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BEEP ‘You don’t know my name.’ ‘But that isn’t important.’ ‘What’s important is the story…’ ‘…which I am going
to narrate to you.’ ‘This is a story which is
a part of all of us in many ways.’ ‘But no one’s heard it completely.’ Crowd Clapping So we move to the most
awaited award of the night. Best Actor! And I’ll let Humayoun do the honors. And the award goes to… My favorite. Shaan Mirza! ‘I spent half my life
breaking his dreams.’ ‘There’s only one enemy of my dreams.’ ‘My father.’ ‘Rafaqat Mirza…LLB. ‘ ‘He has nothing to do at the court. ‘But he’s been continuously
accusing me for being useless at home. ‘What else do I call him?’ ‘I put him in Law College…
but he quit halfway.’ ‘He’s bitten by the ghost of acting’ ‘He’s 25 years old…
but still couldn’t get on his feet.’ Those without wings
stand on their feet. But I…I want to fly. Mom! Mom! Mom, where are you? Mom, your son is hungry.
He’s been waiting for so long. Where are you, mom? Mom, you’re so late.
– You’re late. Finish your milk quickly…and
drop your father at the court. Here…give it to me. Your son’s not a common man,
he’s Superman. I’ll take him on my wings. Superman, take your cape?
– Quiet. To be or not to be,
that is the question Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
and by opposing end them. Get lost… Why do you keep coming back? Get out. “The black-marketers make a racket.” “And the government’s mum.” “When the twin-barrels fizzed out.” “Battles were fought with
the blades of moustaches.” “There’s bangles,
top and pajamas on one side.” “Or a traditional
suit on the other side.” “Men playing with men.” “And some are utterly disappointed.” “Some win the game with a smile.” “Some lose even after they win.” “Some beats the drum aloud.” “Shows stars in daylight.” Listen to me. “Some beats the drum aloud.” “Shows stars in daylight.” “We are all artists.” “We are all artists.” Hi, I am Shan Mirza. I like acting. Oh this too too solid flesh would
melt and turn into a dew I am an actor to-be or not-to-be. To be or not to be that is the question. And I want to be a superstar. “Whistle out loud.” “Whistle out loud.” “Pour your heart out and lock eyes.” “Clap…and whistle out loud.” “Pour your heart out and lock eyes.” “Sway…sway…” “Sway…sway…” “Sway…sway…” “Yes, sway…sway…” “Some sell the present
some sell the future.” “Some sell every hour,
some sell every minute.” “This city’s turned into a market.” “We are all artists.” “This city’s turned into a market.” “We are all artists.” “We are all artists.” “We are all artists.” “We are all artists.” “We are all artists.” Shaan – Dad? Father.
– What is it? Say something. Can i get 100 rupees…
for petrol. Here you go.
– Thanks. And collect the passport
from Macca Travels on the way. Yes. “On the page of love,
from the pen of my heart…” Because this show is
going to rock their worlds. “I wrote salutations
for the first time.” “I wrote a letter to my beloved.” Wow…brother Mehboob, two in one. Well, your brother’s
filled with talent. But no one recognized me. If someone had held my hand on time… …then even I would’ve
been in Bollywood. It’s all fate.
– What about my fate, brother Mehboob? I gave so many auditions?
Did you get any reply? He’s not hero material. Take a look,
he’s been chasing after me… Acting never matters here,
it’s all about looks. Take a look at me. I came here to
be a hero and now I am an assistant. Hey laeeq, come here.
– Coming. Take a look, assistant. He’s not hero material. Will he do a Re-Enactment? What are you saying,
brother Mehboob? I do theatre…
– Who watches theatre anymore. At least you’ll be seen on TV. I don’t want to do TV like this …
keep your TV to yourself. You’ve a loose mind… Do one thing, make your own drama. I get you auditions, runaround
and your illusions don’t end. It’s not about illusions.
– Enough! Listen to me.
– I am telling you. Stop it. Father said leave the village. Everyone said leave Paro. Paro said quit drinking. Today you said…leave this manor. There will come a day
when they will say…quit acting. Enough acting. Switch to the news channel,
he’ll be here any moment. I wonder why he’s late today. Go get some bread.
– He must be lecturing someone. He’s out to set Pakistan
straight after all. Friends, on this joyous occasion… …your host, your friend
Ghalib Kamal present to you… Box in a Box… Cake in a box! Your brother and mine… One in a million. Wait…wait there, Mehboob. Stop Mehboob. Stop. Trying to give us the slip. I wasn’t ditching you, I was going
to the get the guy… – We’ll teach you a lesson now. It’s Brother’s birthday today.
Not today. Where’s your boy?
– Where is your boy? What happened, brother Mehboob? Please save my life. Please do it. Please. What are you saying, brother? Those tubelight can injure me. I am an actor…it’ll ruin my face. What are you making me to do?
– I cannot do this. This is acting as well. You would’ve done it if it was a film, right?
– But this is not a film. Don’t you get it? It’s not a film, brother Mehboob. You are just… I came to get snacks,
I cannot do this. I cannot do it. Its brother’s birthday. Fine…don’t do it. I’ll tell them to thrash me. Its brother’s birthday. Come on, guys. Come on. What are you doing, brother?
– Come and hit Mehboob. Come on, hit me. I got him so many auditions. Happy birthday brother!
– But you can’t do such a small thing for me. Come on…come hit me. I’ve seen your friendship. Friends. Presenting before you… The sympathizer of poor… The savior of the weak, And…the brother’s favorite! Shehenshah! Shehenshah! “On the cold dark nights…” “…and lonely streets.” We got the job done and saved the money.
– “On the cold dark nights…” “…and lonely streets.” “To eradicate every atrocities.” “A savior sets out…” “…and people call him Shehanshah.” Please forgive me for any insolence. Life is unpredictable. Who knows whether I’ll
be coming back from Hajj (Macca) or not? Mirza sir, you’re fortunate. No everyone gets the
opportunity to go to Macca. Just take my name while praying. Pray for yourself as well, brother. That you win a case before retirement. Otherwise we’ll have to
call the Guinness Book people. Not lying is a record in itself. Won’t your Guinness
people come for that? Absolutely right, Mirza sir. By the way,
what’s your son doing these days? K…k…k…ka… G…g…g…ga! K…k…k…ka… G…g…g…ga! P…p…p…pa! Acting is a dream. Every person wants to be an actor. But only a few become one. Many famous people around
the world wanted to be an actors. Did anyone tell you that even
Quaid-e-Azam (Mr.Jinnah) wanted to be an actor? But he became a lawyer
honoring his Parents wish. And what’s funny is that… …there’s not much difference
between the Parents… …back then and those
in this generation. Even Parent’s today
look down upon acting. Anyway, these voice exercises
will help you in classical plays. Sit. So…how’s your acting coming along? See… Be quiet. He’s already been bitten by
the acting bug, stop provoking him. Father, there’s nothing wrong in it.
