1. "I believe him therefore he wins" that surprised me… I was expecting at least a "do you have any proof of this?"

  2. The judge is correct in his ruling about sexual harassment. You would never make an employee change in front of you – you would send them to the bathroom. Also the "innocent" touching is a no-go for any employer, you do not touch a staff member unless it is a handshake. I reckon the lady has learnt a valuable lesson and I wish her good luck with her pizza business.

  3. for the sexual harassment, i believe that there should have been a bigger case on this issue, and not solves so fastly. this is a huge issue that shouldn't be taken so lightly.

  4. I k this was posted long ago, but I wanted to point out somethin. So she s talking about how she asked if the pants and shirt fit. First she touched an employee without consent of doing so. Second When she was talking she would deny and ma k up an excuse on her side of the story. Third O already said this but IT IS UNPROFESSIONAL TO TOUCH ONE OF UR EMPLOYEES WITHOUT THEM SAYING U CAN OR NOT.

  5. I feel like there was no evidence to anything here except when he admitted to the phone bill problem and you can not just assume someone is telling the truth in my opinion

  6. Not gonna lie id probably have just given her the d. She is not happily married at least not in that department.

  7. That boy is such a winer. If a woman pulls on my waistband of my pants i ain't going to stop her like dang are u a faggot

  8. This is why niggas don't say shit all these fuckers laugh but when it's a woman they gasp like they just found out their momma a prostitute like wtaf

  9. At the end:
    delivery boy (in natural speaking tone): It was just an uncomfortable action in a workplace and I believe justice was served.
    boss: I I uh I would ne never do anything that ma made him feel un uncomfortable or or.

    Im not saying this is how you judge if someone was lying, but if he was lying about the encounters, he would definitely be stuttering and stammering trying to sound innocent. He simply told the judge what happened exactly and didn't attempt to justify any of his actions because he was telling the truth. The boss however kept justifying her actions and she would bring up the issue with the phone along with her accusations because she had no other support for an argument.

  10. id love to see the day a male employer can pull on the waistband of a female employee to see how their pants fit.

  11. Initially I thought 1000$ , thats too much . Then I realised if this had been Male boss and Female employee and add that with tugging of waist band. its a fair deal.

  12. As a mother and a woman it is good to see a judge side for a male that is victimized! I dont care what is in your pants, unwanted advances are WRONG!!! Women, chill! Men are not there for our groping just bc we think we can!

  13. No real boss hires someone because they feel bad for them, if they really care about their business. I call bs. She's just starting off on the defense

  14. Why would she grab his pants if she wasn’t in to him? She definitely was hitting on him and harassing him. Can you imagine if a 40yr old man went and grabbed a 20yr old girls pants at her waist and was standing in the room with her changing clothes??? Yeah that’s definitely harassment. She wanted that dude for sure. What a whore bag! And doing that with her husband right next to them. That’s messed up man!

  15. Hahaha the guy reminds me of how my white friends used to look when they were in their early teens. I laughed every time the camera focused on him lol.

  16. The audience is laughing and all cheery. If this had been a case of sexual harassment by the boy on the woman, the reaction would have been totally different.

  17. to this day i get laughed at when i tell people about the time my boss got me fired after i wouldnt fuck her and the only response ive ever gotten is "why didnt you just fuck her"? this only seems uncommon because its impossible for any guy to talk about without being torn apart by the peanut gallery. good for you, pizza guy

  18. this judge is FULL OF SHIT . there is no evidence of any harassment . only the word of a little lying shithead who like the woman says wants money . she needs to appeal this WRONG VERDICT

  19. I'd like to sell that idiot sucker judge a used car , the obviously homosexual boy cooked this up in those 2000 texts with his homo bum buddies

  20. Im glad the judge believed this guy and didn’t laugh it off because he was a man. That woman seems like a sicko and a pervert. I’m a guy and I would’ve felt humiliated in the same situation. Sexual harassment can happen to both genders.

  21. LMAO you got your own business, and you can't afford a decent plan with UNLIMITED text? 🤣 …… Either your business is not bringing in money or y'all cheap AF! That don't make no kinda sense👎

  22. This is BS. Absolutely positively no way did that grown woman touch that little kids ass. So stupid. Idk how he believed him AT ALL. All his (admitted) exaggerations, facial twitches and body language suggest he is 100% lying. I hope these are fake cases…cause if not…that Judge isn’t very intelligent. That kid wanted REVENGE MONEY for getting FIRED for abusing phone privileges.

  23. And how many MOMS check their sons waistbands? She felt MOTHERLY towards him…not SEXUALLY. 🙄 That’s why she felt bad for him and gave him a cellphone. She has sons his age. She looked at him like her sons friends. It was a MOTHERLY GESTURE.

  24. I dont really understand. How is this innocent until proven guilty? Theres no evidence the manager did anything the plaintiff claimed, atleast none presented to the judge. So why is the judge ruling in favour of the plaintiff without any evidence? Seems bs

  25. bruh there is no need for proof ain't nobody gonna call his ugly ass cute and why do you believe that with -0 evidence when whatever he said was complete bullshit but the woman had proof and said everything truthfully and I'm pretty sure harassment is invalid if she was harassing you and you didn't like it why did you keep working there why did you not report it immediately
    the dude said it was Xs when it was l
    I would've believed him if he said they were too short but too tight?
    bruh I could put toddler clothes on yo skinny ass and it would be too big

  26. What a lying piece of shit he was and the judge believed him … WTF, that judge should go back to selling fucking clothes , fucking useless cunt

  27. You know her husband can’t get it up that’s why she’s out there chasing boy cock! Horny old slut!

  28. This is a sham. I believe in innocence till proven guilty. The guy made the claim of sexual harassment, so the burden of proof has to be put on himself, rather then the woman having to defend her innocence because as i just stated, INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY.

  29. 9:39 yes i believe him too i feel him cuz i feel how sexual herrassment going on in work place from boss

  30. Tho he actually looks really serious about this, usually you can't believe a word a dude says. They always think girls are hitting on them when they're not. Men are stupid.
    Flirting doesn't mean you are interested whatsoever.

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