A Shocking Confession Ends This Bridezilla’s Marriage (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is a case of
Holt versus Martin. Y’all have been
for 10 years. Married for six. And, Ms. Holt, you are
a well known “Bridezilla.” Is that right? Yes. KEITH: Okay. Uh, you’ve opened
this case today because you believe
your husband is
cheating on you. Yes, Your Honor. Uh, what specifically
do you want to try to find out today? I have strong suspicions that my husband is cheating
on me with multiple women. His actions,
his demeanor he’s standoffish. He, his body language
indicates that he’s sleeping with
somebody else. Because he’s not
giving me
any attention so he obviously must be
giving it to somebody else. Oh. I just want out
the marriage. I wanna be gone. So what you’re telling
this court is if it comes out that your spouse
is in fact cheating, you’re done? I’m gone. DANA: Wow. Mr. Martin, what o you
wanna prove today? What do you wanna prove to her?
What do you wanna prove
to this court? I wanna prove that
I’m not cheating. I love my wife
to death. I’ve put in a lot
of had work and tears
trying to get this woman. I got her name tattooed on
my arm and everything. So… We got a
we got a child
together and I don’t want them
to go through that and I love her
and I don’t
want her to… It’s the first time him saying
he love me in a long time. She don’t ever
tell me. Well, Mr. Martin,
I mean,
I acknowledge that she was
on “Bridezilla” so is this just her being a Bridezilla or is she being paranoid,
is there something to this? She being paranoid.
I told her. I cheated in the past
right before we got married. Like, you got to let
the past be the past. Well, the past then,
then translated over
to the future, so, he lied. KEITH: Okay, well, let’s
talk about the past.
The good past. When y’all met,
how did you meet? (CHUCKLES)
Well, actually she would pass through
my neighborhood I’ll hurriedly call her,
“Hey, hey, hey, hey.” But she would never stop.
She would keep going. You… Wait a minute.
You were literally howling and waving the heart out. I’ve heard about howling
at somebody but he literally
howling at her. I’ll haul and try
to get her
attention every day she… Well, she’d
keep going. She’d blow me off.
Keep going. You did that to a brother? Yes, Your Honor. She’s first playing
hard to get. Were you playing hard to get? Yes, Your Honor. All right. So he’s smiling
and you grinning. I’m just gonna be honest
with you. I heard, you know, he was a little sugar
daddy, so, I wanted a little money,
so I stopped the car. DANA: Oh, my goodness! HOLT: So… I stopped. Cutler… I can’t believe she saying it.
I can’t believe… Well, hey, the
truth will set you free. All right, well, she
gonna come clean. He didn’t have no
money though, Judge. He didn’t have money. A little bit. A little bit.
Not a whole lot. Okay, you didn’t get any money,
what did you get from him? You know, I was
in a relationship and I was trying to get
out the relationship.
It was a real bad relationship. And, you know, we went
on to date. He started paying for stuff
and he had a car.He was coming and
picking me up
and stuff.
So I was like…
Okay, I’m
kinda diggin’ this. ’cause before I
would have to
pay for everything and drive and
do that, so you can kinda say,
he kinda swept me of my
feet for the moment. Actually, she was
getting ready
to go to school. She didn’t have no
car to go to school. I had a car. But it wasn’t in good shape
to go where she’d
wanna go. So I sold my car and got
a new car let her
jump in that car. DANA: Oh, my goodness. As, uh… As good as I was,
I’m not sure
I’d do that. Yeah, I mean,
he, he gave… You gave me a ride
in your car but you didn’t
give me the car. That’s… All right, that’s a
righteous move
right there. Okay. Take me to the day
that you said I do. So… I think we were
out of town.And he proposed.
Uh, New Years.
Like, it was like
at the countdown.
And we was trying
to get married, trying to get everything
together and I just said you know, what the heck,
let’s just go ahead and do it. And my heart was
beating out of my chest, but I swear, I wish
I just went the other way. No, she don’t.
No, she don’t. So, instead of having
this beautiful moment you wish that
it had never
happened? That’s where we are? I regret we married. She, she… DANA: All because you believe
he’s cheating now? She just talking. Yes. I regret getting married. She just talking. What makes you believe
that Mr. Martin
is a cheater? You know, not long
after we got married I went to the store
with one of my
family members. And the family member
came to pick me up. So we went to the store. So when I came back home
he was gone. So, I’m like, not sleeping
good at night and I just a feeling,
you know, my gut telling me
something ain’t right. So I hid in the closet
in my daughter’s room,
he came home. I’m still in the
closet right. So his friend is outside
with him. They outside
talking. So he proceed to say
to his friend,
that he had just broke his boo headboard. That’s not true.