He’s taken after you. Even lawyers act all
day in front of the judge. What else do lawyers do? Uncle, I heard that even
Quaid-e-Azam (Mr.Jinnah) wanted to be an actor. This is the limit. Not you or me… He’s deeming
Quaid-e-Azam (Mr.Jinnah) as an actor. If he was an actor… …then you wouldn’t be
sitting in this free country. You would be a slave. You would be cleaning toilets
in some whiteman’s home. He was a great lawyer…
he formed this country. What can the greatest actor do? What is the stature of an actor? Listen… Quaid-e-Azam (Mr.Jinnah)
listened to his parents. He was obedient. He wasn’t useless
and disobedient like you. I am tired of telling
him over and over again. But he doesn’t get over it at all. Just pray that I don’t
return from the ‘Haj’ at all. And you can do whatever you like. No one to stop you, or listen to. Don’t be disheartened. You know…he’s short-tempered. Come son, eat your food. He’s apologizing to everyone else,
and breaking my heart. Mother, even you think
that I can’t become an actor? Pray for me…
that I become a big actor. The biggest of all.
– Yes. Annie, why aren’t
you opening the door. Go take a look. Brother, it’s 10 o’clock, get up. Go on. I should open the door too. Is he in? He’s a fine actor. Didn’t you see his audition? Acting runs through his veins. Tell Humayoun Saeed to run for cover. Because he’s going
to blow him away. Yeah. Fine, okay. Who are you talking about, brother? There’s an actor,
but he’s a bit eccentric. I see…go get some tea. Some Cake Rusk too. Take a seat. Sit down. What… What’s the role? The role is Humayoun
Saeed’s boss. – I see. You’ll be a factory
owner…in the movie. Is it a lead role? One scene. – Tea. One scene? Yes???…
I can refuse if you want. Think about it. Do it, brother. And get me
Humayoun Saeed autograph for me. It’s a film scene. Even flies are visible
on the big screen. Think. When 300 people will
be watching you in the dark. Even if you breathe,
that will get registered. The rest is on your acting. Even the biggest actors…spend
all their life working on TV. And this is your first debut…
in film. Opposite Humayoun Saeed. Sir, should I open the umbrella? Humayon Sir is here. Lights ready. Okay. Art-department. Sir, this is the scene for today. Bring Me Coffee First,
Forget the scene Okay, sir. Get some coffee for sir. He comes late,
and then the attitude. Zameer, ready the shot. Turn that way. Brother Mehboob, you said
one scene…this is just one line. My brother, please do it…
don’t be so stubborn. Do it. How about I shift it to the 27th? Brother Mehboob…
– Do it. …sir was requesting. Yes…so did you rehearse the lines? I even rehearsed the hero’s lines.
– Come on. Stop it. Come on. Yes… You rehearsed these lines, right?
– Yes. Okay. Get that out of here. Come on. Okay. Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 1. Action! “He’s not God…who can
take our right to live.” “The labors who all their lives…” Cut… Leave me. – Humayoun sir,
it’s “All year, your factories…” Okay, okay, fine, we’ll do it again. One more. Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 2. And action. “He’s not God…
who can take our right to live.” “The labors who shouldered
the burden of your factory all year…” “…today they became the factory.” Cut! Sir…its burden on the factory! I just said that. You said they became factory. Okay. Okay. Makeup! Didn’t you rehearse him the lines? How about some mangoes? What do you think this is?
Is this a fair? Get lost. Come on everyone,
get back to your jobs. Come on…come on. “He’s not God…
who can take our right to live.” “The labors who shouldered
the burden of your factor all year…” “…today they became a burden on you.” “With their sweat…their blood…”
– Cut. What kind of a script is this?
Who wrote the lines? He’s really sc**** this. This is unbearable. The dialogues are not right. I just don’t get it. We’ll do it again. Hold it.
– Okay. Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 3. Action! “He’s not God…
who can take our right to live.” “The labors who shouldered
the burden of your factor all year…” “…today they became a burden on you.” “They used their sweat…
and blood…” Sir, it’s fuel… Used as fuel.
Right? – Shouldn’t I take a pause? I was taking a pause.
– Sorry, sir. Sorry. Where did you get this guy from? Who is he?
Who is this actor? Who brought him here?
Did you? Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 15. Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 20. Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 21. Mazdoor, Scene 5 Take 25. Action! “He’s not God…who can
take our right to live.” “The labors who shouldered
the burden of your factor all year…” “…today they…
-Sir, factory. Factory, sir. Leave me. Are you a great actor? Then make him do it. Humayoun sir, sorry.
– What sorry? Packup. Who is that actor? Humayoun, baby. Get lost. Call Samina.
– Juice, sir juice. You spoiled his mood. This isn’t done. You should do your scene first. He ruined Humayoun’s mood. He thinks he’s a great actor. Look at him. Why did you have to be the hero? Couldn’t you just stand
there and do your job? You think you’re a great actor.
You’ll teach Humayoun Saeed acting. You’ve lost your mind. You can’t do it. You are not an actor. You… You want to hit me…come, hit me. Don’t ever come back
looking for a job. You get humiliated and
get is humiliated as well. Great actor. Get lost. He took the clothes.
– Then go get them. What the… ‘Brother, father said to
collect his things from the court.’ Son, for God’s sake
please don’t say no. If our lawyer is absent today… ..then, we’ll lose our jobs. We’ll have no means of livelihood.
– I am not a lawyer. Stop telling white lies
wearing this black coat. You’re saying you’re not a lawyer.
– I said I am not a lawyer! I am not a lawyer!
– Then who are you? Who are you?
Who are you? ‘You can never act.’
What can the greatest actor do? ‘You’re not an actor!’
