Acting Up Awards – El Paseo Community Garden Bench Murals

– Hi, my name is Maria Leon and I’m the executive director
of Elevate Community Studio. – And I’m Paula Acevedo, I’m
one of the volunteer managers here at El Paseo Community Garden. – Elevate Community Studio
is a community organization that is based out of the Pilsen
neighborhood in Dvorak Park. We do see arts as a portal
for creative use development and we offer free art programs for school-age and teenage youth. Most recently we held our
On the Table discussion on May 10th, which is where
Paula and I met and connected. Paula has been involved with
Elevate Community Studio serving as a mentor for our
Each One/Reach One program. – [Paula] El Paseo
Community Garden is located along a public multipurpose path which has five concrete slabs waiting for benches for families
to relax on this summer. This is a perfect opportunity to bring the community together to
create something beautiful. – [Maria] Through the team
partnership, El Paseo Garden and Elevate are looking
for resources to build and organize a community effort to paint beautiful and
culturally relevant benches. The theme for the benches
will be around topics of health, nature, Mexican
culture and gardening. We hope to spark meaningful conversations around these issues. – [Paula] Funds awarded would be used to pay for teaching artists that would come to Elevate
Community Studio to lead the youth in painting the
benches with beautiful design and would also pay for
supplies and materials. – [Paula] El Paso has built the benches and Elevate will provide artists to teach and guide youth to create
their masterpieces as a team. We expect the benches will be
used by more than 30 families that are currently actively
involved in the garden and many more that we plan to attract in partner efforts for next year. – Thank you Chicago Community
Trust for your consideration. We’re excited to hear from you and hope we have your
support on this project.

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