Alok Nadig ’16 on the guidance he received from NYU Law’s Judicial Clerkship Office

The Judicial Clerkship Office at NYU is a
great resource for students who want to clerk, which is a great credential to have for a
law student who aims to go into litigation. Michelle and Jim really take your needs into account. They have vast knowledge about the tons of
prior NYU student who have clerked before, and they’re really great at harnessing all that knowledge into very digestible, realistic, and frank advice. So, from crafting a judge list of the judges
who you want to apply to, to holding mock interviews and perfecting how you should present
yourself or how you should advocate on your own behalf, how you should navigate asking
professors for recommendations. They just really have a wealth of knowledge
and are super approachable and they’ve been great to have here at NYU.

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