What can the greatest actor do? Your honor,
since the past many hearings… …my client and the court’s
time is being wasted. This is a clear case of down-sizing. Whenever there’s
recession in the world… …many people lose their jobs. My advice to my hard
working people is… …that they go and find a new job. Your honor, my client is not God… …who’s promised to
give food/livelihood all his life. Yes, he’s not God. He’s not God who can
snatch their rights to live. These labors shouldered the
burden of your factory all year… …now they have become
a burden on your factory! Those who used their
sweat to fuel your factory… …and worked under the scorching heat
to pay for your air-conditioned rooms! They kept laboring even when
they weren’t paid their wages… …even though they knew
that you are not God. You built your riches by snatching the
slates from their children’s hands… …but did you think, how will their
face their children during festivals? Your greed for wealth
has snatched their square meal. Firing them from their jobs may not make
a difference to your bank accounts… …but the tears in
their children’s eyes. It will definitely
bring tears in their eyes. You should’ve been an actor instead. Well done. The court orders… reinstate these
people on their jobs. “My heart’s beat races fast-fast.” “Like I am being cast.” “What’s done is done.” “Now this coat-pant suits me.” “I’ve been given a role…that
says I must speak.” “Open the doors to good luck.” “Sway like crazy.” “Spread your wings…” “Spread your wings…” “Spread your wings…and fly away.” “Actor-in-law.” “Have some sweet.” “Actor-in-law.” “Come on have some sweet.” “Actor-in-law.” “Eat it even if you have sugar.” “Actor-in-law.” “Look I’ve become…” “Actor-in-law.” “Actor-in-law.” “Actor-in-law.” “Everyone’s playing the…
– Happy tune.” “My story’s going to have…
– A different end.” “Everyone’s playing the…
– Happy tune.” “My story’s going to have…
– A different end.” “Let’s scream and shout.” “Scream and shout.” “Let’s make some noise.” “Let’s make some noise.” “Let’s scream and shout.” “Let’s make some noise.” “Do whatever you like..” “Because I have become…” “Actor-in-law.” “Spread your wings and keep flying.” “Actor-in-law.” “I want to touch the stars.” “Actor-in-law.” “Everyone’s going to sing my praises.” “Actor-in-law.” “I have become…” “Actor-in-law.” “Actor-in-law.” “Fate said…
– Action.” “Who ever Black…
– Is Jackson.” “Still there’s so much…
– Attraction.” “This is God’s…
– Perfection.” “Now first take will be ok onwards …” “I am a bit real..
– And a little fake.” “This is last chance.
– for god sake.” “Now I must do.
– make or break “Now move your body and shake…” “Actor-in-law.” “Spread your wings and keep flying.” “Actor-in-law.” “Don’t stop no matter who says.” “Actor-in-law.” “Don’t think, just do it.” “Actor-in-law.” “Look I’ve become…” Having fun, huh? Never seen a drenched girl before.
– I wasn’t looking at you. Rascal, where else
were you looking at? Are you cock-eyed? Who was looking at you? Rascal, you were staring at me. Bloody pervert. Is this what you learn in college?
How to check out the girls? Sister, leave him…leave him. I will slap you… Meenu, what are you doing? Shameless. Meenu, let him go. Now you’re gone. Has she lost her mind? Get in the car. Take her away. Who was staring at her? Let’s go. Do put this on Facebook! Take this you dog! What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind? Everyone was watching.
– Exactly. Everyone was watching! It’s entertainment for them. Their eyes follow everywhere the girls go.
– I see. And what was the scene
at the office today? What is this? I think it’s a blog. Don’t tell me you haven’t
written this, okay. Are you writing against your channel? Yes. I have written it. And it’s true. I don’t take money and lie like him. How dare you talk against me? I am Mudassir Sultan. Pakistan’s no. 1 anchor! I have one million
followers on Twitter. I can ruin your career in one hour. Ather, this is pure
character assassination. Character? You’re characterless. You lie on television every night.
– Hey madam, do you have brains? Stop screaming.
– I do. I do. I don’t lie like you. You are going to ruin
the channel some day. You’re getting paid for nothing.
You don’t have any brains. Bloody fool. I was right, wasn’t I?
– Yes, of course. Good. Very good. Well…your home’s here.
– Oh… Okay, thanks. Bye.
– Bye. ‘You should be an actor. ‘Even lawyers act in
front of the judge all day.’ ‘Quaid-e-Azam wanted to be an actor.’ ‘You should be an actor. ‘Even lawyers act in
front of the judge all day.’ ‘You should be an actor. ‘You should be an actor. ‘You should be an actor. Going on a shoot again? Get me Humayoun Saeed’s autograph. ‘From today this is my theatre.’ ‘This is my TV and my film!’ Uncle, your sugar-free tea.
– He’ll get bail. I know the judge. Do you need a witness? Why did you turn this
divorce case into a joke? Let’s go…bloody oaf. Start walking. Now you show me the way. I think I am jinxed I don’t used to get roles Now I am not even getting
a single case Not a single case. Broken down again. Curse those electricity guys…
its blown again. Stop supplying electricity
if they can’t handle the voltage. This hide-n-seek games everyday…
– Yeah, fine. Keep it there. It will cost you 1000 rupees. I just got it fixed 4 days ago. Did I spoil it? It was the electricity department,
go argue with them. I feel like suing the
electricity department. What? I am a lawyer. Would you like to file a case? I would if I had the money. You don’t have to give,
you will get compensated. You didn’t get this one. Don’t listen to him. I’ll do it for 500. No one gets paid from the court. Dollar girl is coming out of
a van like a Film heroine We have Heard that she
has a tattoo on her left hand too Where were you taking
all that money? You know what to shoot…
do it, I will come in a bit Ok madam, I know Your honor, take a good look
at this dead body in the witness box. Dead body? But this is a fridge.
– You’re right. You’re absolutely right. This was a fridge until yesterday… …for which his owner saved money,
every penny… …even took a share
from his children’s fund… …and bought it on installments,
your honor. This fridge brought happiness
in my client’s home. His nine small children.
Pappu, Laddoo, Gudiya, Mano, Kashi.. ..Guddu, Munnu, Billoo. And…
– Fullstop. Fullstop. Your honor, they would drink
cold water after coming from school. Get the camera to the fourth corridor. Now. Sister-in-law didn’t have
to knead dough all the time. Even the leftover meals from the
night would be used in the morning. From eggs to okra…from
sweets to medicines… …this fridge would make life
easy for everyone, your honor. This wasn’t a means
of comfort for just them. When his neighbor Iqbal
sir would have guests… …they would get ice from this fridge. Aunt Jamila’s insulin
used to be kept in this fridge. In fact everyone was booking
for Bakra-Eid, your honor… What do you want? Money.
– From the court. The electricity department! Issue a notice! Great. Hello…where are you? We’ll be there in 10 minutes, sir. We need this news for
the 3 o’clock bulletin. Sir, you’ll be really happy today. Why? Did you get Tattoo closeup? Sir, I’ve an amazing shot…
that will make you forget about tattoo. What? This is real news, sir. Run this, sir.
It will get ratings. Rating? I see…so now you’ll
tell me how to get rating. Sir, please. Trust me for once. Run this, sir.
