love these dog acros who love americas got talent like here😍😍😍😘😘😘😙😗👇👇👍

  4. Why the f*** is a beatbox band from France on America's Got Talent.. doesn't matter about their talent this show makes no sense.. Thor have been acts from outside this country than any other season it seems just name it the world has talent what is the judge with the cowboy hat talking about he's never seen anybody beatbox before in any way shape or form Police Academy anybody damn

  5. I'm sorry Howie hit it right on the head those dance moves were very basic as well as they were coordinated compared to all the other dancers on there it's pretty General . But if all the men vote with their private part instead of their brain they would have a chance.. there is no X Factor in that team

  6. Mathew Richardson. Watch his video with his boyfriend called “The Arrow”. Awesome 2 wheel show.
    They should’ve auditioned together it was so much better than this. Way way better

  7. Is it me or did the girl with the guitar talking about her story when she blinks her eye color change because of her mood

  8. one dont do thaat thust one of them 10 percent see gggg2019

  9. Did he just call Africa a country? Aren't 50+ countries getting a bit left behind calling that continent a country…

    Just asked a co worker what the capital of Africa was and three of them were trying to think…

    On behalf of some of us, sorry for the stupid ones they mean well I'm sure.

  10. All Howie has ever done was stand up and be a horrible comedian, so who gives a rats a+× what he thinks! Just a bald headed dumb idiot thats never accomplished anything worth talking about in his miserable life! He is a sorry judge that shouldn't be on the panel of judges! Leave!

  11. simon so wrong.. i really ain't a fan of beatbox but when a group do stuff like that it's actually insane i could legit listen to this as a mp3 and enjoy it

  12. The dog shouldn't retire as long he's healty enough too performe in a show. He clearly likes to work with and for his boss, enjoyes it. He would have a boring life comparing to be a performer. Love them together!!! 👍😘

  13. I’m from Texas. Yep don’t mess with Texas girls. My daughter Sarah was Captain of her dance team. She was frigging amazing.

  14. Saimon to bardzo wrażliwy facet, oglądam Go bardzo często, tam gdzie występują psy😀 On poprostu jest zawsze zachwycony i uśmiechnięty ❤️

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