That’s not true. That is true. DANA: Oh, wait,
hold on, hold on. That ain’t true. I go outside his back is turned,
his friend is
looking towards me. He said, “Hah, hah, hah, hah.” That ain’t true. He didn’t know
that I was coming out. I walk up to him,
I say so “You busting, you
breaking headboards? Because our headboard’s
not broken. That ain’t, that ain’t,
that ain’t true. I tell you I grabbed his little flip phone,
because he had a little
flip phone then. I broke it in two and locked the door and went
into the house and bleached
all his clothes. Everything that I bought him. Everything that I
bought him,
I bleached it. That ain’t true. DANA: Okay. That is, that is
not true. It was years ago, so just
fess up and say it was the
truth and let’s just move on. I can’t, ’cause it
ain’t the truth. Okay, well, I’m gonna
keep turning the same chord. KEITH: It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen. So you have said,
you heard this
conversation. Have you seen anything that supports that
Mr. Martin is cheating. I have never physically
caught him cheating but I have evidence. So, what happened was,
he on Facebook, okay. So, he didn’t know,
I’m a little private
investigator you know what do we
call it… I know his password
and stuff. But how I did that was,
when he got a new phone, some kind of way his
phone got connected
into my Google account. That’s how I got into his
Facebook page. Every message that came
to his phone was
coming to my phone. You’re concerned there
are multiple women. HOLT: There, there are
multiple women. And I have, and I have
proof of that as well. There are multiple women. All right, what proof do you
have that there was
multiple women. I have a collage
right here. DANA: A collage? Way before her time. That ain’t, that ain’t true. With at least nine different
women on there. There no nine. It’s… One minute. One two, three, four…
Okay, it’s nine of ’em. DANA: Okay, explain that
collage to me. All these women that he’s
dealt with since we’ve
been married. And one of them
is his baby mama. So… Yeah, you see they all ugly.
They busted and disgusted. I don’t even know… Okay. Well, you know, you know, I… When you say he’s dealt
with these women,
what do you mean? I think he’s been
with them sexually. You confronted him with this. Yeah, I showed it to him. He said, “Well, now I mes
with seven of them.” Then I mess with five
of them. Oh, I ain’t
mess with none of them.” I said, “Well, you got
a baby with one of ’em, so
what you saying.” No, no, no, I didn’t. Get your story together. You put together a collage… I put together a collage. …of women you believe
he’s been with. And then you met with him
or sat down with him and said,
“Look at here.” “I believe these are all
the women you’ve been with.” It’s probably more that that,
but those were the ones
that I could find. Have you been with
any of them nine women? No. Before her time half of
them girls. It was only with my
girlfriend way before her. Okay. KEITH: Clearly you been with
one of them. Wait, wait, wait. ‘Cause you have a child
with her together. Right. My child… We’ve been
together for 17 years. Which is seal of fact
in our relationship now. ‘Cause she claimed that she
she’ll still be messing
with him too. No, she don’t, no she don’t. That’s what she said. Are you concerned that
she’s still sleeping
with him right now? I do have concerns that
she may be sleeping
with him right now. But we got to let the
past be the past. When was the last time
you’ve been intimate
with your ex? Way before me and her
even got married. But you’re still concerned. I still am concerned.
Yes, Your Honor. Okay. And you’re saying… Not since we’ve been
married. No. DANA:There’s the
husband’s side,
there’s the wife’s side.And there’s the ex’s side.And the ex is here. (CROWD CHEERING) So, we’re gonna
hear from her. Ron, would you escort her
in, please. RON: Yes, Your Honor. The truth shall set you free. Set you free, right? I hope you come free. …everybody free. KEITH: How are you today? PAULA: Fine. And you?
Can I sit? Yeah, well, absolutely. Have a seat. No. Thank you very much. Would you state you name please
for the court. Paula Brooks. DANA: Thank you, Ms. Brooks. KEITH: Ms. Brooks, what is your
relationship with Mr. Martin. Well, I have a child with him. KEITH: All right. How long were you all together?
How long did you date? Fourteen, seventeen years,
on and off. Is he pursuing you? He does. Every time I come home,
I get a call. If he knows I’m coming home,
he calls. He wants to get
a hotel room. And… That’s, that’s, that’s a lie. If I wanted to, I could. That’s a lie. But you have. If I wanted to, I would. But you have. All right. So when he makes these
suggestions about renting
a room have you ever taken
him up on that. No. And every time he calls,
it’s never about the child. What was it about? Seeing me. KEITH: So you think he still has
some kind of thing for you? I think he just think
it’s some freebie he can get. KEITH: Mr. Martin. Not true. Are you still trying to have
something going on with your ex? No, Your Honor. I tried, the
only tried to get her a room. Yeah, when she called me,
let me know coming to town. I tried to get her a room. Get her a room for what? But… Let me, let me
finish talking, man. I know it ain’t right.