This will definitely get you ratings. And if you don’t,
then you can fire me. Fire you? wow! Fire you? Excellent. Why didn’t I think of this? You’re fired. Yes…you’re fired. You are fired. Fired? I am tired. I am tired of your channel. What do you show on
your channel whole day? Baby doll’s tattoo? Whether she took two
hours for makeup, or four. Some cricketer’s wedding… …and then the breaking
news of him having kids. As if it’s some dinosaur’s child. And when you don’t find anything… …there’s Sheila’s
body or Meera or Mathira. You’re not some news channel,
you should run a gossip/Masala shop. Keep the tape down! Keep the tape down! It’s a channel’s property.
You can’t take it with you. Thanks for firing me. What are you all watching?
Do your jobs. Is the news tape ready?
-Yes its there Dead people’s cases often
come to the lower court… …but for the first time the victim’s
body’s been brought to the court. This body doesn’t belong to some
human being, in fact it’s a fridge… …who died due to sudden power-failure. Yes…this is a unique case in itself… …which sounds like a joke to many,
but on the other hand it’s a question… Brother…
– For those who’ve been mourning over… …their stuff that short-circuited
due to load-shedding. We must watch whether
this case makes a difference… …to the common man and the
electricity department or not. This… Wife! I am taking this TV to court tomorrow. What’s going on? Quaid-e-Azam (Jinnah)
wanted to be an actor. What are you doing here? I am acting. You said yourself that lawyers act
in front of the judge. How long will you do it?
– As long as I don’t get a new role. And…even father wanted
me to be a lawyer. Fake lawyer? Now this is a real lawyer. You’re fighting for justice… …the rest are only
chasing after money. Son. I’ve been sleeping
amidst mosquitoes for 6 days. I want my fan back. Sir, it’s time. Our case is next.
– Come. Come on…pick it up. Your method is wrong. But you’re doing the right thing. And yes…one more thing. If you ever get stuck…
let me know. Yes… Write this under this point. Your honor, there was just
one body in this courtroom today. But today it’s an
entire morgue out here. Objection, my lord. This is more like a madhouse. He wants to turn this
courthouse into a madhouse. He’s right. He’s absolutely right. We’re all crazy. We’re crazy to pay those
long electricity bills… …and also endure
hours of load shedding. And also bear the loss
of our expensive items. And if we don’t come to
the court asking for our rights… …where else do we go?
The electricity office? Where no one ever
answers your calls. And if someone
does answer the call… …they first ask your area,
then address, then bill number. And what do you get after
going through all that? One complaint number. With a condition to
call back after an hour. And even if you call after an hour,
no one answers. What’s that? An hour sir, An hour What kind of language
is he using, sir? Is that the kind of
language used in the court? My language expresses
the condition of my heart. There’s no trace of electricity… …the common people are
going through such atrocities. Wow! Wow! Wow! Objection my lord. This is not some poetical gathering… …where he can sing
few lines and get praises. He’s not coming to the point,
wasting the court’s time. I think this case should be dismissed… …because he has nothing to say.
– I’ve lot to say, your honor. I’ve a lot to say. Yesterday we had one complainant,
today we have 101. Because this entire
Pakistan’s problem. If every complainant
expresses about his problems… …then it will take days,
but this case will never end. And then my learned friend will say
that the court’s time is getting wasted. My request to the court is that… …this case shouldn’t
be treated as a waste of time. And don’t close the only door
of justice for the common people. I am giving you the next date. And you too…come prepared. We’ll show him in the next date.
– What… Sir…sir…sir…sir… Sir, do you think the
electricity department will pay. Sir… sir…
How much are you getting paid ? Sir, please…answer us. Sir, you must answer. Sir, you must answer. Sir… Sir, you must answer us. We’ll show this on TV. What’s the guarantee
that when you do… …people will have electricity
– Move. Sir, answer me. sir… Sir… Sir. Did you see how the
lawyer left us speechless? And if he argues like this in the court,
then the electricity department is F** oopss…. Shoot that again. “What’s the guarantee
that when you do… …people will have electricity.” Yes, it is a shock… But this time to the
electricity department. As good as 5000 watt. That’s what you call a jolt! That’s what you call a jolt! Big shock…with a delay. Your honor, I think even their
lawyer is experiencing load-shedding. The common man’s electronic
items are burning up, getting spoilt. If you had been in power, would
you have given them compensation? Your honor,
their lawyer didn’t show up again. Please…take strict action. Strict action. Why not? It’s the common man’s right. Where are you taking that?
– I’ll get a new one from the court. Your honor, can we get another date. Even this blew up due to fluctuation. Curse this lawyer. Today on ‘Karwa Sach’
we’re with someone… …entire Pakistan’s been looking for. Ms. Bijli. Listen, will you bring
Pappu home from school. I am going to the court
with the washing machine. All you do is sleep all day. Why don’t you take
this machine to the court? The electricity department
is giving compensation. Your honor, we don’t get electricity… …and all we get is another date. Date…upon date. Date…upon date. Order. Order. Should I go to the court as well? Would you like to go to the court?
– No. We’ve to go to the station,
will you go. Take this machine to the court,
you fool. Take another date.
– Why, sir? I am not feeling well. Driver, let’s go home. Why do you take a up
case if you can’t defend it? And that too worth 5000 watt. This is called…
– Mom, lower the volume. Are you playing it
for the entire building? Take a look. The electricity department’s
been summoned to the court. Look. Shan Mirza is like a ray
of hope for the common people. Those troubled by electricity know
that they are facing lots of trouble. It’s the winter season now. But the load shedding increases
during the summer season. You fired me on covering
this and then you ran it. Aren’t you ashamed? This was my news. My news? Every news
belongs to the channel… …and we make it big. Channel my foot. Earlier this news was nonsense. Now that you’re getting ratings,
it’s become breaking news. You’re a liar. You’re a shame to reporters all over. Your channel should be
called ‘Sold’…you sell news. I will break your face… What is he saying? Your honor,
the lawyer couldn’t make it this time. If we can get another date… I object, your honor. The reason for my learned
friend’s absence…is his humiliation… …which he’s been displaying
since many cases. I apologies, your honor. But these people sitting at the back… …come here expecting
justice from the court. Not another date. If the defense doesn’t
arrive in an hour… …then I will announce my verdict. The court is adjourned for an hour. Good one. It’s been so long, when is he coming? The judge is very angry. Where is the lawyer?
– His phone’s unreachable. What do you mean unreachable? I already spoke to him.
Don’t tell him. Where are you? You said we’ll take another date. We have an hour’s time.
Come immediately. Hello. Sir… Sir…Mr. Lawyer. You know…
the claim’s worth millions. Think. Don’t worry,
just watch what I do next. Your honor. I’ve been involved in
this case for a long time now. And after careful thinking… …I’ve reached to the conclusion that,
my learned friend is right. These people should be
compensated for their losses. He’s right. They must get compensation. But…not from the
electricity department… …but from the companies
that make such bogus equipments… …which cannot endure one
single jolt of electricity. And I am ready to
give my learned friend.. ..a helping hand in this case. Thank you. Yes… Your honor,
if right here…in the court room… …my learned friend dies. Then what should his family do? Be patient.
– You’re right. Your honor.. if today…I shoot you… ..outside the courtroom… …and you die…then what
should your family do? What insolence is this, your honor? Objection over ruled.
– Tell me… ..what should your family do? They should file a case against you. Why? Why not against the company
that made the bullet, your honor? Is this a joke, your honor?
– You’re the one joking with us. Who’s advising us to file
a case against the manufacturers? Wait a minute, your honor. See this, your honor. I’ve a warranty card from a
company which is reliable, your honor. They make fridge, TV, washing machine,
microwave and other electronics. And this warranty card clearly states,
your honor… …that if any item gets
spoilt due to fluctuation.. ..then the company
will not be responsible. Whereas, we don’t see anything
like this on this electricity bill. Take a look, your honor. What is he doing? Here. Your honor, this electricity
bill is full of threats. Like…if you don’t pay the bill,
you’ll be sent to jail. If you steal electricity,
you’ll be sent to jail. But if this same electricity
spoils people belongings… …then who will pay the compensation,
your honor. Who will pay the compensation? Long live…
– Shan Mirza! Long live…
– Shan Mirza! Order! Order! Long live…
– Shan Mirza! The electricity company is ordered… …to compensate the
people for their losses. And warned to regulate the
electricity fluctuations for future. Otherwise, strict actions
will be taken against the company. Bloody lawyer, what did you do? You fool… Long live…
– Shan Mirza! Long live…
– Shan Mirza! Hello. Hero…here. I made the first report. What? I made the first report. I see…
– Yes… You became famous because of me.
– Thank you. Where is your camera? What? You lost your job because of me. And you came to congratulate me. Are you crazy? So what if I lost my job. For the first time the
played a news of my choice. And all the channels copied it. So you didn’t get any credit. I came for that. I don’t have money. I fought the cases for free. You can ask anyone. Wow hero…this is great. You’re being like Abdul Sattar Edhi. What’s the next case? Cases are not lying in my pocket. They just come. Listen son,
where is Salim Computer shop. Uncle… Son.
– Yes. Where is Salim’s Computer shop? Uncle, go straight and
you will come across a wall. You’ll see a board that
says ‘Treatment for Impotency. Take a left. The wall on your right will
have a board saying ‘End to infertility’. If you go further ahead… …this shop is right
in front of the Lizard oil shop. By the way uncle,
where are you going? God. Found the case. Take this before taking dinner.
– Okay. Hello. Do you treat Impotency? With Confidentiality Did you stick advertisements on the wall?
– Of course. Three days…beloved in. Do you do black magic?
– Absolutely, with guarantee. Show me the picture
and collect his body. Baba Target Killer. Is this your address?
– Yes. When are you coming? You will be coming…to the court. Whose case is first? Madam, that lawyer who
defended the electricity case. He’s brought some eccentric
people to the court. Be Quite! Your honor, your court’s
been graced with very famous people. Very famous. Whom you might not have seen before? But I can say this
with almost certainty… …that you must have
read their names somewhere. Not in some newspaper or some book. But on all the walls in this city… …which is filled with
their advertisements. Their advertisement makes you feel… …that every man in this country
is impotent, women are childless… …and everyone’s doing black-magic. Your honor, these walls have ears… but I wish they
had a tongue too… …and they would’ve spoken themselves. How these people have
tainted their beauty. Be quiet. And your honor, these walls
are not their private property. In fact, they are government property. And they’ve been advertising
on them for free for years. Your honor, I request you
that they shouldn’t just be punished… …in fact,
they should be penalized as well. Wonderful, Mr. Lawyer. If the other lawyers think
about public interest too… …then it can bring
a change in the country. Say it. One more request, your honor.
– Yes. Your honor, their names and
numbers can be found on the walls. But there are few people… …whose posters and flags don’t spare
colleges, hospitals, universities… …and in parks alike. Lawyer, you do know
who you’re speaking for? Your honor,
I’ve heard that the law is very power. Wield it once…and
everyone will feel it. Soon high-profile people
will have to answer in the court. Those who stick political posters
on the wall… – Will soon be summoned. Tell the boys to stop writing slogans.
– Yes, sir. Sir has forbidden to
write slogans on the wall. Erase the slogans! Yes, sir.
– Of course. Sir has said no writing on the walls. Stop the boys. Hurry up.
– Why? Sir, please answer our questions. Sir. If political parties don’t
write their slogans on the wall… …where else will they write it? Outside their manors. On their imported cars. On their expensive clothes,
or…on their fake faces. Shan Mirza, where did you
get your law degree? I don’t know. Meenu, try to understand. The boy’s smart. But not more than your daughter. You don’t worry, sir. I’ll go to the court
personally tomorrow. Your slogans are on
every wall of this city. My drawstring is in my pajama. Look, you see our party
has always done the right thing. Let me erase the slogans first. Sir…sir, please… Take a picture. The court hasn’t
given it’s verdict yet. But we are erasing
the slogans personally. We won 500 rupees.
– Mehboob, this is not your cup of tea. Shakeel, move aside. Offer him a show. He’ll bring in ratings. He’s become very popular amongst
the people. – Good idea, sir. How much?
– How can I take money from you? Just take a selfie with me. Congratulations.
Congratulations. Hello, sir I am
calling from Kashmir I filed a case against
Electricity dept like you did . And I won it, sir. We won, sir. We all won, sir. We all won, sir. Come on. – Bravo. Start speaking. If you’re destined for freedom…
then it will reach the lawyer. The internet is very powerful. Come on. My name…is Yusuf Masih. My father borrowed money. Father and I came together. It’s been three years
since we’ve been laboring here. Father… Father… Father is dead. But…the debt isn’t over yet. “My father borrowed money.” “Father and I came together.” Shan.
– Yes. Look at this. Father… Yes…where is your lawyer? Sir, he’s online.
– Online? Your honor, in the eyes of the law… …the person who’s making
this child slog is a cruel man. So accroding to Pakistan penal
code section 328 and 374… …the accused should
be jailed for 5-7 years. Your honor, child labor
isn’t just a unpardonable offense… …but it’s also shattering
the dreams of innocent kids. These children are
the future of Pakistan. You know,
my ex-boss is offering you a show. “Awaam Ki Adaalat.’