I know it ain’t right. But I’ve been trying
ti get my baby. All right, my little girl
somewhere to sleep. ‘Cause sometime she come she comes tell me… Well, most of the time
she comes I go
out of town. So I make sure
that my daughter
be comfortable. Other than that there’s… So you are not offered to get a
hotel room, so you could
have a hook-up place? That’s what it sounds like. No, that ain’t,
that ain’t true. I don’t know because I’ve got
pictures of the thing
he sent me. Trying to get a hotel room so he sends me pictures. You sending pictures? He sends you pictures of what? Baby. (CHUCKLES) DANA: So you’re saying he is… He has sent me private
part pictures. Of himself? Are you serious? KEITH: How long ago? It has been a while. It’s… If I did, it be years ago. Do you remember whether
or not you did that? No. Look, all right, so… Cutler, do you believe
that a man would send pictures of his
private parts and not remember it? Not to his ex. No. I mean, you might
send it to somebody
are just putting out feelings, but if
you got a relationship
with somebody, an ex and you trying
to get with that ex… I mean, you remember what you
doing trying to get with her. Why would I send a picture?
She know what it look like. So you are saying he has sent pictures of his private parts,
you know, since he’s
been married to Ms. Holt? Yeah. My question to you,
Mr. Martin, is when was the last time
you were intimate
with Ms. Brooks? Oh, it’s been years ago. DANA: Have you been intimate
with Ms. Brooks since you’ve been
married to Ms. Holt? No. PAULA: No, we haven’t. KEITH: The look on
your face says
you don’t believe her. I don’t believe her. I haven’t, but if I wanted to
I would have. It’s just that easy. If I want it,
I can have it. But you have chosen
not to have it. I have chosen not to. The only reason why he’s
with him is because
I moved to Texas ad left him. He cheated on me
for her. I was already
with him. He cheated. All right, ladies. Yeah, he’s a cheater. I wanna put that
out here. All right, to get to the
bottom of all these
cheating allegations this court ordered Mr. Martin
to undergo a forensic
voice analysis.Our analyst submitted
those results
to the court
and we have them.KEITH: Mr. Martin. Mm-hmm. With respect to your
with Ms. Brooks is there anything
you wanna say before
we open this envelope? No, sir.
No, Your Honor. Mr. Martin, with regards to any woman, do you have anything
you want to say
right now? No, Your Honor. All right, let’s take a look
at the first question
you were asked. Other than what
we discussed have you had sexual
intercourse with anyone
other than your wife? No. The forensic voice analysis
determined you were being deceptive. Okay. KEITH:
Who were the other women? There ain’t no
other women. Let’s take a look at it again. Other than what
we’ve discussed… have you had sexual
intercourse with anyone
other than your wife? No. DANA: All right, let’s just
talk about this. Mr. Martin, we have some additional
notes here from our analyst. we have some additional
notes here. And he says that you made
an admission after the test that you had had sexual intercourse
since you been married. Not since I’ve been married.
I never did. I didn’t tell him that. Everything in your body the way you’re standing, your posture, the way you’re looking at me, tells me you are not telling the
truth right now. I don’t remember that.
I didn’t tell him that. DANA: You don’t remember
telling him that? I ain’t do that. No. Not since I’ve been married. All right, let me just
say this, Mr. Martin. We are sat up here
and we know. We’ve got a lot
of years as lawyers knowing when people
are telling us the truth
and when they aren’t. If you think you’re gonna move
your marriage forward… Mm-hmm. …you cannot continue
to be deceptive. You took a oath when
you came in. If you gonna tell the truth
do it now. Or you might as well say
goodbye to this woman
’cause she’s already said. Okay. KEITH: So this is it.
This is the moment. Since you’ve been married have you had sexual intercourse
with any other women? Yes. Women or woman? Woman. Just one? How may? MARTIN: One. KEITH: What happened? She, just something happened. It didn’t just happen. ‘Cause you just don’t
fall on it. Is it your ex? Can I see the picture? No, no, no. Oh, okay. What… So it was not Ms. Brooks? No. It was another woman
in the collage? MARTIN: Yeah. Is the woman we’re
referring to the same woman that
you broke the headboard with? Yeah, but it wasn’t,
it wasn’t that time. It wasn’t, it wasn’t that time. No, it was way before,
way… Wait, wait, wait. KEITH: When you
say it wasn’t
that time… It was like
after that. All right, Ms. Holt, you came here for
the truth we’ve had to drag it but it’s out there. Tell me what you’re feeling and what you’re planning to do? I don’t fear nothing. But I’m ready to sign
the papers. Hey, it is what it is. I don’t feel nothing. DANA: So you’re done? I’m done. Done, done.
Been done. So what is gonna happen
with this relationship
from this point? He’s gonna get his black
garbage bag and the stick
he came with and he gonna get… You have no suitcase
over there. And he gonna get up
out of there. So you’re done? I’m done. He can go
with his baby mama. Mr. Martin, you know,
I gotta say you might have had a chance,
Ms. Holt may disagree, but I think you might
have had a chance but because you lied and you tried to,
you know, game her, you tried to game us you lost her. If for some reason y’all decide to stay
together or if you’re in
another relationship, I hope you’ve
learned something
from this. I hope that you all
will take advantage of the counseling
resources before you make that
final, final decision. And as we say in this court,
do not cheat yourself out of an opportunity to have a happy,
healthy relationship. Court is adjourned.

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