(Common man’s court) Our channel will pay you more salary. -Number one channel…
-our channel. We’ll give you prime time. The party wants to give you a ticket. You must contest the elections. Our party…
– Our party. Only our party. Our.. – Our…
– Our party wants. The rest is your decision. We want you to be our
candidate in this elections Sir, I fight for public interest And you don’t have
any interest in public Long live… Long live… Long live… This time, there will be more
work for you during the elections. Sir, if elections come after 5 years… …there’s bound to be more work. And that lawyer, he’s flying too high. Bring him on the ground. Sir. So, brother… Where have you been? You’ve become so famous. How did you become a lawyer? Anyway, at least you’re coming on TV. Get to the point. I needed some money. 50,000 rupees.
– I don’t have it. You’ve been minting
money as a fake lawyer… …and you don’t have money for me. I am not a fake, get it? Hey…don’t I know how
you became a lawyer overnight. Did you forget the time
when you used to ask for a chance? And now you’ve become a lawyer. I will see you. What happened?
– Rascal. What happened, Mehboob?
– Nothing. Mind your own business. He’s lost his mind. Come, let’s sit near the fire. Come on. Brother. These stars can only
be seen in the night. The light of dawn hides them. But who knows…
the sun that shines everyday… …might be one of these stars. And yes…
that Humayoun Saeed… I don’t need his autograph anymore. Because you are my hero. You bashed my car! You bashed my car! Someone save me. You bashed my car! No! No! No! No! What happened? Bloody rascal, dog…he was staring.
– What was he staring at? He was staring at something.
– Where? Some place you are not. Where am I not looking?
– Stupid. You don’t stare at it. By the way, it’s your fault. You’re so cute. And you don’t cover yourself
with a Scarf/veil either. – What? You think I don’t take a Scarf/veil
that’s why they stare? – I don’t know. Come with me. Look how they are staring …. They see women in a veil
more eagerly, cause they are curious
about whats inside …. They really don’t know whats inside So, were your Burka protected you? Now do you understand
why I banged him up? The problem is not with the clothes,
it’s in the mind. What do we do about that?
– We must fix it. Is there any such law?
Can we file a case against them? Of course, there must be. You’re a lawyer, you must know. There are so many books,
I haven’t read them all. Come on. So many books,
I haven’t read any of it. Let’s begin.
– Yes, let’s begin. Yes. What a timing? Go. You look, I’ll be right back. Yes, Mr. Lawyer.
What made you think of me? You said I can call
you if I ever get stuck. Well, I am stuck. There is a law…but we
must conjure some points. Do one thing, get the major act. There is a law…but we
must conjure some points. Get the major act. Wow hero, you racked
your brains in the bathroom. Now?
– Now? Page no. 123, section 509… Insulting modesty. Insulting modesty and causing
sexual harassment. – That’s the one. Section 509; Whoever intending
insulting the modesty of any woman… …utter any word, make any sound
or gesture, or exhibit any object… …intending that such
word or sound shall be heard… …or that such gesture or
object shall be seen by such woman… …or intrudes upon the privacy
of such woman, shall be punished… …with imprisonment,
which makes into 3 years… …with fine upto
500,000 rupees or both. This is going to be fun. All those oglers will be in trouble. You’re a cheetah. Why didn’t
I think of this idea before? ‘And why didn’t I find you before?’ “A fairy from the stories…that
never came to be…” “Is in my arms today.” “My heart’s filled with happiness…” “…and slipped out of
my hands like the balloons.” “The ambiance is cool.” “The moon’s smiling.” “What do I do…” “The heart’s jumping with joy,” “My heart’s become a dancer.” “My heart’s become a dancer.” “It’s become Michael
Jackson of your heart.” “My heart’s become a dancer.” “The eyes met…
and stories began.” “You came closer to me.” “Beautiful night…
something’s special.” “It’s raining without the clouds.” “How do I tell you…
what’s in my heart.” “You know everything…
but don’t say a thing.” “A fairy from the stories…
that never came to be…” “Is in my arms today.” “My heart’s filled with happiness…” “…and slipped out of
my hands like the balloons.” “The ambiance is cool.” “The moon’s smiling.” “What do I do…” “The heart’s jumping with joy,” “My heart’s become a dancer.” “My heart’s become a dancer.” “It’s become Michael
Jackson of your heart.” “My heart’s become a dancer.” We’ll see… Greetings.
– Greetings, uncle. How are you, Mr. Lawyer? Meenu, this is…
– Are you prepared? And you? He’s the lawyer?
– But you filed the case. Your name…Meenu Screw…
– Screwala. Yes…Screwala! So you’re…
– Yes, I am a Parsi. Exactly. Exactly. Ms. Meenu Screwala,
according to you people stare at you. You claim that it’s their fault.
– Of course. No, I mean…did you ever feel
that there’s a fault with you? Fault?
What do you mean by fault? Do I break the signal on foot… …that I should be stopping
by blowing a whistle? Am I am agent for another country… …that it’s necessary to chase me? Or am I an alien that
people look so closely at me? No, no, no, you’re not an alien. You belong to a respectable minority. Maybe your garb forces
people to look at you. Have you ever tried wearing
better clothes while going out? What do they call it? When in Rome do as Romans do! Then why are you wearing a pant? When Pakistan’s National
dress is shalwar qameez. Madam…right now we’re
talking about your clothes. People stare at you, not me.
– Objection my lord. Yes, please speak. My lord, it’s nowhere
written in section 509… …that which kind of women
can be teased, and which kind cannot. And this law doesn’t discriminate any
women on the basis of her religion or sect And this law is equal for
every women living in Pakistan. Sir, my motive is not
to target any minority. The minorities have all
the rights in our country. By the way, the white
color in our flag is for them. And that’s where the pole is too. Order! I will need strong
witnesses in this case. I am giving the date for next hearing. 7th January. Court dismissed. Listen, don’t you have any friends
who are facing the same problems. What are you saying? All the girls have this problem? But all girls don’t come to the court. But now they will. Madam, this is the court. Even men are scared of coming here. If you can get a single woman here,
consider this case won. Excuse me. He says not a single girl will come.
– He’s right. No one will come. You won’t come either.
– Have you lost your mind? With great difficulty
I got permission to work. Father will break my legs. Boys always stare, just ignore them. In fact, do yoga. Who amongst you are
stared down by boys? So who will come with me to the court? No need to meet her again.
– What happened? Better explain her. Uncle, please try to understand. Spare us. The idea’s really nice,
dear, and I wish you luck. But nothing’s going to change. Please father, say yes. No more discussions
on this topic again. Concentrate on your studies. Decent girls never go to the court. My mother-in-law will
kick me out of the house. This is not America. If you like adventures, then go with
your friend and feed poor children. But don’t get into such acts. Listen, ask Dilnaz. Tell your daughter
to stay away from my Dilnaz! Leave me. Feels like…there are
no girls left in this world. I tried talking to everyone I know. I wish I had a sister.
– I do. What?
– I have a sister. Yes.
– Why didn’t you say that before? Will she come to the court? We must file a case
against these rascals. I will go with you.
– Thank you. But father? Excuse me, please take this. Hurry up Annie,
we’re getting late. The key… This is your acting. You’re an imposter. Imposter. A cheater. If you wanted to be a lawyer,
why did you leave college? I grew old working hard. But never fed you a morsel of deceit. People will shun me. Humiliate me. How will I face them? Get out of this house! I said get out. No… Rafiya. Rafiya, be patient. We’ll think we never had a son. Brother, no… ♪ “I’ve been forced to wander
the wilderness, shunned from home.” ♪ ♪ “So many atrocities
in this single life.” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!”♪ ♪ “I am counting all my sins.” ♪ ♪ “Are You listening
to what I am saying?” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!” ♪ ♪ “I wonder what am
I being punished for!” ♪ ♪ “I wonder what am
I being punished for!” ♪ ♪ “Tell me my mistakes, O Lord.” ♪ ♪ “I’ve been forced to wander
the wilderness, shunned from home.” ♪ ♪ “So many atrocities
in this single life.” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!” ♪ ♪ “I am losing all my supports.” ♪ ♪”Someone stop me…
someone call out to me.” ♪ ♪ “I am losing all my supports.” ♪ ♪ “Someone stop me…
someone call out to me.” ♪ ♪ “What is my character
from which story?” ♪ ♪ “I am defeat that
can never be a victory.” ♪ ♪ “I am picking the
pieces of my wishes.” ♪ ♪ “Tell me my mistakes, O Lord.” ♪ ♪ “I’ve been forced to wander
the wilderness, shunned from home.” ♪ ♪ “So many atrocities
in this single life.” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!” ♪ ♪ “O Lord!” ♪ Yes, sir. Thank you. I want to meet the boss,
it’s big news. Very big news. Look, every department
is different here. Why are you troubling me? It’s big news,
why don’t you understand? Good morning, sir. You’re looking nice.
– Thanks. Sir, sir…
– Security. Catch him. Sir, listen to me.
– Stop, you. Sir, please listen to me. Sir, please…
– Why are you screaming? It’s really big news.
Just a minute. It’s very big news. Very big. Leave me. This will really be breaking news.
Just two minutes. I see. See this lift.
– Yes, sir. Tell me before it comes down. If your story has any material,
I’ll take you up with me. Sir, that Shan is a big actor.
– I see…what a news. Tell Shan about it. Throw him out.
– Nonsense. Sir, listen… Sir, please… Sir…sir… Sir…Shaan Mirza’s
not a lawyer, he’s an actor. Let me talk to him. Stop. Leave me. Thank you, sir. So madam, you’re withdrawing
this case willingly? No, your honor. I filed this case willingly,
but a woman is taking this case back. Because she’s scared of the
humiliation while coming to the court. Your honor,
this isn’t about a few women. 51% of this country…which means
more than half of our population… …is devoid from getting justice. I’ve already lost this
case before I could defend it. And the reason behind
it is all those women… …who value their honor
more than their rights? What’s funny is that this
honor is not theirs either? It’s the honor of their brother,
their father, their husband, son… …and these are the same
people who ogle at women. Whistle at them…
harass them. And today a woman… withdrawing her
case against all those men! Keep the video-link ready. And don’t forget the
watermark of ‘Karwa Sach’. Look, this is a live show,
so I want everything. Everything. Polls…sms’…texts. And yes,
Faizan keep the DSNG ready. Okay.
– Yes, sir. And yes, right after the show… …we need show comments,
the people’s opinions. Listen to me carefully. The ratings…are going to
go off the chart. – So be it. Of course.
– So be it. And I will create history. Camera 3 ready. Sir, call for you from Islamabad.
– After the show, my darling. Sir, this sequence…
– Give it. Show me. Clean the mirror.
– Sorry, sir. Are we ready in the Comm Room? This time I don’t want
any goof ups in the switching. 3…2…1… Queue. Greetings, and welcome to ‘Karwa Sach’
(Bitter Truth) with Mudassir Sultan. Live and exclusively,
from the studios of Bold News. Today I am going to
unmask a ugly face of a man… …which no one can deny. Neither the courts of this country,
nor the law… …nor the Media or the People. Take a close look at this video! That’s the ‘Fake’ lawyer. This is the man…the cheater,
who duped an entire community. This is Shaan Mirza. He’s a local brat. He’s a Show Off
– Wana bee He’s not a lawyer. He’s just an Failed actor. He’s the imposter lawyer, who kept
saying white lies wearing that black coat. Carried out publicity stunts
in the name of public interest. For the sake of cheap fame… …he got slogans erased
from the walls, but… …but he tainted the law itself. Is he telling the truth? He used the court as his stage. And degrade all institutes of the country He thought the law is actually blind. But he didn’t he know that the
media & journalist of this country is not blind. My blood boils saying that
he defamed a honest profession… …like that of a lawyer, which is belongs
to Mr.Jinnah The Founder of the Nataion. Now it’s time that the
lawyers should come out. …and raise their
voice against this man. I request the upholders
of the law and the people… …that Shaan Mirza should be
arrested immediately and jailed. And strict actions should
be taken against him. Are you with me? I know you’re with me. Because the people are always with
the truth, no matter how bitter it is. Thank you. Thank you, team. Shaan. Shaan, where are you going? Yes, this is the house. Let’s go inside. Come on. We’re standing outside
Shan Mirza’s home. Everyone’s looking up, We must see… We must see…
We must see… Is the camera ready?
– Yes, speak. Right now we’re standing
outside the imposter’s house… …who thought the law was blind. Father’s a real lawyer,
and son’s an imposter. This is Shaan Mirza’s home. Sir…sir, please tell us something. Sir. Open the door. Open the door. You will be defending
the case against Shaan Mirza. And you know what it
means to win this case. The BAR has decided that… …no lawyer will defend
Shan Mirza’s case. In fact, we’ll Protest against him. We’ll take him to the streets. We’ll show the people
that we’re only with the truth. Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Go Shan Go! Country News has done it again. We’re inside the accused’ home. The place where he
spent his childhood… …and his youth,
but now he’ll be behind bars. Our channel is the first who’s
getting inside Shan Mirza’s House,.. can see how embarrassed
his father looks, who’s trying to hide himself .. ..and his family from our camera Rafaqat
– Arent you shameful of getting.. ..someone’s house with out their
permission it’s a crime, shame on you …. I thought something
is definitely fishy. So I thought it was my duty
to tell the media everything. I’ve told the truth,
but I don’t know what your duty is. You must do your job now.
– Did you take money? – What? Money?
– No, no, no…I didn’t take any money. I am just doing my duty. We just found out that the accused
Shan Mirza has surrendered himself. And the police have
taken him in custody. City News is bringing
you this breaking news first. Come…come… Please tell us…why did you
surrender yourself to the police? Tell us. Shan Mirza. Why don’t you answer? You’ve been exposed. We’re bringing you this breaking news. Tell us…answer us. Breaking news! Breaking news! The light has shone…
Shan Mirza’s been exposed. Breaking news! Breaking news! The light has shone…
the liar’s been defaced. I told you…
no one heard this story before. Everyone just heard
what interests them, Because no one’s interested
in listening to the truth. We understand only what’s shown on TV. We’re the best lawyers
for our own mistake. But for others…
we’re a strict judge. Shaan Mirza, forget who he is. And remember what he did.
And for whom? It’s true that he’s an actor. But today…
he’s an Actor-In-Law. Whatever he did,
was for the law. And what is the law for?
For the people. So whatever he did,
he did it for you. Now what can you do for him,
you must decide. I think you should publish
this in your newspaper. It’s our responsibility. Because no Batman or Superman
are going to solve our problems. Only a common man will. Now you must decide
whether you’re with him… ..or against yourself. They say one voice
can’t be heard in a crowd. But if the same voice becomes a crowd,
then it echoes. This is your story,
and you must decide its end too. Brother! Listeners, Today Shan needs us! He needs you. Everyone says that he’s a liar. But I say there was
honesty in his lies too. If you lie for the sake of truth… …it still remains the truth. And Shan’s Truth is way biger than his lie. Today, we all must stand with him. If we cannot do anything for him… …then no one can do
anything for us in future. If he cannot be pardoned… …then none of us are worthy
of being pardoned. None of us are worthy
of being pardoned. The law is really blind, sir. Your honor, today there’s
a lawyer in this witness box. I am sorry… Let me correct myself. An imposter who was
impersonating as an actor. Who’s been trying to fool
court of law for so long, Your honor, every lawyer
is a harbinger of truth and justice. But he’s stained this
profession with lies.. ..and deception. We should mistake his
crime as a trivial one. In fact, we should make sure
that he meet dire consequences. Infact, we all should make him an example
so that no one else should do anything like that I request the court,
that it decides in the favor of truth… …and against the fake. We make the witness’
swear to tell the truth. But maybe now we must
make the lawyers swear… …so that they fear the
wrath of God while telling a lie. That’s all your honor. The prosecution has
recorded their statement. Is the defense ready? You can’t even defend your own case today. Who is the accused
Shaan Mirza’s lawyer? The accused Shaan Mirza’s
lawyer come forward. The accused Shan Mirza’s
lawyer come forward. I am his lawyer/Defendant You said no one will take his case. His existence doesn’t matter. He never won a single case.
– I see. Your honor,
I am advocate Rafaqat Mirza. The defense lawyer of the accused. Although I have nothing
to say in his defense. I know…he’s a fake lawyer. And he doesn’t have
a degree in law either. But still he represented the common
people problems in the court. He spoke for them. And that is a crime in
the prosecution’s opinion. Your honor, it’s a crime
in the view of the law as well. I request my learned friend… …to defend this case as a lawyer,
and not just a father. Because the court gives importance
to justice, and not emotions. And justice also suggests
that we must find the truth. It is very important for
the prosecution to win this case. And the reason is,
if he wins this case today… …then tomorrow he’ll be considered
as one of the biggest lawyers of the city. His pictures will be
posted in the newspapers. Every channels will
be praising his capability. And in order to achieve all this… …the prosecution is using
this court as his weapon… …and provoking a capable judge like
you to give a verdict against my client. You know better, sir. This court is not a medium to
fulfill someone’s personal interests. It’s for giving justice. The judge and the
lawyer who do justice… …have a responsibility to examine
the intentions behind the actions… And I can surely tell you… …that my client had no ill intentions. Objection, your honor.
– Over-ruled. Please continue with your arguments. Your honor,
if this young man loses today. Then it won’t be only his loss. It will be a loss
for all those people… …who have come out of their homes,
and to the court… …in order to testify
about his goodness. It will be a defeat for all those who
want to do something good for the country. It will be a defeat for that labor
who wants to fight for his right. It will be a defeat for hopes. It will be a defeat
of good intentions. It will be a defeat for the people. And it will be a victory for a system… …that lets a minister without
a degree spread corruption… …but doesn’t let a
common man do a good deed. Objection, your honor.
– Objection over ruled. Your honor, my motive here
is not to go against the law. But looking at the conditions,
and as we see… …that we can’t doubt the
good intentions of my client. So…I would request the court
to give him a warning and let him go. But with the advice,
that along with doing a good deed… …degree is a must. That’s all, your honor. The court will resume after the break. Thousands of people
are holding their breath. We must see who wins. The people or the system. This crowd of people is evident… …where there’s no act of law,
there’s a Act of God. Media has done its job. Now the court will do its part. But it’s an open and shut case. Shan Mirza is guilty,
it’s been proven. We must see how he’s penalized. Now excuse me, please. No, no, I am sorry. Please excuse me. Sir, what do you think
the verdict’s going to be? Whatever the verdict,
we’ll benefit from it. I never won any case. But I won’t lose today. I am proud of you, son. I am proud. After examining all
the aspects of the case… …the court has reached
on a conclusion… …that the accused Shan Mirza Being a common man he crosses
his limits, and he did contempt of law so the court finds him guilty. The court finds him guilty
till the rising of the court. Shaan Mirza is a culprit…but
only till this court is dismissed. These people need a leader like you. Don’t disappoint them. My dear friends. Pakistan is at a verge where we’re
surrounded by countless Problems. But I…as the prime
minister of Pakistan… …I assure you, that the day
is not far when our country… …will rise as a new power. Cut it. What a shot. Wow sir, what a shot.
– Thank you. What a shot. Bravo, sir. Wonderful. Hello.
– Come in your balcony. Why?
– Come on. I see…coming. How am I looking?
– Like a hero. Will you marry me?
– You forgot. I am a Parsi. Even Quaid-e-Azam married a Parsi.

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